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Italic=Dragons speaking whether to their riders or other dragons

*Italic*=mental speech between a single rider/dragon pair

Bold Italic: Spells

.::word::.=Ancient Language

"Italic"=Thoughts (either a dragon's thoughts or a person's thoughts)

Challenge Title: Roaring Serenade

By: moonfeather58

Deadline: None

Harry Potter/Inheritance Cycle Crossover

Plot: During the time of the old Riders, Shruikan and Morzan's dragon were mates before the red dragon was slain by Brom. In that time, Morzan's dragon had an egg that is the son or daughter of the first of the Forsworn and the broken-anger-one. During Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts during a detention with Umbridge, Harry is thrust into a medieval painting where he finds himself within Alagaesia. Harry somehow runs into Roran after landing up in Alagaesia and the two are captured by Imperial Soldiers. Roran because he ran away from joining the Imperial Army and Harry because he is a stranger within these lands. They are brought before Galbatorix where to the astonishment of the red pair, the green egg hatches for Roran and the egg of Shruikan and Morzan's dragon hatches for Harry. Two new riders and their unfortunate dragons are sworn into Galbatorix's service and more oaths are put onto the red pair to never reveal the existence of these new riders. Now these three riders under Galbatorix's service may be the tipping scale that is needed for Galbatorix to end Eragon Bromsson for good.


-Harry loses wizard magic and Parseltongue while in Alagaesia.

-Saphira is captured and taken to Uru'baen to help Galbatorix recreate the riders by mating with Shruikan or Thorn. She must eventually escape but her eggs are held hostage by Galbatorix and his riders.

-Harry's friends back in our world search for Harry with no avail, only knowing that he had a detention with Umbridge before he went missing.

-Harry and Roran are given eldunari to increase their powers and energy.

-Being flung through time causes the Horcrux in Harry's scar to either be absorbed into his conscious or destroys it altogether. If it is absorbed then he gains what knowledge Tom Riddle had up to that point on spells, wards, politics, etc.

-Harry must have a strong bond with his dragon.

-Harry and Roran must get Rider Swords of their dragons' coloring eventually. Some type of green gemstone for Roran's energy source (emerald, jade, etc.) to sit on the pommel.

-Harry and his dragon eventually get back to his world though when they get back is up to the writer.

-Thorn and Shruikan becoming the teachers of the emerald dragon and Harry's dragon.

-A friendship and/or brotherhood formed between the three riders of Galbatorix over their situations.


-Shruikan is somehow freed of his anger and hate thanks to the actions of the green (Roran) and emerald-eyed (Harry) riders.=maybe

-Harry and his dragon are captured by the Varden/Elves who try to destroy the bond between Harry and his dragon because they fear the dragon is crazed like its parents.=yes

-Umbridge being set on fire by Harry's dragon upon their return and/or finding herself in Alagaesia herself as a squib in retaliation for the mistreatment of 'hatchlings' under her care.=yes

-The red and green riders following Harry into the wizarding world to help Harry stop Voldemort.=no

-Charlie Weasley going to Alagaesia to see talking dragons and becomes a rider to one of Saphira's eggs.=no


-Harry and his dragon never getting back to the wizarding world.

-The friendship between Murtagh/Thorn, Roran/green dragon, and Harry/his dragon is never forsaken or forgotten. Eragon is welcome to be jealous though of Harry and Murtagh having a friendship with Roran.

-Harry cannot reveal the existence of the Eldunari to his wizarding friends.

-Harry and his dragon being separated by the Ministry. wizard-kind or the Varden/Elves.

-No feathers on the dragons. Scales only.

-Harry losing his dragon magic when he goes back to the wizarding world. It's needed for when he uses dragon rider magic.

(Now according to Morzan's Dragon wiki page, Morzan's Dragon has black eyes but the gender is still sadly unknown so this fanfiction challenge is going to say that the dragon was female. Shruikan has eyes the color of a mountain glacier (pale blue-white) according to the book. Use these to do a guess on what Harry's dragon would look like or make up your own color.)

