Chapter 1: Stress

Raphael groaned as Caleb began to cry once again. Ever since they had brought Caleb home from the magic world 3 months ago Raph and Leonardo had hardly had a decent night's sleep with his near constant wails.

"I'll get him." Leo yawned as he stood up and went into the nursery. Raph sighed and looked at the alarm clock. It read 6 in the morning. Knowing that he wasn't going to get to sleep again, Raphael got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up...

Later that morning Raph was eating a bowl of cereal and reading the paper while Leo feed Caleb his bottle. Don't get the wrong idea, Raphael loved Caleb and Leo more than he could ever put into words. Unfortunately things had gotten stressful lately.

Mostly due to the more gang activity in their neighbourhood.

The gangs had caused Raph to panic and he had wanted to move somewhere safer ever since three gang members attacked a man in the apartment below them. And moving was the other reason why things were a little tense. They just couldn't decided where to move to.

Master Splinter, Leo's father, wanted them to move to Japan with him.

Donnie had said he knew of an old man who was moving out of his old home and was putting the place up for sale, but it was too expensive for them. Raphael wanted to move into his Grandmother's old farmhouse in up state New York, however Leo didn't want to leave the city.

"Hey babe, ya sister called while ya were in the shower."

"What did she say?" Leo asked as Caleb finished the last of his bottle.

"Said that she and Casey are havin' a party at Mikey's pizza place ta celebrate their kids bein' born and that she wanted us ta come." He replied. A week ago April gave birth to a healthy pair of twins, one boy and one girl. The girl was called Riley Jones and she was born with a small tuff of dirty blonde hair on top of her head with baby blue eyes.

The boy was called Dylan Jones, or just Dil for short.

Dil had jet black hair and dark blue eyes.

"Okay, what time is the party and who's going to be there?" Leo asked.

"Tha party is at noon tomorrow and tha people goin' are ya dad, ya twin sister, Mikey, Donnie, tha professor and some of her's and Casey's friends."

All conversations stopped however when Caleb suddenly burst into tears. A smell in the air informed Leonardo and Raphael that their son's diaper needed chasing. Leo smiled at his mate before handing the infant over since it was Raph's turn to change him.

Raph just groaned...