If I can think, then that means I exist?

The Boundary is such a interesting place. It is a place where no mortal can ever reach through normal means. It is located where time and space both exist and not. It is where everything can both exist and not exist at the same time and place. As such, everything can be found in this place. In this place, it resides.

It has been in the place called the Boundary ever since it remembered. The Boundary gave it the knowledge of what, who, where, when and why it was there in the first place. The Boundary gave it an existence. But why did it gave it? It had no idea. All it knew was that it was here and that's all it matters.

It soon discovered it after some 'time' in there. It was... something. It was calling to it and it found no reason not to investigate it. There, it realized that It was it's purpose. "Take it." "Hide it." "Treasure it." USE IT.

As a 'time' pass by, it came to understand what it was called. "Master Unit Amaterasu" It was made to be in the Boundary to investigate it. But it don't know what to do afterwards. So it waited. Waited and waited.

It was said that boredom can lead to great things. It may be bad or good but it will be great. And Creativity can be said to be a relative of Boredom for Boredom demands someone to do something. It is one of the greatest problem an individual can come across in its life.

This is what it realized after 'a significant period of time' passed by. It was bored. It wants to do something. And it decided to do what it told it. USE IT.

With it, it saw things. Specifically, it now saw it more clearly for the Boundary always have things. The perfect term to describe the things it saw would be 'timelines'. And it was entertained.

Watching what was happening in the 'timelines' was really entertaining for it. It learned new things after it watched the 'timelines'. Learned new ideas. Learned new things. And more importantly, learned how to be itself. It learned that it has abilities that can affect the Boundary. All thanks to it. All thanks to IT.

It can say that watching (or should it be observing) can get boring after a while. It now wants to do something else besides observing. And with the abilities it discovered, it is possible. Its all thanks again to it. It can now affect the 'timelines' that caught its attention. Now how to make observing more entertaining than before?

Maybe its because it was 'interfering' the normal flow of time on several 'timelines' that several newcomers pass by the Boundary. It doesn't knew how and why these 'individuals' come to the Boundary but they always manage to escape the Boundary before it can make contact with them. Sure the Boundary was full of knowledge and ideas but it wasn't suited for it. The overall atmosphere of the place was stuffy at best and outright irritating at its worst. Who knew that all that information about the quality of air can't even change the fact that the air doesn't even exist there in the first place?

Overall, some can come and go in the Boundary but it can't leave the place. It can force others to leave the place but it can't force itself to leave. And to make matters worse, it can feel a degree of familiarity with some of the visitors. But that's impossible. It haven't made contact with the visitors even once to create a basis of familiarity with them.

And there is another thing about the visitors. It can sense that some managed to make a place in the Boundary for themselves. But they are so far away from it that everytime it made a move to come close to them, they move away. It wants to curse the place but the place had nothing to do about its dilemma. It's how the Boundary works. Existing and not existing at the same time and place.

But there are also some of the visitors that were so revolting to its senses that it had to forcible have them leave the Boundary. One example was that human being that saw it. It can saw how that human being bulged its eyes and salivated by the mere presence it exudes. It wasn't affected by it for it was made to made contact with. It had to banish the human being before the human being can come any closer to it for the fear of it being taken away from it.

And there were the ones that have no purpose other than passing through the Boundary. They do the passing while taking a glimpse of it. It had no problem with those visitors that come and observe it. In fact, it wants to be used by everyone. If the little shards of itself it makes and proceeded to give to those visitors weren't any indication that it wants to be used, then what else would it be?

Maybe it would do that in the near future. Using a shard of itself and implanting it in one of those 'timelines'. It will have to thank it again for the burst of inspiration it gave to it. But for now, it would concentrating on dealing the 'timelines' it was watching.

There were two 'timelines' that caught its interest at the moment. One line, it will call it 'Line A', was a centuries behind the other line, called Line B, but it has an opening for it to interfere. The other lines similar to Line A doesn't have the opening Line A seemed to have. Which was the reason it was interesting. The sister lines of Line A doesn't have the 'event' that was unique to Line A and honestly, the A's sisters were just carbon copies of each other with only a minor difference here and there. A, on the other hand, was yet to be complete. It seemed to be an 'ongoing' 'timeline', which makes it even more interesting for it.

Line B was a different story. A different line from a different 'timeline'. Same as Line A, it was incomplete. Like it was a bottle waiting for something to fill it up. Also the 'timeline' in question was a strange 'timeline'. The perfect description for it would be 'loop'. It starts at a certain point and when it reaches a specific point along the line, it ends. And it starts another line with a minor difference in it. It was like something was watching and waiting for a different outcome in the timeline.

Now that it was mentioned, there a sense of familiarity in that specific 'timeline'. It wasn't the same feeling it felt from those visitors but a feeling that something or someone was doing the same thing as it. Another contradiction of itself. A feeling so similar yet it isn't. Still, it was probably like it. It is possible that its creators created another one of its kind. Interfering with the timeline for one's amusement. But there was no feeling of amusement coming from that specific 'timeline'. Only frustration and caution.

Curious about the two lines, it decided to make a gamble. Thanks to it, the act of having the two lines intertwine with one another was nothing. Maybe the one similar to it would take notice of the change it made but it won't lay down much expectations on it. The one who is similar to it was a frustrated one. Expecting a smile and a word of thanks from those types of people will just make you terrified about them.

Maybe this will be new source of entertainment for it. The intertwined lines already started the integration of its threads to one another. Oh it will be very interesting. Makes the time it spent in this wretched place well spent. For now. If anything else, it will proceed with the idea it gave to it.

Disclaimer: I don't own BlazBlue (the video game series and its related work) and Harry Potter (the book and movies series). I am just making a story out of the setting and the characters of the game and books.

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