SUMMARY: Dumbledore made a grave mistake when he brushed off Harry's claim that he was rape, much more when he tried to terminate his baby when he was found pregnant. This result to some life changing revelation that will unleashed the darkness from with in their so called Golden Boy.

WARNING: implied abuse, implied rape, explicit violence and language.

PAIRING: Harry/Blaise Draco/Hermione Theo/Ginny Neville/Pancy Severus/Sirius Remus/Tonks


Harry stumbled once again for the umpteenth time. The effects of the pain relieving potion Poppy had given hin was starting to fade now. He was just glad that Mione got hold of his invicibility cloak so he would be able to stop and take a few break once in a while.

He was also relieved that he had not passed anyone until now. Poppy was right everyone would be busy for the holloween ball tonight to wandered on the hallway.

When the pain subsided just a little. He took a deep breath and started on his way down the dungeon once again. He got to talk to Draco, he was his only chance now. He had a feeling that when Draco found out the truth, he would help him escape, keep him and his baby alive.

Finally, after what seems to be a very long time, but in truth was just a few minutes he finally reached the slytherin common room. He was thankful that he found out during his second year that he could open any door here in the castle using parsletongue. He just wished Draco was here and not at the party aswell. But if he was, then he would just wait for the blonde his dorm room. He knew he was safe in there to stay.

Hissing the word 'open' in parseltongue he waited anxiously as the stone door slid open, he immediately stepped inside but he lost his balance and fell on his knees instead when another wave of pain hit his back and abdomen but this time it was much more intense the he wasn't able to stopped himself from screaming and the tears to streamed down his face.

He knew he was so close to passing out now, but he fought to stay conscious even just for some minutes more, just enough for him to talked to Draco and explain to him everything.

He tried to open his eyes when he felt someone came close to him and pulled the invicibility cloak off him. And he felt relief washed over him when he realized that it was Draco.


Draco and his group of friends opted to stay in their dorm rather than joined in the holloween ball as it was not mandatory, and their head of the house had allowed them just that they should stay in their dorm or in their common room and not wander around.

He wasn't feeling well this past months and he had no idea why. Then last night he had dreamed of his twin brother Lucien asking for his help. It had never happened before and it worry him so much that his brother was in danger. He was also confused on why he felt his bond with his twin that he hadn't felt before suddenly it came to life.

He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard the common room door slid opened but he saw no one came in, then someone screamed on the doorway. He narrowed his eyes in suspicion, as he quickly stood up and strode towards where he had heard the sound followed by his friends, then reached into the air and he smirk in truimph, he was correct that who ever entered their common room was using an invicibility cloak, and he knew of one person who personally owned one. But Potter wasn't in the castle since the second day of the term, so this was either one of his side kicks.

Pulling the cloak off, he was about to say some something but his body froze in place when he found himself staring directly into the stormy grey eyes of Potter very similar to his own. No. There's something wrong in there. Potter doesn't have grey eyes. His was emerald green. Besides, Potter was not here right? This person must be using polyjuice potion and the effects are already waring off.

The blonde slytherin was brought back to his senses when he felt someone hold his wrist in a tight grip.

"What the- let go off me Potter," he snarled trying to pull his hand back but the raven haired gryffindor just tighten his hold even more that Harry's nails was digging on the blonde's skin drawing some blood in it.

Draco's friends was about to pull him off Draco but they all froze in shocked by Harry's next words.

"Lucien... Dumbledore.. Glamour. . Help. ..please. . .Draco. . .my baby..." babbled Harry. He knew everything that he was saying doesn't make anysense to them. But his vision was starting to got blured already and he already felt lightheaded.

"Lucien. . I am Luc-" his words were cutoff when he suddenly felt like he was burning inside out. He let go of Draco's wrist and instantly fell on the floor because of the excruciating pain. He bit his lips to stopped himself from screaming but he still wasn't able to stopped the ear piercing scream that left his lips when the pain reached beyond unbearable.


At the mentioned of his twin's name, Draco once again recalled his dream, Lucien asking for his help. Then he slowly connect all the dots. The gryffindor's words might seem useless to anyone. But to him and to those who knew about Lucien knew better.

The ear piercing scream that left Harry's lips cut very deep on his heart. He now noticed that the bond he felt this past days was now so strong. He wanted to reached out and help the teen but was stopped by his best friend Blaise.

