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Now you're wondering… I said, "RWBY: Primeval will premiere in April." Well, really had nothing to do in the nearly whole month, minus working on school and other stuff. Plus, right now, I need a stress a reliever, and this will be the perfect thing for it.

And regarding Volume 3, this story replaces it; but, the Vytal Festival will be canon, sans the destruction, and that will be up at the end of this story as a sort of deleted scenes sort of thing.

Without further ado, here is…. RWBY: Primeval!

August 4, 2016

9:00 p.m

Vale Mall, Butchery

At the local butchery located at the mall, was the Butcher. He was clad in a paper flat hat, white t-shirt, green apron, and brown pants and shoes. His gray hair showed he was in his 70s.

Currently, he was chopping up beef for tomorrow. Unfortunately, he was unaware that two yellow eyes, were staring at him from the shadows.

He hears a shuffling sound in the back. "Who's there? Come out now!"The man screamed. Suddenly, a reptilian-esque creature lunged out from the shadows onto his chest, biting and clawing at his chest and throat, killing him.

August 5, 2016

8:00 am

High above Vale

In an airship to Beacon Academy, sitting on a bench was none other than Blake Belladonna, now 18 years old. (A year has passed since the beginning of my first story, so all our main characters are a year older.) She soon spotted Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long, the rest of team RWBY. She went over to join them. "Hey guys!"Blake greeted them. Her teammates turned around to greet her.

"Blake!"They said simultaneously and engaged in a group hug. "This is great! Team RWBY is back together!"Ruby, team leader, cheered.

"So, how was your summer vacation?"Weiss asked.

However before she could say anything, a pair of hands covered Blake's eyes. "Guess who?"A familiar sing-songy voice said. Blake giggled. "If it's not my boyfriend, you're going to get hurt." She turned around to see none other than…Darrel Maximus! Blake noticed that he shaved his beard.

"Danny!"Blake said childishly. "Blakey!"Darrel said childishly. The two embraced each other in a passionate kiss.

"I thought you two spent the summer together."Yang said.

"We did."Darrel stated. "We planned to do this."Blake said.

"Why?"Ruby asked. "We thought it would be funny!"They both said.

"So, where's the rest of team DIMD?"Weiss asked. Just then, the rest of Team DIMD peered out from behind Darrel: Isaac Von Reinhbach, Matthew Lewis, and Dalton Goldenrod. "Sup."The other three young men said.

"YAY!"Ruby, Weiss, and Yang said, excited to see their boyfriends, even though they all spent the summer together. The two teams embraced in passionate kisses and hugs.

"This is even better! RWBY and DIMD are reunited!"Ruby said, thrilled. "Preach it, sister! Preach it!"Yang said, cheerfully.

The airship touched down, and the 9, counting Zwei arrived back. "I feel this year is going to be more exciting than last year!"Darrel said, pepped up.

As the day progressed, they met familiar faces, like JNPR and CFVY, and some new ones too. It was now 4. RWBY, JNPR, DIMD were relaxing in the lounge after classes. "So, how was everyone's summer? Was it good, great, grand, wonderful?"Darrel asked rhetorically. "Yes." is what he got from 11 people.

"Would teams RWBY and DIMD head to Ozpin's office."Glynda's voice announced over an intercom. "Sorry guys, OZ needs us."Ruby said. The 8 made their way to his office and then entered. They were greeted by not only Ozpin and Glynda, but also Ironwood, too.

"You wanted to see us, sir?"Darrel asked. "Yes; James, you can take it from here."Ozpin said.

"Mr. Maximus, where were you last night at 9'o clock?!"Ironwood interrogated. "I was at my house, sleeping."Darrel stated.

"Then how do you explain this?!"Ironwood yelled. A holographic monitor was displayed of a middle-age man being attacked by an unknown creature.

"WHAT IS THAT?!"Weiss shouted.

