English is not my first language so please be kind

"No, no, no, Andy. You cannot do this. It's bloody insane!" Emily had been repeating the same sentences, which felt like a million times, in the last two hours. She pointedly looked at her girlfriend, trying to get her to help talk Andy out of her idea, but the blonde just shrugged her shoulders.

"Leave her be Em. If she thinks this is the only way to get what she wants, I'd say she should go for it."

Andy grinned at Serena and mouthed a silent, "Thank you".

"See Em, you are alone with your doubts. I can do it and I will. I can't think of anything better to catch her attention. I have been waiting for the right moment, for the last three years and finally….but hey my chances are one in five, so you might get what you are secretly wishing for and I won't be able to get through with my plan."

The redhead sighed dramatically and plopped on the couch next to Serena.

"Fine, but I'm warning you. She is not going to like it and we are all going to suffer, thanks to you and your brilliant ideas!"

Andy stopped packing her suitcase and sat down next to the couple. She rested her head on the soft cushion and closed her eyes. Although she had already made up her mind and had decided not to step back, she still had her own doubts and what ifs. Her plan was daring and dangerous but the promise of receiving the most precious gift of her life made it worth it. She patted Emily's thigh.

"It's going to be all right Em. Just make sure she is watching the show."