She knew. She had too. She knew everything.

At least that's what Nick was sure of as he scribbled his name in the signature box. He always knew his partner was more then achievable at figuring things out. Judy had solved so many cases in a matter of minutes before, so really it was no wonder she would want to question about this.

Normally the talkative type himself, Nick never wanted more then to tune her out and dismiss her suspicions. Obviously he couldn't do that, or she'd point something suspicious out. And clearly their normal cycle of him pestering her was going to be switched around today, as for the past three hours, the time he'd been bored out of his mind in the office, she just wouldn't stop talking.

It wasn't even like she was talking about anything of uttermost importance. Her mind was fogged on the delivery of flowers. Flowers she stated, where she wanted to know where they came from.

She probably already did.

Nick watched her as the bunny continued to talk. He couldn't even fully hear what she was saying, he probably already knew anyhow. Just watching her was enough.

"Nick? Nick, are you listening?" Her smooth voice snapped him out of his semi trance and without hesitating, Nick looked up at her. "Yeah. I'm definitely listening."

Judy eyed him. She stared at her for a full 10 seconds, before continuing. "Anyways, that's when I found out, they weren't from anyone in my apartment..." She trailed off, waiting for his reply and reaction.

She was testing him, obviously hoping he'd say something.

Two could play at that game.

Nick nodded, gently resting his head on his paw as he gazed over the pencil on top of the paper. "Fascinating Carrots."

Judy didn't hesitate to take his halfway written file, shooting her partner a look. However, she considerably still stacked it while Nick looked bored out of his mind.

"It would be if you'd listen!" Crossing her arms, Judy gave her best friend a glare, fortunately it lightened as she nudged his side. "I want to know who sent me them."

"One of your dates?"

"Were you not listening? I already called all of them.."

Maybe she really didn't know.

Shutting his eyes, Nick massaged his head, praying she'd drop the horrid subject. Unfortunately being the persistent rabbit she was, he knew it was only going to a matter of time until she 'solved this.' And Nick definitely didn't want to be around for the aftermath. But how couldn't he? He already knew she wanted his help. And they were partners. What reasonable excuse for not being there was there?

After all, to her it was just another game of using clues to her advantage and solving a simple case. To him, it was a whole other story. A whole other story that could not only ruin his friendship with the only person he ever truly and wholeheartedly loved, but borderline what she considered him, forever.

"Nick!" Judy snapped. "Are you seriously not going to listen?"

"I told you i'm listening." The fox muttered, shutting his eyes. "Promise." Judy nearly slapped him.

"Remind me again why I'm finishing your paperwork and you can't even help me with this." The bunny muttered underneath her breath. She piling a stack of freshly organized papers on her desk.

"You love me." Nick teased. He honestly didn't plan for it to come off as flirting, but considering her growing gaze, it must have. However, he rubbed it off with a smooth smirk.

Judy stiffened. She glanced down at the paper she was holding before looking back at her partner. "Your lucky then." The bunny mumbled. Really lucky.

"Mhm." Nick returned to resting against the table, only this time he laid his head fully across the metal.

Nick knew well enough to realize she was staring at him. Probably wondering when he was going to offer his help and why he hadn't done it yet. Ha, like he'd be so gullible. Though It was what she kept leaning towards and implying, so Nick knew it was only a matter of time until she asked him herself. So far, It wasn't so much many words that said it, not until she started to speak up again.

"So are you going to help me or not? Because if your not, expect your paperwork to be tossed in the wrong pile."

"Hey, I would have done that on my own." Nick confronted, fast but dozIly. "It doesn't bother anyone but Bogo." He sent Judy another look, noticing her crossed arms and sudden foot tapping.



The fox leaned up against the table, stacking and adjusting the ZPD's collection of pencils on top of one another, as Judy held back a sigh. Once again, he knew she was staring at him.

"Please?" Now there were the big violet eyes. The big violet eyes that were so kind and inviting, he knew he couldn't possibly turn them down. And that was just one of the many reasons, he refused to meet her gaze.

"I can't."


Judy was fully leaning against the table by now, forcing him to look at her. However he resented and didn't hesitate to scoot over.

"I... already have plans." In his mind, Nick thought it was a great excuse. Of course she wouldn't ask him to cancel his already made plans, she just wasn't like that. But to her, apparently it wasn't good enough reason to drop the taunting subject.

"I didn't say what day. And to be honest, what day doesn't matter." Her ears moved upwards as she smiled that same lovable soft smile at him. "Any day's perfectly fine to be honest."

"I'm busy all days." Placing the final pencil on top of the tower, Nick smiled at his master peace.

Judy scowled. "You are not busy every day! Besides we could do it on movie night or something, your not busy then. You'd already be at my place, and it wouldn't even take that long!"

"I'm not canceling our movie night to stalk out strangers." Nick swirled the chair back. "Sorry Judy."

"Judy. What happened to Carrots?" Judy questioned. She tapped her foot, trying to relive herself some of the sudden stress Nick was causing her.

The fox looked away from her, unfortunately she followed. "Alright Carrots. Not gonna stalk out strangers on our movie night.. Sorry."

"We wouldn't be stalking anyone! It's my apartment! We could just look around... Maybe ask if we could see the security cameras. Then we'd know. We are police officers after all and technically this is a case!"

At the pure mention of security camera's Nick immediately felt his face widen. Security cameras, dang it. He had forgotten about the stupid security cameras. Honestly what was the purpose of them? Who would steal from a cop? Who would steal from anyone in that dang apartment right when a cop was directly across the hall?

"Nick?" He felt her reach out to rub his shoulder. And just like the constant feelings he always received at her touch, Nick was forced to avoid looking at her. He was not going to freeze up now, oh no. She was probably so confused. He was so confused. Thank god Judy removed her hand within seconds.


And now she was begging again. Why was she begging again?! And how did he get into these situations?

Nick adjusted the pencil's one final time. Carefully and considerately, he looked up at her. Not enough for them to make full eye contact, but just enough to get some kind of idea of how badly she wanted this. Judy's eyes looked so desperate, as though this was a murder case and not just tracking down whoever left her flowers. And as he looked at her, he noticed a hopeful smile, implying like his help would actual affect the outcome of anything. In a way, it was kind of sweet.

"Fine." Nick spoke before he could even function a answer. Much less the consequences of said answer. But before he could say something -anything- to contradict himself, Judy began jumping for joy.

"Yes! Thank you!" Before she even knew what she was doing, she had Nick pulled into a tight hug. And for the first time in that full conversation, her partner actually looked into her eyes. "It will be fine. I promise. And I'll even let you pick the movie this time."

Nick slowly but surely hugged her too. Her small arms wrapped around his body gave him a feeling of hope. And before he knew it, he was smiling back.

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