Warrior story

by Zuzanny

part 2


Sam stired in his sleep. The rain pelted against the windon in a soothing manor. Miryam lay asleep on the other bed in the ward. His brow furrowed as he felt an icy cold breaze against his cheak, followed by preassure by his side like someone was sitting there next to him.

"Samual..." Came a sweet voice. He rolled over, now vagually awake, and not wanting to be. "Samual..." The voice called again.

"Go away." He grunted. "I'm trying to sleep."

"Come on Sammy... Let me in..."

"Bugger off!"

"SAMUAL!" It was a roar that made his hair stand on end and woke him up fully. He opened his eyes and saw a beautiful woman sitting there, smiling with deceptivly sharp teeth, split green eyes, and long hair that blew in a wind of it's own. "Hello," She said sweetly.

Sam frowned. "Go away. I've got a bad headache."

She pouted, then smiled, a wicked glint in her eyes. "You know... I can make you feel better."

He rolled onto his back and staired at her. After some moment of starting in her eyes, he snapped his eyes away, and rolled away from her onto his other side. "I don't want any of what you can give."

She floated above him and stroaked his head, gently tracing over the bandage with her fingers but avoiding his forhead. He flinched but didn't stop her. "Silly Sammy tried to run from me... Silly Sammy knows he can't hide. Silly Sammy belongs to me... for ever."

"N-no I don't." He whispered nervously.

"Yes, oh yes... This..." She traced icy fingers over his shoulder blade and he shivered. "Says you do." She giggled girlishly.

Sam tried to steady his breathing while she laughed. "Just because you cut me doesn't mean you own me."

"Oh ho hoho!" She floated into his face. "Someone's had an attitude change. Tell me, does this have something to do with that pretty nurse lady? Or that *cutesie-wootesie* little girl asleep over there. Hmmm... too bad if something happened to them..." She mused.

"What do you mean?" He sat up slighly, and found her face in his face. She pushed him back down onto the matrice.

"I could tell you," She leaned closer to his ear, her closeness making his skin tingle. "Or I could show you..."

"Don't..." He breathed.

"Shhh, Sammy. I don't want to hurt you. Not at all like last time. Not if you do what I want."


Now she settled down to stradle him. The blankets fazed through her and she lay on top of him. "I can take the pain away." She reminded him, her hand passing slightly through his head. Sam shuddered and sighed as the pain left him. "Let. Me. In." She whispered seductivly.

"I don't... I don't..." She tilted her hand, making him gasp. "Uhh..." He shifted slightly benieth her.

"Feels nice, doesn't it? Don't resist me Sammy. I'm much stronger than you. Remember how much I can hurt you if you refuse."

He could. He breathed hard. "This is WRONG!"

She laughed. "What makes you say that?"

"I don't have to listen to you! I don't have to let you make me do any thing! Stop talking to me. Stop TOUCHING me. LEAVE ME ALONE!"

She found this ammusing. "Tisk, tisk. Temper. You don't really believe what that weakling of a human child told you, do you?"

"I know you can't force me to let you possess me again!"

Her whole being darkened. "Oh yes I can." She said ominously. "It just takes a bit longer than usual. Only until your defences break... which should be happening... very soon." She snuggled back down on him, stroaking his chest and sides, sending waves of pleasure through him. He relaxed back, deep into his pillow. That familliar tired feeling taking over. His eyes started to close all by them selves. His mouth opened, lips trembling. She leaned her head closer to his, their lips touching.

How could he stop this? he though. He didn't know how, but he knew that he had to resist her. He didn't want to be a part of what this monster enjoyed. He focussed, seeing the blood and hearing their screams yet again. Tears streamed down his face. Not again! Please not again! Where was Miryam when he needed her. Or Michaelle for that matter?

"Deliciouse!" She whispered into his mouth, savouring his horror, before locking him in a long passionate kiss.

God help me! He screamed in his mind over and over again. She went stiff as God answered his prayer.

"Get away from him, hell spawn scum!" Came a commanding voice from the door that was familiar to Sam. The spirit sat bolt upright facing the intruder and let out a high pitched shriek .

"He's mine, 'God-child'! I claimed him in body and blood, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

"Actually," Came another commanding voice from the other bed in the room, as Miryam stepped into view. "there's pleanty we can do about it, 'Weapon'. Now be a good little evil spirit and GET BACK TO THE PITS OF HELL WHERE YOU BELONG!"

Sam actually opened his eyes and looked at the people facing off this creature, and blinked. These people were each wearing glowing armor, carrying a shield and floating infront of them, or inside them he couldn't quite tell, a great flaiming sword. They were saying something in some other language that he could not understand, but knew that Weapon could. Around them stood huge glowing figures also dressed for battle. They were so bright he had to squint.

The spirit hissed savagely, looking from one armor clad person to the other, her own kind of armor moulding about her and long jaggared blades growing from her fingers. "You shall not take me or my prey!" Then she threw her self at the smaller of the two.

"Don't hurt her!" Sam cried, memories of blood and screams riseing freely.

Neither armored person looked concerned as the enraged spirit attacked the smaller one. They simply continued speaking in that other language. To Sam it seemed that the sword lifted by it's self, and with one swing the spirit's head went flying and her body desolved like smoke in the air. With one last shriek, Weapon was bannished.

Sam suddenly felt very light headed, a floating feeling that happens when a heavey bag is taken from your shoulders. Both of the people in their armor approached, their footsteps like thunder in his ears. When they reached his bed side, he could feel warmth radiating from them. The taller one reached out her hand and stroaked his head, their armor disolving revealing Michaelle and Miryam.

"Michaelle?" He whispered groggily.


"You're a knight too?"

The two exchanged glances. "Yeah... I guess you could kind of say we're nights."

"What happened to Weapon?"

Miryam patted his shoulder. "Don't worry. She's gone where she can't bother any one else."

"Just like that?"

Miryam beamed. "Just like that!"

"My shoulder hurts." He said.

"Let me see." Michaelle helped him get his top off and role to the side. Five horrible looking slashes greated her.


She and some of the others were battleing some particually nasty spirits in a construction site. Weopon had been the only one to escape, shrieking off into the night after her host had been freed. Before she had gone too far though, she had swooped down and slashed a boy across the back who had been watching the whole thing through the fence. He had run away before Michaelle or any of the others had managed to reach him.


That was one thing that was irritating about these buggers, she reflected. The spirits could fly, but the humans could not.

"You shouldn't have run away from us when that happened." Michaelle said softly, pressing her hands against his shoulder and began praying. Miryam joined in.

"I don't remember if I did." He spoke honestly. Slowly he felt a warm tingly feeling replace the pain. All the pain throughout his body. He couldn't quite catch the words they spoke. After replacing the pain the warmth seemed to fill him completely, and he soaked it up like crispy dry sponge.

"Better than medicine!" Miryam said afterwards, patting his head.

"Yeah, sleep now, Sam." Michaelle got a whistfull look in her eyes. "Tomorrow... Tomorrow... we go to Philip Island!"


"Heh heh heh..."

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