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Every time I look at my ring finger, I'm still filled with disbelief every time. I just can't fully comprehend the fact that I'm wearing an engraved golden ring, basically a wedding ring. It's pretty ironic that the same person who was disgusted with the life cemetery called marriage is now indulging himself in the same thing he used to loathe.

Well at the very least, I managed to actually become a house-husband, well partially. Due to our current circumstances, I'm required to work at home for at least the next 2 years while also doing my responsibilities at home.

I have to admit though, it's pretty troublesome to arrange a wedding. Behind the dazzling light projected by this ceremony is a hell load of formalities that need to managed properly. Since Iroha was still finishing up her fourth year of university, the responsibility of setting everything up was given to me. From the renting of a church to the preparations of the after party, all on my shoulders. Well, Iroha was in charge of sending the invitations to the guests and the purchase of the wedding rings since she didn't trust me with it.

We could've actually dealt with all of this at a later date, but Iroha was so insistent on having our marriage as her graduation gift which is honestly a weird decision. Even though I tried to convince her that we shouldn't rush it, she kept on pestering me about it which eventually left me no choice but to give in. So for a whole month after Iroha's graduation, I was busy preparing for the whole wedding while Iroha went on job hunting. I have to say that was one of the most difficult months I've ever faced, but I guess it was worth it since the ceremony went off without a hitch. Honestly though, it probably would've been a complete mess if I didn't ask help from Komachi, Yukino, Yui and Ryoko...

Now, it's been a whole week since then yet I feel no difference in our lifestyle whatsoever despite being newlyweds. I guess it's inevitable since we've been living together for almost 4 years now. The only thing that really changed is that Iroha is under my family registry now. Though it feels a bit unreal that she's now Hikigaya Iroha...

"Hachiiii breakfast~" I hear a drowsy voice say as a half-dressed young petite flaxen haired woman comes out from the bedroom. Oh would you look at that, it's my wife.

Right now, seeing her sloppy behavior, no one would be able to believe that she managed to land multiple job offers in various big-named companies despite recently graduating. At this point, I don't even want to know how she did it. Due to the many options she has however, she decided take a week-long break before accepting any. Postponing the problem eh, I've taught you well.

"Yes, yes. I'll get to it." I tell her as I stand up from the couch. She simply responded with a cheerful smile right before launching herself towards the couch. Seems like she wants to catch up on some more sleep. I swear that she's more of a slob than me at this point. Now, I somewhat understand how Komachi felt all those years ago.

Oi, I can already hear you snoring. Just how much sleep do you need? It won't even take me 20 minutes to prepare breakfast. Honestly, anyone would be irritated at this kind of behavior this early in the morning. Even I got annoyed by it the first few times. Although after witnessing the same thing over and over again every morning for nearly half a decade, I don't even bother complaining anymore. Also, I get to see her sloppy yet adorable sleeping face, so I guess it's not that bad.

As I was making my way towards the kitchen, a framed picture hanging by the wall caught my attention. It was a picture of me carrying Iroha during our wedding. I even remember how much she nagged me to do it despite clearly saying that I was against doing it. Still though, it's a pretty good picture especially since Iroha looks so beautiful in her white wedding dress. I'm honestly not the best person when it comes to complimenting appearances, but the sight of Iroha in a wedding dress truly left be breathless. Also, I sure look pretty damn handsome in that white tuxedo if I do say so myself.

What's most surprising and honestly relieving in this picture however is the fact that I have a huge cheeky grin on my face, something completely uncharacteristic of me. I don't know what went over me, but I somehow ended up having that smile on my face the exact moment Komachi decided to take a picture of us. I have to say though, the fact that I'm wearing a heartfelt smile of happiness with a grinning Iroha in my arms just proves how I made the right choice. Given my circumstances back then, it really could've been anyone, but I decided to pick her. And now, I don't regret making that decision whatsoever. In fact, it's safe to say I'm happy a picked this sly cheeky brat as my partner.

It is our right to desire happiness after all, more specifically, that genuine thing. And it's reassuring that I have her by my side as we struggle to find. I couldn't ask for anything more actually. Well, sincerely speaking, there might be a few things I kinda wanna get right now...

"Breakfast...pancakes...omelettes...rice balls..." A sleep talking voice says which promptly snapped me out of my trance of nostalgia. Just how hungry is she to the point that she's now dreaming about food? Well, she must be real tired considering that we were at it for quite some time last night...

I have to go cook breakfast now.

I promptly entered the kitchen, put on the black apron I received as a gift from Iroha and began cooking. Given the amount of time I've spent in this kitchen for the past few years, it was no challenge for me to prepare some grilled fish and miso soup enough for two. After placing everything onto the dining table, all I have to do now is wake up my sleeping wife.

When I made it to couch, she was still sleeping with her right hand covering her eyes. I guess it became a habit of hers since she hates being blinded by sunlight in the morning. Seeing her right now, it would be such such a shame if someone were to disturb this peaceful slumber of hers.

"Oi wake up already!" I yell at her while violently shaking her body in hopes of waking her up. Given how in the past I used to be on the receiving end, I have to admit it feels pretty fun to wake up someone with this method. I now understand how Komachi felt all those years ago.

