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Chapter One : Who Knows Vacation Bring Trouble?

"So?", asked the raven haired teen. Kai raised an eyebrow, "What 'so'?" Tyson's eyes widened in disbelief, "So you mean we will go to a hotspring in vacation?" Kai and Mr.Dickenson only nodded. Max's mouth is opened in surprise, "Really?" Kenny send a deathglare to Tyson and Max, "How much should we tell you until you believed it?"

"Yay!", Tyson and Max tossed a high five, "What a good idea! Spend a week in the hotsprings!" Mr. Dickenson only smiled, "Well, of course you need to 'train' too." Tyson's jaw dropped, "WHAT? I thought we are going to take a peace vacation!" "Do you think I would go if it's only 'a peace vacation'?", asked Kai sarcatiscally. Tyson only pouted and Max chuckled at him.

Rei rolled his eyes, "So when will we leave?" Kenny answered, "Maybe about noontime." Max startled, "Noontime? But it's only two hours from now!!" Mr.Dickenson giggled, "We planned this to be a surprise. I only tell Kenny and Kai. So you guys really need to packing soon or else we will late for the bus." Kai leaned against the wall and sees the panic in Tyson and Max's eyes. Soon after Mr.Dickenson finished his sentences, Max and Tyson rushed to their room to packed their things.

Kai sighed. That two hyper child were panicking, as usual. He hide his grinns until his eyes meet the golden ones. The neko-jin was staring at him. He sure think that Rei was very cute, and yet.....beautiful. he quickly snapped his thoughts. Stupid! What did you think? He scolded himself. Rei was only his friend, nothing more! He was only his teammate. But why his heart pounded like crazy? Only hell knows why! Rei smiled at him and Kai was wonder if he was blushing at the time.

"Well, if so, I need to packing my things too.", and he leaved. Kenny and Mr.Dickenson staring at each other. Kenny started the conversation, "Wow, I am surprised enough. Max and Tyson were freaked out but Rei not." Mr.Dickenson nodded, "He was more mature now. And yet, have I mentioned that he was grown more beautiful these years?" Kenny grinned and nodded, "Yeah. And don't forget to mentioned more girly."

Kai nearly choked. What the hell was Mr.Dickenson and Kenny talked about? Kenny saw the expression in Kai's eyes and giggled, "Oh no Mr.Dickenson, I think someone jealous here." Mr.Dickenson raised his eyebrow, but laughed when he saw Kai. "Yo! Sorry for waiting!", said a cheerful voice behind them. It was Tyson and Max. They carried two large suitcase with them. Kenny gulped, "Oh my God, why did you bring so many things?"

Tyson only giggled, "Hehe.... I am only bring food here." Kai snorted. The stupid Tyson always bring food everywhere. He wonder how Tyson can keep that lot amount of food in his stomach. Max slapped Tyson's head, "You are greedy, Tyson!" Tyson pouted, "Aww Maxy. I just don't want to starve in the bus."

Max shrugged, "Whatever...."

"Sorry for keep you waiting, guys.", come a voice with a soft tone. They are all turned around and saw Rei carrying his luggage. It's a medium one. Not a super size like Tyson's and Max's. Mr.Dickenson let out a soft laugh, "Good. At least someone's normal here." Rei raised his eyebrow, "Normal?"

Tyson and Max only laughed while Rei blinked confusedly. And suddenly Kenny's voice interrupted them, "Hey guys! The bus are already here! Hurry up!!" The others nodded and followed him, carried they own luggage. Kai grabbed his suitcase and walked behind Mr.Dickenson. Rei smiled at him, "It seems it'll turned into a nice vacation, ne?"

Kai's heart were almost melted when he saw that expression. Oh man, growled him. It' seems more difficult than I think. Thank Kami that he could hide his blushed face under the blue triangles in his cheeks. Damn you, Rei! What's wrong with my heart? What's so annoying? He had grow rather fond with the Chinese teen since the Asian Tournament three years ago, while Max and Tyson seems being the closest friend all day. Kenny was still busy with Dizzi, and he worked harder since the second Asian Tournament will held soon. Maybe that's the reason why Mr.Dickenson offered them a nice vacation in the hotspring. To relax and training.

Three hours later, they finally arrived in the hotspring. Tyson's jaw dropped when he saw the inn, "Man! Is this the hotspring? It looks like a super luxurious one!" Mr.Dickenson chuckled, "My, my, of course Tyson. You are all Beyblade star now. You deserve the most luxurious vacation." Tyson hugged Max happily, "Finally, Max! Vacation! In such a luxurious place too!" Max patted Tyson's head, "Yeah, yeah, Tyson. But could you released me please?", he turned and blushed. Kai snorted. Stupid Tyson, mumbled him in his thoughts. "Oh sorry Maxy.", grinned Tyson foolishly and released the blonde teen. Mr.Dickenson nodded, "Okay guys. I will go home now. Remember, train harder. The second Asian Tournament is only two months again. I will come to take you home one months again. Good luck."

Kenny nodded, "Do not worried, Mr. Dickenson. We will take care ourself." "Yeah. Except Tyson.", teased Rei. Tyson pouted and send a deathglare to Rei while the Chinese teen laughed when he saw Tyson's dumb expression.