"Sir, I assure you, I'm innocent!"Darrel said, appalled. "If that was me-which it isn't- I wouldn't be violent."Darrel defended himself. "So you admit to having this form?"Ironwood stated, raising his voice.

"James enough. If this was him, he would've been more tactical, let alone commit murder."Ozpin said, defending his best student. "Now Mr. Maximus, could you tell us what we're up against?"He asked. "Certainly, sir."Darrel said.

He pulled out his Encyclopedia Scroll, and plugged into the monitor. He input a few commands and the monitor displayed a scale model of their attacker.

It had a roundish head, and jaws lined with sharp teeth. Its neck was short and thick. Emerging from is thin and lengthy back, was an appendage known as a sail mad of skin. Its arms and legs were splayed out to the sides and short, terminating in 5 sharp claws. It had a long tail that came to a tapering end.

"Dimetrodon, the predator of Early Permian Vytal and Mistral of 280 mya."A monotone female voice stated. "So, this is what we face."Ironwood stated.

"Dimetrodon means two-toothed, relating to the two types of teeth in its jaws, the first incisors and canines."The voice stated, zooming on its jaw. "Dimetrodon was 5 feet tall at the sail, 11 feet long, and weighed in 380lbs."The voice stated, comparing it to your average human. "Pasha, we face Grimm that are bigger than that."The two blondes and the red and black lovers said."

"Dimetrodon is a pelycosaur, a group of reptiles that are ancestors to mammals."The voice stated Dimetrodon's lineage. "Wait, you're telling us that our distant ancestors are scaly beasts?! That's preposterous!"Weiss said, not believing it.

"The link we have with them is the teeth. We humans have the same meat-eating teeth."The voice stated, by comparing a Dimetrodon's jaw to a man's. Weiss now accepted the truth.

"However, Dimetrodon's most interesting aspect is its sail on it back. This sail is used to make it seem larger, attract mates, terrify rivals, and control its body temperature."The voice stated about the function of Dimetrodon's sail. Then it deactivated and Darrel pulled his Scroll out.

"So, we're up against a 280-million year old, meat-eating, mammal-like reptile?"Blake inquired. "In a nutshell."Darrel said bluntly.

"Here is what doesn't make sense: where did it come from?"Weiss asked.

"That is where you come in: you're mission is to find the beast and return it to where it came from. If that's not possible, subdue it."Ozpin instructed.

"Yes sir."Ruby and Darrel said. The eight departed from Ozpin's office.

"Oz, do you think it's wise, letting them deal with something that they haven't encountered?!"Ironwood stated, concerned and unsure.

"Relax, James. I believe that with help from Mr. Maximus, they will succeed."Ozpin said calmly.

August 5, 2016

3:30 p.m

Vale Mall

The 8 arrived at the mall, weapons in tow. "Okay, guys. Only use non-lethal. This is a living animal, not a heartless beast like a Grimm."Darrel instructed.

They entered the mall. They saw various departments, ranging from toy stores, book stores, restaurants, various types of clothing departments, etc. "You know, if we weren't dealing with a 280-million-year old predator, a trip to the mall would've been fun."Weiss said, slightly upset. "That's my girl."Isaac stated, kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. "Oh, stop."Weiss said childishly.

They arrived at the Butchery. "I'll examine the place; fan out to find it."Darrel said. Yang and Dalton went across, Ruby and Matt went to the left, and Weiss and Isaac went to the right, leaving Blake with Darrel, who promptly went to examine the body.

Blake winced at the gory sight. "This shouldn't have happened to him."She said glumly. "Blake there is nothing we can do now."Darrel said comfortingly.

Just then, his scroll vibrated. "Hey guys, we found something at the flower shop."Ruby's voice stated. The two headed over to the flower shop, entered, and saw Ruby and Matt.

"What did you find?"Blake inquired. "These guys."Matt said, pointing in front of them. What they saw were 4 mammal-like reptiles feeding on various plants.

