It's already been a year since I moved out of Chiba and now I'm starting my second-year in university. When my parents received the notice that I got a scholarship to the prestigious University of Tokyo. A university well-known for shaping its students to capable and successful individuals. They thought of this as the best opportunity for their son to stop acting like trash and actually develop into a real person. They wouldn't budge and forced me to attend. My scumbag father even said that if I didn't attend, he would make my life a living hell. It sounded really scary at the time given that he had an aura of some game's true final boss. I think I even felt some miasma or something emanating around him. Since I was completely under-leveled and had no equipment whatsoever, I had no choice but to give in. I bet in truth, he just wanted me out of the house, so he could dote on Komachi even more. What a daughter-con. I'm your first born son damn it!

On the other hand, my mother was actually hesitant about it. She wasn't sure if I could survive living by myself. She actually worries about my well-being. How touching! That would be nice if that really was the case. In truth, all she was worried about was my inability to cook, clean, or do anything at all. After all, I've always relied on Komachi for food and chores. After some persuasion from my father and me being forced to undergo a two week crash course on chores and such, she eventually gave in.

The hardest to convince was Komachi. When she first heard the news, she started bawling her eyes out. It was as if she watched Anohana and Clannad all in one night. I guess it shows how much she cares about me. I did tell her that one summer that I had no real reason to leave home. It took like an hour for her to calm down. With seemingly crimson eyes, she finally agreed. She only had one condition though, I would have to visit twice a month while contacting her every Tuesday and Saturday. Just how much is she worried about me!? It's really sweet that she cares about me and all, but that's going way too far. I really didn't have it in me to decline. I mean how could a big brother decline a request like that from his cute little sister. Distance will never destroy a sibling relationship anyway.

Since my entire family agreed to it and apparently my own opinion doesn't matter, it was decided that I would attend Tokyo University. The only remaining problem at that time really was informing Yukinoshita and Yuigahama. To my surprise, they took it surprisingly well. They were proud of me. They were happy that I had a chance to attend a prestigious university . All they asked of me of was that our relationship would never reset. After all we've been through, that would be impossible. It was reassuring that they valued our relationship this much.

Why was I reminiscing so much again? Oh yeah, Hiratsuka-sensei invited me to a ramen place close by. She remembered her promise to me during that summer vacation. I think it was when I was craving ramen. I happened to stumble upon her while she was at a wedding. I vaguely remember how pathetic she looked. It somehow ended up with her treating me and a promise to treat me again once I graduate. Knowing her and her salary, she kept on rescheduling it. Today was finally the day she was ready to treat me. Well, I better get on my way or else she's gonna kick my ass.

I lift myself up from the couch and began walking to the bathroom to take a shower. At least this apartment is relatively spacious. With one small sized bedroom with all my personal needs, a large living room with a study table, a couch and some chairs, a fully functional small kitchen and a bathroom. I have no idea how my parents got me this apartment, but I sure am glad they did. The only thing that's weird is that I have an extra futon lying around. Komachi was so persistent on getting an extra one. After my shower, I just wore some decent clothes and began to leave the apartment.

After a short commute, I finally made it to the address she told me about. I have no idea whatsoever what she's doing in Tokyo. When I arrived, I took notice of the ramen store in front of me. It gave an authentic and traditional feel of a classic ramen stall. Even the exterior was completely made out of traditional wood and such. As I entered I noticed that here was one huge square table with a kitchen in the middle. The fragrant scent of delicious ramen filled the room as well. I seriously can't wait to eat!

As I was scanning the room to look for Hiratsuka-sensei, I noticed the number of couples in here. I mean seriously, there's not a single person eating by their lonesome. Is this ramen place known only to couples or something!? While I was internally ranting, someone suddenly came and hit me on the back.

"Hey there Hikigaya! Looks like you made it." The person who was obviously Hiratsuka-sensei said.

"You did say today was finally the day you were gonna treat me. Besides, if I was late, you would have probably kicked my ass."

"Sorry about that, it's been pretty hectic back in Chiba."

"Not hectic enough apparently since you're still single."

I instantly regret saying that. I could see her readying her fist. It's been how long and I still don't learn. Out of instinct, I instantly ducked and stepped to the side. Luckily, I was able to avoid her wrath.

"Tch, you got better at reacting."

"It's like you seriously wanted to hit me."

"Of course I wanted to, last time I saw you was when you were leaving for Tokyo. It's our reunion and the first thing you do is make fun of me."

"Sorry about that, it was out of habit."

"Anyway, let's start eating already. I'm getting hungry."

All I could do was agree with her since I was also hungry. We were able to find two seats close to the chef. As we were sitting down, I was curious why she was all the way here in Tokyo knowing her and how her social life is. Well, I'm not one to talk in regards to that but whatever.

"Why are you even Tokyo anyway sensei?"

"Oh, I was planning to meet up with some friends. I then remembered you were here, so I might as well treat you now."

"Fair point."

We then began to shout out our order since this place was a traditional ramen place. I decided to go with Kona-otoshi while sensei ordered hari-gane. To kill time, we decided to talk about what we've been doing since the last time we saw each other. I've never really understood the notion of talking about yourself after not seeing each other for a long time. I never expected in my whole life that I would leave Chiba and go to somewhere like Tokyo.

