For the longest time, I never thought I would write again…I lost a drive filled with many stories, and 26 chapters of a novel I had written…my story, Captive was removed by they who must not be named, and then it was stolen and put up for sale on a web site…I got it removed but I found myself floundering as a writer. Why write if no ones cares or respects you for it?

My desire was gone, but our well loved Twilight characters continued to pick at my brain, whispering plot ideas into my head in the late hours of the evening…I have been sitting on three stories ideas that have stuck around, and I decided to start one, if all goes well, I will add to them once every few weeks, or sooner as life entails.

There will be errors. This is not edited by anyone but me, and I will do my best, but as a human, I am prone to errors, so please be patient, don't' read if my grammar failures drive you crazy.

And so I will try to write once more because I have never stopped being a reader, and love what I read and want to give others a story that they watch for on alerts and get excited because it's been updated.

Now enough blabbing, Lets get on with the show.

The Watcher.

Chapter one


I never would have imagined my life being this way… Do I get to recline in the lap of luxury…no. Do I get to see the world and relish in it's history…nope… Do I get to enjoy the endless hours of television and video games that fill time for humans… nada.. I don't get anything of the sort. Day after day I get to watch. What do I watch, you might ask? I get to watch vampires, I get to watch endlessly as others go about their days and lives like a shadow following them on a sunny avenue, darkening their joy.

Why am I trapped in this endlessly boring surveillance job? Because I have a skill that no other vampire in the world has been found to have, at least at my ability level that is. I can read minds. I bet it sounds amazing to most people, but imagine having a radio station, always on as you go about your day, then imagine having three radios playing different stations at the same time….now multiply that by thousands and you get a small idea of what I deal with twenty four hours a day.

Whenever someone thinks about anything, I have the pleasure of seeing and hearing it inside of their heads. I can be hundreds of yards away and I can hear it. I can tell whatever their thinking…if they wonder if they can get away with wearing yesterdays jeans for a second day because they don't want to do laundry, I hear it, every little monotonous detail…I hear it all. And since the vampire world was struck dumb with the realization that something they thought they had known all along was wrong. It has become my job to get all of the answers.

Lets start with a small history lesson. Vampires have been around for millennia, some believe that they have existed as long as mankind itself, Our ying to the humans yang. But as long as vampires have existed there has been a ruling group, it has changed over the ages. Each group has held a fair monopoly of power over others of our kind by using vampires with special gifts to help be them stronger than others who might wish to take that power and control away.

Currently, The Vampires in control were the Volturi, Led by three vampires who worked together, including a group of guards who helped them maintain rules and order among all of vampire kind. The Volturi looked for vampires with special skills, such as mine, so they could use us to their advantage to keep other vampires from getting strong enough to take over.

One might wonder how that worked, when we all have free will, but the Volturi have a way of persuading you to do their bidding. They pay, plead, steal and even blackmail to get what they want from you. And sometimes, they are an escape from something you can no longer bear, such as was the case with me.

The new discovery that rocked the vampire world, was the perfect opportunity for me to part ways with my family with a plausible excuse so I would not have to be surrounded by something I had never been able to find for myself, my mate.

I love my family, but the pain of seeing everyone so connected to another, to hear and see their inner most thoughts in my head all hours of the day…it was just too much to bear anymore, and so when the announcement was made to the Vampire world about the breaking news and I was approached to help with the promise of wealth and prestige, I left my home, feigning a desire to be apart of this new era of Vampires.

So here I sit watching, currently monitoring a small male vampire locked in a room like cage. I watch as he sits, muttering to himself as his stubby fingers trace the wall, outlining each brick. My mind listens in to his thoughts, having watched him for days in different settings, a variety of stimuli and settings. I am waiting for that moment. That aha moment as humans might call it, that moment when a vampire suddenly realizes that some part of themselves has control or connection to something that they did not know before.

The vampire's mind is clear, a contrast to the mumbling he is vocalizing for my sake, he feels as if he has me fooled that he is simple minded, but I know that is not the truth. He is an older man, turned accidentally by a feeding gone wrong by a vampire in Norway. He worked a hard life and his thoughts give away small nuances about his human life. He worked a farm, with little help, had an ailing sister who he never cared for,

He seems to feel that the new changes in his life are for the better, and he wishes to run away from here to go and explore. He has not fought being here, most don't as they are told they will be released shortly to live as they wish, and most are. They are told they are only here to learn the rules of the Vampire world, but in fact they are here to be watched by me until I find what I am looking for. And as far as this vampire goes I finally found it as I listen and watch him quietly tracing the stone work on the wall.

I stand and tap on the door, Demetri opens up and I nod at him as I exit the room, and tell him I am ready to speak with Aro about our guest. Demetri turns quickly and disappears down the long hallway, returning moments later.

"He is ready for you, Edward" He says quietly, gesturing for me to accompany him. I move at once, needing a change of scenery from the walls of the last few days. Demetri glides ahead, his robes catching in the wind created by his rushed movements. Once again I am thankful that I was not asked to wear those during my stay here. Aro was happy to allow me to stay in the clothing I preferred.

We quickly make our way to Aro's private chamber, where he and his co leader, Caius and Marcus sit at a table, awaiting my findings. I am barely in the room when I am asked.

"What did you find?" Aro barks, holding out his hand, beckoning for me to place my own hand in his clutching grasp.

You see, Aro can read minds as well, but only when touching the person he wishes to hear, and he wishes to see what I have seen, to ensure I have not missed a thing.

"I thought I saw a spark the other day, down in the old village as we walked about at night, but I confirmed it today as he sat on his cot trying to ignore me. Yurek is able to move the mortar with his touch, the glimpse from the other night that he doubted was proven today, all of the stone work he touched , the small flaws righted themselves and smoothed out under his finger tips."

Aro held my hand as tightly as his withered talons could.

"You feel his skill wont improve much?"

"I feel he might make a good masonry worker, perhaps even a sculptor if he allows himself to try that, but not that he will have great enough skill that might prove threatening. Even the small amount he was able to do exerted him greatly." I responded sharing what I had seen and heard so Aro could make his own verdict.

Aro nodded, and released my hand. Gesturing towards the doorway, a common dismissal from him. I had just turned and taken a step when Aro spoke out.

"There will be more vampires arriving tomorrow, and we will have to arrange to assess those that have previously been thought powerless."

I nodded, having already read his thoughts on the matter. Of course he would want to look back at any vampire who had been declared as a non special power holding vampire. Who would have thought that for thousands of years this could have gone undetected…that every single vampire actually had a power after all, with no exceptions.