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:::Astro Megaship Conference room:::

All the rangers were seated or standing around the room to discuss what to do next concerning John Ford and now with the defeat of Mesogog there future.

"What is John's prognosis?" Conner asked while standing next to Kira.

Andros stepped up. "Using the Medical equipment on board and some KO-35 science to remove the upgrades Mesogog had given him as well as determining his mental condition, it seems he suffers from severe schizophrenia with the John we have seen being the dominant personality he is gonna need to be committed most likely for the rest of his life." Andros explained.

"Andros is there anything that can be done for him at all what about the medical tech from your planet?" Wes asked him.

The Kavorian shook his head no. "I am sorry even on medication his violent personality is dominant." He said.

Hayley had called Tommy after he got off the phone with her he walked over to the group. "Guys some bad news it looks like Lothor survived as did Venjix/Zeltrax as well Hayley is detecting there energy signatures." Tommy said to the groups.

"Really man don't these idiots know when to die?" Jason asked him.

"Does not seem like it bro so this is still not over." Tommy stated.

Kira was standing with Conner and Trent when Wes looked over at her then back to Tommy. "What I don't get is why is Kira the target of most of the attacks, I mean besides the fact she is yours and Kim's daughter no one knew that yet she was focused on from this John guy." Wes asked.

Billy stepped up. "To be honest Wes the attacks from John Ford seem to have originally not been based off her being a ranger but his mental condition, and it served to destabilize her to the point Mesogog used it against her on the battlefield but with Mesogog gone that might stop now." Billy explained.

Emily who had been on the ship stepped forward. "Dr. Cranston that is not all there is to it I remember why Mesogog wanted her targeted from when I was Elsa, it is because she is the daughter of 2 rangers that received the great power of Phadoes so he was hoping that with her distraught state from the abuse at home plus her fragile mind with all this going on he wanted to drain that power from her, and Lothor was in on that plan she is not out of the woodwork yet." Emily explained with a sad look to her face.

Kira was confused. "What is this great power and how would I even have it?" She asked.

"Back when me and your mom were rangers a being known as Ivan Ooze had attacked our command center and caused us to lose our powers, Alpha sent us to Phadoes to get what was called the great power and it changed us into the Ninjetti me being the falcon and your mom being the crane 2 of the most powerful animal spirits of the great power, and with that combined in your conception Mesogog probably wanted it to power his machine to turn the Earth back not sure why Lothor would want it though." Tommy explained.

Cam stepped up at this point. "I remember my father talking about the Ninjetti and how in the Ninja Schools they are revered as great paragons of good, however if a dark Ninja ever got his hands on the power of the Ninjetti then he could become unstoppable." Cam explained.

Kira looking at the floor looked up at everyone then at Conner, she sighed then got up and headed out of the room she walked down to the engine room and went inside and sat down and started crying.

Conner noticing that she left as did Kim and Tommy. "I got this Dr. O I will go and talk to her." Conner said as he headed down to find Kira.

He walked into the engine room and found her crying off to the side.

"Hey rock star what's wrong?" Conner asked her as he sat down beside her.

Kira without even looking up at him. "Look at me Conner I'm a wreck even though he is captured and he will go to a hospital I am still scared of him and now this whole thing of why they target me I don't know how much more I can take Conner, I don't think I should even be a ranger anymore I don't think I am worthy of this and now I'm a huge burden on my parents how long till they want me gone like the Ford's did, how long till you can't stand me anymore." Kira rambled on about.

Conner stared at her. "Kira knock this off you are very worthy or the gem would not have picked you if it did not think you could handle this, as for your parents they will never give you up Kira so stop thinking that, ands as for me I love you Kira and I will be here for you no matter what." Conner stated.

Kira just glared at him tears still streaming down her face. "Yeah ok Conner you say that now but what happens after this is over huh what happens if I do lose it and I break huh Conner gonna still stand by the mentally deranged girlfriend that will drag you down." She screamed at him.

Conner taken aback by what she said then snapped back. "Kira I don't know where this you thinking that your weak or that you will end up mentally deranged cause you're not hell I think you are stronger than me, remember one thing Kira you beat John not me or the others just you and only you, and finally I Love you end of story that is never gonna change Kira, even if you leave I will always love you." Conner snapped at her then got up and left.

