Hey everyone! This is my first Gravity Falls fanfic. This is something I've been thinking of for a while now, and have finally gotten around to writing. The chapters will be in both Stan and Ford's POV's (i.e. chapter one: stan, chapter two: ford, etc.)

To me, Stan and Ford's relationship is one of the most interesting I've seen, ever. It's not often that you find a sibling duo that actually get along (granted, they did get in a forty-year-old fight, but that's beside the point). And I loved seeing their brotherly chemistry during 'A Tale of Two Stans'. I hope you liked it too, because this story is all about sibling love (NO STANCEST).

DISCLAIMER: The following is a non-profit fan work. Gravity Falls and it's characters belong to Alex Hirsch and Disney. Please support the official release.



The gleeful shouts of children were heard as the doors of Jersey Middle School opened for summer vacation. And no one was shouting louder or happier than Stanley Pines.

Finally, after months of boring classes, detention, and putting up with his idiot teachers, he was free, free, FREE! Nothing in the future but fun on the beach with his best friend in the world. Stan hunted through the mob of liberated school children until he caught sight of a brown haired, bespectacled boy he knew only too well.

"Ford! Hey, Ford!" shouted Stan, running over to meet him.

"Can you believe it, Sixer?" exclaimed Stanley, giving his twin a playful noogie. "It's over! No more homework or or tests or stupid teachers 'till eighth grade!"

Stanford nodded excitedly. "And just imagine all the things we're going to do this summer! I've always wanted to find out if New Jersey's had any ghost sightings…"

"We could try breaking rocks apart to find gold and get rich!" said Stan, gesticulating wildly.

"Plus, there's the Stan 'o War. We'll have plenty of time to work on it now that school's out." said Ford. "Can you believe that it's been an entire year since we started working on it?"

"Woah, that long?" said Stan. "That's amazing! At this rate, we'll be treasure hunters before school starts again!"

The boys that reached the front door of the family pawn shop and walked inside. Their father was doing business with customer, so they didn't interrupt him. They walked upstairs to the apartment, chattering all the way but stopping when they heard their mother on the phone with one of her psychic clients.

"Listen pal, if ya wants me to see if your wife's a cheater, I ain't doing it for free, got it?... Well, maybe if ya weren't such a freeloading cheapskate, she wouldn't be sleeping around!... Yeah, I predicted you'd say that. Good riddance, ya loony."

Their mother hung up the phone in a huff, but quickly smiled when she saw her twins.

"Hiya boys, how was school?" she asked heading into the kitchen.

"Great!" said Stan, spreading some peanut butter on a piece of bread and adding bananas. His mother raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Well, that sure ain't something I hear every day. Why was today great?"

"Imf wath thath lathts thay a thool, Ma!" said Stan, his mouth full of peanut butter.

"Wassat? Say that again, kiddo."

Stan swallowed. "Today was the last day of school!"

His mother laughed. "Aw, that's it. No wonder you're so happy. So, what're you boys gonna do if ya don't have no homework now?"

Ford, who was searching in the fridge for a snack, peeked his head out. "Everything, Ma! We're gonna work on our boat and find ghosts and get rich and-"

"Hey, calm down, poindexter!" laughed Stan. "Don't give away all our plans yet!"

"Well, I gots a plan for you," said their mother with a smirk. "Hows about you two get your room cleaned by the end of the summer? I've forgotten what color your carpet is."

Pfft. Like they were ever going to clean that room. "Yeah, yeah, sure ma, whatever. Come on Ford, we've got a date with destiny!"

The twins ran to their messy bedroom, climbing overtop their toys and dirty clothes scattered across the floor. In the corner next to their shared bunk bed was a blanket fort labeled 'Fort Stan', a handprint poster taped on the wall next to it. Near the closet, a tall wooden bookshelf crammed with books was bolted to the wall alongside a low wood dresser. On top of the dresser were dozens of trophies, medals, and framed certificates. Another dresser of equal size stood next to it; unlike the former, the top of this one only had a few ragged comic books and an empty bag of toffee peanuts. Stanley dumped his backpack onto his rumpled bedsheets, some of the contents spilling out.

