Kei-Kei Yuki: This is basically a re-write, so I hope you all enjoy. This chapter is now beta. Yay~!.

First Serve: Uniform Crisis

Sitting lazily on the floor of her room, gold irises stared blankly at the group of arguing girls who were all in her room. Soma couldn't help but wonder just how in the world did such a simple request almost cause a World War III, about ready to erupt if someone didn't calm down these angry lionesses that were about ready to unleash their claws at each other.

"I'm telling you, Soma would look better dressed in this!" exclaimed Ikumi, gesturing towards the black bikini top, similar to the one she was always seen sporting, but with a beautiful red rose design on the left breast, lined in shimmering gold details. The rest of the outfit consisted of a pair of black shorts, knee-high black leather boots, and black fingerless gloves. The blonde couldn't help but slightly drool at the sexy image of Soma sporting the outfit which she picked out.

Too bad she was wrenched away from her image when she was pushed to the side by none other than Nakiri Alice. "Denied!" shouted a chibi Alice, crossing her arms, pouting adorably. "Something like this fits Soma-chan much better~!" Snapping her fingers like a magician, she summoned forth her own choice of outfit which was a short and classy black dress which tied around the neck. The image Alice came up with had the red-head emitting an air of sophistication, allure, and seduction.

"So sexy~!" squealed Alice, cheeks flushed a pretty shade of pink; the mere thought of Soma donning on the outfit she picked out brought forth a rush of excitement. Alice was already deep within her own fantasy, which consisted of Soma cornering her to the wall, gently taking hold of her chin as they made direct eye contact with each other. Alice was lost in the depth of those beautiful gold irises as fantasy Soma leaned in and smirked at Alice's cute reaction. "So adorable, my sweet Alice-chan," flirted the Soma in her fantasy, whose molten-gold eyes pierced Alice's maiden heart, feeling her legs go weak as their lips were now a centimeter apart.

"S-Stop!" a shy voice suddenly yelled, coming from none other than the sweet and shy Megumi. Her outburst caused a crack in Alice's fantasy.

"M-Maa, beautiful fantasy~!" cried Alice, down on her knees; crocodile tears ran from her cartoonish eyes. Seeing how thanks to Megumi's interruption, her perfect fantasy had shattered and like dust flew far away out of her reach.

"Yukihira-chan is s-sweet, kind, and gentle! Who at times can appear surprisingly mature, almost like a mother or a big sister to the need of others! So Yukihara-chan would look best... in this...!" Using all of her courage and strength, Megumi brought forth a black kimono, embroidered with beautiful red flowers, mixed with lilies, throwing a shade of gold that brought out Soma's eyes. Megumi's own image broadcasted her idol, sitting inside a traditional, yet luxury style, Japanese home.

"Welcome home, darling~!" gently smiled the Soma in Megumi's fantasy; a shower of red rose petals rained down on her. Megumi was so entranced with the image that her entire face began to blush as she uttered, "She looks so perfect!" Pink hearts could be seen in Megumi's eyes, whose smile had taken on a slightly frightening turn.

"A-Ano... I don't know how to say this, but I just need-" Soma tried to interrupt but was cut-off by the haughty chuckling figure that sat on her bed, legs crossed, arms folded. Shooting all her competitors an arrogant smirk. "How boring. For someone like Yukihira, you need something with much more of an impact. Something... like this!" Erina had Hisako showcase her marvelous and superior choice of outfit.

Soma could do nothing but blink her eyes cluelessly at the shining and hand-tailored, black female butler outfit that was held in Hisako's hands. Consisting of a black pencil skirt, a vest, along with a white collared dress shirt, and even a tie. "How can I be of service to you..." The Soma in Erina's fantasy was kneeling down on one knee, gently holding Erina's hand, before adding. "My Lady." Fantasy Soma delivered a sweet kiss to the back of Erina's hand.

"Maa, that image is much more fitting." Erina wore a smug smile, cheeks flushing a dark shade of red. Barely able to hold back her excitement as it was sheer willpower alone that kept her from not fainting on the spot, unwilling to be such an embarrassment in front of her rivals-mainly Soma. This left the others feeling speechless, and for a second all was quiet and calm in the room before in the blink of an eye it dissolved into pure chaos.

Soma sighed, slightly shaking her head at the arguing group of girls and got to her feet, clearing her throat. In one quick motion, the sharp clap of her hands rang throughout the room as she said only one thing, "Silence." No one missed the authoritative tone she took with them nor the intenseness of her eyes, the others pausing in mid-movement as Soma now had everyone's attention.

In the blink of an eye, Soma reverted back to her normal self, running a hand through her short tousled red hair. "Maa, I don't have a clue how things turn out this way, but... I only need a spare uniform if you all have forgotten," Soma reminded the group, which was the reason she called them all here to her room in the first place.

Seeing how Soma's uniform, along with the rest of her clothes, was piled with the rest of the dirty laundry, the redhead was in need of a spare uniform and decided to make a few phone calls, bringing us back to our present situation.

"I see." Alice nodded her head, hitting her fist in the palm of her hand. In a flash, she quickly reached out and seized hold of Soma's wrist.

"If that's the case then follow me! I have a ton of spare uniforms in my closet. We can even dress alike, Soma-chan~!" It all happened so fast, one second Alice and Soma were in the room, and the next, Alice could be seen dragging a clueless Soma down the hall and out of the Polar Star Dorm.

"Oi! Get back here!" growled Ikumi, who was the first to rush after the two. Soon the large group of girls began following after the two runaways.

Poor Soma. All she asked for was a spare uniform, which in the end she never got. She would never forget the variety of reactions she received when walking around campus dressed in a short, skimpy, french maid outfit. That was forced onto her by the white-haired Nakiri. Poor Takumi had a severe nosebleed once he caught sight of his so-called rival, sending him straight to the nurse's office. It was on that day, Soma vowed to never skip out on doing her laundry.

End of First Serve: Uniform Crisis