"When you're ready to accept what I just said you know where to find me." He stated and left the room.

:::Mesogog's lair:::

Lothor and Venjix were planning there next attack. "So tell me robot what is your stake in all of this I just want the yellow dino ranger for her Ninjetti powers she inherited from her parents." Lothor explained.

Venjix looked at him. "I want vengeance on the ones know as Tommy and Jason for what they did to me and the machine empire then I will rebuild the machine empire and take over the galaxy." Venjix explained.

"Well his main weakness is gonna be his daughter and that pink ranger use those against him and you will win all I care about is that yellow brat and the power within her." Lothor explained.

"Fine Ninja help me get my revenge and I will give her to you to do as you please with her." Venjix said.

"Deal now how do we attack because the whole monster thing is not gonna work." Lothor asked.

"Simple they were building a Zord for this Zeltrax with some modifications to it this Zell Zord will be more than powerful enough to destroy those ranger." Venjix showing Lothor a hologram of the Zell Zord.

"Very nice indeed." Lothor stated as they went to work upgrading the zord.

:::Megaship :::

Conner walked back into the conference room with a dejected look on his face. "I am sorry guys seems like she will not be joining us I tried but she for some reason think that she is a liability I can't convince her otherwise." Conner stated.

Kim and Tommy looked at him. "I will talk to her." Tommy stated as he got up and headed to her only to have Kim grab him.

"No Tommy she needs to figure this out herself as much as I would love to tell her otherwise she might not believe us." Kim said.

Tommy glared at her angry his daughter seems to be having a meltdown and her mother seems to be ok with this.

"Tommy I hate to say it she is right we have done nothing but coddle her with every break she needs and wants to get through this one on her own without us butting in." Jason said to a slightly angry Tommy.

Tommy goes to respond but is interrupted by the alarms in the megaship.

"Rangers there is a strange zord attacking downtown Reefside." Deca states to the other rangers.

The rangers looked at each other. "All right guys let's do this then." Jason says as all the rangers get ready to morph.

"Hayley have all the Zords we have available on the ready we are gonna need them, Karone you and the other non rangers stay here in case we need back up." Tommy ordered as everyone nodded and morphed.

:::Megaship Brig :::

Kira walked in and over to John's cell, he was sitting there he looked up at her and smiled.

"So here we are again you know just because those rangers took away what Mesogog gave me does not change anything at all you are still weak and pathetic." John said with a evil smile on his face.

Kira just glared at him. "Why huh John why do you do this up until 4 years ago you were a good brother now you delight with torturing me, and I think I deserve a answer as to why." Kira demanded.

John just smiled. "You would love to know the reason wouldn't you well hmmm where do I start how about the fact that despite what that idiot Mark Ford thinks I am not his son nor am I the bitch's son either." John stated while pacing around the cell.

Kira surprised by this revelation. "Wait your adopted?" She asked.

"No not really Mark thinks I am his biological son and well Mary does not even remember she is not human." He states with a evil smirk on his face.

Kira surprised. "Wait your not Human?" She asked.

He looked right at her with a smirk. "Nope see my parents my real parents well let's just say Zordon made them weak and me well I am just fulfilling fathers plan to corrupt you and the power within you." He stated while laughing.

Neither realized both Karone and Nadira were listening in.

"What I don't understand who are your real parents." She asked.

He just smiled as Karone stormed in. "Yes Thraxx tell us who your real parents are." Karone demanded.

He just looked at her surprised by how she knew that. "Of course the mighty Astronema would know this." He snarled at her.

Kira spun around to Karone. "Wait you knew who he was all this time?" She demanded.

Karone just shook her head no. "Sorry Kira but I only realized who he was after he made the comment about Zordons sacrifice that I figured it out." Karone stated.

"Yes you are weak as my real parents are now, but I will fulfill my father's orders to corrupt you and use that power of yours against the rangers though with what Venjix is doing now I will have a very easy time." He said while laughing.

"What do you mean?" Kira asked still very confused.

"That Zord they are using I added my own upgrades to it before we went to battle last and it is designed to destroy any Zord that attacks it and can only be destroyed from the inside." He said as Nadira went to signal the rangers he stopped her.

