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SPOILERS for the entire story. Basically this will be the screen you usually encounter after selecting a character in BlazBlue. Their statistics and a small background information of the character. Canon characters aren't mentioned here, except when their background data has been affected by the plot or so. Mainly this is where information about the other characters that may appear in the story. Expect RWBY characters to take up the majority. [Since I like them the most] Take note that details marked with [*] is my take on "what if the character is in the game and what would be the skills he/she would use".

Note: This special chapter will get updates as the story goes on. Same as Special Chapter: The Timeline So Far.


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Name: Jaune Arc

Age: 18 (As of 2917)

Affiliation: Beacon Academy [Graduate]; Novus Orbis Librarium [5th Squadron]; Team Juniper

Height: 6'1" (185.42 cm)

Weight: [REDACTED]

Weapon(s): Crocea Mors [Yellow Death] (A dual-edged sword and sheath which can morph into a shield) (Both sword and shield are very strong and durable, sword stays sharp and shield receives no scratch. Presumably an intended characteristic by the makers)

Drive Ability: Saber's Edge [user has the ability to enhance his own sword-based attacks, enchant his sword with numerous effects, project swords and blades in several situations and use his sword to release a shock wave]

Likes: Having friends, having a normal life

Dislikes: Being ridiculed at, Scorpions

Theme: Time To Say Goodbye [Instrumental]

Stage: Beacon Academy Courtyard [District 4 of Torifune (Academy City)]

A normal teen hailing from a normal family, Jaune Arc is basically the 'normal-est' of rest of their cast. Aspires to have a normal life. With his kind and friendly personality, he became close friends with his team and Team Ruby. Along with Pyrrha Nikos, they are the planners of the group. Caught in a monster attack at the lower districts of Academy City, he summoned a lost Ars Armagus and manages to defend himself. He also discovered his Drive Ability and used it to dispatch the remaining monsters.

He deeply treasures his friends that he made during his days in Beacon Academy for he is quite the loner in his childhood. His low self-esteem and confidence came from having 7 older sisters in their family. However, that doesn't mean he's weak. He has the drive to prove others that he's not useless as they thought he would be. With Team Juniper and Team Ruby "blackmailed" into the 5th Squadron to avoid being executed by the Wings of Justice, Jaune has some grievances against Major Vermillion. Whether it will lead to an actual confrontation or not is unknown.

*Jaune is basically a hybrid of all the classes of Elsword in the MMORPG Elsword. Jaune attacks with his sword, same as his counterpart in RWBY, with a couple of shield bases. Jaune's Distortion Drives are similar to the Special Actives used by Elsword; namely [Sword Wave], [Sword Enchant] and [Armageddon Blade].

Jaune's appearance is similar to his the second concept art in RWBY. Same colored hoodie as in canon (a black hoodie with orange insides and sleeves), with a deep blue vest with the NOL insignia on the upper left side. He went for a pair of light blue pair of jeans instead of the standard pants for NOL personnel. He also chose to wear a dark pair of shoes and a belt around his waist with a pair of small pouches on it. It also acts a placeholder for the sheath-form of his shield.

Jaune's Overdrive is called [Hope's Affinity], where all of his sword attacks has an extended range, shown by a spectral extension on his sword, than normal and he regains his health in a very fast rate. His Exceed Accel, [Plea to the Highest], have him bash his opponent with his shield and proceed to slash several times. Jaune will then proceed to do a smaller scale of his Astral Finish to end it. If done in Active Flow, Jaune will proceed to kick his opponent into a wall before releasing the finisher.

His Astral Finish is aptly called [Righteous Fury], based on Saber's Excalibur in the Fate Series. No description needed.

Name: Pyrrha Nikos

Age: 18 (As of 2917)

Affiliation: Beacon Academy [Graduate]; Novus Orbis Librarium [5th Squadron]; Team Juniper

Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm)

Weight: N/A

Weapon(s): Miló and Akoúo̱ (A javelin and a shield, respectively. Miló can turn into a dual-edged sword and a rifle powered through Ars Magus. Akoúo̱ is the shield, with a very high resistance against damage.)

Drive Ability: Polarity (user can manipulate magnetism, can potentially affect electrical currents which is the basis of magnetism)

Likes: Being recognized for one's actions, the blond guy beside her

Dislikes: Being famous, The Signoras, Arrows

Theme: Time To Say Goodbye [Instrumental]

Stage: Beacon Academy Courtyard [District 4 of Torifune (Academy City)]

The redhead of Team Juniper. She is very athletic person, with the number of awards she won in numerous tournaments. Hailed as a prodigy in acrobatics and in sharpshooting. She is also won the 2916th Olympic Gold Medal in Javelin Throwing. An intelligent and pragmatic person, she's smart and savvy enough to not flaunt her abilities. However, this also prevented her from having friends. Merely fans. Rabid... fans.