They resembled Dimetrodon, but the heads were sloped downwards, the sail was more rounded, and their fingers ended in blunt claws. They had dark grey scales covering most of their body, with jagged pale orange stripes at the base of the sail, which was bright orange-yellow with blue highlights. Eyes were dull grey.

"These are Edaphosaurus, relatives of Dimetrodon, but are plant-eaters, and are only a foot shorter."Darrel explained.

"Are they dangerous?"Ruby asked, slightly timid. "Let's find out." Slowly, he moved towards one. The sail-back stopped feeding and looked at him. It has never seen something like a human before and so, was cautious. Eventually, it senses that this creature is not a threat, and let him rub the top of his head.

"There's your answer, Rubes. These guys are harmless."He said before taking out his scroll and taking a photo of them.

"So, how are we going to get them back to their home?"Blake asked. "I've got just the thing."Darrel said. He found a small conifer tree, removed a branch, and placed it front of them, waving it. Soon, they started following him all the way to the back of the butchery. They then found the anomaly: a glowing yellow orb that appeared to be made of shards of glass.

"Wow! Just wow!"Blake/Ruby/Matt said, gawking at it.

Darrel tossed the fern in, and the pelycosaurs entered. "That's one crisis averted."He said. "So, that's where they come from: an anomaly or portal to another time."Blake said.

Unexpectedly, Darrel moved closer to it. "Darrel, what are you doing?"Blake asked, scared. "I just want to see what's there."He said. "Be careful."His friends and girlfriend said.

Darrel stuck his head through and saw what resembled a dry conifer forest. Then he removed his head from it. "What did you see?"Blake asked. "Another world; a prehistoric world."He said, excited.

Ruby's scroll vibrated. "Hey sis, we found some kind of reptile at the pet store, and it's not on sale!"Yang said.

The four headed over to the pet store across the flower shop. When they arrived, they saw Yang and Dalton, the blonde male holding some kind of scaly beast.

It was a foot long. It had a short, roundish, slightly enlarged head. Its neck was short. Body was short and plump. Legs were short, splayed out to the sides and bore 4 short claws. It had a short tail.

Its topside was a dirty brown with a cream colored oval spots. Its underside was a pale grey. Its eyes were black.

"This is Seymouria, an amphibian that behaves like a reptile. Mainly eats bugs."Darrel explained. "Say Texas!"He took a photo of it. "So this is am amphibian."Yang said. He nodded. "Let's get this guy home.

"Would you quit squirming?!"Dalton said, annoyed as the Seymouria wriggled in his grasp.

They arrived back where the anomaly was and released the animal and said amphibian entered the anomaly. They then stood at the entrance of the Butcher shop, waiting for any info from Weiss and Isaac. Surprisingly, they saw the two running towards them.

"Found the Dimetro!"Isaac stated. "In a sauna!"Weiss added. The pelycosaur in question arrived from a hallway.

Since Darrel's file on it was just a 3-D model that lacked color, they got a look at its colors. It was predominantly olive green, with black patches on its face. Tints of orange red rimmed on its sail. Its eyes were yellow with black slits.

It made a roar to them, and Darrel stepped forward.

"Two-toothed."He proclaimed.

He convulsed in pain. His body became slightly longer and he switched to a quadruped stance. His skull lengthened and became boxier. Erupting from his back was a sail. His arms became short and splayed out to the sides. His fingers now bore sharp claws. His legs followed the same pattern as his arms. Emerging from his behind was a long tail that came to a tapering end.

He was now a Dimetrodon; he let out a louder crocodilian hiss.

"Which is Darrel and which is the extinct animal?"Blake asked. "Only one way to find out."Matthew stated.

The two pelycosaurs flushed blood into their sails, creating vibrant displays of color. Unfortunately, showing off doesn't work and the two resort to brute force.

The two lunge at each other, rearing up on their short but powerful hind legs and started shoving back and forth. Darrel bites down on the left leg of the Dimetro, drawing blood, and forcing it to disengage the grapple.

