RWBY: Kitsune no Reaper

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Chapter 1: A New Home?

Warning: You're reading the old, discontinued, version of this story.

Two figures laid breathing heavily on their backs inside the crater that was created from their final attack, both figures had lost their dominant arm in the struggle of power from it. Their battered and broken bodies were clear indication of the strength behind their beliefs in their attack and even though their beliefs clashed behemothly against one another, the smiles on their faces proved that both had understood the feelings in the others heart.

"Naruto..." The raven haired teen exhaled, the pressure in his lungs was unbearable yet he managed to force himself to speak to the blond teen beside him, said blond merely tilted his head towards his raven haired friend, the clear visage of his triumphant grin stained only by the blood that seeped from his busted lips.

"Yeah Sasuke?" Naruto replied with a grimace, everything inside him felt broken but the adrenaline that had yet to fade helped in keeping the pain away.

The raven haired boy stared at the blond's grin, the beginning of one starting to form itself on his own lips. Naruto, for all his faults, had wormed his way into his heart and Sasuke had to admit that after everything they had gone through their "friendship" as Naruto called their relationship, was real and there was no need or way of denying that anymore.

"Thanks" whispered Sasuke, with just that one word Naruto understood perfectly the feelings of Sasuke. He had always thought of Sasuke as his brother and best friend, and the feeling was finally reciprocated.

"It was nothing Teme" Naruto replied with a smirk, now that the adrenaline was finally wearing off he noticed how cold and very unresponsive his body felt, he could barely keep his eyes open.

Sasuke however snorted and the motion made him spit some blood, only the knucklehead of his friend would call 3 years, 3 bloody years of constant fighting with godlike Shinobi's and a Goddess nothing. The image of the loud twerp that Naruto used to be and comparing it to the actual Naruto made Sasuke snort again, there were several differences and he had grown yes but what made the blond so special was still the same.

"I think you will be a great Hokage dobe, second best to me" Sasuke said with a smirk, his desire of becoming Hokage still shone brightly in his chest despite knowing that Naruto would be better than him at it, the raven haired boy turned his head to the side again in the direction of his best friend with a sincere smile.

A smile that disappeared as soon as his gaze fell upon his best friend.

The blond was laying on his side facing in Sasuke's direction, his left hand slightly outstretched almost as if he had been trying to reach Sasuke. His eyes were half-lidded but the light in them was dulled, his skin had paled but what really scared Sasuke was that Naruto wasn't breathing.

"Nar...uto?" Sasuke voice cracked as he called for the blond, fear creeping into his soul "Dobe, don't play jokes on me..." Sasuke added with a bit of hope in his voice but it died when Naruto didn't give any sort of reply. He called the teen's name again and again but there was no reply, Naruto just kept laying there with that damned peaceful smile.

Sasuke felt tears threatening to escape his eyes as he crawled towards his best friend, his body trembled as he moved not just because of the pain his body undoubtedly was in but because of the fear that had gripped his soul, with trepidation Sasuke placed his hand on top of the blond chest hoping for any good sign but...

There was no heartbeat.

Naruto had died.

A wail escaped the raven haired boy before he hunched over his best friend corpse with the dam of his tears breaching open, all the pain of his body long forgotten but the pain in his heart and soul numbed everything else. Cradling the whiskered teen on his arms he cried hard, harder than when he had lost his family, harder than when Itachi had died.

His one and only best friend was dead, with a heavy heart Sasuke swore to the body in his arms that he would accomplish his... no, their dream. He would become the best Hokage the Elemental Nations would ever see, he would bring peace to the world all in the name of his one and only best friend.

- 0 - RWBY: KnR - 0 -

Naruto blinked several times, he could've sworn that he was looking at Sasuke a second ago. Frowning, he looked around to find himself stranded in a freaky and weird place. What was supposed to be the sky was completely white with no clouds in sight. His eyes traveled downwards, finding absolutely no sign of life in the vast emptiness of whiteness that he found himself in. His gaze continued downwards until they fell on his feet, where the ground meet his sandals it was a pool of darkness. Curiously he raised a foot and placed it down a bit further away several times and surely enough, wherever he placed his foot the pool would accompany it.

Freaked out he decided to to start walking, or at least he tried to.