Despite having dissimilar backgrounds, she and Jaune clicked together. Jaune can be called as her best friend. Met with Jaune, Nora and Ren in the very infamous Cafeteria Standoff, Pyrrha became friends with them. Became best friends with Jaune (at the moment). Interested in the blond for a very long time, starting from the time they met in Beacon Academy. He seems to reciprocate her feelings now.

Her family has a debt to one of the most bloodthirsty Famiglias in Wakumusubi, the Signoras. For saving the Nikos Family from being slaughtered by a rival Famiglia, Pyrrha must become one the Signoras. From a very young age, Pyrrha desperately wanted to escape this destiny of hers. With her applications to NOL blocked by the Signoras, she lost hope in escaping it. Now that she's being personally recruited into the ranks of NOL, Pyrrha rejoiced this development. Whether or not the Signoras will retaliate on her recruitment is still unknown.

*Same as her fighting style in RWBY, she primarily uses her javelin/sword in melee combat with having the shield as both an offense and a defense. With her Drive Ability to control magnetism, she can essentially move her javelin and shield in various ways. In long range combat, her rifle can shoot down enemies far from her. Much like any Ars Magus-based weapon, her shots are numbered before having to 'reload' its seithr cartridges.

Pyrrha's appearance is almost the same as her RWBY counterpart, with the exception of not having too much armor on her person. She wears her signature strapless top designed to give an image of two layers, a darker brown with bronze patterns split open in front to have a lighter brown clothing revealed. Pyrrha also sports a black elastic mini-skirt (Grade A Zettai Ryouiki) with a pair of high-heeled boots, in the same color scheme of her signature ensemble, reaching her mid-calf section. Here, she wore a pair of detached deep blue sleeves (see: CT Noel's sleeves), a pair of black gloves, bronze bracers on her left arm (for her shield) and deep blue drapery instead of the color red. Pyrrha also has her bronze circlet with tear-dropped emeralds headpiece, which was a family heirloom.

Distortion Drives are:

1.) [Homer's Iliad] - a very long combo of slashes, pokes, and kicks from Pyrrha ending with a single shot from her rifle, throwing her opponent backwards.

2.) [Agony of Telephus] - summons forth various mechanical objects (ranging from simple steel poles and sheets to huge turbines and clock gears) to hit on the enemy ala Rachel's Tempest Dahlia

3.) [Flames of Destiny] - throws her shield at the opponent to stun them and proceeds to shoot them several times. Pyrrha will then proceed to finish it with a charge blast that will leave the opponent a /burning/ status effect for 3 seconds.

Her Overdrive, [Red and Blue], has her several balls of iron and steel surround her in a circular manner. Aside from the effect of unlimited rifle ammo in her Overdrive, the circling balls will strike her enemies during her combos. Best used when spamming the rifle shots.

Her Exceed Accel, [To Victory!], has her kick the opponent, dealing a very heavy hit-stun, then follows it up with several slashes from her javelin and sword. Pyrrha finishes it with a launching kick, throwing up her opponent. If done in Active Flow, Pyrrha finishes it with the launching kick but hits the opponent with a summoned metal gear after he returns back down, throwing the opponent back.

Her Astral Finish, [I May Fall], has her stun her opponent with her shield and then summons forth several steel wires, surrounding the entire screen. Then Pyrrha will release a shock-wave, pushing the steel wires towards her opponent, which was in the background.

Name: Neville Longbottom

Age: 14 (as of 1994) [July 30, 1980]

Affiliation: Hogwarts (Gryffindor House); Noble and Most Ancient House of Longbottom

Height: 5'11" (180.34 cm)

Weight: 73.94 kg(163 lbs)

Weapon(s): The Sword of Gryffindor (a dual-edged longsword); Freki and Geki (a composite bow/longbow)

Drive Ability/Specialization in Magic: Nature's Affinity [Anything the Earth and Nature can handle, the user can manipulate it to enhance his attacks and his miscellaneous skills (buffs and heals)]

Likes: Herbology, Having friends,

Dislikes: Being ridiculed at, Mentioning his parents' unfavorable condition, Bellatrix Lestrange

Theme: Battlefield – Faith Is My Pillar [Etrian Odyssey 4]

Stage: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Courtyard [Day] and Hallway of Moving Staircases [Night]

The other child of the prophecy, he was spared from the fate of being the Boy-Who-Lived when Voldemort decided to hit the Potters instead of their family. However his subordinate, namely Bellatrix Lestrange, attacked and tortured his parents while he was hidden in a closet. His parents never recovered from the torture and he is subconsciously traumatized by the incident.

