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:::Reefside High School November 14 2014:::

Conner Ethan and Trent were sitting in the school cafeteria all talking it had been just a little over 2 months since they got their powers and only a week after Trent was finally free of the Evil that used to control him.

They were sitting there talking about what they were gonna do after school while waiting for their friend and teammate Kira Ford.

"So how long does this washing the zords thing last guys?" Trent asked as Conner and Ethan laughed a little.

"Don't worry about it Trent we are done teasing you, by the way welcome to the team, thought I would say it formally." Conner said extending his hand over to Trent.

Trent smiled and shook it back at that point it was time for them to head to their first class of the day.

While they were walking down the hallway they heard a girl yell in pain and the sound of her body hitting a locker.

"So when you gonna realize your place little girl." The boy yelled out as Conner and Trent came running around the corner followed by Ethan.

The looks they had on their faces was one of disgust and surprise the girl getting assaulted was Kira the boy John Ford the captain of the School varsity soccer team was the attacker.

Conner and Trent ran over to them Trent grabbed John while Conner checked on Kira she had a black eye and a little blood trickling from her face.

Trent pinned John against another locker. "What the fuck is wrong with you man beating up your little sister like that." Trent screamed at him.

John pushed Trent off of him then kicked him in the stomach knocking the wind out of him at this point Conner ran between them.

"He is right John what the fuck man." Conner yelled.

John looked over at Kira then spit at her. "You want to protect the ungrateful bitch so be it." He spat at them.

Conner reached back to punch him only to be stopped by Trent. "He is not worth getting suspended over Conner." Trent said.

Conner looked at Tent then back at John he then nodded and lowered his fist. "Your right Trent I will just tell coach what he did." Conner said.

At that John laughed. "you really think the coach will listen to the little freshman over his team captain your funny McKnight funny and pathetic just like your soccer skills." John said to him as Conner walked back over to make sure Kira was ok.

Ethan looked over at John as he just stood there. "What's your deal man why you hitting your sister like that." Ethan said.

John again laughed. "Your funny geek that thing is not my real sister she is just a burden that got left on my parents door when she was 3 months old, hell the only reason she has my last name is because we didn't know her real one, that and my parents barley care about her they would not even adopt her." He said laughing.

"Oh and by the way Kira hope your bags are packed because after what happened with dad we are done with you and shipping you to another foster home in Boston, to finally be rid of the drain on my family will be wonderful." He says as he walks over and kicks her in the stomach as Conner jumps up unable to hold back any longer.

"You fucking prick!" Conner yells as he nails John in the face with a punch hard enough to knock him down at this point Principle Randall has come down to see what was happening.

"Mr. McKnight what is the meaning of this." Randall demands from him.

"Maam he was beating on Kira." He said Randall looking over at Kira then at John and back to Conner .

"Very well Mr. McKnight you will have only detention for the last two days of the week." She said to Conner's surprise.

John getting up smiling. "Hmm Detention that means you will get kicked off the Team McKnight to bad and all for that unwanted thing." He said as Randall snapped around him.

"you Mr. Ford will face a expulsion Hearing if this keeps up you on the other hand are forbidden to participate in school sports for the next 2 games and you will be suspended from this school for the next 5." She said to him.

Conner smiled back "well to be honest John if I had to choose between staying on the team or protecting my friends well I guess I won't be on the team now will I and neither will you now with that punishment."

Randall looked back at Conner. "No Mr. McKnight I did not remove him from the team he is needed you are a freshman you are not now get to class before I decide more punishment." She said as the teens got Kira up and helped her to their first class.

"Kira are you ok?" Conner asked.

She looked up at him as she limped down the hall to Dr. Oliver's class. "This is light compared to what he has done to me in the past I will be ok, Thank you Conner for standing behind me like that but I don't want you to be kicked off the team for me I am not worth it." Kira said sadly.

Conner looked at her wide eyed as the other two go to say something Conner intervenes. "Kira you're my friend my teammate and I think you are worth it ok." He said.

"Why what he said is true the fords are sending me to a new foster home in Boston so I will be gone by Monday." She said and pulled away entering the class room.

She sat down and was then joined by the rest of her friends they all heard the door open and they looked up to see Dr. Oliver walking into the class room.

