"(f/n), where are you?"

"I-I'm coming, master!" You ran down the hallway and straight into Master Kuroo's room. You stumbled into his room clumsily, trying to get herself together before looking him straight in the eye.

"Oh~ And how come you're so late, (f/n)." Kuroo stood up and started to make his way over to you.

"I'm very sorry, Kuroo-sama." You averted his sadistic eyes.

'This is my master, Kuroo-sama. He has a very sadistic, but laid back and kind personality. But even though he can be kind, he mostly uses his sadistic charm to tease me, lots. He knows I get really flustered all the time, yet he uses that knowledge against me and has fun doing so. Master Kuroo always calls me to his room, so that he can do...e...erotic stuff to me...I honestly don't know how I feel about that. It's been like this ever since I moved in into this estate.' You blush.

"Oh would you look at that, you called me 'Kuroo'-sama again, didn't you?"

"Ah, n-no, I didn't..." You looked down at your feet.

As Kuroo came closer, you got scared. Finally arriving in front of you, Kuroo took his hand and placed it upon your cheek, caressing it as it were a feather. You flinched at the contact, but that only made him smirk.

"You do know what happens when you slip up, right, (f/n)?"

"Y-Yes, Tetsurou-sama."

"Then..." Kuroo moved his hand from you cheek to your breasts and groped it. He heard you give a slight moan and that only made him smirk more. "Come on." He lifted you up and carried you into his room.

"!" Kuroo dropped you on his king sized bed and placed himself over you.

"T-T-T-Testurou-sama, p-please, not today." You started to tear up. "*Sniff* I promise I won't slip up again."

"Hm~? But if you didn't slip up, then it wouldn't be any fun. Besides, it's fun teasing you." Kuroo ran his hands up your inner thigh and over your womanhood.

Him touching you there sent shivers all over your body. You tried to push his hand away softly, buy he just grabbed it. His grip nowhere close to loosening.

"Are you refusing your master?"

"I...I..." Your tears started to fall down your cheeks. "I...I'm sorry."

"You're such a cutie." Kuroo kissed you all over your neck and then your cheeks, finally your lips. "Stay with me forever (f/n). I won't let you leave me even if you beg. You belong to me and only me."

"Y-yes master."

"That's the answer I wanted to hear." Kuroo rested his forehead on yours while you cried your innocent tears. "(f/n), do you love me?"

"I...I can't answer you right now." You blushed.

Kuroo chuckled with a sly smirk following behind. "That's not what I wanted to hear."

"I-I'm sorry!" You flinched.

"Fine then, if you can't answer me that, the tell me...are you really scared of me?" Kuroo's face was now serious.

You look up at him then look away. "N-not really, but the way you tease me and give me punishments scares me, a bit."

"I see." He looked a bit disappointed.

"But, I know you're a very kind person, Tetsurou-sama, and I like that about you."

Your words put a smirk on Kuroo's face once again. "Do you really think I'm that kind?"


"You seem to be mixed up about something, (f/n)." Kuroo picked you up again and took you away to his bathroom. Once inside he let you down to your feet gently.

"W-what are we doing in here, T-Tetsurou-sama?" You looked around the room, even though it wasn't your first time inside.

"You know why we're in here, now strip."

"!?" You clutched onto your short uniform, trembling, before answering. "Y-yes...Tetsurou-sama."

Shaking, you started off by taking off your maid head band. Next came the choker. As you were taking it off, Kuroo suddenly interrupted.

"Leave it on."

"Yes." You then took of your cuff, dropping them to the floor. Moving on, down behind you, you loosened the big bow, making the dress easy for you to slip off. Next came your shoes and stockings. You put your shoes neatly to the side and your stocking next to them. Lastly came your undergarments. You trembled a bit more when reaching in front of you to unclip your lacy bra. Then your lacy panty came off for a finishing touch. Looking up, you saw Kuroo licking his lips. That made you look down quickly.

"Don't you look delicious." Kuroo took a few steps forward and pulled you closer to him by your waist. You shut your eyes while he took in your sent through his nose. Kuroo picked you up yet again, sitting down on the edge of the tub. He laid you over his lap, your ass present for him to see. "You're ass is so plump." Kuroo drove his hand back and gave you a huge slap on the ass.

"Ah!" You cried out. You started to tear up again. "T-Tetsurou-sama...Ah!" You tried looking back at him, but he gave you another slap. Each time you sniffled, you got a smack. "I-It stings...and it hurts, Tetsurou-sama."

"It's practically red now." Kuroo bent over to kiss one cheek.

"N-no~" You mewled out.

"Alright, how about I give you a reward for being a good girl?"

"H-Huh?" You slowly looked up. "!" Kuroo suddenly zipped down his fly and took out his large shaft. Then he flipped you upright, spreading open your legs. Your legs over either sides of his legs. You could feel his bulge getting bigger on the base of your ass.


"A servant is supposed to obey their master, how come you always say no to me (f/n)?" Kuroo lifted you up, positioning himself under your womanhood and slammed you back down, a big slap following after. "That's not how a good servant acts.

"Aahh~!" You arched your back from the sudden thrust. "P...please forgive me."

Kuroo kissed your neck while making continuous thrusts into you. You were starting to lose your breath fast. Soon enough, Kuroo found your sweet spot and you cried out in ecstasy. Your bell jingling around your neck as you bounced up and down.

"Ahh~! T-Tetsurou-sama...s-so good...ah~! R-right there~"

"Oh, what a sudden change of attitude (f/n). You're finally showing you're naughty side to me."

"Haaah~!" Your moans kept leaking out from your mouth as he fucked you. Out of nowhere, Kuroo stopped his movements. "...?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, it just looked to me like you were enjoying yourself just now, weren't you?" Kuroo smirked while you looked down to the floor in embarrassment. "How about I let you go..."


...After you ride me, (f/n)." He whispered in your ear earning a shiver up your spine. You should have know that he was going to make a deal like that.

"!...N-no, I can't." You shook your head. "T-that's too much."

"You're so damn disobedient." Kuro clutched your breasts and massaged them around in a circle. You moaned out at how hard he grabbed them. He nipped your neck and made you wince.

"I-I'm sorry..."

"I hope you don't think an apology will fix everything."

"N-no master..."

"Well then, before I get angry, I think you should start." Kuroo gripped your waist tighter.

"Y-yes!" You squeezed your eyes shut before you started grinding on him. You could faintly hear Kuroo grunt hear and there, but instead of giving you the confidence to go on, you slowed down as your face heated up.

"Don't tell me you're slowing down because you're embarrassed."


"You're so predictable."


"Who told you to apologize?" Kuroo took you by the chin and made you turn back so he could kiss you. "That's enough, I'll just have to tire you out by myself." Kuroo thrusted back into you without warning again. Over and over, his thrusts starting to make your churn in pleasure.

"T-Testurou-sama...I-I can feel it."

"Y-Yeah, I'm about to cum too." Kuroo made a few more thrusts before shooting his cum inside you.

"Aaahhh~!" You arched your back again, slumping down on your master after her rode our his orgasm. The warmth spreading all over inside made you a bit drowsy. You started nodding you head up and down, trying to keep yourself from sleeping.

"Hey, don't fall asleep on me. I know you do it every time, but you're not doing it this time." Kuroo slid out of you and carried you back to his bed. There you were practically K.O. Kuroo pulled the covers over you and listened to you silently snore. "Jeez, you're so damn clumsy, but you're still so cute." Kuroo moved in close to you and pulled you close.