"No use in telling the rangers they cannot enter it, it will destroy them if they try only a being that is evil can go inside it." He said laughing again.

"There is not one on this ship that can do that this will be great father would be so proud if he had not been corrupted by that fool Zordon." John said.

"That is where you are wrong boy I will do it my Queen." Ecliptor said as he walked forward.

"You traitor you cannot it will destroy you work for good now." John said.

Ecliptor looked at him. "But I am a creation of evil and it is still inside of me I just choose to ignore it, my Queen I will go and destroy this Zell Zord." Ecliptor said as Karone nodded then hugged him.

"You better come back to me Ecliptor." She said as he broke the hug and headed out to teleport to the rangers.

Karone turned back around to John and Kira.

Kira was now more angry than anything. "Why me." She said now crying.

"Now look at this you are weak as I always thought, want to know why simple while the Zeo rangers were fighting Mondo my parents wanted their power back so they got back to the moon, my parents had me in tow at that time I was 4 Earth years old." John said.

"While they were plotting against the rangers my father found out your mom was pregnant with you and that Tommy was the father, he then realized that them being the 2 most powerful Ninjetti you would have a power greater than anything, the fabled Phoenix Ninjetti." He explained as Kira listened.

"But my father knew that it would be hard to find you and he also had to hide me from those accursed rangers and the machine empire so he called on a member of scorpina's race and cast a spell over her to think she was human and to mate with Mark Ford since my father knew he was helping the rangers." He explained.

"After that happened a spell was casted over him to make him believe that she was his wife and that I was his son, then the machine empire was defeated by my father and mother you however were hidden away from them by Zordon." He explained.

"By the time I realized that you were the little girl my dad was looking for and that you were living with me Zordon decided to sacrifice himself and that wave messed up Mary fords mind and wiped mine, it was not till 4 years ago I remembered who I truly was and so did Mary though her not as much as me she just regained her hate of anything power rangers." He explained.

"So now I will take you and destroy your parents your lover and everything good in this world and I will rule it." John said laughing.

"kinda hard to do we took the powers that Mesogog away." Nadira stated.

John just laughed and held out is hand to have the Z staff materlize in his hand. "You see you weak fools I have been holding back now it is time for my father's empire to be reborn." He snarled as he uses his staff to destroy the force field holding him in.

Karone lowers her staff to blast him only to have him hit her with a electric attack knocking her against the wall he then took out Nadira, Kira got into a fighting stance only to be hit with a magic wave from the staff her eyes going blank.

"Now my little Phoenix it is time for you burn all that is good in this world." John states as they both vanish out of the ship.

Emily had come running into the brig . "No i was too late." She said to herself to when she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked behind her she was very surprised.

:::Downtown Reefside:::

The Giant Zell Zord was fending off attacks from the Thunder Megazord the Q- Rex and the Dino Stegazord.

"Guys I don't know how much damage my zord can take this thing is not taking any damage from our attacks." Trent stated as there were sparks flying around in the cockpit of his own personal megazord.

"We are all that stands between the people and this thing." Myers yells back as he has the Q- rex go to megazord mode.

"Q-Rex fire blasters!" Myers yelled into his morpher when all of a sudden the Zell zord starts to explode from the inside.

"What the hell?" Jason asked from the cockpit of the Thunder Megazord as the Zell Zord blew apart, from the wreckage walked Ecliptor.

"Ecliptor how?" Andros asked.

The Cyborg looked at the red ranger. "It was the only way to destroy it." He said before he collapsed onto the ground.

As the other rangers got down to the ground and Billy was checking over Ecliptor. "His systems seem to be functioning fine Andros he must have used a lot of power to destroy the Zord." Billy said.

All of a sudden there was a orange flame that appeared and then vanished and standing there was John Ford and Kira.

"What the hell how did you get out Kira?" Ethan asked.

Kira just stood there with her eyes blank, John looked up at them and smiled as he pointed the staff at Lucas and fired a energy beam at him.

The blast hit him full force and knocked him to the ground causing him to demorph with his teammates running over to him.

Tommy glared at the staff. "How do you have that?" Tommy growled at him.