He was about to snarled at him to let him go but Blaise just gestured him to looked at the now not anymore screaming but still whimpering teen on the floor.

They all watched in shocked silence as the young gryffindor's raven hair slowly turned light until it became platinum blonde, exact same shade as Draco's and Lucius. Then his slightly tanned skin from working outside the garden for the entire summer turned pale. The changes was instantaneous and when it was all done they found themselves staring at the exact replica of Draco Malfoy.

"Sweet merlin, is that Lucien?" asked Pancy in disbelief.

At the same time Draco rushed towards the unconscious figure on the floor. He lift Luciens head and place it on his lap as he carefully tried to wake him up but to no avail.

He was starting to panic when he saw the pool of blood on the floor, which was very unlikely for him as he was always known to be cool and collected.

" Blaise take Draco to his room first to calm him down," instructed Pancy as she and Daphne started to cast a diagnostic spell on Lucien as they also noticed the pool of blood beneath the unconscious wizard.

"No. Am not leaving," Draco argued not wanting to leave his twins side.

"Draco, darling. Listen. You need to calm down. You need to think and plan on how we are going to take Lucien out of here as soon as possible. He was not safe here. Soon his captors will find out that he had manage to escape, we aren't certain that they won't look for him here," Pancy explained softly but firmly.

Draco looked at Pancy in understanding, but he was still uncertain and cast a glance to his unconscious twin.

"We will take good care of him, I promise. You were well aware that Daphne and I already master our healing course. We will do everything to save him," assured Pancy when she noticed his worries for his twin and uncertainty.

With one last glance towards his twin, Draco strode towards his dorm room with Blaise. Pancy was right, he need to think and plan carefully how to smuggle Lucien out of here. He wasn't sure who to trust for now so he had to do it on his own. He didn't want to alert his parents for now, they were to sensitive when it comes to Lucien, he was afraid that his father do something stupid when he told him here at Hogwarts.

Mean while, Pancy and Daphne was busy healing Lucien. " Greg, Vincent. Stay on the door outside, don't let anyone out for now. and make sure no one except slytherin can get in," Pancy instructed she then took the ,parchment that appeared from thin air which was the result of her scan.

"Salazar's couldron, he's pregnant," she stated a bit stunned. Then she suddenly felt alarmed when she realized Lucien was having a miscariage. She immediately summon her house elf.

" Lizzy," she called out.

with a soft pop an elf appeared in front of her "young mistress,"

" Fetch me a blood repleneshing potion, in my stock at home immediately," Pancy instructed as she tried to stopped the bleeding.

Daphne did the same as she informed her the other result in her scan "He also suffer from so many cruciatus curse, so many abortion spell, he's so malnourish, so many not properly healed broken bones, laceration, and there was a sign of. . sign of multiple rape," she choked out the last word. Merlin, she didn't want to be the one to informed Draco all about this.

Pancy almost dropped the vial of potion she was holding when she heard the last part. Who ever did this to Lucien should better hide now, the Malfoy's will certainly seek retribution for this. She shook her head mentally and focused on the task at hand. She immediately spell the potion in Lucien and realized that Daphne also did the same for the other injuries.

After two hours they were finally done. They were able to stopped the miscariage and stabilized Lucien, but unfortunately Lucien was in coma because his magic was almost drained from trying to protect his baby. It was really a wonder how he was still alive till now.

They were thankful that the other students seems to be enjoying the ball as no one came back yet.

"We need to move him now before the other students returned and Professor Snape check on us," Daphne commented after had finally relaxed.

Pancy nodded in agreement, they can move him now that he was already stable. They hadn't risk moving him before because his condition was so delicate and just one wrong move could be detrimental to Lucien and the baby.

"I think it's better if he stay in our room for now rather than at Draco's. No one will suspect him to be there as they thought boys couldn't get in our rooms," Daphne suggested.

Once again Pancy nodded in agreement. It was a true that boys shouldn't be able to get in the girls dorm. But they found out that they can as long as they doesn't have any malicious intent in going there.

"I'll go and inform Draco, for sure he was so worried now," said Pancy as she stood up and walked towards Draco's room. But she wasn't looking forward to the coming converstation.