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A.N.: To keep track of what was happening in the story, I made myself a timeline so I could base on what happens on a certain timeframe. There's also a thing with how the ages of the characters are so damn vague that even their birthdays lack the year in it. If only I could get my hands on the Additional Material Collection of Blazblue, but I can't and I doubt if I can then its a matter of I couldn't get my hands, both figuratively and literally. Anyway, here is the Special Chapter: The Timeline so Far.

~Same History found in the BlazBlue Wikia except for some changes. BIG Changes

Also SPOILERS to the entire story and plot. I may have to limit on what I should post in Special Chapter : The Timeline so Far.

This chapter gets updated as the story goes on.

Instead of 2193, the Vermillions adopted Noel into the Family on 2183. Essentially the Ikaruga Civil War had a peace-fire for 10 years before it happens in canon.

Anyway, here is the adjusted timeline for the story.

~Same as before:

2176 - March 3 - Ragna was born in a laboratory somewhere in the cities in the new world.

2177 - February 14 - Jin was born in a laboratory somewhere in the cities in the new world.

2178 - ? - Saya was born in a laboratory somewhere in the cities in the new world.

2180 - Jubei attacks a certain laboratory and rescues three kids with him. (Probably for the lolz) Jubei then brings the kids to Sister Mercury's Church and let her take care of them.

2181 - The Ikaruga Federation happened. NOL doesn't like it. Boom. Explosions. Yadda- yadda ~

2182 - Yuki Terumi decided to kidnap the youngest child under Sister Mercury's Church and proceeds to traumatize the older two siblings. (What else can you expect from the resident troll?) Still in shock, Jin was then brought to Mizuha and was adopted by the Kisaragi Family. Jin was then enrolled in the Military Academy.

2183 - Some scientists decided to make some clones in advance. Serial number 12 of the Boundary Interface Prime Field Device Units was being made in Ibukido, mainly because of the war, many people will bat an eye to the number of lost people, which were needed for the 'smelting' of a "Murakumo" Unit. Ibukido was still blasted to kingdom come though. Μμ-12 survived the smelting and the laser attack. The unit got amnesia though and her programming was partitioned in the deep parts of its memories.

2183 - December 25 - As an act of good fortune, NOL sent its troops to aid in the 'evacuation' of civilians not allied in the Ikaruga Civil War. Blast happens and the search and rescue operation was then followed. Edgar Vermillion found two orphans amongst the wreckage of Ibukido.

2184 - January 17 - The Ikaruga Federation called for a peace-fire. NOL subsequently agreed to the conditional peace-fire.

2184 ~ 2192 - Harold and Noel Vermillion was enrolled in the Military Academy. Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya, Kagura Mutstuki, was also enrolled. Along with other students mentioned in Remix Heart.

2184 ~ 2192 - Harold and Makoto met each other at the lower districts of Torifune. Hostile to one another at first, became friends later. Much more when Makoto was assigned to be roommates with Noel and Tsubaki at their high school department dorms.

2191 - Carl Clover was enrolled in the Military Academy. [Age: 7]

2184 ~ 2192 - Sometime during those years, the Vermillion Family was stripped of their 'noble' status due to several complaints of its Family Head on the acts done by NOL before the peace-fire happened and was then forced to give the control of Haniyasu back to NOL. Politics happened afterwards.

2184 ~ 2192 - Harold and Noel gained the attention of NOL, with how they triggered an alarm of sorts in their Ars Magus Aptitude Exams when they entered High School. Relius Clover went to Torifune as a Temporary Professor in Ars Magus and Ars Armagus and a special mentor to Harold Vermillion.

2193 - Under Relius Clover, Harold learned how to utilize his latent magical abilities. Noel, on the other hand, underwent various training, specializing in close and long ranged firearms (she has a fascination on firearms given with how much firearms she employs in her combos), military intelligence and assassination.

2195 - Relius takes Harold to Iwatsuchi and the NOL Headquarters in the city. He then introduce his specialization in making robots and similar things to robots. Harold then had an accident in one of the experimental Cauldrons of Iwatsuchi. Harold gained his Drive and Relius gained a new catalyst for another potential Detonator. Relius will then give Harold a Detonator of his own from the catalyst he received from Harold. Aptly named as Cereberus, since Harold almost fell into a "gate to Hell". Captain Hazama of the Intelligence Department of Kagutsuchi made also an appearance there in Iwatsuchi, since he and Relius are friends.

2196 - Harold and Noel Vermillion graduated earlier by 6 months due to the former's prodigal abilities and the latter's very high aptitude and versatility in manipulating Ars Magus. The rest also graduated and went to their respective jobs/posts given to them by NOL. Harold went into the 5th Squadron and became known as the Inspector while Noel decided to become a Praetorian Guard.

2196 - Carl witnesses Relius' actions on his sister, Ada. Carl then proceeds to salvage the situation in order to save her sister after Relius left Ada half-alive. Carl dropped out of the Military Academy. Became a member and a worker of a circus troupe to hide himself and his sister from his father.

2197 - Harold recruits Team Juniper and Team Ruby to the 5th Squadron. He went to recruit several more members of the 5th Squadron and then proceeded to finalize his preparations for the 5th Squadron's 1st Mission. Exploring the lower levels of Haniyasu. A week before the day of the 1st Mission (he is already prepared for the Mission and he kept his supplies in one of his special bags that he carries around), he went to a final mission as the Inspector before filing a leave as the Inspector. He went AWOL for a 2 weeks. Harold then came back with new recruits for the 5th Squadron.

2199 - BBCT [Calamity Trigger] Occurs

DATE: 5-2-2016

The Timeline is now finished, at the moment. As you can see, this is the Pre-CT of the Timeline. You can already infer what happened to the week before Harold's 1st Mission though. I also bet you guys can also guess what catalyst Relius received from Harold.

Anyway, this is basically the Pre-CT Arc of the story, where there are mini arc that will occur before Calamity Trigger happens. There will be changes in Calamity Trigger when it happens because of Harold's presence in this 'timeloop'.

The next chapter of the story will be uploaded within 2 days. I promise.