Due to his trauma, he rarely exhibit his magical powers since the way his parents were tortured was through magic. This bring disappointment to his older relatives, especially to his Grandmother Augusta Longbottom. When he finally exhibit signs of having magic (after he was thrown from their second storey window), his Grandma brought him a toad. The toad, he called Trevor later, spat out an amulet after his Grandma left. Touched that even a toad wanted to congratulate him, he kept the amulet around his neck.

The amulet was actually a strange weapon that morphs into a bow, which fires arrows using his magic. He discovered this when several crows decided to strike the plants he was taking care of. Albeit shocked and confused by the sudden development, he clumsily shot down several of the crows before the rest flew away.

It is a big concern whether he was really brave to be in Gryffindor or the Hat was tired to throw him into the Hufflepuff House. Regardless of the rumors, he showed his bravery when he rescued a fellow 1st year Gryffindor from a troll attack on their 1st year in Hogwarts. If that isn't brave, then nothing is.

*Neville is a hybrid of a swordsman and an archer. Basically he is the Night Watcher class in the MMORPG Elsword. Sword attacks in close-range combat and snipes enemies with his arrows in long-range situations. The Sword of Gryffindor has a charm that allows him to summon it when he needs it. The bow is a special bow that can change into a longbow (Geki) or a composite bow (Freki) depending on his distance from the opponent.

Appearance-wise, wears his standard uniform in canon. A white dress shirt underneath his grey sleeveless sweater, that has Gryffindor colors on its neckline and hemline. Dark trousers and shoes complete his ensemble. He usually wears the standardized robes for a Hogwarts student, but he doesn't wear this in battle. (Obviously since he has a sword and he might get the sword caught in the robes. Ugh)

His Magic Specialization is [Nature's Affinity], a rehash of the same mechanic in the MMORPG Elsword. He can use his surroundings to attack his opponent or use some of the seeds he keeps in his person in both of his offensive and defensive skills. Every combo he does, he gets a buff meter that can stack for 3 times. It allows Neville to enhance his damage output by not using the buffs but he can temporarily regain health by using the said buffs. His Distortion Drives are similar to the skills used by Night Watcher:

1.) [Furious Engage] - 3 slashes with the Sword of Gryffindor and ends with a snipe from his bow, throwing the opponent back. The melee special of Neville.

2.) [Poison Arrow] - aims with a poison infused arrow to the opponent. If it hits, the opponent will have a poison status effect for 4 seconds, aside from the initial damage of the shot. If blocked, the arrow will explode and cause the area to be filled with poisonous air for 4 seconds. Can also affect Neville. A long-ranged special.

3.) [Ruined Prophecy] - summons forth the power of Nature in the form a green light blast rising upwards at his surrounding area, launching the opponent up if hit. Neville will then proceed with a combo of sword slashes and blasts them away. It is then followed by a single shot from his arrow. If not, Neville will gain 3 buff stacks immediately.

Note that all his Drives consumes any buff stacks he gained before activating. Damage output is increased by 15% for every buff stack used.

His Overdrive, called [The Day Before], has him heal at a steady rate and slowly gains a buff for every 3 seconds. His arrow attacks deals twice as damage and his sword slashes have a poison enchantment.

Neville's Exceed Accel, [Honor Restored], has him first shoot an arrow to his opponent. If hits, the opponent will then be pulled towards him by a simple summoning charm to the arrow. He will then knee-kick the opponent and bash them with the hilt of his sword. If done in Active Flow, he will instead shoot several arrows that will explode after his barrage.

Neville's Astral Finish is called [Bravely Second]. Neville will summon forth several tendrils of vines below the opponent. He will then proceed to shoot several arrows then slowly walk towards the opponent. Fawkes the Phoenix will appear with the Sorting Hat in its claws and Neville will pull out the Sword of Gryffindor from the Hat and strikes the opponent. The screen will fade to black and then shows Neville turning his back to the fallen opponent, chatting with Fawkes.

