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18.Glimpse Into the Future

Three days and three nights passed in slow succession as the reformed Fellowship forged their way slowly but surely to the Woods of the Lady, ever watchful for the abominations they feared may waylay them yet once more. Now that Gandalf was no longer in their presence, for he had to leave them to pursue a suspicion he had laid hands upon, they felt vulnerable to the evil lurking in the shadows, laughing at them silently, mockingly. Their efforts, though well intentioned, were of no use, for no Rakah-Ruk accosted them on the rest of their journey.

Within the waning night and the breaking dawn, Ellisya's bond with Legolas gained new clarity, a deeper, hidden binding that emerged every time he held her close to his heart. For throughout the path to Lothlorien, Legolas had been her protector, her friend, her brother in kind. But Ellisya would have willingly traded all these comforts for something that ran truer and closer to the heart.

Her increasing love for him she could no longer hide as well as she did before for it insisted on shining through. Her heart, protected only by those who love her, strained to keep itself together; not to break until Legolas had revealed his cherished one. She would but wait until then before giving herself to the abyss of hopelessness.

Legolas was fighting a similar battle, unbeknownst to all but himself and Aragorn and Gimli, both who watched him suffer helplessly, knowing full well that there was nothing they could do, nothing that would ease their comrade of his pain. Many a time, Gimli, with all the impatience of the Dwarvish blood rising up within him, would very meaningfully make his way over to Ellisya, only to be pulled and dragged back by a equally determined Aragorn, who swore none would interfere with Legolas' troubles unless bidden to. He too had to control the building urge to go over to Ellisya, drag her over to Legolas and demanded they do something about the conflict between the both of them. Elves! He shook his head. They may be deemed immortal but are in truth, equally challenged with love as all other races.

Legolas watched Ellisya through the eyes of an already lost soul, loving and aching all at the same time. He lived only for the moments when she would lean her dark head on his shoulder, both silent, so much of what they want to say lost to the winds that caressed them softly and gently in their arms. Those few, precious moments were the one thing keeping him here, on the face of Middle-Earth. The knowledge of her need for him as a protector was made bitter by the assumption that her need for love was fulfilled by another. Ah, if only he knew for who the fondness in her veins ran for!

Laeras and Ellesildar watched from a distance, unable and unwilling to interfere, for little did they understand of this love-denial affair between their sister and their Prince. Ellesildar would sometimes gaze upon his leratharilittle sister, brotherly understanding in his eyes as he watch her balance on the brink of what would be her first and last love affair. Laeras would tighten his jaw when he caught a glimpse of the two, so close they seemed as one, between the trees. But both would stay their hand and let it unfurl, whether it be love-triumphant or another dalliance between them, not uncommon amongst the Fair Folk. For they had not the slightest idea of the depth of feelings Legolas and Ellisya had transcended into, drowning in their feelings for each other. Aragorn, having experienced it with Arwen in the past, caught a glimpse of it now and then, but he too wasn't quite as knowledgeable as he'd like to assume. As for Gimli, for whom love had yet to cross this warrior's path, was outright disagreeable with the painstakingly slow progress the two Elves were making, muttering under his breath now and then in disapproval.

But throughout all this, there was no doubt in either Aragorn's mind nor Gimli's that Legolas grew steadily worse and worse with the passing time, slowly fading away as the leaves do in autumn, clinging weakly to the dry branches before letting go and floating gently down to the dusty ground. The aura around him was still there, would be there until it was time for him to take his leave of this world, but Legolas' face bore heart aching sadness he had never shown before. The other Master Archers perceived this, and they were concerned, but nothing, not even the harshest of chides, would get Legolas to reveal his painful secret.