Painting History

He knew he should have kept his mouth shut but he couldn't stand to hear that toad go on about how Cedric's murder had been a tragic accident. Harry had seen Cedric die in front of him, murdered by that rat. If only Peter hadn't escaped at the end of his third year, then Sirius would be a free man and Cedric wouldn't have died. If only Snivellus hadn't 'forgotten' to give Professor Lupin his potion, then Voldemort wouldn't have been resurrected and Harry probably wouldn't have ended up in the Triwizard Tournament last year. Cedric wouldn't have died if not for Harry persuading Cedric into taking the Triwizard Cup with him. If Harry hadn't been so…noble….so…so…Gryffindor as Professor Snape had once called him, then Cedric would still be alive. He was to blame for Cedric, for Voldemort's return, for Remus having to resign from his job, and the reason why Sirius was still a wanted man.

Night was falling as Harry made his way towards Professor Umbridge's office for his detention, rubbing his left hand where the sentence 'I will not tell lies' was scarred into his hand. He had said goodbye to Hermione and Ron before leaving Gryffindor Tower, Hermione looking worried and Ron who was working on a nasty essay for Potions that Professor Snape had assigned on Monday. The hallways were silent as Harry made his way to his doom-er-Professor Umbridge's office. But he was to find that tonight…well after tonight he would no longer be within his own world.

Reaching his professor's office, Harry knocked on the door. A moment later, the sickly sweet voice of his professor bid him entrance and Harry cringed at the fake girlish tone. He opened the door and stepped into his professor's office. The walls were covered in pink wallpaper, frankly Harry was surprised that witches even knew what wallpaper was, and plates of cats on them. The cats meowed and stared at Harry, making the fifteen-year-old a bit uncomfortable. He didn't mind cats, in fact he liked them, but there was something odd about twenty plus cats staring at you from white pieces of china. "Sit down Mr. Potter," said Professor Umbridge as she sipped her tea.

Harry sat down across from the horrid woman. "Now Mr. Potter do you know why you got detention with me today?"

"Because I told the truth about Cedric's death and the Ministry of Magic refuses to acknowledge the truth."

"That is a lie Mr. Potter," said Professor Umbridge.

"It wasn't a lie!" Harry shouted as he stood up angrily. "I saw Voldemort come back! I fought him! Cedric was murdered!"

"Lies! What happened to Mr. Diggory was a tragic accident and nothing more. There is nobody out to get you Mr. Potter. I don't know why you insist on believing these dangerous ideas."

"Dangerous ideas?" Harry asked, his voice a mix of disbelief and confusion. How could him saying the truth about Cedric's death and Voldemort's return be a dangerous idea? He was still standing, but there was confusion in his eyes.

"Yes Mr. Potter. It is dangerous to spread lies about something that was a tragic accident. The Dark Lord has not returned from the dead. That is a lie put into your head by Dumbledore who is trying to overthrow the Minister and take over the Ministry of Magic. I'm not sure why you believe the Headmaster so deeply but if people thought that the Dark Lord came back then there would be panic in the streets. Our economy would collapse as people would close their businesses down and flee Britain. Purebloods would have to go abroad to get things they would need and we would end up in a depression, something we have not seen since the Dark Lord was in power fifteen years ago."

"You're an idiot and so is the Ministry of Magic," said Harry. "You're giving Voldemort…"


"VOLDEMORT! THAT'S HIS NAME AND I'LL USE IT REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE THINKS OF IT!" Harry shouted. "You're giving Voldemort the opportunity to build an army. We need to learn to protect…"

"ENOUGH!" Professor Umbridge shouted, slamming a fist on the desk. The action surprised Harry and he stepped back, going quiet. "There is no army. There is nothing to fear as long as you support the Minister Mr. Potter. The Dark Lord has not returned from the dead. These are lies. Mr. Diggory's death was a tragic accident." She fell silent and Harry watched her in disbelief. "Come with me Mr. Potter."

"What for?" Harry questioned.

"Don't ask questions Mr. Potter. Just follow me. Or you'll end up in detention for the rest of the year."

Harry looked down at his hand. He was already on a lifetime ban from Quidditch, something he had not written Sirius about. Sirius would probably march down to Hogwarts and get in a fight over the injustice of Harry not being allowed on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and he couldn't risk his godfather being arrested. "I'll tell Professor Dumbledore," threatened Harry. "About the scar on my hand."