He could see himself moving and he could feel himself moving yet at the same time it felt as if he never moved from his original spot, his gait turned into a sprint and the motion sickness from such a nauseating feeling slammed onto him like a train and made him pause less he throw up.

The moment he recovered his breath dark tendrils shot from the pool and took hold of Naruto ankles, he panicked and tried leaping but only got the same feeling of moving but not moving at all, and the tendrils kept pulling in the Blond into the pool of darkness.

"The prophecy has been fulfilled, young Naruto Uzumaki" The ominous voice resounded throughout all the place and the power in it brought shivers down the struggling teen spine "You've been freed from the destiny set upon you... As such we have decided to give you a new life as reward, it is yours to do as you wish once you're reborn in this new world"

"Oi! What do you mean new life!?" The whiskered teen shouted in panic but he was given no reply.

Naruto eyes widened when he noticed that he was already pulled waist deep inside the pool of darkness, he started struggling again to no avail until he had the bright idea of using his Kage Bunshin Jutsu, he called forth all the Chakra he had in him but the moment his hands completed the handseal...

Everything went black.

"Goodbye Naruto... Thank you..."

- 0 - RWBY: KnR - 0 -

Glynda Goodwitch, right hand of the Headmaster of Beacon Academy and also one of the best huntresses in the world of Remnant, was dressed in nothing more than her plain underwear as she prepared for herself for a long soak in her tub.

She currently was checking her shape on the mirror of her bathroom, being a tall woman with an hourglass figure that any man would find himself drooling for she idly wondered why she still was single. Her long wavy blond hair let down, reaching beyond her shoulders, and parted on the front leaving both of her green eyes visible. She gave herself a satisfied nod before dropping her undergarments in the laundry basket, she opened the door to her private bath tub only to pause.

Haphazardly laying inside her tub was a male, a teenager judging by the age from his face, three whiskers birthmarks on each cheek and two silver wolf ears sat atop his sunkissed blond hair, his face was contorted in a grimace and he had both arms crossed over his chest as he doubled and trashed in pain.

She regained her wits seconds later, quickly moving to the teenager and examined him much closer this time. He was naked, his body was filled with cuts all over and right in the middle of his chest only slightly hidden by his arms she could see a fist sized hole, her mouth dropped in shock when she spotted another fist sized hole on his belly.

Shocked she ran out of the bathroom, almost tripping on the carpet on her way out, and dug inside her wallet to pull out her scroll. She speed dialed the only person who would be able to help her in such short notice and regardless of any circumstance. It didn't even take a second before the person on the other end picked up the call.

"Hello Glyn-" The man on the screen looked away for a second, a very light blush crossing his features "-da" he finished with a slight cough to regain his composure.

"Ozpin, I need help. NOW!" Glynda roared as she ran back inside the bathroom, turning her Scroll she pointed the camera towards the injured teenager in her tub. The water had since long ago turned crimson from the blood that was gushing out of his wounds.

Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon Academy, raised an eyebrow at the situation his friend found herself in. He entertained the thought of Glynda harming the teen to that extent for peeping on her but shook the thought away since there was no way she would be calling if that was the case.

"Treat his wounds as best as you can while the medical team arrives" Ozpin replied shortly before ending the call.

For her part Glynda opened one cabinet from the bathroom shelf and pulled out a first aid med kit then rushed to the teen's side again, she used her Telekinesis to lift the blond from the tub and set him gently on the floor. Calling forth a towel from the rack, she used the item to clean the blood from his wounds and noticed that both holes weren't bleeding at all, and if possible, it seemed they were stitching itself back together very slowly.

Chalking the strange occurrence to his possible Semblance being a regenerative one she moved onto the next step and used the gauze to cover the most heavily bleeding cuts. With nothing else she could do for him besides waiting for the medics she examined the teen again at a more leisure pace.

His age could be anywhere in between 15 to 16, he had the two silver wolf ears that contrasted with his messy blond hair, three whisker-like marks on each cheek and an athletic build. She blinked when she noticed he also had a crimson fox tail that was almost half as long as he was, him being around the 5'5''(165cm).

'How did you get here?' Glynda pondered however hurried knocks from the door broke her out of her musings. She wrapped a towel around her figure just before opening the door.