John looked at him and smiled. "What a son should inherit his father's things should he not." John stated as the rangers were all caught off guard by this revelation.

Before any of them could say anything Emily Karone and Nadira teleported in with Karone limping from the attack John did to her.

"That thing is called Thraxx he is the son of Zedd and Rita before they were purified." Karone stated.

"That is why he was able to at first steal energy from Mesogog and it allowed him to become more powerful without anyone knowing." Emily explained.

"Yes traitor it's a shame he was destroyed i could have used more, as for my parents you are correct that was them before they were made weak like you rangers, but enough of my family history it is time for my father's plan to come to fruition right my little Phoenix." John says as he looks to Kira.

Kira says nothing just raises her arms and a blast of fiery energy comes out and hits T.J and Ashley Knocking them to the ground and singing there armor.

"Now who is next oh I have a better plan." He says as he raises his staff into the air which causes the rangers all to collapse to their knees.

He then motions for Connor to walk over to them against his will.

"Now my dear sister why don't we let the red ranger know the truth of what you think of him." He says as he uses the staff to link their minds together.

"No please no I can't lose him." Kira thinks to herself as John forces her old memories to surface.

:::Kira's Mind:::

"hey Kira." Connor says in the sight in her mind.

She looks over at him. "God why can't this idiot just leave me alone stupid shallow jock." She thinks and the real Connor hears it.

"Hey Connor sorry I can't hang out right now I got to get home I will talk to you later." She says as she runs off.

The scene then shifts to when Kira confessed to not being a virgin.

"Look he is disgusted he really is that shallow why did I even attempt to go that far with him." The real Connor hears coming from Kira's mind.

This goes on and on for what feels like hours but is only 2 minutes, John then separates the connection after he sees what Kira is thinking after their talk on the Megaship with her thinking Connor sees her as weak and unable to do anything herself.

Connor just looks at Kira with tears coming from his eyes under his helmet, before he could do anything John blasts him back he hits the ground and does not get up.

The other rangers now being able to get up due to John focusing his energy into the blast to Connor, Kim runs over to him and looks him over.

"Tommy he is not breathing oh god Tommy he is not breathing." Kim says as Trini runs over to him talking her helmet off and starts to perform CPR on him.

"No please god no I can't lose Connor I am stronger than this i have to fight it." Kira thinks to herself as she tries to break the control he has on her.

John looks over at her thinking that he gaining more control over the Phoenix spirit inside Kira decides to push it further.

"One down more to go let's see who should we take out next how about mommy dearest." John says as he aims his staff at Kim's back as she tries to help Trini get Connor breathing again.

He fires the blast and it Kim square in the back she is thrown forward and rolls along the ground demorphing.

Inside Kira's mind she can hear a bird calling out for aid, she tries to focus on it but then hears a second bird calling out to her.

"No no more I must protect them Connor was right the Gem chose me I can hear my parents spirit animals calling out for aid." Kira thinks to herself.

John looks over at her and notices she powering up thinking he has her completely under his control goes to take out Tommy.

As he aims his staff a Tommy. "NO MORE YOU WILL NOT HURT ANYONE I LOVE EVER AGAIN!" Kira yells as she turns her powers on John he is thrown back.

She glares at him, she as a flaming energy aura pulsing around her. "For 4 years you have tortured me then you attack my real parents then you kill the one man who actually loved me now it is time for you to face the wrath of the Ninjetti." Kira says as Large flaming wings form on her back and she morphs into her suit which is now a brighter yellow than before.

John scrambles to get up he aims his staff at her and fires a massive energy beam at her only to have it countered by a energy beam from Kira.

"You will bow to me girl with your power I will rule this planet then the universe just like my parents wanted me to, I will succeed I will destroy the power rangers once and for all." John screams as he tries to overcome her energy beam.

"No John you will not I will stop you right here right now and end this, I lost all this time with my mom and dad cause of your real parents and evil no more I am tired of it." Kira said as she ramped up the energy blast starting to overtake his.

"Why bother they abandoned you once what's to stop them from doing it again, and as for the jock well he walked off on you in the ship when he sees the real freak you are he will abandon you too, me I can show what your power can really do." He said as he poured more energy into his blast.