Name: Harold Vermillion [Harry] [Blue Guy by Taokaka] (formerly known as Harry James Potter)

Age: 18 (As of 2917) [July 31, 2899] [July 31, 1980 (HP-verse)]

Affiliation: Novus Orbis Librarium [5th Squadron] [Major]; TriWizard Tournament [4th Champion]; [possible] Noble House of Potter and Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)

Weight: 53 kg (116.85 lbs)

Weapon(s)/Magic Specialization: A spear classified as a ranseur, Detonator: Kuon Khryseos: Cerberus, Fire and Electricity Manipulation (a bit of Dimensional, same as Relius Clover's Magic)

Drive Ability: [REDACTED]

Likes: Pepsi Cola, Noel Vermillion (she's a klutz and can't cook to save her own life), Honor and Integrity

Dislikes: ARAKUNE, Hypocrites

Theme: Street Fighter 5 – Union Station Theme [Full], It's Golden Showtime Inst. [Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross (When They Seagulls Cry Series)] [Vs. Relius/Hazama] (because of theatrics of those three). RISING [BBCP] [Vs. Noel]

Stage: Haniyasu Airship Port [District 17 of the 20th Hierarchical City of Haniyasu (Day)] and The Grand Hall [NOL Headquarters's Grand Hall in the 1st Hierarchical City of Okoto (Night)]

An orphan found in the ruins of Ibukido along with another orphaned girl with amnesia. He was then adopted in the Vermillion Family. Raised by the Vermillions with a deep sense of honor and moral uprightness, he strives to be the worthy Head of the Vermillion Family in the future. With how the Vermillion Family takes care of the 20th Hierarchical City of Haniyasu for NOL, he also wants to serve the people living in their city with all of his heart.

But when NOL decided to remove the Vermillions from the city and replaced another rival family to monitor Haniyasu, Harold developed a great deal of anger to NOL, especially to the Imperator who has the power on who will have to delegate monitoring the Hierarchical Cities. Thankfully he and his sister, Noel, have a very high aptitude in Ars Magus that he was given a special mentor in the form of Relius Clover.

Captain Hazama of the Intelligence Department of Kagutsuchi, through his friend Relius Clover, gained the allegiance of Harold when he and Relius showed him evidence that the Imperator that ordered the removal of Vermillions ran away and joined Ikaruga Federation. And NOL can't afford to destabilize the order they have if they told the public of the defected Imperator. The gist was that new Imperator, secretly inducted to the post, wants to fix the errors done by the previous Imperators of NOL, which were the cause of several complaints of the members of the Vermillion Family. (Which also lead to their removal.)

Inducted in their small allegiance, Harold was then known after his graduation from the Military Academy as the Inspector, the one who surprises the rulers of several Hierarchical Cities on whether or not their actions are for the greater good of their people. An independent NOL Officer that has an official decree from the Imperator to do his duties any way the Inspector deems to be right.

But Harold won't be fooled easily by all of his 'promotions', he knew that everyone in their small allegiance has their own agenda, even himself. It is still unknown whether his plans for the future will be successful or not when he discovers his past and the destiny he somewhat escaped.

*An expy of Ken Amada in P4Arena. Same appearance except he wears the second prototype outfit of Ken, an azure colored open overcoat, with the NOL insignia plastered on the sleeves and on the back, over a black jacket, with the NOL insignia on its left breast pocket, and a dark grey sleeveless sweater. He wears a white dress shirt inside the sweater and may or may not tie it with a blue ribbon. He also wears rimless glasses.

He wields a spear to poke and slash and to make a sorry excuse of a piercing attack to his opponents. He also has a Detonator called Cerberus. A prototype given to him from his mentor, Relius Clover, which he uses to supplement his offenses with its slashes and bites. Added by a couple of gravity balls Cerberus throws and his Detonator is great asset to have. Not to mention he learned a couple tricks from his mentor and his mentor's friend, Captain Hazama. His spear can be extended to reach his opponent and bring them closer to him. He also has a preference to release gravity balls and to kick them hard, copying Relius and Hazama's preference in dealing damage.

Harold's Distortion Drives are quite the same as Ken in P4Arena.

1.)[Thunder Reign],where he twirls his spear, channeling strong volts of electricity through it, to shock and damage his opponent.

2.) [Ultimate Cross], where he launches his opponent in the air and spears them by throwing his spear. He then pulls out another spear from his 'hammer space', ready to continue the match.

3.) [Fire Breath], where Cerberus releases a stream of flame that covers the entire floor of the arena (read: Yukiko's Maragidyne) for a split second. [Evaded easily though]

His Overdrive, [REDACTED].

