This was inspired by a conversation with Watermelonsmellinfellon and honestly I had alot of fun with the idea. This is a teaser opener to see if there is any interest in a Harry turned Fem!Harry/Tom Riddle love story written by yours truly. Please review!

Harry sat up and took in his surroundings, rotting refuse, snow drifts, and too close filthy alley walls. Yay, he could be in any major city in the northern hemisphere, good times. Sighing he sat up and took stock of his situation, Voldemort hit him with a killing curse as Harry had sent a piece of masonry through his head in front of Hogwarts then...he Wherever here was?

Ugh. Where was Hermione and her 'beaded bag of whatever the hell he needed at the moment' when he really did need it? Standing up he noticed a rather dramatic change, namely while he'd never been tall, and would never reach Ron's rather terrifying height he didn't recall being this short. Stumbling along the alley he approached a cracked windowpane that was marred black from the inside grime and stared at his reflection in open shock.

Well, her reflection it would seem.

Long ruby red hair that reminded him of fiendfyre framed his face, while iridescent emerald eyes stared back at him, he took in his slightly freckled nose and creamy white skin and came to a simple conclusion. He was adorable. Which concerned him immensely seeing as he appeared to be in the slums of some major metropolitan city.

Harry was a wizard first and foremost, so a sex change and de-aging really didn't shake him that much, for crying out loud his best friend turned herself into a werecat when she was thirteen. As far as he was concerned nothing was outside the realm of possibility when it came to magic. That being said, he grew up with the Dursleys, he knew what abuse was, he knew how rough shite could get for a downtrodden kid, and he was aware how lucky he was not being born a girl in that kind of environment.

He was in a worse environment now, in the body of an adorable, what appeared to be ten year old girl, without a wand or his Godfather's knife. Good times.

"Hey girl, what're you do'in there?"


Turning to the voice with trepidation his spirits lifted a bit when he saw the man was a constable, then he frowned realizing how...archaic his uniform was.

Still, manners, "Errr, I'm lost officer..." The constable, who had a rather impressive waxed mustache that Vernon could only ever wish to grow much less pull off with such dignity smiled lightly towards her.

"Where are your parents love?"

Harry, quite automatically whispered, "Dead sir..."

The man slouched a bit and approached Harry placing a hand on his...her...shoulder and gripped it lightly, "You have a home to go to?"

Hogwarts was home but it was rubble right now, and while 4 Privet Drive was more prison then anything even that wasn't safe anymore, so Harry being Harry replied with all honesty.

"No sir, my home is gone..." With that Harry was gently guided out of the alley and to the streets which treated him to his first honest bone deep shock. The cars were all vintage 1940's at best, probably earlier, the passing pedestrians were almost all male and they were dressed in suits sporting fedoras atop their heads.

Harry was struck with the rather random thought of why had wearing fedoras gone out of style? Seriously if Indiana Jones could pull it off being a roguish loner why couldn't everyone else? He was drawn from said random thought when he was escorted to a factory new looking police cruiser that appeared to be around mid 30's vintage. The constable opened the front passenger door and helped Harry into the seat, no lap belts but at this point the Boy-Who-Lived who was currently a cute little girl wasn't surprised.

The constable sat in the drivers seat and started the car up before turning to Harry, "What's your name love?" Harry thought about that, he could go by Harriet since it was so close to his real name but he grimaced at that, horrible name for a girl really. His mum's name was Lily, and while he didn't really consider her family his aunt's name was Petunia, so why not stick with the theme?

"Iris...Black, sir..." Why not? Honor Sirius a bit while keeping his identity secret...not that it mattered. While Hermione would at times, rather irritatingly, belittle his intelligence since he came off as dense thanks to years of psychological abuse courtesy of his 'family' he wasn't a fool. He wasn't in 1998 anymore, he'd place himself somewhere in the mid 1930's, maybe early 40's but that wasn't likely since half the buildings weren't bombed out ruins.

Yay Nazis, you are an effective time marker for displaced time travelers. Go you, you fascist dickheads.

Much to his surprise they didn't go to a police station but rather pulled up to a large gated facility that frankly looked like an insane asylum. Harry, now Iris shot the constable a weary look and he gave her a sad smile in turn.

"Wools ain't the best orphanage I admit, but it's better then the streets isn't it?" Ha-Iris scrunched her nose cutely as she tried to remember where she'd heard that name before.

"I...guess so sir..." The constable cut the engine and being a proper gentleman got out first and opened the door for Iris, taking her hand as she hopped out of the voluminous seat. Letting the man keep hold of her hand she was brought into the musty building and she did her best not to snear at the smell. Say what you will about the woman, Petunia would never have tolerated this excuse for house cleaning.

"Wuz this?" An old woman stated as she approached the pair, eyeing Iris with a disapproving glare, for the first time she took in her own apparel and realized she was dressed in a tatty grey dress. It was covered in so many stitched holes that it would serve better use as a dish rag, ah well, still better fitting then anything she'd inherited from Dudley.

"Found a little girl, parents are dead, no home, figured I'd save everyone a bit of bother by dropping her off directly." The way he said it made her sound like some sort of stray cat which really annoyed her, Harry had enough of that shite beforehand thank you very much.

The hag grimaced and snarled a bit gesturing to the young woman behind her, "Mary, put her with the boy for now while I talk to the officer here." Mary was mousy looking, jumpy, like Ginny was when she'd first met Harry but multiplied times ten, she gripped Iris's shoulder almost painfully and guided her through the halls.

Mary began whispering so quietly the time traveler could barely catch what she was saying, "Now I know she seems strict but she means well-" Iris rolled her eyes at this and fully intended on disproving that notion immediately. Harry had been a pleasant boy, but he also hated bullies, this new time he found himself in...well if he could control his magic, he could have some fun as well.

Regardless, Iris tuned back in "-but just remember to do whatever she says or you'll regret it! Your roommate is...a bit odd, no one rooms with him for more then a week, wary all right?" Brow furrowing at this little revelation Iris was prepared for anything when the door before her was swung open and she gasped audibly when she met the deep blue gaze of the boy standing in the center of the room.

Eyes as cold as glaciers, hair blacker then coal, aristocratic features holding none of the baby fat that many children retained at his age, his very bearing demanding respect.

He turned to Mary and blinked once before speaking, "Is there something wrong?"

Obviously a bit nervous around the boy Mary shooed Iris forward as she replied, "This girl will be staying with you for the time being Tom, all right?"

The boy turned towards Iris eyes narrowed slightly, "All right then, thank you for informing me..." Mary quickly left the room and closed the door leaving Iris to face off against the boy who she had already identified but was hoping beyond hope wasn't who she thought it was.

"I'm Tom, Tom Riddle, and you are?"

Iris, no, Harry, saw red as she rushed forward and much to the boys shock socked him directly in the face sending him sprawling on the floor. Heaving in heavy breathes she approached the fallen boy who partly sat up rubbing his jaw, smirking slightly he turned his appraising eyes to the girl towering above him as she jutted her hand forward.

"I'm Iris Black, lets be friends." Tom's smirk turned into a grin as he accepted the strange girls hand and allowed her to help him off the ground, this would prove to be...interesting...