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Best Day... Ever?

No Date Velvet Room Evening

*Aria of the Soul

The sight of the Velvet Room guests, Yu and Ruby, resharpen as the attendants greeted them. "Welcome to the Velvet Room." Igor greeted. "It seems your power is growing steadily, which is a good thing." He told his guest

"Bonds created cannot be severed so easily." Said Theo as he opened his compendium as the book reviewed Ruby's previous activities. "Although the bonds through your friends may have been broken, so can they be mended through understanding one another." He said as he revealed the tarot cards of the Empress and Hermit at the upright position.

"It's as my little brother said." Said a female voice entering through the door when their sight turned to the lady she had a similar design like Margaret and Theo, Blue stewardess dress with with five black-lined circles outside small yellow circles, blue gloves, a blue attendant-like hat, and Blue knee-length boots. "Greetings, I don't believe we've met. I am Elizabeth, like my sister and my little brother, I too, am a attendant of this room."

"Uh... um, hi?" Ruby greeted back confusingly.

"Now what brings you her, Elizabeth? Are you not supposed to be tending to you're guest?" Margaret questioned.

Now, now, dear sister. It just so happens that my guest is apparently intertwine with yours and Theo's guest." Elizabeth mentioned. "Which would bring me to wonder why?"

"Why?" They all asked. Another guest that intertwines in their journey? "I see that both of your guests are here. One thing is to have two wielders of the Wild Card in a same place, but what if you add one more?" Elizabeth wondered. They pondered the idea when they heard the door open once more. "Ah yes, that's right. Please come in." She beckoned as a blue-haird boy entered the room, they same blue-haird boy they met a few days ago. "I believe you two have already met?"

"I'm Minato Yuuki." He introduced himself. "So you two are Persona Users I've saw at the docks, aren't you guys?"

"Yeah, I'm surprised that you're a Persona User as well..." Yu replied as they both shook hands.

"It seems there more to their peculiar fate that meets our eyes. To see three Wild Card users present in a same location...?" Margaret Pondered as she drew a tarot card. Her question was immediately answered to the Arcana she drew, despite the revelation, she brushes it off. "... Nonetheless, continue on with your journey and grow as you seek your truth." She told her guest... But then recalled something. "That reminds me, Marie?" Everyone turned to her as she sat at the bar.

"W-What? Why are you guys looking at me for!?" Marie questioned.

"You haven't made progress with your own situation yet, haven't you?" Margaret mentioned.

"Hmph, they were busy with their own problems, They didn't had time to show me around." Marie replied.

Minato turned to Yu and Ruby as they looked to each other. "We're sorry. Things went out of hand immediately we didn't had the time..." Yu apologized.

Just then, Ruby had an idea. "Ooh! I know! We're in our spring break right now, and we could probably have a field day with you! I think our headmaster wouldn't mind visitors."

"That's a great idea, Ruby-chan!" Yu agreed. "Will that be alright?"

"Um... sure... I guess..." Marie reluctantly accepted.

Just when the guests sights began to blur. "Then its a double date!" Elizabeth joked.

"... wha...?" Yu and Ruby questioned as their sight went dark.

"Hmm..." Margaret muttered as she and Igor stared at the Tower Arcana.

6/05 Vale Morning

It is a nice warm day as Summer began to roll in. It won't be long before the summer heat arrives. "Geez, how long are you gonna stay up there, Ted?" Yosuke questioned as Teddie, in his costume, pinned the last side of the banner 'Newly Re-Opened' upon the dust shop in the Junes District.

"I'm trying to finish putting up this banner. With this heat and my bear hands, it's hard to even keep the banner up!" Teddie complained.

"Then why did you even wear you costume while doing that?" Yosuke retorted. "It bad already that we're doing overtime, we have to hurry before lunch is over."

"Just about... Done! Uwah!" Teddie said as he manages to pin the last piece of the banner up. But when he descends, he lost his footing and fell on Yosuke.

"Ow! Get off, dammit!" Yosuke demanded in pain, trying to get Teddie off of him. Just as he did, a person stood right by him as he looked up to her giggling. "Huh?"

She had a red eyes, mint green hair, medium-brown complexion and exotic-looking outfit with a pair of guns holster on her back. "Excuse me, you okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine, thanks." Yosuke replied as the girl help him up. He took a good look at her and wondered. "You don't look like you're from around here, are you?" He asked.

"Yeah, sorry. Um... would you mind pointing me in the direction of this shop?" She asked as she pulled out a paper with an address.

"This address..." Yosuke pondered as he then collected his thoughts.

"Ooooh, what a beauty! A diamond in the rough! Hello, I'm Teddie, nice to meet you. May I ask who you are?" Teddie asked gentlemanly.

"Um... Emerald Sustrai." She stuttered.

"What a beautiful name! Nice to meet you Emmy!" Teddie greeted, despite her conflicted expression.

