Sex with Andrea Sachs was not like anything out of a romance novel. It was messy and wet, loud and sweaty, occasionally clumsy and the closest thing to perfection Miranda had ever experienced.

Her previous encounters were mostly of the wham bam, thank you ma'am variety, done out of a sense of duty for the pleasure of her lousy husbands or lovers. Her needs, other than by her own hands, were never fulfilled. She had been fine with that in the past, having other things she could succeed in. She hadn't been aware she was missing something until Andrea stormed into her life. The girl's arrival awoke Miranda's primal instincts. She had hundreds of steamy fantasies stored in her mind, yet the moment Andrea touched her she realized no fantasy would ever come close to what she felt in the younger woman's arms.

Their first kiss in the office was tentative and sweet. Andy let Miranda set the pace, willingly following the older woman's lead. Miranda was in no hurry. She seemed to be holding back and Andy didn't want to rush her into something she was not ready for.

The limousine ride, as they were chauffeured back to Miranda's townhouse, was full of heated anticipation. Miranda closed her eyes and rested her head on Andy's shoulder. Their thighs were pressed together and Andy's hand, which had found its way under the hem of Miranda's skirt, was lazily caressing the smooth skin just above her stockings. Andy's fingers brushed the lace panties and she gently scratched her nail against a wet spot she found. Without opening her eyes Miranda scooched down the sit and opened her thighs slightly wider, giving Andy more room to explore.

The silent invitation set Andy into action. She kneeled in front of Miranda, pushed up her skirt and placed her body between the spread legs. Leaning in, she captured the editor's lips in a searing kiss. Gone was the earlier tenderness, this kiss was hard and demanding. As their tongues met, there was no fight for dominance, because Miranda surrendered completely.

"Andrea" Miranda panted "Andrea what…" she couldn't finish the question because Andy had grabbed her panties and ripped them off. Miranda's eyes popped open and looked at Andy in awe. Never releasing, the older woman's gaze, Andy raised the drenched La Perla to her nose and inhaled deeply.

"You smell divine. I bet you taste even better."

All of a sudden the car stopped and Roy's voice came through the intercom "We are here, Ms. Priestly."

Somehow they managed to leave the car without revealing the nature of their activity and hurried inside the house. Once inside, Andy pined Miranda against the door and whispered hotly in her ear.

"As I was saying…I bet you taste heavenly."

Miranda shivered as soft lips nibbled on her earlobe and a hot wet tongue drew lazy circles inside her ear. She was obscenely wet, her juices were running freely down her inner thighs. Miranda slipped a finger between her own legs, bathed it in her wetness and held it to Andy's lips.

"If you are so curious, why don't you just find out."

Andy wasted no time, she took Miranda's hand and sucked the sticky digit into her mouth.

"Now that just made me hungrier. I want to eat the whole meal, not just the appetizer."

Miranda was laying on her stomach sweaty and unable to move. After two powerful orgasms - first downstairs against the door, thanks to Andrea's talented mouth and the second one on the bedroom floor, again by virtue of those wonderful lips and tongue - she thought she had never been more satisfied. Now she was laying there enjoying her lover's touch, as Andy covered her fully with her luscious body.

Andy pressed her breasts against Miranda's naked back. The sensation of her rock hard nipples touching the older woman's soft skin, caused her pussy to clench in anticipation. A fresh flood of wetness dripped down her thighs, coating Miranda's buttocks, as she ground her engorged clit between Miranda's ass cheeks.

Andy moved slowly at first, but the pace soon became fevered. Miranda tightened her muscles, capturing the sensitive organ sliding between her cheeks. Andy's hip jerked forward and she fucked Miranda's ass faster and faster, feeling the familiar sensation building deep in her groin. She buried her face into Miranda's hair, her hips never stopping their frantic movement.

"God Miranda you feel so good. I love fucking you."

Miranda matched Andy's rhythm and every time she pushed back she felt the younger woman's hard clit on her puckered hole.

"Let it go darling." she moaned, her own climax not far behind.

On the verge of release, Andy increased her pace, her rhythm lost, her movements completely frenetic, as she pushed harder into Miranda.

"Oh my god, Miranda…baby…I'm going to…ohhhh…" She came with a howl and collapsed on top of Miranda, who was panting hard, her hips still thrusting against the bed.

Andy rolled off, onto her side, and pulled Miranda with her so she was spooning behind the older woman. Using her knee she lifted Miranda's leg, opened her up and plunged into her drenched core with three fingers, while her thumb dipped into her well lubricated other hole.

That was all Miranda needed, so completely full, her internal muscles spasmed and squeezed Andy's fingers almost painfully.

"Come for me love." whispered Andy and with a silent scream Miranda complied.

They were laying in each other's arms well sated, content and pleasurably drained.

"Will it always be like this?" asked Miranda suppressing a yawn.

Andy snuggled closer and answered with a smug smile "No. We are both out of practice, so I assume it will improve with time."

After a brief second Andy started to laugh, as Miranda looked at her incredulously.

"Improve? My ass." she stated dryly. That sent Andy into another round of laughter and this time Miranda joined in.

Life was good.

The End