Chapter 11: The Hero Returns Home

"Mulan, is fine! She's just running late that's all!" Said Mushu all happy. Shang breathed in and out of relief.

"Hey, you ok?"

"Yes! But my god Mushu, you don't have to scare me like that. I was afraid you were going to tell me she didn't make it."

"Mulan, Pa-lease! She can handle anything." Said Mushu as he climbed up on Shang's shoulder. "Ok, go to the forest near the garden." Ordered Mushu. Shang raised an eyebrow and gave Mushu a questioning look as to why he wanted for him to go there.

"Mulan and Ho Chi are in there waiting for us." Shang smiled that was what he wanted to hear. He ran the whole way there while Mushu was on his shoulder. As they entered the forest, he began to walk looking everywhere for Mulan or at least Ho Chi.

"Over there." He said pointing to Ho Chi's back from the distance. Shang got quick to his feet once again and headed towards their direction.

He stopped right in his tracks when he saw Mulan in the same red dress, when he found her on top of him when she had passed out. The sun shinned on her making her look like an angel in the light. "Shang!" She ran towards him and jumped into his arms. He caught her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I missed you so much." She whispered to him.

"I missed you too, I almost thought I lost you." They separated from each other's embrace and looked at each other.

"I'll never leave you." She then leaned into him and kissed him for the longest time. Mushu and Ho Chi happy were happy for them.

"Ok, ok.....Can we get out of here?" Said Mushu.

"Yeah..."Responded Shang as both him and Mulan still stared at each other.


They were all back at the palace and word get out through all the villages that she was alive and doing well, with a child on the way. There was a huge Celebration for them. Everyone was having a great time. Mulan and Shang meet many new people and meet back with old friends.

The party seemed to last a lifetime. When everyone left Mulan, Shang and the Emperor were left walking around the hallways of his palace.

"Well, Chi Fu is dead, the Orcs are gone and a new life is beginning." Said the Emperor. Mulan and Shang looked at each other and smiled as they continued walking with the Emperor down the hallway.

"I'm happy to be home without anything to worry about." Explained Mulan as she hugged Shang.

"As well as you should be, I mean you are more then just a hero now, you know."

Mulan laughed, "What do you mean?"

"You symbolize strength, courage and hope because what you have done for everyone in China. You also wear the necklace that shows that you can handle anything, you are the protector of the mighty dragon!" He said with wise words. "You'll be remembered through times of history, You'll become a legend, Mulan." He looked at the both of them and smiled, "You better get going home, it's getting late now." He bowed down to the two of them and headed off.

Mulan sighed and looked at Shang who looked happy as ever. "Let's go home Mulan!" He held out his hand so he could lead her out.

"Lets." With that she took his hand and they headed home.


It had been almost a year now and Mulan had a healthy baby girl, named Li Tang. Everything was back to normal and Mushu and Ho Chi would visit every so often to say hi. The gang had got married not to long ago. Sang and Tai were expecting their first child.

It was a calm spring morning and Mulan was outside carrying Tang in her arms. Tang was fast asleep in her arms. Her eyes were big and black, they resembled her mothers. She also had her mothers black silky hair.

As She slept Mulan walked over to the bench under the magnolia tree and sat down smiling down at her daughter.

"Mulan." Shang said getting Mulan's attention. Mulan looked up and smiled as he sat down next to her.

"Hi." She said in a whisper so she would not wake her sleeping daughter.

"Hi." He replied back as he kissed her on the check. "How are you?"

"Fine, Thanks. So how was the meeting at the palace?"

Shang sighed and rolled his eyes making Mulan giggle. "Well it was just the same old stuff, the whole time I was looking forward to coming home and seeing my beautiful wife and daughter." As they leaned into kiss, Mushu interrupted them.

"Hey! My God has she grown! Wow!" Mushu said screaming out as he ran towards her. Right behind him was Ho Chi shaking his head.

Mulan put a finger to her lip to hush Mushu, "Mushu...please, she's trying to sleep."

"Sorry, but let me see her." Mulan lowered her down a bit to show Mushu.

"Aw.....Let me hold her!" He demanded

Both Shang and Mulan laughed, "You wouldn't be able to hold she would squish you." Said Shang trying to hold back his laughs.

Mushu crossed his arms across his chest, "Fine, but I get to feed her then when she wakes up."

"All right." Answered Mulan. Shang put his arm around Mulan and looked at his baby girl.

"Wow, to think it was just yesterday that you joined the army, and now I'm married to you and have a daughter. I couldn't ask for anything more." Mulan turned around and smiled at Shang and placed a warm kiss on her husband's lips.

They suddenly stopped and something in the sky caught their eyes. It was dragons flying high in the sky roaring with happiness and pride. They both got up from their seats and stared at them with amazement.

Mulan and Shang looked down to see that Tang had the necklace in her tiny little hands and she giggled when it began to glow red.

Ho Chi noticed that Tang was holding the necklace, he smiled at her and said "It seems that she'll be the next protector of the dragons when she grows up." He then turned his gaze back up to the sky full of his dragon friends.

"Rah............" He roared up into the sky and almost all of them looked down at him and roared back.

"Where they going?" Asked Mulan still gazing up into the sky.

"No where far, we are going to live right near here so we will be able to see our protector and make sure nothing happens to you or your family." Mulan smiled with joy. "If that is all right with you?"

Mulan looked back at Shang and pleaded with puppy like eyes. "That's fine with me." Mulan ran over to him and hugged him lightly so she would not squish their baby between them. They looked down at Tang, She began to giggle with her mothers necklace still in her hands. Who would one day take her mothers place as the Protector and maybe even follow her mothers foot steps of adventure.

~The End~


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