"That's our Darrel; always coming up with a unique plan of attack."Blake said, pointing to the one on the right.

Darrel whipped his tail around forward, smacking his tail into his extinct counterparts face, disorienting him. He did it again and again until the Dimetrodon retreats to where the anomaly was and entered it. Not long after that, the anomaly closed.

Darrel let out a victorious roar. He then convulsed and back to his normal self…except that the sail remained.

"Well that was a thing."Yang stated. "Certainly."Darrel said.

The 8 left the mall, and then took the first airship to Beacon.

August 5, 2016

4:30 p.m

Ozpin's office

"So let me get this straight: this Dimetrodon, as well as two other creatures cam through this…anomaly to their time?"Ironwood asked. During this time, Darrel's sail vanished. "Yes sir."The shape-shifter stated.

"Do you have any evidence?"Glynda inquired. "Photographic."He stated. He pulled out his scroll, and showed them images of the anomaly and the creatures they saw.

"Were all of them returned?"Ozpin asked. "Yes."Ruby stated. "Very well then, dismissed."The headmaster stated. They all left, except Darrel.

"I sense you have something to share, ."Ozpin inquired.

"Yes, sir."Darrel said. "With all due respect, I believe that the events that transpired today are the beginning."He said ominously.

"Beginning of what, exactly?"Ironwood asked, curious as to what he meant. Glynda was curious was also interested.

"The beginning of Remnant's battle against the forces of evolution."He said, gloomily.

"You believe that we'll be facing the creatures of Remnant's past?"Ozpin inquired. "And possibly… this planet's future."Darrel said, even more ominously. He departed. "What should we do then?"Glynda asked.

"Expect the unexpected."Darrel said without turning his back.

August 5, 2016

Undisclosed location in Vale

10:00 p.m

"Were you able to procure the items we needed?"A familiar female voice hissed.

"Unfortunately not, sir. By the time we arrived, the anomaly was closed, and the animals were returned."A White Fang grunt said dejectedly. "What should we do?"He asked.

"We wait until the next one shows up."The voice stated. "Dismissed."The WF grunt left.

"Soon, Cinder sister, we will start…Operation: CE!"The voice said, shrieking in delight.

August 6, 2016

Beacon cliffs overlooking Emerald Forest


Blake stood there at the top of the cliff. She was told to meet Darrel here.

A few minutes later, he arrived, wearing a sea-green button-down, brown khakis, and black shoes, while holding a small artificial wooden box in his hand.

"You said you wanted to meet me here."Blake said.

"Blake yesterday was Wednesday, the day of Initiation, 365 days ago today."He said. Realization hit her like a ton of bricks. "And now, I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Blake's eyes went wide and her hands went to her mouth."Darrel, are you…."She said in awe…as he got down on one knee.

"Will you….marry me?"He said, opening the box, revealing a gold ring with a purple gem in the center.

Blake was crying a river of joy, and she could feel her knees knocking together in ecstasy.

"YES! YES, DARREL, I'LL MARRY YOU!"She proclaimed and wrapped him in by far their most passionate kiss yet, tears of happiness streaming from their eyes.

Darrel slid the ring on Blake's right ring finger. Blake wrapped her arms around his neck, while Darrel wrapped his arms around her waist, the two holding each other close, staring lovingly into their eyes.

"I love you, Darrel." "I love you too, Blake."

You read right, my character is getting hitched, but when will the two tie the knot? Find out next time on….RWBY: Primeval!

Speaking of next time, here's a hint on what the next anomaly will be: Antlers Formation, Oklahoma.


5 feet tall at the sail, 11 feet long, 280lbs

Usage: Basic attack

Melee Attacks: Teeth, hand claws, tail

Abilities: A DNA-enhanced version can charge and emit 280-degree fire breath from his mouth.

Appearance: Walking with Monsters

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