Trying to get back into the swing of this story. This chapter takes place in early September 1939, I decided that I really did not want to go through the whole early years thing and get them to somewhere around 1943, 1944 ASAP so they can be involved in the war. Hope this isn't completely terrible, enjoy.

Tom was rather enjoying his first summer holiday away from Hogwarts, which was honestly somewhat interesting for him. If he had not been adopted by the Potters and had been forced to stay at Wools he'd have easily considered the ancient castle his home. The magic, the mystery, the knowledge, it was brilliant!

It was just that as things stood, it wasn't home.

Resting under the shade of one of the mighty oak trees dotting the estate grounds, swaying back and forth on the porch swing dad had set up for him, he glanced down at the red haired girl curled up at his side as she gently snored. Smiling ever so slightly he brushed a strand of hair from her face behind her ear which caused her to burrow further into his side.

Home was where Iris was after all.

He... He may have accepted the Potters as his parents over the past year, and he knew they loved him but he didn't honestly know what love was. Brushing a hand threw her hair Iris lifted her head and stared up at him blearily and muttered, "W's wrong Tomcat?"

The twelve year old boy smiled at her while gently pressing her head back down while saying, "Nothing at all Iris, just enjoying the pleasant weather and company."

She made an irritated noise, flopped back down, and was snoring again in moments.

He didn't know what love was yet, but dad was right, he thought he could eventually figure it out. Maybe Iris could help, she was clever like that.

The back garden looked like a warzone. Dorea let out a small sigh as Charlus chuckled a bit as their kids threw balls of fire and shards of ice at each other, both laughing as they tried to outflank each other through the resulting clouds of steam.

Their alchemical training had been a near obsession for the pair since their first year at Hogwarts had begun, and their teachers had both been flummoxed on how quickly they had caught on to the nuances of the art. That being said, she was still worried they may accidently hurt each other in their enthusiasm, but truly she could not fault them. They had unique gifts, gifts that complemented each other, and their growth and control of their powers was something precious to nurture and guide.

Dorea would admit it, she rather enjoyed playing the mother figure.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the floo flared green and Arcturus walked out of the fire with his usual dignified gait. Raising a brow she stared at him a few moments but before she or Charlus could speak he raised a hand to forestall any questions.

"We have a problem."

Charlus blinked owlishly then asked, "Oh? What pray tell would that be?"

Arcturus let out a tired sigh, glanced out the window to watch Iris and Tom play, then met their gazes evenly.

"Grindelwald has made his move. He and his muggle puppet have invaded Poland, and Britain has formally declared war on Germany."

The Potters stared at him in shock for a few moments, then after a time Dorea asked, "Magical, or muggle Britain?"

Arcturus seemed to age a few years as he ran a hand down his face and simply stated, "Yes."

Feeling the blood draining from her face Dorea turned to the patio door and went to go check on the children, honest to Morgana fear for their futures running like ice water through her veins.