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Abraxas Malfoy was for all intents and purposes the quintessential Pure-blood heir. He was polite, concise, debonair, and managed to convey a pedigree of aloof haughtiness that was so poignant that his friends often mocked him for it when they were all behind closed doors.

Not that he could really blame them for their ribbing honestly, it was rather ridiculous to believe your own hype after all; still, he did his best to make his family not only look good, but look like the best, as befits a Malfoy.

Last night though, well... That had been different, and it had taken all his willpower to stay silent during the sorting and following feast. Slytherin now housed a mudblood that had been unexpectedly sorted into their fold, along with a girl who was so magically weak she had been thought a squib and had been banished from her family for it.

Though he could not possibly be the only one who felt the pulse of power flowing off of her as she took her seat on the sorting stool...could he?

Bah, mere distractions, he had significantly more annoying things to worry about at the moment after all.

Abraxas, for reasons he could not begin to fathom, had been ordered by the older prefects to put the squib and mudblood in their place while giving the introductory speech about the Slytherin House Policies, hurrah for him. Honestly, this blood purity nonsense irritated him beyond words mostly due to the fact that he was one of the few who actually studied the history and genealogy texts rather than taking 'Professor' Binns for his word.

Something about unbalanced humours in magicals born from muggles or the such, it really made no bloody sense whatsoever regardless. Really anyone who bred horses could explain to you why mating siblings and cousins together was a bad idea, and why bringing new blood into the stock was preferable to the alternatives. Yes the average mudblood was typically ignorant of how to behave in society and they were a rather cantankerous lot, but that could be rectified over time.

This was completely glossed over by Binns though, who, if Abraxas was correct in his investigations, was quoting the cutting edge of magical theory...from the thirteenth century.

Although anything taught by a centuries long dead ghost was rather circumspect after all.

Seriously, was he the only one who saw something wrong with having an entity that drew its last breath several hundred years ago, and hadn't left the castle since said death, teaching History of Magic? Sure, he was there for some of it, but Cuthbert Binns had been an introverted bibliophile most of his living life and proven completely incapable of conveying what he had been through to his students while also being objective.

Bloody worthless History of Magic, all it provided was a nap period really, useless for OWLS much less NEWTS. The undead blighter didn't even grade the papers he demanded on a weekly basis, they just stacked up in the corner until the house elves cleared up the mess.

Pointless waste of time...

What the hell was he thinking about before he had gone on another Binns rant?

Right, the mudblood and squib, or rather not squib really considering she had gotten her letter and had been sorted into his house.

Why was this his problem again? Oh yes, he had drawn the short straw by being the newest male prefect, lovely.

Shaking his head he glanced to his...girlfriend? What was the woman you were betrothed to after you had begun dating called? Really, they actually liked each other and were fairly accepting of the entire ordeal their parents stirred up even if they had complicated it with politics.


Once again distracting himself, he met Emily Rosier's gaze as his fellow prefect and betrothed smirked at him while she tilted her head towards the first year boys dormitories, her heavily lidded eyes betraying no emotion as the children trundled out of the portal.

His apparent objective in ridicule was having a rather animated discussion with Emily's cousin Darren Flint, the dark haired boys wide hazel eyes filled with excitement as he gestured about with his hands.

"Don't you see Tom?! It makes perfect sense! If we add the livers after that it will-"

The mudblood, Tom, cut him off there, "We can't add the toad livers after that, if we did it would become a neutral base and if we increased its acidity even slightly-"

Darren cut him off shaking his head in annoyance as a look of realization crossed his face, "Absolutely right. Everything would explode, and while entertaining, not really practical."

Emily shot Abraxas an amused look and he returned it in kind, rather wishing he did not have to crush this Tom's spirits, he seemed to be an enlightened lad, especially for a mudblood.