"Sorry, Teddie can be a womanizer, don't mind him. I'm Yosuke, by the way..." Yosuke also introduced himself and then recalled the address. "Oh right, that's Tukson's Book Trade! Yeah, his shop should be nearby..." Yosuke mentioned as he pointed out the location.

"Okay, thanks!" Emerald said as she walked away, but then was stopped but Teddie.

"Uh, wait a minute!" Teddie begged as Emerald turned back them. "Isn't that Yosuke's wallet?" Exclamation marks popped above Emerald as she turned her sights Yosuke's wallet in her hand.

"What...?" Yosuke wondered as he checked his pockets. "Whoa, did I drop my wallet?"

Emerald was breaking sweat until Teddie realized something. "Oh dear, you were returning his wallet? Silly Yosuke!" He chuckled gallantly.

"Shut up, you Ursa! You were the one who fell on me!" Yosuke retorted as he came up to Emerald. "Thanks, that idiot is a real hand full..."

"Um... no problem, see you later!" Emerald told them as they waved goodbye. "That was close... how did he see that...?" She pondered.

"I knew you were lost." Told a male voice as Emerald passed by. He's a well-built man with gray eyes and hair and also wears a gray and black two-tone partial-zip jacket and pants with rerebraces and vambraces on his arms.

"Mercury, I will seriously pay you to shut up." Emerald demanded as she flickered a wallet at him.

"That's not even your money." Mercury mentioned as he crossed his arms.

"It could be yours for the next five minutes of silence..." She offered. Despite a moment to think Mercury decline which Emerald twitched. "... Fine!" She told him as she walk off. Mercury could only chuckle.

Elsewhere at Tukson's Book Trade, it seems Adachi is already confronting the shopkeeper. "... Listen, your time's running out, just let it drain into your stomach and it'll make everyone else believe you're dead for a several hours, you know they're on to you. Just think about what happened to your friend that tried to desert the group." He told Tukson with a drink on the counter. "It won't be long until they find you..."

Tukson was stumped on the decisive decision, until he notices two familiar face from the window. He immediately took the drink and went into the backroom, right before Emerald and Mercury entered the shop. "Adachi? Why are you here...?" Emerald questioned.

"Here to finish the 'job'... unless you're gonna do it? She did say not to get your hands dirty." Adachi reminded.

"And that coming from the new guy...?" Mercury reminded back.

"... Alright, fine... I'll be on lookout." Adachi sighed as he told them as he then left the shop.

Afterwards, Emerald approached the counter and rang the bell for Tukson. "Be right there!" He said from the backroom. "Welcome to Tukson's Book Trade! Home to every book under the sun." He greeted as he brought out a huge pile of books as he entered the room, placing them to the side. "How may- uh... How may I help you?" He stuttered as he asked Emerald.

Outside the shop, Adachi awaits their deed while killing time with his cell scroll. He then took a look around to see Yosuke and Teddie running elsewhere in a hurry. "They'll definitely be a thorn to them..." Adachi muttered as he then heard a shotgun blast muffled inside the shop. As the people nearby heard something suspicious, Adachi covered it with loud sneezing. "Sorry, sorry, allergies..." He told them as people continued to mind their business. "Oh boy..." He sighed as he guess the deed was done. Soon enough, the duo exited the shop with Mercury reading a picture book. "You know, I've could've handled it." He told them.

6/05 Beacon Academy Lunchtime

The cafeteria is full of students from various Kingdoms and many types of food were laid out. Everyone were enjoying themselve except a certain Faunus of Team RWBY as she stare within her notebook. "Whatcha doing?" Yang asked.

"Nothing... Just going over notes." Blake replied as Team NYCA showed concerns for her.

Nonetheless, Yang caught a grape that was thrown from a distance, catching it with her mouth. "Lame." Yang told Blake as she ate the berry. It was Nora from the next table who tossed the berry, while she and her Team were sitting with Team KRST. The energectic huntress tossed another grape as Yang caught it again.

"So... your name is Marie?" Chie asked as Marie was sitting on the other side of Yu.

"So it seems..." Marie replied with no feeling in her words.

"She's not a student at our school is she? Is she a friend from your old school?" Yukiko wondered.

"... Yeah, that it!" Yu seemingly agreed.

"You just jumped on that, didn't you." Chie sighed.

"To think Blake wasn't the only silent type." Weiss sighed. "Isn't Yosuke supposed to be back sometime soon?" She wondered.

"Yosuke and Teddie should be back soon..." Yu replied as he was right when Yosuke and Teddie entered the cafeteria and went to their respective teams.

"Yo, sorry I'm late. Teddie took his sweet time" Yosuke waved to them as he then notices Marie who he wasn't familiar with as he showed a surprised expression. "Whoa, she's cute What... what's going on here, Who's this!?" He questioned.

"This is Marie, a friend." Yu answered.

"Friend...? I guess. I don't know." Marie replied with a sigh.

