"Hey there Frisk, why the long face?" Sans asked as he walked into his living room. The young girl before him sat on his couch with her legs crossed, still in her high school uniform.

"Well..." Frisk started. Sans just sat next to her and looked her over before going back to her eyes. "Monster kid asked me what I was going to be when I grow up." Frisk stated as she looked down to the floor. If Sans had eye brows one would have been raised.

"And that's what got ya down? Jeez Frisk, you shouldn't worry about that. You already have a job, a nice home,family and friends." Sans stated as he rolled his hand in the air. Frisk just slowly shook her head at his response.

"Well, he said that in a few years I won't be needed. People will accept monsters and I won't have to fix things any more, but then what am I to do, I asked him. He just said I would have to find another job..." Frisk lowered her head even farther, her bangs covering her eyes. "I said I would go work with mother, at the school you know? Then he asked, but do you really wanna be a teacher?" Frisk stopped talking and left out a sigh.

"Frisk listen, you're only 18 you don't need to rush it. Sure you're done with school in three months but there is no rush." Sans said softly petting her back. "If you wanna work with your mom you can, I bet she would ecstatic to have you there-"

"But I don't wanna be a teacher." Frisk interrupted. Her hands gripped tightly to her skirt, Sans hand stopped on her mid back. "I told him I didn't want to be one, I told him that if I ever lost my place as ambassador I'd... I would want to be a wife have a family... But he just laughed at me and said it wasn't a job. That it was silly..." Frisk said in a broken voice. Sans left out a soft sigh before rubbing her back again to calm her down. He wasn't aware Frisk felt so scared of her future. Even if she couldn't get a job at least she had family and friends to take care of her.

"Well things change Frisk. Look at us monsters, we have spent our whole lives in the underground and yet here we are making a living above ground. It just means we have spirit, some more then others." Sans laughed. Frisk looked up to him and he stopped as he seen the tears in her eyes. He knew then she must have been really banging herself up about this whole thing, damn that monster kid.

"I just... I don't..." Frisk said wiping some tears from her eyes. "I don't want to let all of you down." She almost whispered. Sans felt his soul rip at her words. His arms reached out and pulled the taller girl into his arms before hugging her tightly.

"Frisk, no matter what, we will all love you. You have done so much for us till now, that no matter what happens we will stand by you." Sans stated as he held her. Frisk buried her face into the skeletons hoodie as she tired not to cry.

"Thanks Sans." Frisk said in a muffled voice. Sans just let a large smile come to his face.

"Hey Frisk?" Sans asked slowly pushing the young girl away. She gave him a slightly confused look. "Whose wife?" He asked wanting to know who the kid had a crush on. Frisk just smiled before getting up and turning on her heel to him. Slowly she moved down and placed a kiss onto his teeth.

"You silly!" She chimed as she skipped out of the room. Sans just sunk down into the couch like a blob of jelly, his mind not sure how to react. This girl was going to be the death of him.