The medic team consisted of 3 nurses that rushed to the bathroom followed shortly by a huge male Faunus with bear ears were human ears should be. Glynda trailed after them and watched as they carried the teen out of her room on a stretcher and closed the door.

"What the hell just happened?" She mumbled.

- 0 - RWBY: KnR - 0 -

Glynda waited patiently in the Hospital's elevator recalling the previous three days, the first day comprised mostly of replying any question she knew about the teen, she had bought a spare set of clothes for when the teen woke up and left them on the stand next to his bed after the second day of his miraculous recovery.

"He should be dead by all means..." She recalled what the doctor who treated the teen wounds said when he first arrived and it only added more questions than answers as to who the boy was or what for that matter. The same doctor had called her the third day(today) informing her that the teen should be waking up anytime soon and so she arrived very early with the sole intention of interrogating the blond enigma.

Imagine her surprise when she unceremoniously opened the door to his room, finding said blond enigma in the middle of pulling up his boxers displaying his naked butt to her...

And then he turned around...


"Err… Could you give me a minute?" He meekly asked as he finished pulling his boxers up and hiding his junk from her.

Despite being a grown woman and having already seen his naked body before, Glynda couldn't help feeling slightly embarrassed from the ordeal, with a cough she left the room allowing Naruto to finish dressing.

A few minutes later Glynda entered the room again however this time she made sure the teen was fully clothed, thankfully this time the teen was fully dressed in a simple if slightly tight black shirt and jeans. She sat on the chair next to the bed before staring at the blond who sat on said bed and stared back.

The whiskered teen decided to start things off on the right foot (No, he was not going to count her seeing him naked their first meeting 'ttebayo), if what the voice had said in that strange white place was true and knowing his unlucky luck then it probably meant he really wasn't in his world anymore, with that in mind he cleared his throat.

"I'm Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto" the blond started "I uh... Have no idea where I am, but I was told you took care of me so thank you" The teen bowed slightly.

"I am Glynda Goodwitch" The teacher smiled, her eyes softening for a second "I was quite surprised when I found you in my bathtub looking like you had seen better days, can you tell me what happened?" She asked, her voice soft but an underlying stern tone in it.

Naruto felt a knot form in the back of his throat, how was he supposed to explain that he came from another world, supposedly died and revived in this new world and with no idea of anything at all.

At the very least they spoke the same language.

"It's a long story and I know it will sound crazy but please believe me" Naruto sincerely said with as much honesty he could in his voice, he knew he was taking a big gamble if he told her the complete truth but she had been the one to help him and he owed her that, and maybe... He could start somewhat better in this new world.

Besides if there was something he had learned the hard way was that lying would never get you anywhere, and if the woman sitting in front of him had decided to help him without any prejudice then he would give her his trust and hope for the best.

"It'll depend on what you tell me" she replied, shuffling a bit in the chair to get comfortable. Naruto took that as his cue and started from the very start, explaining his life from the moment he was born, the Elemental Nations, his ninja life, the missions and Fourth Shinobi War up to the point where he fought Sasuke and found himself in that weird black and white place.

Glynda kept her emotions in control for most of the tale, at the start she thought the teen was pulling her leg but the emotion in his voice and the longing in his eyes as he retold his life told her whatever he was saying was nothing but the truth. Over the course of his tale she had asked short but concise questions that he was all happy to reply, as the she continued to listen to the hardships he had to go through she felt a very small bond form with the distraught teen, maybe it came from the fact that he trusted her enough to tell her the truth.

Once Naruto finished both stared again at each other, one in deep thought and the other waiting for any reaction. Glancing at the window, she idly noted that time had gone by very fast and it was nighttime already.

"It's..." Glynda started, getting Naruto's full attention "It's an interesting story and as far fetched as it seems I... believe you"

Naruto couldn't hold back the smile that crept onto his face.

- 0 - RWBY: KnR - 0 -

A week had gone by in the blink of an eye for the blonde teacher after that, she returned everyday for the rest of the week and gave company to the otherworldly ninja, the strange bond that had formed between them the first day deepened as they shared small talk about most of Remnant important details. One thing they both agreed went slightly good for him was that whatever deity threw him here allowed them to speak the same language.

As of today the doctor had given the free to leave order for Naruto but the two blonds, on the insistence of the teacher, lounged for a while longer in his recovery room because she had a small gift for the young teen and hoped that he wouldn't be too weirded out by it.

