Alison:Part I

Summary: Alison James is the daughter to major Jasper Whitlock-Hale-Cullen. She beholds many secrets-one that her mom-was human before being killed by Maria-her dad's maker. Alison is human with vampire genes in her form.

Jasper Whitlock-Hale-Cullen holds a huge property with his siblings-he is the 3 person in the house hold without a mate. Forgotten to mention he's a vampire.

Emmett Cullen-Vampire

Rosalie Hale-Human

Edward Cullen-Vampire

Bella Swan-Human

Peter Whitlock-Vampire-He his mated to Charlotte they knew Jasper before meeting with the Cullens.

Alice Cullen-Felix Volturi.

Carlisle Cullen-Esme Cullen



Demitri Volturi-he's mates to alison James.

Seth Clearwater-

Jacob Black




It was 3 months ago this epsiode had happen.

Alison was running for her life-away from Maria 2nd in commanding officers-she didn't mean to kill her. It just happen was so angry she was being captived-after her mom was killed by Maria.

"Come back here"shouted the other vampires.

Alison thinking to herself. "Come on we can go another mile"whispered Alison.

(On the huge property) Where several servants were working in the yard.

Major Jasper Cullen-and Major Peter Whitlock-he didn't want to change the last name. Where discussing something on the front porch.

Suddenly every heads were listening to a scream.

"Let me go! I'm going to kill you"shouted Alison screaming for her life.

Emmett,Seth,Edward,Jasper and Peter raced to the screaming.

2 seconds later saw the fighting

There were 8 vampires surround a young girl-who looks like 10 yrs old.

"You killed our maker-shall die"answered the vampire-#2

"I didn't mean too"answered Alison.

"Too bad,your going to die like Holly"answered-vampire #5

Jasper frozed at the mention of Holly's name being said.

Peter saw Jasper frozed. "Jasper"answered Peter.

Peter knew who Holly was to Jasper-his girlfriend of 3 years.

Holly she just left-didn't leave any thing left for Jasper to find her anywhere.

"You killed my mom"shouted Alison taking a swing at the vampires.

"Holly was in the way-protecting you from Maria. Our maker discovered who your daddy was"answered the 2nd commander.

"Let her go"answered several voices.

8 vampires turned saw the Cullens standing there.

"Uh! Oh"answered the several voices.

2nd commander looks at his fellow comrades. "what are you waiting for? Get them"shouted the commander.

Only 4 of the vampires surrendered to the cullens.

2 of them were killed

other 2 escaped.

Alison was brought into the house-well she was carried-legs gave out.

Rosalie,Alice,Bella and Charlotte met their mates inside the house.

Rosalie hissed at the guys. "Who is this?"hissed Rosalie.

"Rosalie"answered Emmett.

Jasper sighs to himself. "Alison is my daughter,Holly her mom-was killed by Maria my maker"answered jasper.

Gasps could be heard.

"Vampires reproduce-how can Holly maintain having to bear a child-usually humans will die in child birth"answered Carlisle.

Peter looks at Jasper for support.

Charlotte spoke up. "Holly was a witch and vampire,she has human DNA-and vampire genes into her"answered Charlotte.

"Holly probably used a spell to maintian her vampire genes"answered Peter.

Esme,Bella,Alice and Rosalie were curious.