Harold's Exceed Accel, [Displaced Intervention], has him swipe the opponent first off the floor. Harold will then proceed to do a hybrid of Thunder Reign and Fire Breath, channeling electricity trough his spear and Cerberus scorching his opponent. He will finish it by flinging off his opponent to the other end of the arena. If done in Active Flow, the final sequence is changed. Instead of a throwing his opponent, a gravity ball will then blast forcing his opponent to ground bounce hard. The ground bounce deals the extra damage and it will launch Harold's opponent towards the other side of the arena.

His Astral Finish, called [REDACTED].

Name: Hermione Jean Granger

Age: 15 (as of 1994 [HP-verse][September 19, 1979]

Affiliation: Hogwarts (Gryffindor House)

Height: 6'5" (165 cm)

Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)

Weapon(s): 10.75 inch vine wood wand with a dragon heart string core; Bag of Holding [a replacement to her beaded handbag]

Drive Ability/Magic Specialization: Archive Magic (Fairy Tail)

Likes: Books and knowledge, Logic, Following the rules, Crookshanks, Magic

Dislikes: NOT following the rules, DOGS

Theme: Battlefield – Storm [Etrian Odyssey 4]

Stage: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Library Main Area [Day] and The Restricted Section [Night]

A 'witch' born from two 'muggle' or mundane parents, Hermione Granger is regarded as an anomaly on both magical and mundane side of society. As a 'muggle-born', she is frowned upon by other magic-users for 'stealing the magic of other 'pure-bloods' and being a 'mud-blood, staining the clean blood blessed by magic' because she was 'unworthy of it'. She is also ostracized by other fellow classmates in the mundane side because of her superior intelligence and her love for books, not even mentioning that she can do magic (not that they knew or have a smudge of an idea of it).

She bought a sling bag using money given to her by her parents on her 8th birthday. Although they were in a pinch at that time, Dan and Emma Granger wanted to give their daughter a gift suitable for her needs. The two then decided to accompany their daughter on visiting shops, paying for the item that their daughter will pick as her birthday present. A rose colored sling bag was then chosen to be their daughter's new bag. The party of three soon discovered the weirdness about the sing bag when Hermione unloaded all the things she had in the medium-sized sling bag. The only thing they can think after seeing the amount of trinkets she apparently stored in there for a short time was "it's bigger in the inside, huh?".

Dan and Hermione Granger seemed to be the only ones who can 'activate' the 'secret compartment' of the bag. Her mother, Emma, found only a small compartment with no trace of the extra space her husband and daughter found. The bag was also very sturdy when it didn't got ripped when it got stuck in a small branch and it creates a barrier of sorts when she used the bag as a shield when the rowdy boys in her prep school accidentally thew a stone in her direction. Thankfully no one noticed the barrier, which disappeared after she stopped shielding herself.

The bag can also be very heavy or strong when she smacked a dog with it who went to chase her one day. The drinks inside her bag wasn't affected at all.

Everything came full circle when she received a letter detailing her being 'accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry'. Excited and certainly intrigued by the new world she was offered to join, Hermione Granger enters the England's Wizarding Society with very high hopes and dreams of discovering new things with this 'magic'. Whether she will find herself successful or not in her quest is a work in progress. Good thing she has her trusty sling bag, now decorated by her mother with clasps and other things, to hold all her books about magic!

*If you are familiar with P4Arena (you should be right now), her fighting style is very similar to Marie's. In fact she could be an expy of Marie, if not for her use of magic way beyond her level. That doesn't stop her from using it. Expect to see several powerful spells cast after a series of smacks with her super strong [Bag of Holding]!

Appearance is the same as any female Hogwarts student, a dress shirt under a sleeveless sweater outlined by Gryffindor colors. Sporting a black stockings, dark brown heeled shoes and a skirt reaching her knees (Grade b Zettai Ryouiki), Hermione looks like a standard female Hogwarts student.

Her [Bag of Holding] acts as a weapon and shield for Hermione, hitting her opponent with her very strong and sturdy bag and finishing it with high-level magic spells. She can also pull out several items in her bag as part of her combos, included but not limited to closets, shoes, scarves, rocks, cooking utilities, headbands, sandwiches, and Crookshanks. Her magic spells incorporate mostly stunning, blasting and burning effects.

Hermione's Magic Specialization, [Archive Magic], allows her to 'store' a spell effect whether or not her attack hits or not. It gives her a buff that boosts her abilities, depending on the type of spell she used. For now, the buffs included a hp-gain buff (stacks 3 times, blasting spell effect), a one-hit reflector shield (disappears after 3 seconds, burning spell effect) and a Heat-gain buff (stacks 3 times, stunning spell effect). Note that her buffs stacks if the next spell effect is the same as before, if not then it will be replaced by the new spell effect.