"Okay class I want you to take out your books and turn to page 394 today we are gonna read the whole chapter for the first half on plate tectonics and the last half we will discuss how that affects everything on the Earth today." Tommy said as the class nodded and started opening their books except Kira she just kept her face hidden.

Tommy noticed it but could not bring it up till after class, a hour later the bell rang and the students all filed out, Tommy however stopped the 4 before they could leave.

"Kira look at me." Tommy said as Kira turned away and went to walk out only to be stopped by Tommy.

"Kira please I want to help look at me." He pleaded.

She looked at him he saw the swollen lip and black eye he gasped when he saw it and she ran out of the classroom.

Tommy then turned to the others. "Her brother John was beating on her in the hallway." Ethan said.

"Then revealed that Kira is just a foster sister and that she was being sent to a new home in Boston MA this weekend." Conner cut in.

"And Conner got kicked off the soccer team for protecting her basically and she is mad at him for it." Trent said.

"Conner I will deal with Coach Park Tents Ethan stay with her all day if anyone comes near her signal me got it." He ordered they all nodded.

At the end of the school day Tommy had announced for the 4 teens to come to his class room, they all walked in as Kira kept her head down.

Conner was surprised to see his Coach in there with his science teacher. "Coach Park what are you doing in here?" Conner asked.

Tommy started laughing as the coach started to explain to Conner what was gonna happen to him.

"Tommy told me what happened today I came to tell you, you are not off the Team regardless of what Randall said to you the descion is mine alone but John has been removed from the team, you on the other hand still cannot participate in 3 games for your detention sorry Conner that I have to do." He explained.

"I understand Coach thank you for letting me stay on the team." Conner said as Kira looked up with a small smile on her face.

"Thank you coach I don't think I could leave for my new home knowing he was kicked off the team for helping me, though it won't matter I'm unwanted so yeah thank you." Kira mumbled on.

Coach Park and Tommy glared at her. "Miss Ford you are not unwanted don't ever think that and second us Rangers have to stick together and stand up for each other." He said which caught them all by surprise.

"Wait sir how do you know who we are?" Trent asked to when Ethan's mouth fell open.

"Dude I knew I recognized him your Adam Park you used to be with Tommy and the originals." Ethan said.

Adam and Tommy laughed at the realization then Tommy looked at Kira. "Listen Kira you do not have to move to Boston, me and Adams wife Tanya have talked with child services you can come live at my house if you want to." Tommy said which caught the teens by surprise.

"Do you mean that Dr. O?" She asked with some light t in her eyes.

He nodded yes to which caused Kira to be over joyed that she jumped up and hugged him, Tommy was a little surprised by the hug but returned it.

"No 14 year old girl should go through all this." Adam said.

"Besides Tommy knows how you feel somewhat." Adam said which caused all of the teens to look at him.

"Yes guys I was adopted though my parents that raised me loved me you still get that feeling in your stomach that you were unwanted it was not until I met my older brother David that I found out it was because my parents died." Tommy explained.

Tommy looked at them. "Anyway me and Tanya have to get to the child services office to finalize this I would like you guys to go with Kira to get her stuff from the Fords house." Tommy ordered as Adam offered to go with them so as to have a adult with them.

They all went and piled into Adams SUV and headed to Kira's house.

:::Ford Household:::

They had walked up to the door to hear yelling going on inside.

"Goddamn it John that poor girl has been through enough in her life I have told you to stop doing that." They heard a woman's voice yell.

"Oh come on Mom she was a burden dad even said so before he left and he left because of her now with him gone she is getting out of our lives never saw why you cared for the unwanted bitch." They heard John yell.


That was when they decided to knock on the door, Mrs. Ford answered the door.

There stood Adam Conner Trent and Kira. "Hello Mrs. Ford I am Coach Adam Park from Reefside High school." He said extending his hand out to her she shook it.

"It is a pleasure Mr. Park what can I help you with." She asked.

John seeing his coach with Conner bothered him.

I came here with Kira she is to get her stuff I am sure you have heard by now that she is to be moved." He said as she started to break down in tears to which Kira ran over and embraced her.