The hobbits were a pleasant addition to the party in this time of trial and tribulation for they were plucky creatures and never failed to remain merry and cheerful, no matter how many times squashed and trampled upon. They provided welcomed entertainment for all with their never-ending jokes and requests for 'two-sies' and 'tea'. Even Gerahelares, as arrogant as he was, couldn't help not smiling as Pippin demanded of the long-suffering Ellesildar whether they had 'reached or not', to which the usually calm Elf would sigh in frustration and reply through gritted teeth that, no, they hadn't reached Lothlorien yet and if Pippin asked him that question again, he would personally run him through with his sword. This threat, accompanied by a dangerously deadly glare, would subdue Pippin for a while. But 'a while' in a hobbit's dictionary was not very long time and after a few peaceful minutes, Pippin would again grate on Ellesildar's already raw nerves. How much more the Elf would have taken before he made good on his threat was never known for Jarandor, taking pity on his friend, offered to carry Pippin on his horse. As soon as the hobbit mounted, Jarandor unhooked a deadly looking harpoon-like staff no one had noticed earlier and very cheerfully informed Pippin that it was called a 'spear' where he came from and he would be very glad to test it on a live subject. This shut Pippin up, to the relief of every one and silence reigned supreme. That was, until, Merry decided to badger Laeras for lembas he swore he must have in his pack for he 'could smell them with his sharp hobbit nose'.

Revandoran was quiet throughout the journey, unknowing and completely oblivious of the dislike Legolas felt towards him. He had always been a stoic Elf and would not change his character now that he was a Master Archer. He was still friendly to Ellisya and his brotherly affections towards her only widened the gap of misunderstanding Legolas already had been led to believe, further twisting the already tangled lives these few individuals led. Jarandor and Caroleas were in a private world of their own, seeking solace in each other as the road grew harder and more dangerous, for both knew one or none of them might ever returned. This had caused much distress to the usually gentle Caroleas, who, with the comfort of Ellisya, Jarandor, Revandoran and even Hulëith, managed to keep her resolve and trudge on their quest.

Alagfalaswen, Glorfindel and Gerahelares, having been in similar situations like these before, were unfazed in the face of danger. Or perhaps, unfazed would be the wrong word, for each were lost in their individual thoughts. For Alagfalaswen, the picture of Ellesildar of whom she had grown rather fond of never failed to draw up a faint, secret smile on her face, with swathed and enveloped it in sweet womanliness that both intrigued and awed Ellesildar who was never too far from her side. Glorfindel's head was filled with longing for his own kingdom, for he never liked leaving it for too long a time. Other than that, he rode without much overburdening his conscience unlike his fellow riders.

Gerahelares had been looking very thoughtful and moody for the past few days. His usual proud bearing was replaced by dark brooding only one could know and that one was himself. He rode, preoccupied with things known only by himself, for once not wearing his familiar trademark cocky grin. More than once he glanced over at Ellisya before submerging deeper into his thoughts, his thin eyebrows barely creasing over his forehead.

And this was the state the riders from Mirkwood were in as they entered Lothlorien. The woods were as beautiful as they always were, shining silver, homes atop the trees peeking through the leafy foliage. Many an elf peered at the approaching riders with more than passing interest as the party made its way to Galadriel's abode.

It was there where they met Celeborn and Galadriel, both already awaiting their arrival. Indeed, Galadriel's face bore the slightest hint of a smile as her all-seeing eyes saw the approach of the mix of Elves, Man, Dwarf and Hobbits. Gimli, whose face had been growing brighter and brighter the closer they had gotten to Lothlorien, now leaped off his horse…

Only to catch his right foot in his stirrups in his haste, sending him face-first into the ground, whereas he made a very clumsy tumble, much to the amusement of all present. Undeterred by even this, Gimli half-walked, half-crawled, half-stumbled his way to Galadriel and knelt before her reverently.

"Ah, my fair Lady!" he cried, "My eyes have been trice blessed in this lifetime, for I have gazed upon your face not once, nor twice but three times! And each time, I am more dazzled by the beauty owned by so fair a Woman! Indeed, I must have done a great deed in the past, for nothing short of that would enable me to be able to kneel right here right now!"

Celeborn smiled benignly. "With all the compliments you received from this Dwarf, I fear I may not quite measure up to his mettle."