"Ahh, I see... a 'friend,' you say, huh..." Yosuke muttered as he then introduced himself. "Oh yeah, I'm Yosuke Hanamura! I'm his friend. His partner, y'know."

"... Partner? You mean like a close friend?" Marie assumed.

"Heheh, that about sums it up." Yosuke chuckled.

"You seem a little close for someone you've haven't met before." Weiss scoffed

"Well, it's not everyday you see a girl like her, she's quite stylish." Yosuke remarked at the other girl's disappointment.

Just when Yosuke sat down with a piece of pie, Ruby came up to them on the side of their table and placed a huge book with the title 'Best Day Ever Activities' overwriting what was printed upon it. "Ahem, Sisters!" She gesture to her team. "Friends!" She Gesture to Team NYCA. "Weiss and Yosuke." She sarcastically gesture to the last two.

"Hey!" Weiss retorted with an irritant tone.

"Did... Did you just place us in our own category?" Yosuke questioned.

"Four score and seven minutes ago, I actually had a dream..." Ruby she ignored and continued.

"Oh, this ought to be good." Yang muttered as she caught another grape.

"... A dream that one day, that all of us would come together, as friends, and have the most fun anyone has ever had, ever!" Ruby stated.

"That sound very script from how Yu imagined." Marie replied as Yu smiled whimsically.

"... Is that my binder?" Weiss asked as she took a good look at the book Ruby brought.

"I'm am not a crook." Ruby replied immediately.

"What are you talking about?" Blake asked.

"I'm talking about kicking off the semester with a bang!" Ruby stated.

"I always kick my semesters off with a Yang!" Yang stated with her joke as she fails to exceed her humor to others.

"That was terrible..." Told Marie.

"That was awful...!" Yukiko agreed as she laughed off Yang's bad pun. Even Nora jeered with throwing an apple at her.

"Look guys it's been a good spring break, and between more exchange students and the tournament at the end of the year, our second semester is going to be great! But Classes start back up this Monday," Ruby explained. "Which is why I've taken the time too schedule a series of wonderful events for us all.

"I don't not whether to be proud or scared of what you have in store..." Said Weiss with concern.

"Well, if this is Ruby-chan we're talking about, I'm gamed." Chie approved.

While they were in the conversation, Yang retaliated by throwing the apple back at Nora, but actually hit Kanji instead. "Hey!" Kanji retorted.

"If you Ruby-chan went through the length of planning it all, I don't think it'll hurt to join." Yu agreed.

"I'm free this weekend too, count me in." Yosuke included.

"I don't know..." Blake said with uncertainty. "I think I might sit this one out."

"Sit out or not, I think however we spend this last weekend, we should do it as a team." Weiss stated. "I for one that-"

"I got it!" Nora exclaimed unbeknownst to Weiss in mid-sentence, she tossed a watermelon, which shot Yosuke from the backside of the head as the force of the watermelon planted his head into the pie, squirting the filling onto Weiss's face and Chie's jacket.

"Gah! What the!?" Chie stuttered as Weiss remained silent. They looked at Yosuke with his face planted in the pie and the watermelon rolling on the table and they turn to Team JNPR and Team KRST with shock and awe expressions as Nora pointed fingers.

"Hm... it looks like there's something we could do today." Marie mentioned

"Yeah..." "I could not agree more..." Chie and Weiss agreed in an irritant tone as they pick up food.

Team JNPR and Team KRST felt a threatening hostility from Team RWBY and Team NYCA as to be expected. "Oh Shit..." Kanji grunted.

Just outside, Sun and a friend of his were walking towards the Cafeteria while talking about his recent endeavors. "... So then were fighting side by side and Blake was super fast and I threw a banana at a guy, which sounds gross but it was awesome, especially when Chie caught him off-guard and I stomped on him at a perfect chance!" Sun explained vigorously to his friend. And the best part is they're Faunus and Human friends... but that's a secret, Neptune, okay?! And not a 'I'm gonna tell Scarlet the second Sun turns his back secret!', I'm talking secret secret!" He told him.

"Whoa, chill out man, I got it. I got it." Neptune assured. He a tan-skin with light-blue hair, goggles, and a cool-fashion outfit.

"You better. I just don't wanna screw this up, you know?" Sun said as Neptune scoffed amusingly, just as Teddie was planted on the Window while Sun and Neptune passed by. "The people here are the coolest... not offense to you guys." He mentioned as Yosuke also hit the window behind them.

"None taken." Neptune assured followed by Jaune hitting the window afterwards.

"Yo, Sun! How's it going, dude!" Junpei called out from the other side of the cafeteria entrance.

"Huh, hey, Junpei!" Sun replied as they bumped fist. He then looked back to see two more students with the same school uniform. "Huh, these guys your teammates?" He asked.

"Yep, this is Yuka-tan and my leader." Junpei introduced his friends.