You got them on occasion, those born in the muggle world who were so taken by the real world they'd been drawn into that they absorbed as much as possible as fast as they could, and really put out quite an effort to fit in. Still, Pure-blood propriety was the priority regardless sadly enough.

A few moments later several young women walked down from the girls dorms followed quickly by a flock of first years who were fidgeting with their robes as they tailed their elders into the common room, that is aside from one pair in the back.

"I understand the theory I just don't see how you could enchant the blood beforehand without anyone noticing," the girl speaking looked a bit disconcerted, her blue eyes crossing slightly as she regarded her companion.

The redhead just shrugged in return, "My thinking is if you're already planning on cursing the bloke why not apply a healthy dosage of the imperius curse? I mean really you're already breaking the law as it stands so why bother pretending at that point?" Amanda Nott laughed at this as their group intercepted the boys, and that was when Abraxas Malfoy's life was turned upside down.

Iris was tired, it was early after all, but she was also invigorated and couldn't help smiling a bit. Her dorm mate was actually a rather feisty and intelligent young girl who was a bit too reserved for her own good and needed to be worried out of her shell a bit as it were. Luckily, Dark, Black, Blood, and Cursed Magik intrigued her deeply so it only took talking about some of the light reading Dorea had given her to get the girl talking a mile a minute.

After taking a shower, dressing for the day, and leaving the dorms Iris followed Amanda down the hall while said girl was chattering on about the ritual she had explained before bathing. It was fairly simple,if you had the right ingredients at least, she explained as much but Amanda looked a bit contrite with her blase way of looking at things, not that she really blamed her honestly.

Before anything more could be said she met Tom's gaze across the room and smiled, she along with her best friend both failed to notice that their eyes shifted to violet and red respectively as they approached each other. This was followed by one other small yet incredibly important fact, they both began speaking in parseltongue without noticing it.

"Tomcat! How did you sssleep? Well I hope?" Tom shrugged slightly as he reached out and swept a lose lock of hair from Iris's face shifting it behind her ear in the process.

"Oh well enough I sssuppossse. A bit lonely, but comfortable ssso really I cannot complain. Apparently the girlsss dormsss have some kind of enchantsss on them to warn the prefectsss if we attempt to sssneak into your roomsss, so that isss a thing."

Iris pouted at that before shrugging, "Ah well, I'll jussst have to sssneak into your room then, no big deal right?"

Tom smirked as he leaned down and kissed her brow, "Not a big deal at all little flower, not a big deal at all."

If either child noticed the entire room staring at them, they didn't show it in the slightest as the girl leaned into the boy, who wrapped his arm around her protectively.

Abraxas snorted in amusement as he tossed out all of the upper years demands while he approached the group of first year students.

"*Ahem*, welcome one and all to the House of Slytherin. There is really only one rule to our house, a simple one that is often ignored and forgotten, and that is 'Don't Get Caught.' I will not demean you all, as young as you are, by pretending you are not forming plots and ploys in your young minds at the moment, that you are all to the last trying to figure out the best way to further your own personal goals."

Abraxas smiled slowly as he swept a lock of blonde hair behind his ear, "Don't feel any shame for this mindset, despite what others may say about it, honestly it just proves one thing really. You are ambitious, and that is why you are in our house. So many people associate our house with Dark Magik, and for a good reason mind, we are not scared of that which we don't fully understand, but that isn't what makes you a member of our House."

Abraxas glanced to Emily who nodded once before stepping forward, "To be a Slytherin," she began, "is to stand apart from the rest, to be an accomplice to something others are too terrified to even consider. Much less delve into.

"We, with on occasion the help of our Ravenclaw sister's, are the one's who push the boundaries of magic, to push the extremes, to use our cunning, ambition, and intelligence to further our understanding of mother magik in a way that would terrify others."

Abraxas smirked as he nodded to Emily and retook the floor, "Slytherin is a family, Emily and I will be your favored elder siblings. We along with the other prefects will be here to guide you, train you, and be there for you as you grow into your magic.