"Mr. Potter, we both know nobody will believe you because you're a nasty little liar," said Professor Umbridge in a simpering tone that made Harry want to gag. Harr flushed, partly from embarrassment and partly of anger. He knew it was true about adults not believing him. His teacher in primary school had not believed him when he had spoken about the Dursleys, Dumbledore kept sending him back to that place that he had never seen as home, and when he had tried telling McGonagall about the danger the Sorcerer's Stone was in in his first year, she had brushed him aside, forcing him to risk his life to save the stone where he had confronted Voldemort for the first time in living memory.

Professor Umbridge smirked when Harry looked down at his hands. The Professor was right. Why would anyone believe him when nobody had done so before? Everyone thought he was a liar anyway. She had the perfect thing in mind to keep the troublesome Potter boy from ever causing any more trouble for dear Cornelius and the Ministry. Besides, what Cornelius didn't know wouldn't hurt him at all. She led Mr. Potter out of her office and down a series of hallways. Harry tried to keep sense of the twists and turns they took but soon got lost after the fourth turn. He them bumped into Professor Umbridge as she suddenly came to a stop.

Looking up, Harry looked around him. They had stopped in front of a medieval painting of some sort. Harry looked at the painting in fascination. He had never told Ron or Hermione, but Harry had most been attracted to ancient architecture and art. He had done colored drawings of broken crayons when he had been locked in his cupboard for the first ten years of his life and he had even made a sign saying 'Harry's Room' in childish scrawl that had been posted up on the wall. After he had entered Hogwarts though, he had to admit that he had been afraid that people wouldn't understand his love of drawing and painting. Something else had done and still did was keep a journal to write down his private thoughts. After his brief experiences with Tom Riddle's memory in his second year, he had made sure that nobody could access his journals by protecting them with a bit of his blood and Parseltongue password protected. Except for him and Voldemort, nobody else spoke Parseltongue to his knowledge. Still, Harry made sure to keep his diaries locked up in the lowest compartment of his trunk, having changed his regular trunk for a multi-compartment one in the summer between four and fifth year. His trunk was also blood protected and had seven keyholes for the seven compartments inside it along with anti-fire, anti-water, anti-thief, and anti-summoning charms on it.

"Where are we Professor?" Harry asked as he stepped forward to examine the painting. The painting depicted some type of battle from the medieval ages, as was evident from the few horses clad in armor, dragons also clad in armor and a myriad of dwarves, humans and a few elves among those fighting. Unlike the other paintings in the castle, this one was still. Could it possibly be a Muggle painting? But why would a Muggle painting be within Hogwarts? Fire lit up the air against a setting sun as two dragons seemed poised to do battle in the sky. Harry stepped closer to see the dragons, for he thought he could see tiny specs upon them. There were..people..sitting atop the dragons. But people couldn't control dragons so how…how was that possible?

Professor Umbridge removed her wand from a wand holster on her wrist and cast Petrificus Totalus at the unsuspecting teenager. Harry felt his arms snap to his sides, his legs snap together and he fell onto the ground with a thunk, spots dancing before his eyes as he hit his head on the stone floor. Professor Umbridge had cast a silencing spell around the immediate area so nobody would be able to hear what would happen along with a notice-me-not spell on both of them when they had left her office. Harry stared up at Professor Umbridge as she kept her wand on the troublesome child that was ruining the dear Minister's reputation. "Now Mr. Potter, you're probably wondering what this painting is? Well let me explain." She reached a hand up to caress the frame of the painting, admiring the faces that were frozen in terror. "This was made somewhere in the six hundred eighties in the seventh century A.D. or what the Muggle scum call the Early Middle Ages. It was created as a form of punishment for Muggle slaves who disobeyed their wizard masters and for those who committed treason or tried to rebel against the Yingar Empire by the brother of the deceased king, exiling his own nephew from the empire." Harry could only glare at his professor though his eyes did widen at the news of their being Muggle slaves. "Yes, once Muggles and Muggleborn were slaves to half-blood and pureblood wizarding families. It was known as the Old Bulgarian Empire to the Muggles and later split to the First Bulgarians Empire, then to the Second and Third Bulgarian Empires respectively according to Muggle sources. Those who were thrown into the painting above you were never seen or heard from again." She waved her wand at Harry, causing him to float in the air above her before sending him into the painting with a flick of her wand.

Harry could do nothing as Professor Umbridge spoke to him, only roll his eyes for those were the only muscles in his body that could move. The painting seemed to ripple, as if it were liquid, as he was sent into the painting. As he hit the ground, the Scion of Potter, blacked out. He would not awaken for many hours.