"Hush, my husband." Galadriel ran her eyes over each once of them, looking into each mind, seeing what was hidden there. She looked over Alagfalaswen and Glorfindel's thoughts without saying anything, just curving her lips upwards as she favored them with her calm countenance. Revandoran and Caroleas too were looked over without much delay. The hobbits brought out a light tinkling laugh as Galadriel set her eyes upon the 'innocent' faces of Merry and Pippin. When her gaze upon Gerahelares, however, her expression returned to its earlier seriousness as the Mirkwood Elf met her gaze with his own celestial blue eyes. He seemed to be conversing with her though they heard it not, for after a while, Gerahelares looked away, disappointment and frustration written on his face. Galadriel then turned her eyes upon Legolas and he knew she could feel his pain, his torment, his agony.

'Ah, Legolas, you would suffer this alone? There may be more to it than what meets the eye...'

'Lady, would you give nothing to abate the pain I suffer, if just for a little while?'

'Alas, it can not be so, for nothing can cure a broken heart but love itself. Be strong, Legolas, Herasri wukda mettare pasrsirda.'

'Erentath emaris padaresmy sincere thanks , Lady Galadriel.' Legolas looked up to see many inquisitive eyes on him, for his words with Galadriel had been long. He smiled as if to show nothing was the matter, before pondering Galadriel's words.

Herasri wukda mettare pasrsirda. All may not be as it seems. What could the Lady have meant?

Ellisya watched apprehensively as Galadriel continued probing her fellow companions in the place deemed most secret yet most vulnerable. She flushed slightly as Gerahelares shot her a quick, compassing glance, more written in his eyes than stars in the sky. She watched as Legolas began to smile slowly, wondered why he did so, began to tremble as Galadriel at last began to lay eyes on her. Sticking out her chin defiantly, she braced herself for what was to come…

'Ellisya…' Galadriel's tone was mild and caressing. 'You have indeed come far.'

'My path was a blessed one.'

'Ah, is it now?' The voice in her head became more knowing. 'Then why is it you look at the sky seeking solace? My child, your heart's desire lies closer than you think.'

Ellisya turned away, drawing in a sharp breath. 'What would My Lady know of my heart's desire?'

'Wequesta yelare mosata ikhtas islemarWhat one wishes for will come should it done in the way it should be. But do not let the idle strands of Time weave past you, for many regrets shall befall you should you allow them to and one might lose what one longs for most...'

Ellisya shot a look at Legolas out of the corner of her eye, who was deep in conversation with Aragorn, his forehead slightly creased as he replied to something, moving his hands gracefully to express his meaning. For a moment, Fear cloaked her with His bony arms. What if Legolas…? Would he really be…?

Then her presence of mind caught her and she laughed to herself. It wasn't possible. Nothing could and would

happen to Legolas. Maybe he wasn't her heart's desire, maybe what she longed for most was to win the war…to go back to her woods....

But somewhere, something deep inside her taunted her, how can you lose something you haven't even gotten? Legolas wasn't hers; would never be, why harbor fear for his safety if it is not threatened?

Legolas looked up when he heard a small sound and fastened his unerring gaze upon Ellisya, who was laughing quietly to herself. His eyes focused as he frowned slightly. If she was laughing, why did it seemed so….forced? Why were her eyes so bright? What was it that could be troubling her?

"Legolas." He turned back to see Aragorn, looking at him through the tired eyes of a man whose patience has worn thin. "Will you not tell her of the candle you've held up to her all this while? For even the blindest of men can see what transcends upon our countenance every time you see her and this…this…secrecy is unlike you. " Aragorn stared Legolas in the eye. "Even the King of Men grows weary of this cat and mouse game. If you will not tell her, Prince of Mirkwood, I shall."

"And I'll second the notion very heartily," chimed Gimli as he strode up to them determinedly. "Legolas, all this secret-keeping is not good for you! In fact, I shall tell her of this matter right now!"