"How're your studies going Hikigaya?"

"Why's that the first question you ask me?"

"I mean you are a scholar after all. It would all be meaningless if you were failing everything. It defeats the purpose of a scholarship if you don't give any effort."

"It's been this long and you're still lecturing me."

"It's not like you don't appreciate and make use of it right?"

Damn it. She's got me there. I can't count the number of times she helped me during my high school years. Despite all the number of times I messed up, she would just keep on lecturing, scolding and reprimanding me.

"N-not really." Why the hell was I embarrassed to say that!?

"Still can't be honest huh. You've always been like that. Guess you haven't changed as much."

"Of course I haven't changed. If I changed myself that easily, it was like I had no identity at all in the first place. Changing yourself just to please others is something only desperate insecure people would do." I miss this feeling of ranting. I've been all alone in university that I've kept everything to myself.

"Still as cynical as ever I see."

"Enough about that, how's Komachi doing?" She should be in her 3rd year by now. She doesn't force me to contact her anymore due to the amount of workload we both have. I haven't been able to visit recently either. I wonder if she's doing fine?

"She's nowhere as problematic as you were. She's maintaining her academics and social life just fine despite being Student Council President."

"Looks like I have no reason to worry about her then." I said with a proud feeling in me. Onii-chan is so proud of you Komachi.

"You really dote on her way too much."

"Shut up. I'm her older brother, so of course it's natural for me to be proud of her."

"By the way, Isshiki passed her entrance test to Tokyo University."

Wait, that sly fox who always relied on me for student council work? That sly manipulative kouhai applied to Tokyo University?

"Are you serious?" That was all I could say since I was so surprised about it.

"Yeah, it's true. You may not realize it, but you had a big impact on her life."

Big impact? I tricked her into becoming student council president while being her servant to take responsibility for forcing presidency onto her. That's all I really did for Isshiki.

"How could I have motivated her into applying into one of the top universities of the country?"

"I don't know really. Ever since you all graduated, she's been spending all her time studying while still properly fulfilling her duties as student council president."

I seriously didn't expect her to end up like that. I thought she would just leisurely spend her high school life while using her position as student council president as credit to get into university.

After that, we just spent the remainder of the time eating while chatting about menial things. It was getting late, so the both of us decided it was time to leave already.

"Thanks for the treat sensei."

"Pleasure's all mine Hikigaya. It was fun talking to you."

"I have to head home now so bye" She said as she began to walk farther into the distance.

I might as well head home too. It was getting late and I really wanted to sleep. Good thing all I have are afternoon classes tomorrow. After the commute, I finally made it back to my apartment. I can finally get some good deserved sleep. As I was walking towards my room, I noticed a silhouette near my door. It was a short and petite figure of probably a girl. It's pretty late so I'm sure that all the neighbors should be asleep. Damn it, now I'm worried. What kind of person would have any business with me? Whatever, I probably won't be attacked anyway. I'll just tell them to leave so I can finally get some sleep. As I was thinking that, the figure suddenly turned towards me. The person then began running towards me. Now I'm really worried.

"Senpaiiiiiii!" I heard a shout towards my direction. Senpai? I'm pretty sure I don't interact with anyone at the university. There's only one person that comes to mind who would call me that.

There it was, in front of me was Isshiki Iroha. A person I haven't since I graduated. She was standing in front me wearing a red blouse and a white cardigan along with her beige colored skirt. What is she doing here? Is she also carrying luggage? Now I'm just confused.

"First things first, why are you here Isshiki?"

"Isn't it obvious senpai? It's the start of the year and I need a place to stay since I'm now attending Tokyo University." How the hell can you say that with a straight face. Is she saying that she wants to stay in my apartment!?

"I can understand that part, but why do you want to stay with me?" There's no way she can live with me. What is she even thinking? Coming to the apartment of a guy living by himself.

"There's no one I know who lives in Tokyo. The dorms aren't an option either since my parents think it's too expensive. I then remember Hiratsuka-sensei saying you're living by yourself in Tokyo. So logically, living with you would be the best option!"

"How are your parents even fine with this?" How would they be fine with sending their daughter to basically live with a stranger for four years of university?

"Oh that was easy! I just told them that I had a senpai living in Tokyo and that they're fine with me staying with them as long as I help with the chores and stuff."

I wasn't even informed about any of this let alone agree with it! What the hell is this girl thinking?

"Hey, I didn't agree even agree with any of this. Your parents don't even know that I'm the senpai you're referring to."

"They never asked whether the senpai was a guy or a girl, so it's their fault! Besides, knowing you, you wouldn't have the heart to decline me. Especially if you knew that I have nowhere else to sleep."

Damn. When did she get this sly? How is she not even flustered by what she's saying? It is true that if she seriously has nowhere else to stay, my place would be the only logical option. Guess I have no choice.

"We'll discuss this tomorrow, but for now get in so we can sleep." I can't believe I'm actually doing this...

"Thanks senpai!" she cheered as we started to enter my apartment.

Well, there goes my peace.