"Alright bro, so the first thing we have to do is find adventure and become rich and famous. Chicks dig guys who are rich and famous. Then we finish building the Stan 'O War and use our money and fame to sail around the world and get even richer and famouser. Then-"

"Slow down, Lee!" said Ford, pulling out a notebook and pencil from his backpack. "I gotta write this stuff down. So first, have adventures-"

"That make us rich and famous! Don't forget that part!"

"I know, I know!"

The two continued their list, Ford writing it down and Stan thinking up wild ideas. He knew that they'd probably never finish half of them, but just saying that they were going to discover Bigfoot or get in a gunfight with a cowboy was fun by itself. Several items throughout the list involved getting girlfriends or saving beautiful women from horrible monsters (and Crampelter). What could he say, he liked girls. Too bad none of them seemed to like him back.

After forty-five minutes and three sides of paper, Stanley's imagination was finally spent (which was really saying something). And just in time; they could smell the tantalizing scent of bean 'n franks wafting in from the kitchen.

"Boys! Come set the table!" hollered their mother.

"Coming!" they said in unison.

The two ran into the kitchen, Stan taking big, satisfying sniffs .

"Mmm… smells great, Ma." he said.

"Good. Now go help your brother."

Stanford had already begun setting the four places around their small dining table. Stanley hurriedly started helping, filling up a pitcher with water and passing around napkins. He could hear his father closing up shop downstairs.

Stan and Ford finished with the table and sat down. Mr. Pines tromped into the kitchen, his face stoic and unyielding as usual. Their mother went around the table serving up everyone's plate before sitting down to eat herself. The family tucked into their meal, Stan relishing the spicy taste of his mother's beans 'n wieners.

"So boys, didja do anything special today at school?" she asked.

Stanley shrugged. To be honest, he hadn't really been paying attention to anything but the clock.

It was Ford who spoke first. "Miss Krugel gave us a last pop quiz of the year." The last of many. Some days, Stan thought that that woman was trying to see how many pop quizzes she could cram into the year before he snapped.

"Was it very hard?" said their mom. Stanford shook his head, and Stanley just shrugged. Like he was going to tell her that he had turned the paper into spitballs the minute he got it. There are some things you just keep to yourself at times like these.

"Did she say anything about your report cards?" asked their father gruffly.

Stan froze. He didn't know what his grades were at the moment, but if they were anything like the last progress report, he was in trouble.

"Um…" said Ford, taking a peek at his twin's slightly panicked expression. "Uh, no, she didn't mention it."

Stan let of a breath of relief. Good 'ol sixer. Their Dad looked a bit skeptical, but seemed to take Ford's word for it.

"Well then," he said, crossing his arms. "Let me make it clear that if I see another failing grade on anyone's report, I will not be pleased. Understood?"

"Yessir." said the twins simultaneously. Stan knew that his father was mostly speaking to him. Last time he failed a class, Stanley wasn't able to sit down for a week. Fortunately, Ford was willing to tutor him where he was struggling.

The rest of dinner was fairly normal. Afterwords, the brothers dug out a package of chocolate chip cookies for dessert and headed to the TV. Stanley was in such a good mood that when Ford turned on Sci-Fi Mystery Theater, he didn't even tease him about it. Much.

And suddenly the television set went dark.

"Hey, what gives?" asked Stan to no one in particular. "Is this thing broken or something? Hey poindexter, come see if this thing is broken."

"No need." said their mother, coming out from behind the set. "It's just unplugged Stanley."

"What? Why?"

"It's time for yous two to be getting to bed. It's already nine 'o clock."

"Aw, mom!" whined Stan. It's summer vacation!"

"Please can't we stay up just a little longer?" begged Ford.

"Nope. I don't care what season it is, both of yous are going to bed at a reasonable hour. Besides, my soaps are coming on soon. Now go get ready for bed." The boys did as they were told, however reluctantly.

"So, poindexter, what should we do first tomorrow?" asked Stan, getting into bed. Ford climbed up the ladder to the top bunk.

"What if we go to the dump and collect parts for the Stan o' War?" he said.

"Yeah! Hey, maybe if we find a dumpster rat, Mom'll let us keep him!"

"I don't think so."

"Hmm… you're right. What if it was a dead rat? Ya think she'd prefer a dead rat?"

"Goodnight Stanley."

"'Night, Ford."

Right above Stan's head, taped to the bottom of the top bunk, was a picture of him and his twin, laughing together. Stan smiled.

Everything felt just about perfect.