"We can introduce ourselves Junpei. I'm Yukari, actually, I appreciate you looking after this idiot." Yukari greets as her Faunus teammate mopes in disappointment. Yukari wears a school uniform with a pink sweater jacket

"Well, anything for princess like you." Neptune greeted back flirtatiously, despite Yukari's disgust.

"You're wasting you time, dude, she rejected a lot of guys..." Junpei whispered.

"W-Wait, seriously!?" Neptune replied.

Just as Junpei nodded, Yukari came up to him and slapped him silly. "You talk to much, Stupei" She exclaimed as Junpei groaned in pain.

"Anyway... I'm Minato of Team MAYJ." The leader greeted. "We were about to grab a bite, wanna join us?

"Sure, we were actually gonna meet our friends, they're great people! Wanna meet them, too?" Sun suggested.

"I guess..." Minato somewhat agreed, but they immediately saw Yukiko and Naoto rushing out the door. They look to each other as they sweat-dropped.

"Hey, Yukiko, Naoto... Wait, what's going on...?" Sun asked upon seeing their expressions.

"Sun-kun! Um..." Naoto said as she stuttered.

"Let's just say that the others are having a... edible conflict..." Yukiko told them.

"Uh... edible?" Junpei wondered.

"Ohh... This I oughta see..." Sun said excitingly, despite the concerned friends.

Upon entering the cafeteria, Minato, Yukari, Junpei, and Neptune were not expecting what was in front of them as their expressions changed dramatically. Minato's eye widen, Yukari and Junpei's expression went from eager and concerned, to conflicted, and Neptune was stupefied to what's going on. Sun was excited to see what's happening and Yukiko and Naoto peeked behind the door.

A foodfight has started.

Nora laughed gallantly upon a pile of tables and chairs as she mockingly yelled "I'm Queen of the Castle!"

The team leaders of RWBY-NYCA alliance replied with stomping their foot on the table with food and dishes blowing away.

"Justice will be Swift!" Yu stated, wielding with a baguette as a sword.

"Justice will be Painful!" Ruby included as she pointed at the opposing teams, crushing a milk carton in another hand, squirting the milk out.

"It will be..."

"It shall be..."

"DELICIOOOOUUUUUSSSS!" Yu and Ruby exclaimed vigorously as the girls and Yosuke followed up with saying "YEAH!".

"BRING IT ON!" Kanji responded as he went to grab nearby watermelon to throw.

"Off with their heads!" Nora included as she dropped to a table full of watermelons.

The Teams of KRST-JNPR alliance launched a barrage of watermelons. Ren kicking a few with one kick, Jaune and Kanji throwing fast ones, Pyrrha tossing a couple, Nora flipping a table of watermelons and Teddie, with his costume equipped, and Rise manning a make-shift ballista... with watermelons as ammo. "Holy crap, where did they amass all that watermelons!?" Yosuke questioned.

"Time to retaliate! Yang, Turkey!" Ruby signaled as Yang grabbed a pair to equip as gantlets, readying for the counter-attack.

Yu signaled for Chie. "Right behind you!" Chie replied as Yu sliced through a melon, cutting it into two, with Chie immediately inserting her feet into the melons to use for kicking as she flipped over Yu, taking the front as she stood on the table.

Yang and Chie began to crush the incoming watermelons with Yang hitting them with her turkey gauntlets and Chie with her melon heels and using her martial arts moves. Then Yu and Blake followed up, wielding their make-shift swords as they work together with their teammate in slicing away the incoming watermelons in the combined effort, ending with Yang and Chie launching their weapons at the enemy.

The projectiles blasted their enemies hard, Jaune stumbled from a turkey to the face, Kanji actually got knocked back by the other turkey, Pyrrha dodging the pieces of watermelons which knocked Teddie down and the other piece hitting the Ursa at the same time.

Jaune manage to regain his focus only to see Yu diving upon him with his baguette ready. Upon a quick reaction Jaune manages to reach for a tray cover as a make-shift shield.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha notified her leader as she tossed a spare baguette to him as she returned to her confrontation with Blake.

Jaune pushed Yu away with his shield and wielded the make-shift sword as they dueled, with their sword-play. Despite how evenly matched the leaders were Yu manages to rip away Jaune's shield and knocking away him with another swing, defeating one of the leaders of the enemy alliance.

Yet despite a moment of relief, Yu was shot back by a fast watermelon by Rise and her make-shift Ballista. "I'm sorry, Yu-senpai" Rise apologized.

Yu and Blake were pushed back as Pyrrha tossed multiple baguette as javelins at them while Teddie supplies her with more baguette, pinning them down. This prompted Ruby and Yosuke to dive into the fray, using food trays a boards as they slid upon the tables.