Her Distortion Drives are mostly Magic Spells that are taught above her year level.

1.) [Avis Oppugno] - summons forth several bird-like creatures and have them assault the opponent. Decent damage at a decent cost. Can be used to maintain pressure.

2.) [Aogidyne] - summons forth blue colored flames that will launch the enemy and deal a burning status effect for 5 seconds, same duration as Draco's bleed [Sectumsempra] spell effect. A bastardization of blue and Agidyne.

3.) [You Need a Book For This!] - does a combo of several indescribable spells that you really need a spellbook to identify the spells used. Seriously. Hermione's best DD. Spam this or else.

Her Overdrive, [Mostly in Order], has her regain health at the same rate as Neville and it speeds up her spell casting speed. It also gives her all of her buffs at the same time, but will not carry over when the Overdrive is over. Meaning it all of her buffs will disappear after the Overdrive is done.

Hermione's Exceed Accel, [S.P.E.W.], has her hit the opponent with her bag and then forces them to wear a tacky looking badge with attracts other house-elves to appear and try to remove it. Although successful in their quest, the force of several house-elves tackling them will deal damage and throw them across the arena. If done in Active Flow, it will be continued by Hermione walking towards the down opponent and scolds them. She will then throw a crystal bottle full of blue flames that will explode, shocking Hermione and launching her opponent upwards.

Her Astral Finish, [Wanted: Meat-shield], has her stun her opponent with a crystal bottle full of blue flames that will explode on contact. The opponent will be then launched upwards. Next scene shows Hermione dragging the unconscious opponent towards the Restricted Section of the Library.

Name: Luna Lovegood

Age: 13 (as of 1994 [HP-verse] [February 13, 1981]

Affiliation: Hogwarts (Ravenclaw House)

Height: 5'2.21" (158 cm)

Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)

Weapon(s): 9 inch long wand made of Brugmansia with an unknown core, Earrings of an unknown jewel, A weird shape shifting staff she received from an avid reader of the Quibbler [read: Proto-Muchorin]

Drive Ability/Magic Specialization: Illusion Magic

Likes: The Quibbler, Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, Harold Vermillion

Dislikes: Wrackspurts, Bullies

Theme: Happy Maria! Band Remix [Ougon Musou Kyoku (When The Seagulls Cry Series)] OR Like The Dragon [Persona 4 Arena]

Stage: Room of Requirement (Scrambled) [Day] and Room of Requirement (Not Possible) [Night]


*The lethal joke character of them all. An expy of Platinum, she wields a Prototype Muchorin (how did it got to her in the first place?!). It has the same ability to transform to anything the user has an idea of, manifesting its [Incarnation of Matter] characteristic, but it can't throw any projectiles. Basically it is limited to being a melee-weapon. It also lacks the requirement of using up the memories of the user to power it up. However, Luna has the earrings her mother, Pandora Lovegood, made for her before disappearing in her lab. These earrings of hers allows Luna to throw energy beams to her opponent. Used along with the Proto-Muchorin, Luna can dish out damage like its candy. Her Drives also has a buff mechanic. She has the lowest HP among the [HP] characters for a reason.

Wears the standard uniform of female Hogwarts Student, she wears a mini-skirt (Grade B Zettai Ryouiki) and a dress shirt underneath the sleeveless sweater in Ravenclaw (blue and bronze). She wears stockings printed with several Crumpled-Horned Snorkacks on it, reaching below her kneecaps.

The only [HP] character to have 5 Distortion Drives, these DDs of hers are quite cheap in cost. At only half the cost of a normal DD, she can use her DDs frequently. Her Distortion Drives revolve around her Magic Specialization: Illusion Magic.

1.) [Moon Power Up!] - with an initial hit from her staff, Luna will launch her opponent up in the air then make the arena show its nighttime with the moon up in the sky. The moon will then fill the arena with a blinding light that physically damage her opponent while buffing up Luna. Either she gets a one-hit reflector shield or a HP-gain buff is up in the air too.

2.) [I Can Show You The World] - same as [Moon Power Up!], the view will be the Earth instead of the moon. Meteor however strike her opponent, dealing damage. A buff also gets added to Luna. Whether it will give her a 5 second invulnerability or a one-hit reflector shield will leave us wondering.

3.) [Step With Me] - the opponent will be forced to have his direction controls switch while receiving damage from the special beam Luna made.

4.) [Insanity is Subjective] - same as [Step With Me], the opponent will have a random status effect while receiving damage. Either its a burn, poison, bleed, rage (increase attack but lowered defense), or exhaustion (Heat Gauge is being drained into Luna's Heat Gauge).