"Don't!" Legolas seized Gimli by the shoulders before the Dwarf even had enough time to take a step forward. The dwarf started, as did Aragorn. Legolas took in a deep breath. "I…have promised to tell her of my…feelings after the war is over."

"That's more like it!" Gimli pounded Legolas on the back, almost unbalancing him. "You've got to tell her some day! But why not now?"

"Gimli," Legolas laughed in mild amusement, half to himself, half to Gimli, "Does it really matter when I choose to disclose secrets close to my heart?"

Gimli met his Elven friend's gaze for a moment before turning, saying gruffly, "Well, you Elves take too much time if you ask me. Why, if it were a dwarf, he'd have it out the moment he thought of it!" He walked over to Galadriel's side, muttering about 'Elves' and 'take their time'.

Aragorn knew better. He looked at Legolas coolly. Legolas looked back, equally blank.

"You don't intend to survive the war, do you, mellanonimfriend?" When, he received no reply, his temper, which he had kept in check for so long boiled over and he grabbed the Elf by the shoulders and shook him violently. "Answer me, Elf!"

"I answer to no one." Legolas looked at Aragorn calmly. "Would I forfeit my life, immortal and filled with glory, for the sake of a love which is beneath me?"

Aragorn stared at Legolas for a long while, saying nothing. Then, he released his hold on his friend gently and stepped back.

"I have no right to tell you this, my friend, but surely you must see the senselessness of all this…" Aragorn gestured helplessly, "madness?"

"I am an Elf, Aragorn," Legolas said softly, his face creasing into a slight smile, "We are the oldest and First Race on this Earth. Would you question me yet, King of Men?" Then, seeing Aragorn's face, he added gently, "What I do I have already given much thought. Our lives are spun and woven together. If it is my time, I shall depart as Fate has planned it. If it is so, I give my blessing to Ellisya," his smile was bittersweet, "And Revandoran. May they lead their lives out in happiness and harmony together."

Aragorn said nothing, Then, "If you should survive?"

Legolas showed no emotion. "What?"

Aragorn turned to Legolas. "If you survive, what then?"

Legolas was silent. "Then…I shall keep my promise to Ellisya."

" And this is your oath?"

Aquamarine eyes met steel gray ones. " And this is mine oath."

" And as you say it, so be it." Aragorn's attention was drawn elsewhere as Laeras came up to him and murmured something into his ear. Ellesildar made his way past the huddle of figures, stopping only in front of Legolas to look at him in the eye stonily.

Almost protectively.

Legolas met his gaze with his own. The two Elves stared at each other, emotions coursing through their head, before Ellesildar turned and made his way past the trees into the woods beyond.

Legolas stood where he was, hair blowing in the wind, face still tilted in Ellesildar's direction wonderingly.

What was it that had crossed over Ellesildar's face a split second before he turned away?

Why was he glaring at Legolas almost hostilely?

What was he hiding?


Ellisya made her way through the woods listlessly. The splendor and beauty of the night sky failed to snare her with its charm and even the bird songs on the air did not calm her heart.

One might lose what one longs for most... She shook her head, as if to clear it of all thoughts.

One might lose what one longs for most...

Many regrets shall befall you should you allow them to…

One might lose what one longs for most...

Ellisya grasped her head as she quelled a growing urge to scream out loud, to release her emotions in a purely carnal cry. Whey were these words playing again and again in her head???

Words. They were mere words.

Then why did they seem to haunt her, even in her dreams?

" Cannot sleep?" Ellisya turned to see her brother reclining easily on one of the branches of the tree above her head, looking up at the sky. "The stars tonight are so beautiful, almost reverent." When he received no reply, he swung down to stand beside her. A few moments passed quietly between them before Ellesildar turned to face her, his eyes looking at her meaningfully.. " Is it?..."

Ellisya shook her head quickly. " No, it isn't him." And yet it is. Ellisya felt frustration growing deep within her bosom.

One might lose what one longs for most...