"No that is where you are wrong John I gave her up once for her protection but never again we stand with her now." Kim says as she limps over to Kira's side and focuses her Ninjetti energy into Kira.

"I may not have known she was my daughter but that does not change how I feel about her she is my princess and she will always be." Tommy said as he did the same.

Kira kept focusing her energy into her blast as her parents added their own to it but it still was not enough.

"She is no freak and regardless of how she thinks of me it does not change how I feel about her it never will." Kira hears a new voice say as she feels the red dino gems energy flowing into her.

"Connor your ok." Kira thought to herself as she poured everything she had into her blast which finally over powered Johns and hit him head on knocking him back.

John laid there or a minute before getting up and glaring at Kira. "I am the Son of the Great Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa I will not be denied this!" He screamed as he aimed his staff at a exhausted Kira who had poured all her energy into the last fight.

As he was about to blast her a bright Yellow light flashes in front of him and standing there is what looks like a robot with a crown and a large sword in his hand.

"You son of Zedd will not succeed this day." The being says as he blasts John with his sword, the blast starts to split John in two.

Then there is a small explosion where John was and when the smoke clears there is John and what can only be described as mutated Zedd.

Thraxx gets up. "No you fool I will destroy you for that." Thraxx says as all of a sudden he blasted again and sealed into a dumpster similar to the one that sealed Rita away 10,000 years ago.

It is then launched into space, after that the figure turns to the rangers.

"Greetings I am the Sentinel Knight I am a guardian of the Morphing Grid and a old friend to Zordon that being you saw was the true form of the son of Zedd and Rita." He explains.

"But who is that now?" Wes asks as everyone looks at the now frightened John Ford.

"That well that is the uncorrupted part of the man known as John Ford before he regained his memories of being Thraxx." He stated.

John looked around very scared and not knowing what was going on. "Kira, Kira what is going on?" He asks.

Kira realizing this is the John Ford that was always nice to her as a child.

She walks over to him. "It's ok John you were under a evil spell." Kira says to try and comfort him.

"I don't get it how did he get all his memories back?" Jason asked

Kira looked at John. "What happened to you?" She asked him.

"All I remember before I started hurting you was Mom came to me and her eyes were glowing and she placed her hand on my head there was a flash then all I could think about was hurting you till I pushed back by that Thraxx guy." John explained.

He looked at Kira tears in his eyes. "I am so sorry Kira I never meant to hurt you ever." He said.

Kira realizing that he had no control and the John that she grew up with was back.

"It's ok John it was all a evil spell." She said as Paramedics and other officials arrived after John and some of their less injured teammates were taken to the hospital using a cover story that the silver Guardians were fighting a mutant threat with the power rangers and they were caught in the middle.

Meanwhile while Wes Eric and Tommy as well as Jason were dealing with that Kira walked over to Connor.

"Connor?" She asked him.

He did not turn around. "Is that how you really thought about me Kira?" He asked.

She did not answer just hung her head looking at the ground. "Connor I am sorry it was yes but not anymore." She said.

He turned looked at her. "Kira I'm sorry that you thought I was that shallow or that pig headed but I never was I thought you knew me well enough now but I guess not." Connor said as he started to walk away.

"Wait Connor where does that leave us?" Kira asks.

Connor turns looks at her. "I don't know anymore Kira I just need my space I am sorry." He said as he walked away.

Kira started to cry when Kim and Tommy walked up to her.

"he hates me now cause of what that Thraxx thing showed him I guess he was right on one thing I lost Connor." Kira said as she cried.

Kim put a arm around her daughter. "Sweetie he doesn't hate you he is just confused he is a good guy he will come back to you give it time." Kim said.

They all headed home.

:::1 week later Hayley's Cyberspace:::

The rangers all of them stuck around to catch up and have a makeshift reunion as things had finally calmed down.

Kira's foster mother had been arrested and put in a hospital, Mr. Ford had cleaned up and gotten a new job at Bio labs thanks to Wes and John Ford was back to living with his dad that raised him while getting help for what had happened to him with Kira promising to keep in contact with him.

Tanya was able to get everything with Anton Mercers help all situated for Tommy Kim and Kira with Kira getting her last name changed to Oliver.