"They said they would come on Sunday I thought I had a few more days with her." She cried as Kira comforted her this confused everyone.

"I'm sorry miss there must be some confusion I was under the impression that she was unwanted here." Adam said.

Mrs. Ford looked up at them with a glare that would make Zedd tremble. "Yeah by my soon to be ex husband and my ungrateful son, not me I loved her." She said as Kira told her to calm down.

"I am sorry for this misunderstanding Mrs. Ford it appears they have not told you of the change of plans then?" Adam said.

"Change of Plans?" Mrs. Ford asked.

"Yeah Ma Dr. Oliver will take me in so I can stay in Reefside." Kira said.

Mrs. Ford got a huge smile on her face. "Oh thank god you will be close." She said and then turned to Adam. "Will she be able to visit or can I visit her." She asked.

Adam smiled happy that at least someone in this family loved Kira he nodded yes.

"Ok Kira get what you need and guys help her pack please." Adam ordered as Trent and Conner nodded and went up stairs with Kira.

Adam then looked over at John. "Oh John by the way come when your suspension is over come and clean out your locker I don't want a scumbag like you on my team." Adam said.

Mrs. Ford smirked. "Serves you right you might learn some discipline I don't know what ever happened to you but you used to like Kira." She said.

"Yea cause you made me Dad even told me that she was bastard child born to 2 kids that did not know better they should have aborted her." He spat.

Smack! "You will not talk like that I think it is time I send you to that Military school I was reading about you ungrateful little punk." She said as he looked horrified.

:::Kira's Room:::

The boys were helping Kira pack she was in her Closet getting some of her clothes out while Trent was packing her knickknacks and posters.

Conner on the other hand was shoving the clothes in her dresser into a duffel bag when he came across something that made him laugh.

"Conner what are you laughing at now?" Kira asked as she popped out of the closet and looked over at him turning a bright shade of red.

"Do you really wear these?" Conner said laughing as Trent looked up and snickered.

Conner was holding a Pair of underwear with little pterodactyls and yellow trim on it.

"GIVE ME THOSE CONNER NOW!" Kira yelled as she snatched them out of Conner's hand.

"Careful Kira you turn any redder Dr. O might think you're the red ranger." Conner said giggling.

"Jerk." Was all Kira said before she stuffed them and all her other clothes into a duffel bag.

After about a half hour they all came downstairs Kira still a little red and glaring at Conner.

"I am all set Mr. Park, Ma I am so sorry I will visit though thank you for protecting me from them all these years." She said as she hugged her foster mother tightly.

They then left and headed to Tommy's house.

:::Tommy Oliver's house:::

They pulled into the driveway to see Tommy and Tanya were already back.

They walked in. "Hey guys welcome Kira your room will be at the end of the hallway upstairs if you guys want to help her get everything in there." He said with a smile on his face as they all nodded and headed up the stairs.

Once they were out of hearing range. "Everything is all set she can stay here and I am her foster father till at least she finishes high school." Tommy says.

"Ok well that is good to hear anything else?" Adam asked.

"Yeah there is no record of her birth parents at all it was sealed and classified by the government via NASADA." Tanya said.

"That is very strange at least though she is somewhere she can be wanted." Adam said as they all nodded.

After a couple of hours the boys, Adam and Tanya had also gone home Kira came downstairs to see Tommy going over a few things on his table.

She walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder he turned to her and smiled. "What's up Kira?" He asks.

"I'm sorry if I disturbed you Dr. O I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for me." She said with a couple of tears forming in her eyes.

"It's no problem kiddo I was more than happy to take you in, say can I ask do you know anything about your birth parents." He said .

She looked down on the floor then back at Tommy. "Not really I don't even know their names but I have had dreams the last couple of months and I think it is about at least my birth I remember in the dream a large voice saying that I will be kept safe and that the power would protect me." She said.

This caught Tommy by surprise. "That is ok Kira would it be ok if I try to find them for you?" He asked.

She gasped when he asked this. "Why do you want to find please tell me it's not to get rid of me?" She panicky asked.

"No Kira of course not like I said I was adopted and while the Oliver's are the greatest parents I could ask for I always wanted to me meet my birth parents I thought you might want to at least know who they are." He said which reassured Kira.