As Pyrrha continues her assault, Ruby reflects the baguettes as Yosuke throws carrots at Teddie breaking their supply-line by pinning Pyrrha's supplier. Ruby and Yosuke then simultaneously struck Pyrrha and Teddie back, with Ruby pushing Pyrrha back and Yosuke smashing Teddie in the face, causing him into a dazed stated.

"C'mere, You!" Kanji threaten followed by Ren and Nora as they charge at Yosuke and Ruby.

"Wh-Whoa!" Yosuke stuttered as he and Ruby backed away. Yet, Weiss counter back the assault with majestically splattering ketchup on the floor in front of each other, causing Kanjji to stumble and Ren slipping and knocking down Kanji as they struck out at a pile of tables, sending them flying into the air while the two were sent flying, as well.

But that didn't affect Nora as she use the flying debris to reach a metal pole in the ceiling, ripping it off and attaching the pole to a watermelon below, making it into a make-shift hammer as she then followed by retaliating, striking the heiress, but yet Ruby covered for her teammate and she was sent flying in Weiss's place as she hit Yosuke in the process, making spin around.

Weiss return the assault by wielding a swordfish as her weapon of choice as she pushes back Nora. The two clashed with their food weapons until Nora gained the momentum, slamming Weiss back at an extreme velocity, hitting the dazed Yosuke in the process and and breaking a support pillar in the back.

Yu and Ruby saw their teammates downed for the count as they rush to their aid as the young huntress caught Weiss from falling. "Weiss. Weiss! Don't leave me!" Ruby stuttered as she then wept a tear.

"Yosuke! Hey, say something!" Yu commanded his partner. Yosuke wounds were too severe for him to even move.

"Uhh... Avenge me... bro..." Yosuke stuttered before he passed out, saying "Bleh".

"NOOOOOOO-!" "YOSUKEEEEEEE-!" The Team leaders cried out for their friends as the support pillar behind them collapsed and sent debris of dishes and utensils flying around.

'Tis a dramatic sight, until Yang and Chie returned for a counter attack. "Great leaders think alike." Yang commented as she re-equipped her turkey gauntlets.

"I know, right?" Chie agreed humorously as she equipped her melon heels.

On the opposing side, Kanji with a food tray and Ren with a pair of onion sticks as they go against there girls. "You girls and us. Come on!" Kanji roared. Nonetheless, Chie attack immediately as Kanji readied to block her punch she actually lunged her fist, pricing through the aluminum food tray, making Kanji stuttered. "Shit, w-wait a sec-"

Chie continued to use her kicks on Kanji as he struggles to even counter and soon enough, she punts Kanji back, having him fly into a vending machine with his head stuck in.

"Kanji!" Rise stuttered as she scan the combat zone. The KRST-JNPR alliance lost there leaders and now becoming desperate with just Nora taking the front against Yang. Just things took a turn for the worst, Rise signaled Teddie for an attack. "Teddie, it's time!

Teddie her Rise, knowing want to do. "Aye aye!" He understood as he climbed onto the make-shift ballista. "Hug me, Chie-chaaaaaaan-!" Teddie exclaimed as he was sent flying towards Chie.

"What the!?" Chie grunted at the incoming attack, a flying Teddie aim on Chie, yet she manages to counter the attack, immediately moving to the side and grabbing Teddie's costume and swing him around and launching him elsewhere, but not exactly where she wanted to. Chie swung Teddie at Yang and Nora who were about to throw a powerful strike at each other, ultimately veering Yang's fist as Nora blasted both of them sky high, breaking a hole in the ceiling and into the sky at the cost of her Melon hammer. "Dammit, friendly-fire-!" Chie grunted as she backs away from the falling debris as Blake moved out of the way as she picked up a string of hotdogs, using them as a whip.

The long reach got Nora as it forced her back into another Vending Machine and whipping Kanji at his butt while at the same time popping his head out of the machine as he fell down along with the machine crushing him. Nevertheless, Nora continue to retaliate, as she threw soda cans back at Chie and Blake they deflect avoid the exploding soda cans. "Aw man, our clothes are going to be sticky!" Chie grunted.

While Nora was at it, Pyrrha got back up and looked all over the place, fill with aluminum soda can, which prompt her to use her semblance to bend the cans scattered in the cafeteria to her will, delivering a barrage of exploding cans at Blake and Chie, even more so with a bigger volley of cans at them, with pressing Chie down and blasting Blake back with as they neutralized their ability to act. All that was left were Yu, Ruby, and Marie. "Those two are powerful, even without the others." Yu stated to his remaining allies about Pyrrha and Nora.

"I think I got something... Give me a hand little red." Marie addressed to Ruby as she hears her plan.

As to her response, Ruby agreed and turn to the enemy, and readied for a dash. As she zips away, Marie flicked her finger as she mysteriously conjured up some strong wind as it followed Ruby while picking up debris of food and utensils. The members of the KRST-JNPR alliance got back up only to see Ruby blink pass by and a tornado that picked them up, only to be pinned down on the fractured. Just as Ruby bolted skyward, Jaune and Kanji realized that they're gonna get hit hard. "Sonof a-" Kanji yelled before a piece of pie covered his face. Everything that was caught in Marie's Tornado were thrown at her foes, enough to leave a form of art on the wall, followed by Ruby landing as soon as her pinned opponents slid off afterwards.