Ellesildar studied her for a while. Leaning his back against the tree, he asked, "Leratharilittle sister, if you really care for him, why will you not tell him so?"

Because he already has one he adores, she wanted to say, but instead shook her head.

"Why burden him with petty thoughts on the edge of the war?" Not meeting her brother's eyes, she scuffed her shoe on the ground, aware of Ellesildar's penetrating gaze.

" Ellisya…."

" Why don't you tell Alagfalaswen that you harbor feelings for her?" Ellisya interrupted, not wishing to continue on with this awkward examination. When no reply came, she turned to her brother and started in surprise as she saw the slight red which tinted his high cheekbones.

" Ellesildar!..."

" Why talk about these unimportant issues when we are on the brink of war?" Ellesildar said hurriedly. Ellisya felt a sly smile break out upon her face.

" Why, brother dear, I never knew you could be so…emotional."

" I am not being emotional!"

" Then why the pretty shade of pink?"

If anything, Ellesildar's face became even redder. " Come, it is late. We should be resting, awaiting the morning."

" You're trying to evade my question, brother dear…"

" I am just being sensible…and stop calling me 'brother dear'!"

" Anything you say, 'dear brother'." Ellisya smiled slyly at him. " Or perhaps ' Lover dear' would be more appropriate?"

The red on Ellesildar's face was no more of embarrassment than it was of anger. "ELLISYA!..." Laughing, they chased each other back to their rooms, all sadness forgotten for that moment.


Legolas walked along the dark corridors, making his way out into the moonlit night, the light creating a halo around his head. And indeed, that night, Legolas could have passed for an angel straight from Heaven, so serene was his face, so gentle was his stance.

As he made his way down the stairs to the center of the garden, he took in a deep breath, released it. He looked up at the stars shining in the night sky and marveled at their luminescence.

Perhaps they glowed even more so than him, but the stars seemed to be smug and Legolas wondered for what must have been the millionth time how he had fallen into such a predicament. He had never intended to fall in love. He hadn't planned for all this to turn out the way it did.

But fall in love he did and now there was no turning back. He sighed softly. Indeed, his life even during the War of the Ring hadn't been this….complicated.

Perhaps Destiny really did like playing tricks on others. He wouldn't know. But what he did know was this:

It was worth it.

Should he be dead tomorrow, he would have cherished every second he had spent with Ellisya. Every waking moment when they had talked together. Every instant when their fingers had touched. If he were given a choice again, he would have gladly chosen to path he was walking on now.

For, although his life grew shorter and shorter, his essence was fulfilled in a way he never knew it could be. It made what he was; he would never be the same without it. Only now, after so long, did he really understood what Aragorn and Arwen had went through during the War of the Ring, understood why they did what they did when they did it.

Now all he hoped for, what his whole being hoped for was for the chance that he may be as triumphant as they had been then.

~You are the one~

~You are the one who can make moments last forever~

~The one who makes the sunshine wherever u go~

Ellisya, why was it that you are so close to me, yet are as far as the setting sun?

~You are the one~

~Why make it harder than it has to be~

~Just this sun~

~I'll give you love if you give me your heart~

Legolas' fist clenched slightly when he remembered Revandoran, the owner of Ellisya's heart, the Elf she cared most about. Every time he saw them together, laughing, Legolas felt his heart give a mighty wrench. It took all his self control and his pride not to just go to Ellisya, stand in front of her face to face, look into her eyes and utter the words he'd been longing to say to her for so long.

But he will hold his silence and take his secret with him to the grave.

Perhaps on his dying bed will he keep the oath he was made. But why put her through suffering even after his passing? Why trouble the living when the dead was no more around to regret?

Legolas closed his eyes and sent a silent prayer out for Revandoran and Ellisya although his heart rebelled against him, screaming out its agony and protest in his mind. It pounded in his head, clouding over his senses, causing him to wince slightly.


Bow and arrow already in hand and drawn to attack anything in sight, Legolas looked sharply around, all his senses alive and tensed, his eyes flicking around, picking out shadows in the bushes, searching.