"Yes Dr. O you can look for them I'm gonna head to bed good night." Kira said as she headed up stairs.

The next morning Tommy and Kira woke up for school Kira telling him that she was gonna head with the guys over to Hayley's after school.

"Ok be home no later than 7 please." Tommy said.

"Ok Dr. O" she said as she headed for class.

Later that day after school Tommy went over to the Ford's house and knocked on the door.

Mrs. Ford answered the Dorr. "Yes can I help you sir?" She said.

"Hello Mrs. Ford my name is Dr. Thomas Oliver I am Kira's guardian right now I came over to ask some questions if that is ok?" Tommy said cheerfully as to lighten the tension

"Of course Dr. Oliver please come in." She said.

Tommy laughed a little "It is ok to call me Tommy Maam but thank you for your hospitality." Tommy said as they sat down.

"So I was wondering what do you know of Kira's birth parents." He asked.

She was a little shocked to hear him ask that. "Well I don't even know their names Kira was left with my husband when he worked for NASADA in Angel Grove and we loved her like she was our own till my husband was fired from NASADA for stealing equipment." She explained.

"It was after that Kira was 10 at the time he started to blame her for everything and would not finalize adopting her then I finally threw him out the other day I could not take the drinking and the abuse any longer, and it seems John has followed in his footsteps I have sent him to Military school to give him some discipline." She said.

"I understand Mrs. Ford Kira speaks highly of you but why was she gonna be transferred to a foster home elsewhere if you loved her?" Tommy said.

Mrs. Ford looked at the floor. "AS Kira has probably told you I am LPN at the hospital and I work a lot of hours when I kicked my husband out he called child services and they stated that since i did not act sooner that they did not believe her safe here." She said Tommy getting a little angry that they would send her to a unknown family away from her friends.

"As far as Kira's Birth Parents like I said I don't know their names but I do have a picture of her mother just never could match face to name." She said as she pulled a picture out and Showed it to Tommy.

Tommy looked at the picture his face turned a pale white and his jaw dropped. "No Way." He whispered.

"Dr. Oliver do you know her?" She asked.

Tommy looked at Mrs. Ford there would be no hiding it given his reaction when he saw the picture.

He goes to speak as he turns the picture around showing a familiar brunette. " Her name is Kimberley Ann Hart, we used to go to school together and we used to date till she left for Florida in 1999." Tommy said almost speechless.

"Oh my do you know where she is now?" Mrs. Ford asked.

Tommy shook his head no but said he knew friends that might he got up to leave then turned back to Mrs. Ford.

"You are more than welcome to come over and visit Kira when you would like to." Tommy said with a smile that brought a smile to Mrs. Fords face.

"Thank you Dr. Oliver please take care of her for me." She says.

"I will as if she was my own." He says then leaves.

:::Tommy's House:::

Kira had walked in it was just a little after 7 Tommy looks over at her. "I am sorry Dr. Oliver there was a Tyranodrones attack downtown." She said hoping not to get in trouble.

Tommy nodded and smiled. "Yea Hayley told me nice job handling it without me there is dinner in the fridge if your still hungry I will be down in the lab if you need me." Tommy said as he smiled at her and walked over to his living room and headed downstairs.

He sat at his computer with his head in his hands, he finally decided to make some calls and picks up the phone and dials Jason's cell phone only to get no answer.

He then tries Trini hoping that they are together on a date and that they know where Kim is, it rings 3 times and she finally picks up. "Dr. Trini Scott here." She said as she answered the phone.

"Hey Trini it's Tommy." He says.

"Hey there tiger boy how you doing." She says.

He laughs a little then responds. "As much as I would love to joke around I'm looking for Jase is he with you." Tommy says.

On her end Trini flinches a little. "No Tommy he is not he actually should be in Reefside now with Kim." Trini says.

This causes Tommy to drop the phone, he then picks it up. "What are they in Reefside for me?" He asked.

Trini did not know how to tell him but the cat was out of the bag she thought they had called him first.

"Tommy I'm not sure how to say this but Kim is in Reefside to find her daughter she gave up 14 years ago." Trini says Tommy at the moment is speechless.