Victory for the RWBY-NYCA alliance.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you say these guys are great, they're an interesting bunch." Minato commented.

"Yeah, I love these guys." Sun agreed.

"... I got grape soda all over my clothes." Junpei muttered as he and Neptune's clothes were drenched in the soda.

Suddenly, the door behind them slammed open with Glynda entered, not looking pleased as Yukiko and Naoto tried to explain their story. "Goodwitch-sensei, this is all a big misunderstanding! Honest!" Yukiko assured.

"With a huge mess like this...?" Naoto wondered as Glynda flicked her riding crop as she used her abilities to fix the cafeteria with her semblance.

Piles of broken debris, scattered food into the trash can, and tables and chairs reorganized into there position, leaving the students to glare at. "Children, please... Do not play with your food." She scolded as she checked her glasses.

The students understood but felt happy to see that they were able to enjoy a good time, even Yang manages to fall back into the cafeteria as they all laughed it off. "Let it go, Glynda." Ozpin asked as he entered the cafeteria.

"... They're supposed to be the defenders of the world." Glynda sighed.

"And they will be. But right now, they're still children." Ozpin stated as they watched the students laughed away. "So why not let them play the part? After all, it isn't a role they'll have forever." He mentioned as he walked away. But he then realized he came by for a reason when he notices a faunus child at the door. "Ah, speaking of which... Narukami, you have some guests that you may know already." He called out for Yu.

"Hm... Ozpin-sensei?" Yu wondered as the headmaster pointed at the door, he soon realized who the guest was. "!? N-Nanako-chan?" Yu stuttered.

The rest of the Investigation Team had excalmation marks over their heads as well. "Wha- Wait, What's Nanako-chan doing- oof!" Yosuke asked just as Teddie fell on him again as he landed on his feet.

"Nana-chan!" Teddie said excitingly, leaving Yosuke dazed.

"Teddie! Were did you come from?" Nanako wondered.

"Oh, I have descended from the Heavens to greet you personally! It's beary nice to see you again!" Teddie greeted.

"It's beary nice to meet you again, too!" Nanako greeted back.

While the members of the Investigation Team went to greet Nanako, the others wondered who she was. "Nanako? Who's she?" Ruby asked.

"That's Nanako Dojima, she's my younger cousin from my Kingdom." Yu answered.

"Ooh, she's cute! I wanna say hi!" Nora told them as she went over to say hi.

"You mean to say that you have Faunus relatives?" Weiss wondered.

"Yeah, it's natural for someone to fall in love with another, right?" Yu answered, despite her reluctance. but then turned to Nanako. "So did you came here with someone? Is Dojima-san around?"

"I'm right here." Dojima replied, much to the Investigation Team's surprise. "You guys are attending a prestigious combat academy and you guys had a foodfight?" He questioned.

The team looked away in vain as all Yu could do is sigh. "And that's my uncle, he's a detective back in our Kingdom." he told the others.

"Oh, cool. It's weird how our uncles have this role-model-like thing..." Ruby pondered.

"Hm..." Dojima took a glance at Ruby, brushed it off for now, he then turned to Naoto. "Shirogane-san, I'd like to have a would with you later." Naoto understood as everyone took their time to say hi to Nanako.

6/05 Unknown Location Evening

Somewhere in Vale, Adachi, Mercury, and Emerald have entered a warehouse filled with White Fang soldiers moving equipment off and on an airships docked inside, and other cargo with specific symbols on them. As they walk through, watching the White Fang work, they come before Torchwick who was looking over a list as he notices the trio. "Oh look, she sent the kids again!" He uttered sarcastically as he placed his arms over Mercury and Emerald. "This is turning out just like a divorce."

"Why yes, sweetie. We are going through tough time." Adachi responded back with sarcasm followed by Mercury's snickering.

"Spare us the thought of you two procreating." Emerald sighed while Torchwich and Adachi threw sarcasm at each other.

"That was a joke. And this... just might tell me where you guys have been all day." Torchwick mentioned as he pulled out a slip of paper.

"Wha-!?" Emerald stuttered as she checked her pockets. "How did you...?"

"I'm a professional, sweetheart. Pay attention, maybe you'll might learn something." Torchwick told them as he read the slip of paper, with a written address on it. "Adachi, I thought you were gonna handle this."

"I was. But... you'd be surprise how these kids can be stubborn." Adachi replied. "Then again, wouldn't you like to know? They insisted since we're doing you a favor when you couldn't clean your own problems."

"Hey, I had it under control and even you volunteered to do this!" Torchwich retorted, despite their doubts

"Yeah, two bags and a ticket out of Vale said otherwise." Mercury mentioned as Adachi laughed hardly.

