It was a brite sunshiny day. Miley was at her house. She was talking to her mom and dad. "Guess what, Miley? We have a surprize for you," Miley's mom said. "What is it?" Miley asked. "The 3 of us are moving to Elwood City," Miley's dad said. "Wow! I've always wanted to go to Elwood City! When are we going?" Miley asked. "We are going tomorrow," Miley's mom said. "Yay! I am exsited. I am going to make lots of new friends," Miley said. "We are glad you are exsited," Miley's dad said. The next day was a brite sunshiny day too. Miley and her mom and dad packed their bags, went in their car, and drived to Elwood City.