He loved it. He really loved it when Rei laughed. So innocent. So adorable. So cute. And yet, so beautiful... he snapped his thoughts again and scolded himself, What are you thinking, Kai? Your grandfather will kill you for sure if he knows that you fallen in love with another guy! How pathetic you are! Remember what your grandfather said? No feelings. No emations. Love only bring destructions to you. And until now he believes that. Until...

"Kai? Kai?", asked Kenny. Kai woke up from his daydreaming, "What is it, Kenny?" They are already inside the inn now. Kenny sighed, "Well, since Mr.Dickenson have booked two rooms for us, wouldn't you mind sharing room with Rei?" Kai nearly jumped when he heards that, but his face kept cold and emotionless, "With Rei?" Kenny nodded. Rai smiled warmly at him, "Don't worry, Kai. I am not talking in my sleep like Tyson."

Tyson pouted, "Hey, why did you used me as a sentence over and over?" Max poked his noce, "Because you are a good example, baka!" "You little..", growled Tyson. The recepcionist blinked, "What? This raven haired girl will have a boy as a roommate?" Tyson and Max laughed insanely until tears bursted in their eyes. Rei let out a small sigh. He always mistaken as a girl, expecially when he had grown up, "Sorry, miss. But I am a guy."

The recepcionist blinked once again and nodded shamefully, "I am sorry, sir. I- I just think.." "Haha.. do not mind, miss. I always mistaken by a girl.", said Rei. The recepcionist nodded and give Kenny their key room. Kenny give the other to Kai, and said, "Okay, Kai. We will meet again in the hall tomorrow. Enjoy yourself. Remember, tomorrow we will started practice." Tyson and Max followed Kenny as they three shared the room.

Kai nodded, "Hn." And watched his three comrades leave. He turned back at Rei, who was staring at him. Oh Kami, thought him. This is getting more difficult! Rei placed his hand in Kai's shoulder, "What's wrong, Kai? Kai?" Kai shook his head, "Nope. Let's get going.", said him coldly. Rei smiled at him and followed him to their room.

~ In The Other Room in the Inn~

Mariah pouted, "Mou! Why did we need to practice while we are having a vacation here?" Lee sighed and comforted her, "Okay then Mariah. Today you guys can relax. Tomorrow we will started practice." Gary and Kevin tossed a highfive and shouted, "Yes!!"

Lee sighed deeply, "We should not take this vacation. My grandfather ordered us to give this to Rei." And he looked at a white envelope in the table. Mariah raised an eyeberow, "An envelope? For Rei? What's inside it?", asked her with curiousity. Lee shook his head, "Why should I know? Grandfather says that we need to give it to him quickly."

Kevin whined, "Oh Lee. We even don't know where Rei is now. We can give him the envelope when we meets him again in the Asian Tournament, right?" Lee send a deathglare at Kevin, "Nope, Kevin. My grandfather said that it was really important." Mariah quickly grabbed the envelope and tried to peeked inside it. Gary growled, "Mariah, it's not so nice to peeked someone's else's things."

But it was too late. Even before Lee could put any warning, Mariah opened the envelope. Her jaw dropped when she sees what inside it. A picture. Gary, Kevin, and Lee run into her, tring to see what picture was inside it. It is a picture of a woman. A beautiful one. And more important, the woman was so damn similar to Rei! The woman have a golden eyes, a silk black hair tied in a ponytail just like Rei, only she looks more nature and she wears an outfit that was the traditional Chinese outfit with Sakura motive on it.

Mariah gasped,"Hey, there is a name on the picture!"

Lee raised an eyebrow and tried to read it, "Lin Ruiqiu."

Gary and Kevin stared at each other, "Lin Ruiqiu? Is that the name of the woman in the picture?", asked Gary. Kevin rolled his eyes, "And why is she so damn similar to Rei?"

Lee's face getting paled when he recognice it. And he speaks weakly, nearly whispered, "I have heard once... The name of Rei's mother before she got married is Lin Ruiqiu." Mariah looked again at the picture, "So what's the problem? Why did your grandfather wants us to delivered this woman's picture to Rei? If she was really Rei's mom, why did we need to give him the pictures. Maybe he already kept the picures of his so called maother."

Lee shook his head, "No. Rei has no idea who his mother was.."

Gary, Kevin, and Mariah blinked in surprise, "What does that mean?" Lee sighed, "Well, you see....Rei's mother died when he was very little.. and the people in our village take care of him. You remember?" The other three nodded. "For some reason, the village people never tell him who his mother was. He never meet, heard, or touche dhis mother. When I asked why he can't know about his mother, my grandfather said to me that he will know someday and the day when he know it it will caused eternal chaos."

Kevin blinked, "Eternal chaos? What is it?" Lee stared at the floor, "I dunno. My grandfather said that I need to tell Rei to phoned him when he received the envelope. It must be a very serious problem."

Kevin looked again at the picture and blushed. The woman was very beautiful. She was too similar with Rei. Those deep golden eyes, that black silk ponytail....he even can tell that they were twins if Lee had not explained to them. "Alright", sighed Mariah, "No time for vacation. I guess I will buy a juice now. I am thirsty.", and then she run outside the room.

Lin Ruiqiu. The name ringing in her head. She was Rei's mother... No wonder she looks very much like Rei...... But why did Lee's grandfather said that it was a big problem if Rei knows who is his mother? If so, why did Lee's grandfather send the picture to Rei now? What the hell happening here?

To Be Continued...............


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