Torchwick refused to hear anymore insult and pointed his cane at Adachi. "Listen, you punks, if it were up to me, I would blow your brains out, dump you three in a garbage disposal, and I would-"

"Do what, Roman?" Cinder followed up as the four looked up to her on the 2nd floor. She then rode the elevator down to their level.

"I'd... uh... Not... kill them?" Torchwick stuttered with his cracked sarcasm.

"I thought I you say you'd buy ice cream for us?" Adachi replied as Torchwick grit his teeth back at him.

"I thought I made it clear that you were to eliminate the would-be runaway." Cinder strictly stated to Torchwick, ignoring Emerald's greeting.

"I was going to! I even, 'kindly', asked the new guy to deal with it!" Torchwick pointed out as Adachi said nothing but gave a mocking expression.

"He was going to escape to Japan, with some intel that the Black Fang would want." Emerald continued. "Mercury and I decided to take it upon ourselves to kill the rat."

"I think it was some sort of cat actually..." Mercury assumed.

"What, like a puma?" Emerald guessed.

"Pretty sure he looked like a wolverine..." Adachi believed.

"Quiet." Cinder stated as she catches their attention. "Did I not specifically instruct you two to keep you hands clean while in Vale?" Cinder questioned them while Torchwick and Adachi silently gesture to them in their own way.

"I just thought-" Emerald stuttered but Cinder silent her.

"Don't think, Obey." Cinder stated as Torchwick and Adachi gestured a knife to the throat and a gun to the head.

"... Yes ma'am. It won't happen again." Emerald replied obediently.

"Now you two." Cinder stated to the ex-cop ad the con man. "Why wasn't this job done sooner?" She asked.

Torchwick wondered if she actually asked that question, he then pointed to the huge cargo behind him out of annoyance. "Well sorry if I've been a little busy stealing every spec of Dust in the Kingdom!"

"Oh, that's no problem! We all know how hard you've been working all this time. You even allowed me to kill time when you were so preoccupied, bravo!" Adachi stated sarcastically. "You're an inspiration to every punk with a gun and ski mask." He added as Mercury nodded and Emerald giggling.

"Look around, 'former' detective, I've got this town running scared, Police camping out at every corner, Dust prices through the roof, and we're sitting pretty in an old warehouse with more Dust crystals, vials, and rounds than we know what to do with them." Torchwick explained.

"Well the police is one thing, but you can't even think like a detective, they're great at snooping around, right under your ass without you noticing." Adachi replied sarcastically.

"Ohh, harsh..." Torchwick replied back with sarcasm at which they both immediately pointed their guns at each other. "How about I kill you here?"

"I'd like to see you try. Or should I reminded you that I've kicked your sorry ass, like last time?" Adachi replied amusingly.

"Gentlemen. There's no need to kill each other when I need you both in our plans." Cinder calmly stated as she came in between the two.

"Tch... I would've been perfectly fine in a cell..." Adachi sighed as he withdrew his gun as Torchwick did the same. "Speaking of which, if you guys wouldn't mind filling us in on your grand-master plan, it would actually be nice."

"It'll make my next string of robberies go a little smoother, if I knew what you guys know." Torchwick exclaimed as he agreed.

"Oh you two. Have a little faith." Cinder as she approached them both. "You'll know what you need when you need to know it." She told them as she stared into their eyes as they scoffed. She then turn to Adachi with another matter. "And we appreciated when you help recovered a valuable asset. But I still haven't seen a dead body ever since that other unwilling deserter." She mentioned.

"What, like that midnight channel thing? We did pushed that blondie in, but his body's not there? Know what that means?" Adachi asked.

"There was someone who saved him, correct?" Cinder answered.

Adachi nodded as he walked around. "Precisely. I told you guys about how I've lost my little game? Some meddle-some brats got in my way, and they're here. If they're here, they'll 'rescue' the victim and there will be no dead bodies. They could even catch on to our plans, and I mean your plan, only to muck things up within their time here."

"Then won't we have to deal with them before they become problem. A person like you, you must of had ample amount of opportunities to end their lives." Cinder mentioned.

"Hey, where would the fun be? I had a couple score to deal with, my new found powers allowed me to do so. I thought differently before all this stuff, and now I'm technically a wanted criminal. You really expect me to do any better?" Adachi wondered with disbelief. "Besides, being your little bitch won't help either, someone said an independent mind proves you better and receive greater results, wouldn't that make your operations twice as better? Otherwise there's wouldn't be any reason for me to be here in the first place." He pointed out.

"I supposed it's true, I need my pawns as dangerous just as loyal as they should be. Anyways, we're done with Dust." Cinder told them.

"What now? You guys have a Phase two?" Adachi guessed.

"Yes, we're moving." Cinder stated as Mercury and Emerald followed her. "Have the White Fang clear out this building. I'll send you details and coordinates tonight."