5.) [R3M3MB3R 1T] - a two-part DD, its a weird special since it steals the HP and Heat Gauge of her second match self. It restores her HP and gives her a full Heat Gauge when used, but at the start of the second match her HP and Heat Gauge are the same as the one before she used the special. A very risky DD, use it in caution.

Her Overdrive, [Wonderland], has her DDs be buffed in damage and temporarily have access to all of her buffs. Her attacks have an increase in range too and she has a significant increase in HP-gain. (2 stacks of HP-gain in other words).

Her Exceed Accel, [Skittish Hare], has her conjure an illusion of a hare after a blast from her earrings. Luna will then cover the arena with a large banner of an advertisement for the Quibbler. A second later, the opponent is flung, ripping the banner off, with the hare having specks of red in its face. If done in Active Flow, the banner will cover the arena for 3 seconds before being ripped off.

Her Astral Finish, [Fly Me to the Moon!], is a literal copy of Platinum's Astral except she throws the staff at her opponent. Luna will then conjure a different outfit for herself (see: Luna's Yule Ball Dress) and proceeds to blast her opponent with energy beams from her earrings. She will then twirl around and make a pose, complete with sparkles and other things.

Name: Draco Lucius Malfoy

Age: 14 (as of 1994 [HP-verse] [June 5, 1980]

Affiliation: Hogwarts (Slytherin House); Noble House of Malfoy; [possibility] Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)

Weight: 66 kg (145.5 lbs)

Weapon(s): 10 inch long Hawthorne wand with a unicorn hair core, A pair of finger-less gloves and boots made out of unknown material (probably leather with unknown several magical characteristics in it), an unknown guitar that can weaponize the sound it makes, Ice Manipulation

Drive Ability/Magic Specialization: Music Magic and Ice Manipulation

Likes: Being on top; Being Respected

Dislikes: "Mud-bloods","Blood-traitors", Being ignored at and ridiculed with, putting his family in danger

Theme: Unrest – The End of Raging Wind [Etrian Odyssey 4]

Stage: Hallway of Moving Staircases [Day] and Malfoy Manor Hallway [Night]

The only son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy was taught by his parents of the 'pure-blood' ideology. However he was inclined to the ideology his mother, Narcissa Malfoy (née Black), that was taught to her as a member of the Black Family. The ideology of muggle-borns and half-bloods having a purpose in their society as the one who work for the pure-bloods. A noble ideology from the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, tracing back to the Medieval Period where magicals ruled the muggles before the Witch Burnings and the Statute of Secrecy happened.

Draco was 'punished' for questioning his father's idea of a removing muggle-borns and half-bloods from their society when they already have magic as a proof of their worthiness. At Narcissa's suggestion, he was enrolled to a 'muggle fighting program' 4 counties away from their home to see in his own eyes 'how barbaric muggles are and how they affect muggle-borns and half-bloods'. There Draco learned to respect [Lucius, you done fucked up.] muggles and their magical counterparts when he learned there that his body affects his magic too.

Having no prior experience in keeping his body fit, he gets exhausted easily which lead to him realizing that magic won't help him in not getting exhausted. And he discovered he can't even properly use magic when exhausted. He learned afterwards how not to rely much on his magic and use his own strength before resorting to it. He should waste his magic when he can already reach it in his hands, just like what his mother told him. Why should he show off his magical prowess when he knew deep down he is the best already?

He also discovered a hobby, which his mother firmly supported him in, in playing the guitar and singing. He received a guitar from a young man playing he used to watch while waiting for his mother to fetch him home. He gave it to Draco as a gift before moving away, a symbol of his thanks for the time being a student of his in learning how to play the guitar. Apparently there was a lost(?) branch of magic that specializes in music and the Black Library has lots of records in it, igniting further his mother's passion in teaching him more in becoming a proper noble.

The guitar he received was actually a guitar made with several unknown materials that can shrink and expand in size and impervious to damage. It also has a weird ability to physically affect his surroundings by the sounds he make with it, if he wants to. Draco discovered it while hiding the gift from his father and, later, mother and defending himself from an accident with a rogue house-elf in one of their parties.

With a different perspective, will this be enough for him to escape the life Fate planned for him? Or would all of this be all for naught?

*Similar to the sword Neville uses, his guitar shrinks back to bracelet form when not in use. Draco's move-set is strange, with him blasting foes with Ice Magic, Sound waves, punches and kicks (mainly kicks). Not to mention the fact he can do the Banishing Charm wandlessly. Nevertheless, Draco fights mainly with a kicks (he has some nice legs, I tell you) then proceeds to follow it up with either his Ice Magic or using his weapon.