"We, are Slytherin, we are one house, undivided. We do not allow petty arguments and squabbles to become prevalent enough for the professors and other houses to even notice that they had existed."

Emily picked up his line with a steely gaze sweeping across the children, "All feuds, fights, allegiances and alliances happen behind the common room door. We are not Gryffindors, we do not advertise our stance on anything to anyone, and if you have a problem with a member of our house? Take it up with them in private and away from prying eyes, or else."

Smirking Abraxas locked gazes with the mudblood, who obviously wasn't a mudblood if he was a parselmouth, and continued for his betrothed.

"Anyone who has questions, anyone who wishes to know everything they can learn about our society, religion, and powers, can speak to us at any given time, our door as they say, is open."

As he met Tom Riddle's intrigued gaze it took all of Abraxas Malfoy's power to keep his self satisfied smile to himself; the older prefects thought they had been punishing him, and all they had done was grant him a boon. Ah, irony was after all, rather delicious.

On Another Plane of Existence

In the center of a swirling miasma of magic sat a woman who by appearances alone could not be past her mid thirties at worst, although every time she smiled she looked to be in her late teens at best. Her dusky sun kissed features showcased numerous laugh lines as she kicked her extended legs into the air listlessly, enamored with the magazine held in her grasp.

Glancing at her severely clashing dark toned bare feet and blindingly white capris the woman considered whether a trip to a mall was worth it or not when a resounding bang echoed from the lower foyer.

"SISTER! I KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE! OPEN UP! NOW!" Rolling her glowing gold eyes she sat up as she pulled off the paint spattered smock she had been wearing from her earlier failed attempt at art and slipped on a Mystik Spiral t-shirt. Slipping on a pair of pink foam flipflops she stomped down the stairs and opened the front door to glare at her twin brother.

Taking in his pale bone white visage she raised a single ethereally dark brow as he finally sputtered out, "You...You...You harlot!" Fact, taking a lanky pasty skinned 6'3" man who maybe weighed 120 lbs soaking wet seriously when he was covered in black leather and makeup was next to impossible. The bottle bleached blonde hair and ridiculous piercings didn't help his case in the slightest.

"What the hell are you on about Fate?"

Rolling her eyes Destiny didn't wait for his reply as she turned around and wandered back into the sitting room followed by her fuming brother, who slammed the door behind him.

"You know perfectly well what 'I'm on about'!" You stole souls from me sister! You! Miss follows the rules in the most lackadaisical manner possible stole from your dear brother!"

Destiny plopped back onto her couch of choice as she swept a starscaped lock of fathomless ebony hair from her eyes, "Right...Fate, seriously, I'm of the most laid back beings in existence and totally own up to it. Why would I do anything that would acquire your rather...vocal... intervention?"

Fate scowled then huffed as he stuck his nose up in the air, Destiny did her best not to laugh at his antics, she succeeded...mostly. No need to enable the boy after all.

"Harry Potter and Iris Black, those were my souls! I want them back!"

Destiny openly laughed as she snatched her magazine off the table, "While they are under my purview now I didn't steal those souls dear brother of mine."

Fate snorted in disdain, well...huffed really, it was kind of hard to tell with how much he was playing with his hair honestly.

"Oh? Then who did?"

Kicking one flipflop clad foot to the air Destiny drawled out, "Uncle Death," and left it at that.

There was silence, then there was uncomfortable silence, then there was, "leave my bloody flat you creep," silence. Eventually Fate nodded, much paler then he had been before, which if truth were to be told was rather impressive as well as being unsettling.

"Right then, good seeing you sis," and with that he sprinted out the front door.

Destiny rolled her eyes as she slammed the door shut shaking her head in disdain, "And that sorta cowardice is why you're still alone bro. Creation am I glad mom isn't here to see this...whatever I should call Uncle Death and let him know his little prank went off without a hitch...the prick..."

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