"Coordinates?" Torchwick repeated as he wondered.

"Huh, so she does have a Phase two." Adachi realized as the three walked away.

At any case, Torchwick took out a cigar and reached for his lighter... which seemed to misplaced until he sees Emerald with it as she stuck her tongue out at him as she left.

"She is learning from a professional." Adachi cracked a joke as he offered a match.

"Shut up, Adachi." Torchwick growled as he swiped the match away and lit the his cigar.

And here's the opening for this Volume! *Time To Say Goodbye

theres a point where it tips
theres a point where it breaks
theres a point where it bends
and a point we just can't take

The screen fades in through the clouds viewing Beacon Academy as the view zooms in and views Yu from left as raises his his head as the screen slowly rotates clockwise, viewing the rest of his Team with Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko raising their heads and looking up by the synonyms of "Anymore".

theres a line that we'll cross
and there's no return
theres a time and a place
no bridges left to burn

The screen scrolls left to view Team RWBY with their eyes close in the order as the show both teams back to back as the next one shows Ruby looking up as they all see everything fading out in white as a black sphere in the sky sucks away reality.

we can't just wait with lives at stake
until they think we're ready

Next screen shows Yu and Ruby falling out from the hold and into the sky of Remnant as gears and cogs appears in form of a clockwork as the screen descends to view Ozpin and a silhouette with a black long coat back to back as the screen switched to Pyrrha and Rise back to back, fading in while their friends on their Team are there for them as the screen flashes to several people, Sun's Team, Team MAYJ and Team MASK, and followed by the Aleasian Army and the Black Fang with their iconic leaders, Followed by the Teachers of Beacon Academy (which includes a certain substitute Teacher/Huntress)

our enemies are gathering
the storm is growing deadly

The screen zooms out with fire on buildings in the back grounds as it shows the antagonists as it blinks to the Grimm and Shadows as it blinks again to the falling Huntsman and Huntress as more of their friends, teammates and their other other allies as they all draw their weapons and Personas as they touched down on the streets of Vale.

now its time to say goodbye

Pyrrha is soloing against the silhouettes of Team CRDL as Rise shouts "Goodbye" in her weapon as the shockwave blasts them away along with shattering glass

to the things we loved
and the innocence of youth

Cinder looks up as flying airship soars while Adachi by her side looking elsewhere with grin.

how the time seemed to fly
from our carefree lives
and the solitude and peace we always knew

As Team NYCA charges forward, so did the enemies with the Malachite twins first. Yukiko against Miltia with claws and fans, Chie vs. Melanie with their Greaves and bladed heels, Yosuke and Adachi as the Huntsman tries to land a hit with the ex-cop dodges evey swing, and Yu and Adam, crossing blades as the White Fang leader punts Yu back as he summons Izanagi, as Yosuke summoned Persona, followed by Chie with Tomoe, and Yukiko with Konohana-Sakuya. Yukiko's pressed forward as it then swings it's blade fans, then Tomoe spun its windmill blade forward, Jiraya somersault kickand then threw a golden shuriken, and finally Izanagi swings away as the screen zooms into its eye, followed by the Title of the volume.

A/N: And so... the 2nd Volume has begun. Yeah, I'm gonna place this seperate to vol. 1 because I think it would make some sort of sense.

And Adachi has his part in this case now. That's not good, huh?

There was also another project that I still wanted to get back to, but it'll take time.

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... Was there... anything else I wanted to add...? Oh yeah, The Persona User's semblance... That's something I wanted to mention. The power Persona and Semblance are two separate abilities that despite how they're fueled by the users Aura, they come from different criteria. Semblance is noted as representing the manifestation of one's innate and personal power as an ability unique to each individual an aspect of their character, while Persona is a manifestation of a person's personality. In this fanfic, it could be used as the Aura's "mask" for an individual to use to face hardship.

Just as Personas and Semblance are similar, but different, so would Shadows and Grimm. In the Persona Series, it's proven that Shadows are born from negative human emotions, existences of pure thought and energy and do not originally possess physical bodies. Grimm on another hand still have questions still unanswered in the series in the world of Remnant, with the exception of same source that Shadow have and that is the Negativity from Humans and Faunus.

The reason, I say that is because, I'd hope to bring the Persona User the abilities to use their Semblance in a way. All the Semblance I noted so far and yet to be properly explain is Kanji's Stoneskin, Rise's Melodica, Yosuke's Aura Tuning... Yet, I didn't get anywhere with the others yet, even for the SEES group. I do have Yu's semblance planned as its passed down from a relative, but other than that, I wonder what kind of Semblance the others would have...? Perhaps you guys could share you opinion on this?

Now that I think of it... You think I should change the name for Yu's Kingdom? Using a real world's name does seem a little... imprudent... I was think of another name, and this is from another game... Hoshido? (FE: Fates)

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