Ellisya? His heart gave a hopeful bound but he knew it wasn't her. She never called him with that tone of voice.

Voice? It wasn't even a voice. It was…

'Come to the fountain at the center of my garden.'

Without a moment's hesitation, Legolas sprinted for the center of the garden, surprise etching his face. Why would the Golden Lady summon him for? It wasn't common for her to call any of the fellowship into her presence in secret. What was it she wanted to tell him?

He reached the fountain and walked down the steps to the center, one hand lightly running over the flowers and bushes grown by the side of the path. There Lady Galadriel awaited him, eyes solemn and wise, giving away nothing. She held a golden bowl in her hands as she stood in the clearing besides a pedestal holding a small stream of clear, sparkling water spouting from a white marble statue, really too small to be considered a fountain. She waited until the Elf had reached her and was standing before her before offering her greeting to him.

" Well met, Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood."

" Well met, My Lady." Legolas looked at her with questions in his clear blue eyes. " If I may ask?..."

Lady Galadriel made no reply, instead filling the bowl in her hands with water from the fountain before setting it slowly before Legolas on the edge of the pedestal. Then, she raised her eyes to meet his confused ones.

" Look into the bowl, Legolas, Son of Thranduil," she said quietly. " Watch what is shows you for what you will see are glimpses of the past, the present and what may be the future."

A chill settled around the prince's slender shoulders as he tried to shrug off his apprehension. He peered into the bowl, expecting to see something very wonderful or very terrifying. What seemed to be an eternity passed, yet nothing materialized in the clear water but his uncertain reflection. Legolas frowned slightly. "My Lady, I do not understand…"

Then, suddenly without any warning at all, the images came one by one, in rapid flashes so fast Legolas had barely time to see what they were.

First the picture of the Ring with Gollum. Then, Frodo and Sam traveling to Mount Doom. The Ring falling into the fire of the erupting volcano. Aragorn being crowned King of Gondor. Ellisya being shot by Legolas' arrow.

Legolas winced at the last image; it was as if the arrow had shot him instead. Then, his eyes widened as he saw what was to come.

The Day of Reckoning. Gandalf bursting into the hall, on his lips a warning. The company riding through the woods. The dying Rakah-Rukhs. Then...

Fire everywhere. Elves falling, falling. The Rakah-Rukh, victorious. His companions nowhere in sight. Dying Elven screams hanging upon the air. Then….

Ellisya, wounded and weary, her bow taut and ready, aiming at the leader of the Rakah-Rukh, face etched with concentration.

An deadly arrow, shot from behind the shadows, unnoticed until too late, buried in her back.

Blood, blood everywhere, on Ellisya, on the ground, on the laughing Rakah-Rukh who was now standing above her.

And Ellisya fallen, cold,eyes unseeing, hands outstretched, blood-stained bow dropping from her stiff, unfeeling fingers. And an arrow , sticking up triumphantly in the air, boasting of its horrifying feat, bringing down one of the fabled Children of the Light.

It was then that Legolas realized in horror Ellisya was dead. Gone before him, to the Halls of Anduin.

Gone without him.

"NO!!!" The golden bowl fell to the ground and shattered into a thousand pieces, spilling water, splashing it into fine droplets as Legolas, utterly shocked, looked up with wild eyes, at the calm stature of the Lady before him, restraining himself mightily from grabbing Lady Galadriel and shaking her. Trembling, he forced himself to say as calmly as he could, "Is…Is that really what shall happen hence?"

Lady Galadriel looked at him through serene eyes. " It is one of many possibilities of how your quest will turn out in the end. Only you have the power to create the future. Use it well."

Then, she turned and walked away quietly through the fragrant trees, leaving Legolas standing alone, bleeding inside, unseeing, unmoving, trembling as thousands of emotions coursed through him, as his mind screamed shrilly over and over again as if mocking him of the future he had now glimpsed through the water...