SHe was also able to make it so that Anton adopted Emily to try and make amends for what happened with Mesogog, she was happy finally and liked the fact she had a brother the same age as her.

However Connor had avoided Kira all week unless it was ranger involved and even then he barely talked to her.

She was getting ready for her first performance since before she moved into Tommy's house.

Kim was behind the stage with Kira helping her get ready.

"Are you ok sweetie?" Kim asked her.

Kira looked up at her. "Yeah Mom I just wish I still had Connor but I guess I screwed that up." She said.

Her mother hugged her. "It will all work out Kira I promise now go break a leg up their baby girl." Kim said giving her daughter a kiss on her forehead.

Kira walked up on stage grabbed her guitar and walked up to the microphone.

"hey guys it's great to be back up here this first song is a new one I have been working on for the last week I do hope you all enjoy." Kira said as she noticed Connor was in the back with Emily Ethan and Trent.

She started strumming the guitar. "I wrote this one thinking of one person and what they mean to me." She said as she started singing.

"Lookin' back, I don't regret
One single day.
Memories will keep me close
When you walk away.
It's harder than I could imagine.
Guess I should have known that.
Close your eyes, I'll be there.
I'll come runnin' anywhere.

Say goodbye, I'll be okay.
I will wait for you cause
True love will never fade.
When it's real, you can feel it.
And I know,
That you know,
That I will keep on waitin'
Patiently... For you.

Stormy Tuesday afternoons
Never been the same.
I used to stand outside
And taste
The sweetness of them.
It's harder when it really happens
Oh I wish I'd known that.
Close my eyes and you're there.
But I can't find you anywhere.

Say goodbye, I'll be okay.
I will wait for you cause
True love will never fade
When it's real, you can feel it.
And I know,
That you know.
That I will keep on waiting
Patiently... For you.

So patiently...
When I'm lost, I try to find you.
Turn around, I'm right be-hind you.

Say goodbye, I'll be okay.
I will wait for you cause.
True love will never fade,
When it's real you can feel it.
And I know,
That you know.
That I will keep on waiting,
Patiently... For you...


When she finished the crowd was cheering loudly she was looking around for Connor and did not see him she became slightly dejected when she all of a sudden felt a hand on her shoulder.

She turned around and standing there was Connor. "hey Rock star." He said with a smile on his face.

Kira had a smile on her face and her eyes were sparkling.

"Connor I am so sorry." She said as she wrapped her arms around him and buried her head in his chest.

"It's ok Kira I'm sorry for letting the past influence me I will never make that mistake again I love you now and I always will Kira Oliver." Connor said wrapping his arms around and leaning in to kiss her right on stage.

They could hear the oohs and ahhs coming from those in the audience when all of a sudden they hear a slightly angry science teacher. "Connor McKnight what did I say about doing that in front of me!" They heard Tommy yell as they broke the kiss and giggled.

"I think your dad is mad at us maybe the show should go on." Connor said with a smile he kissed her on the forehead and walked behind the stage.

Kira turned around and told her band to get ready for the next song they started up.


You gave me something more
More than I've ever felt before
We could be falling in love
Oh baby
I can picture you and me
More than coming closer

Just a little more time and
Just a little less thinking
Just a little more time is all that I need
Just a little believing
Just a little more breathing
Let's give it time


Tommy walks over to Kim and wraps his arms around her waist.

"hey Handsome." Kim says leaning back into the embrace listening to their daughter perform.

Tommy Kisses her on the head. "She is really good she must get that from you." Tommy says as he leads her over to the others.

"Hey guys I think it is time to tell her." Tommy says to everyone.

She looks at him then to everyone else. "Tell me what?" She asks.

Jason smiles and looks at her. "Me and Trini bought a house here in Reefside we are moving out here to be closer to you guys." Jason says as Kim smiles.

"And me and Hayley are kicking you out." Billy says.

Kim looks over at him. "What why?" Kim asked.

"Cause beautiful its time me you and Kira lived together as a family." He says .

She turns around and squeals and jumps into Tommy's arms.

Kira looks over at her parents. "Everything did work out in the end." She thought to herself as everyone in attendance was celebrating.

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