A small knock from the door caught the attention of both blonds, the two looked at the door to find a middle-aged man with tousled gray hair and thin brown eyes. He had a light complexion and sharp facial features, wearing shaded glass spectacles and a dark-green scarf with a small, purple, cross-shaped emblem on it. His outfit mainly consisted of an unzipped black suit over a buttoned vest and green undershirt. He also wore black trouser shoes and long, dark-green pants. On one hand he had a coffee mug as he lazily sipped on it while he approached the duo.

"Hello Glynda" the man waved a hand at her, before extending it to Naruto "Young man, I'm Ozpin" the man friendly said, sipping a bit more of the coffee.

"Naruto" the teen acknowledged and shook hands with Ozpin, Naruto sent Glynda a discreet side glance. She noted he had a small frown adorning his face and confused eyes. Thinking she was weirding out the blond she quickly spoke to Ozpin with the intention of calming the slightly distraught ninja.

"Ozpin, did you get the-" Ozpin interrupted her with a smile as he pulled out a yellow folder from inside his suit before handing it to her.

"Yes, he's been legally accepted as your brother" The teacher visibly sagged in relief at that "Young Naruto, you will be living with Glynda here while you recover. I see you're both tired so I will come by again during the weekend to check up on the both of you" Ozpin explained as he nodded in the direction of Glynda once, before leaving the two blonds alone in the room.

Naruto blinked several times and tilted his head to Glynda, of all things he was expecting to happen that certainly wasn't one of them.

"Uh not that I mind but…" Naruto trailed off unsure of how to take the random act of kindness, he could count with his two hands the number of people who'd go out of their way to help him and truth be told, he was really glad that the first person he met in this new world was so kind to him.

"I understand your unease but rest assure I did it for your good, there's something in you that caught my attention and..." Glynda explained as she fiddled with one strand of her hair "I feel that keeping you close will reveal what caught my attention"

Glynda relaxed when Naruto nodded and gave her a smile, she had no idea of how the blond ninja would react but it seemed all her fears were for naught.

The two left the hospital after paying a small visit to thank the doctor who treated the teen, at the moment the two were walking through the busy streets of vale. In the short week they had spent together during his intern Naruto felt at ease around the blonde teacher, enough to let some of his playful quirks to liven up their conversation.

The teacher had explained that she owned an apartment in the edges of the city and they would be living there together for the foreseeable future, with that in mind they agreed on restocking on food supplies;aka ramen for the blond, and buying some more changes of clothes for him.

Half a day later they stopped in front of a building with Naruto carrying most of the bags, the building was simple yet it stood with an amazing amount of 20 floors at the very least, he was so dazed at the enormity of the stone construction that Glynda had to push Naruto through the doors and into the reception lobby. Most of the workers there already knew the teacher and waved their greetings from afar which she returned with a neutral facade.

She found it a bit hard to ignore some of the looks given to her from the female population of workers but she still managed to guide the teen to the elevator without issue and once both were inside, and she had to make sure Naruto wasn't sticking his fingers on the crevasse of the elevator doors, she hit the penthouse button. To her surprise the ninja didn't seem to mind the strange feeling of being moved inside an elevator.

aruto was surprised mind you, but he wasn't going to show it.

The ding of the elevator doors opening and both occupants walked down the long hall, finding the door to Glynda's apartment after rounding a corner she slid her Scroll on the door scanner and the door opened, she pushed it open completely but before stepping in she turned around to address the ninja.

"Welcome to your new home, Naruto" Glynda welcome the teen with a small smile that was returned by the whiskered teen, he nodded as he tried to fight back the tears that threatened to escape his eyes from the mixed feelings.

Home huh?…


Author's Note: That wraps up chapter 1, I noticed people kept pointing out about the inconsistency of him missing one hand and on the next scene having both... Hello? Physical world =/= Spiritual/Dead world.

Yes it was intentional, and this chapter alone foreshadows many things that will happen later down the story.

Again, I know some characters will feel OOC but I've tried to keep the core of what makes each character, themselves. Do remember that this is my fanfiction story and some discrepancies are bound to appear from the cannon of both series. Anyways! I hope you enjoyed the chapter and see you next time.