Wears the same uniform as Neville, his sleeveless sweater is in Slytherin colors (green and silver) instead of Gryffindor's (red and gold). He has green colored boots instead of shoes and a pair of silver finger-less gloves.

A stance character, Draco can either use his guitar, to stun, blast or plainly bash them with it, or his Ice Magic to freeze his opponents. With 4 Distortion Drives, he is the 2nd person to have more than 3 DDs than usual, Luna being the other one with 5 DDs.

1.) [Right Place, Right Time] - with sliding kick, Draco trips his opponent and then uses his guitar to bash them upwards. He then releases a stream of sound waves that deal a decent amount of damage before finishing it with a last shock wave. Draco's guitar special.

2.) [Time Spent Well] - the initial strike is Draco doing the Banishing Charm on the opponent, blasting his opponent with a wall slam. He then utilizes his Ice Magic to freeze them. A couple of seconds after finishing the ice prison, Draco will then blasts the ice block to the other side of the arena, dealing damage on the wall slam. Decent damage output and Draco's Ice Magic special.

3.) [In Bad Hands] - Draco's melee combo. A series of low, middle and high roundhouse kicks, making the opponent do a wall bounce after the last kick. Draco will follow it up with running flying kick, making the opponent do another wall bounce. Unlike his other DDs, he can do this again after the special is done. And its costs half than his other DDs, albeit dealing slightly lesser damage than the first two DDs.

4.) [If That's Alright With You] - Draco's long range combo. Despite starting the DD with the initial strike of his Ice Magic special, Draco will instead bring out his wand and do countless jinxes (light blue) and hexes (violet). He will then finish it off with a shout of "Sectumsempra!" while releasing a curse (grey) to the opponent. Costs a bit more than his other DDs, [an additional 25% Heat], the opponent will have the bleed status effect for 6 seconds, the longest status effect ever. Also, it stacks. Difficult yet possible to stack at least two status effects.

His Overdrive, [Faith Matters], has him heal in a slower rate than Neville while boosting all of his attacks. Extended range of his kicks, shown by a corporeal light extending from his kicks, faster magic execution and a temporary boost in Heat Gain (a 35% significant increase).

His Exceed Accel, [A Tribute to Me], has Draco do a roundhouse kick as the initial strike. Dobby, his personal house-elf, will then appear and serve his master snacks while Dobby summon forth several items to hit the opponent. Dobby will then apparate his master and himself above the opponent, with Draco making a block of ice beneath them and Dobby teleporting a pillow underneath them. Dobby will then leave, taking the tray of snacks and the pillow. If done in Active Flow, instead of snacks, Dobby will bring a pot of tea and proceed to call other house elves to do the deed. And instead of a block of ice, Draco will do a kick version of "death from above" with his legs covered with a thick layer of ice. The kick will freeze the opponent before Draco smashes it with a blast to the other end of the arena with a Banishing Charm. The house elves will then bow and apparate out of the arena.

His Astral Finish, [Worthy of Being a Black], has him do the initial high roundhouse kick. If it connects, the opponent will then be flung towards a chair that will then strap them into place with several conjured ropes. The scene afterwards will be shown in the basement of a house with Draco looming over the defeated opponent.







Drive Ability/Magic Specialization:?




Name: η-31






Drive Ability/Magic Specialization:?



Theme: Ignia's Theme [music069_boss in Elsword] OR Battlefield – Furnace of War [EO Untold]


A.N.: Procrastination at its finest. I had to rewrite a lot of things here when I checked the various wikia and other sources of their respective heights weights. (Just so that I can put a decent character profile of the characters that have the same format found in the games.) The characters in [HP] have NO GIVEN HEIGHTS AND WEIGHTS so I had to improvise. The statistics shown above are grabbed from their respective actors/actresses . The RWBY cast has no given weights though, even their CVs (Character Voice) have no statistics listed. I might have to research more about it. Oh yeah, some of the character profiles have been influenced by their respective actor/actress hobbies and other things. (Tom Felton really did a number, Nine damn it!)

There are several references to different fics, like [Mastermind Hunting by Louis IX], where Draco was enrolled in some martial arts club in CHINA as a punishment. Hope you guys will discover the references hidden in this special chapter.

If you guys noticed, Harry's Drive, Overdrive, Exceed Accel and Astral Finish is [REDACTED] because of reasons. Mainly its a spoiler and the other is that its a plot device.

Also, good thing I checked after posting because the "snail snail, snailing along with it" is not what I typed. I swear on my life.