"Tommy? You there Tommy?" Trini begged.

"yes Trini that much i know i just found out." He asked.

"Wait how did you find out i'm confused?" Trini said.

"I found out from the woman that has been raising her when she showed me a picture she had of Kim." Tommy explained.

"Trini she is staying at my house she was put into my foster care yesterday." Tommy said.

Trini now speechless not knowing how to say the next line.

"Listen Tommy what I am about to tell you I was not supposed to say till Kim was ready to tell you but that little girl well you are her father." Trini said.

Tommy sat there looking at his screen blankly as Trini was calling his name into the phone.

"What are you serious Trini?" He asked stuttering it out.

"Yes Tommy I am afraid so Zordon confirmed it he was there when she was born and helped have her placed and used his connections at NASADA to hide who her real parents are Kim and Jase can explain the rest." Trini said she then told them the hotel they were at and there room number.

Tommy hung up the phone after thanking Trini and headed upstairs it being a Friday there would be no school the next day.

"Hey Kira I got to head out I will be back later." Tommy yelled across.

She nodded ok as he pointed at their communicators to call there if she needed him.

:::Reefside Hotel:::

Tommy walked up to the door he could hear 2 people arguing inside. "So Kim once you find her you gonna tell him he deserves to know." He could hear Jason saying.

"How the hell am I supposed to tell him hey Tommy I'm sorry for hurting you and breaking your heart with a letter I did it because I was pregnant with your daughter, who oh yea I had to give up for adoption and not tell you about because Lord Zedd was trying to get her." Kim said.

"How the hell do you think he is gonna take it Jase huh I would not be surprised if he slams the door in my face."She said as she made her way into the bathroom.

At this time Tommy knocked on the door to which Jason answered it when he saw Tommy standing there his jaw fell open.

He then turned his head. " Hey Kim I think your gonna get your answer on what Tommy would do a lot sooner than you think." Jase yelled.

"What do you mean Jase?" She said walking into the main room taking one look at the door which caused her to drop the drink she had in her hand.

"To-To-Tommy." She said then collapsed on the floor.

Jason looking over at her. "Why is it everythime you surprise her like that she faints?" Jason asked as he nudged her awake.

Tommy smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

She looks up at him. "Tommy what are you doing here how did you know where we were?" Kim asked nervously.

"Trini told me and I know where our daughter is she is living with me." He said which caught everyone by surprise.

"What you found her before me how you did not even know we had a daughter." Kim said.

"Long story is it true Kim is she my daughter?" Tommy asked showing no signs of anger.

Kim looked at him with sadness in her eyes. "Yes Tommy she is, you're her dad." She said.

Tommy just shook his head and then looked over at Jason. "Would you both like to come over and meet her?" he asked.

Kim jumped up nodding yes.

"Alright lets go then." Tommy said as they all got into his car.

On the drive over to his house Jason looked over at Tommy. "Bro listen I am sorry I never said anything Zordon swore us to secrecy for her protection I never wanted to lie to you like this, but how did she end up with you?" Jason said then asked.

Tommy looked over at him. "Listen Jase I don't want to talk about this right no, but long story short the ford family broke apart and she was going into foster care again I took her in cause she is one of my rangers." Tommy said which caught Kim by surprise.

"What is her Zord?" Kim asked.

Tommy smiled and looked back. "The same as her mom but her color is that of red leaders wife over here." Tommy says jokingly.

This caused Kim to smile like mother like daughter.

They arrived at the house Tommy calls up to Kira.

"Yes Dr. O what's up." She asked seeing the other 2 there.

She eyes Kim like she had seen her before.

"Well I did some searching and I found your birth parents." He said.

He then motioned for Kim to come forward. "This is your mother Kimberly Ann Hart the first pink ranger." He said.

Kira looked at her and gave her a glare, then at Jason. "So I take it he is my dad then?" Kira asked pointing at Jason causing all three of them to laugh.

"I'm More like your Uncle Jason kiddo." Jason said.

She looked back at Tommy. "Then who is my dad Dr. O?" Kira said looking to see if anyone was hiding outside.

He looks her right in the eyes. "I am Kira I am your father your birth father." He said.

Kira looked wide eyed at him then fainted.

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