After a whole minute, she finally started opening her eyes.

"Good morning... Is breakfast ready?" She calmly says with a yawn as she starts getting up from the couch. Despite what just happened, she seems unfazed by what I just did to her. I was hoping to see some kind of reaction from her today. Oh well...

"Yeah it's ready." Once I tell her that, she stretches her arms a bit before slowly walking towards the dining table which prompted me to do the same.

With the two of us now seated, we said our thanks and began eating breakfast. Unlike the other times we eat together, breakfast is the only meal we share in complete silence. Iroha isn't a morning person after all despite her usual lively appearance. Although apparently, every time she eats food prepared by me, she gets this sudden burst of energy or at least that what she says. I know that's simply an exaggeration, but she keeps on insisting that it's factually true. As if 'cooking made with love' could possibly have just a drastic effect on people's physical state. The way she eats with such a smile on her face is a refreshing sight to see however.

After the two of us finished eating, we decided to wash the dishes later and just ended up relaxing in the living room with books and cans of MAXX coffee close by. As always, she's clinging onto me on this fairly small couch as if she's sloth. I thought you were supposed to be a fox? Well anyways, we continued to do this for roughly half an hour before Iroha decided to start up a conversation.

"Hey Hachi?"


"What's our plan now?"

"Weren't you the one who proposed to stay in Tokyo for 2 more years before we head back to Chiba? It's not like we plan to stay here in Tokyo for the rest of our lives."

"I know I said that, but I have this feeling that I really wanna go back there. I mean, I don't even like it that much in Tokyo anymore. The only reason I came to this city was because of you after all."

"I get what you mean. This place is way too packed with lifeless office workers and needlessly giant skyscrapers. I miss the simple beauty that is Chiba."

"Also, it's practically just the two of us here now. Even Ryoko-senpai decided to move out of Tokyo once her boyfriend graduates."

"I do remember her mentioning that. Although, we can't afford to do the same given our circumstances. I mean first you have to-"

"Yeah yeah, I know, I know. Since you're so set on being a househusband, I have to be the one who works. And for us to actually have a decent future, I need to get experience here in Tokyo. I know we've been over this before, but I just can't help but feel a bit insecure about it all."

"Don't worry about it so much. Let's just do what we have to do first and worry about all that stuff later. Besides, if anything ever comes up, we have each other right?"

The moment I said that, an expression mixed with awe and astonishment appeared on Iroha's face. Hey, stop giving me that look as if I said something completely stupid!

"It's surprising to actually hear positive words come out of your mouth Hachi. Usually you would say something cynical, sleazy or pessimistic in this situation."

"W-Well, t-there are times that I-"

"I get it, I get it. No need to get so flustered y'know? Though hearing you say stuff like that starting to get pumped up. If it's for the sake of our future, I guess I can endure all the problems that are gonna come up. Just make sure you spoil me even more!"

"Haven't I been doing that for years now?"


We then shared a laugh together after all that serious talk. Honestly this is where most relationships meet their downfall, where they just mindlessly enjoy the present while disregarding the future. And when that topic is brought up, they constantly ignore it instead of doing something about it which only further breaks their bond.

Hmm, I guess Yui was right when she said that talking it out is important when it comes to relationships. I mean, Iroha and I can practically talk about anything without the need to act reserved. It just became like that naturally. Speaking of which, there is something I've been meaning to ask Iroha about...

"So, when do you wanna make a kid?" My face was then instantly covered with a pillow with a hefty amount of force being applied to it. Are you trying to suffocate me!? Hey stop that, it's getting hard to breathe!

After a few moments of struggling, I was finally able to get the pillow off of me. I was then met with an image of Iroha blushing furiously as I was trying to catch my breath.

"Y-You don't just blurt out stuff like that senpai!" She attempted to scold me despite her obvious embarrassment. She even reverted back to calling me senpai due to the shock of it. What's so surprising about asking her this anyway? Given our previous conversation, naturally the topic of creating a family would eventually come up. Also, we shouldn't be embarrassed about something like that anymore given how many times we've done it already.

"You're the one who said early on that you wanted a family." Creating a family is no joke after all. It comes with a myriad of responsibilities, so this topic shouldn't be taken so lightly.

Kids huh.

The thought has never really occurred to me before. I mean, having children are sometimes thought of as symbols of achievements and self-satisfaction or means of gaining wealth and benefits. I obviously don't have that mindset, but I never gave it any serious consideration before. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually enjoy the act of parenting. Before I can get anywhere near there though, I have to get through this first.

"I know I said that but still... You have no delicacy as always!"

After waiting a couple of minutes, she finally managed to calm down at the expense of me giving up my own MAXX coffee. She then took a sip of her MAXX coffee before turning back to me.

"Ahem, it's best to do it once we settle in Chiba. I don't want to be pregnant while working here in Tokyo. That's just gonna cause more problems for the both us."

"I guess you have a point there. Though who knew you could still get embarrassed like that. I thought you were already mature?"

"Oh shut it Hachi. This only rarely happens, so don't get so cocky. I mean if anything, you're the one who's not mature!"

"For your information, I am perfectly mature. I complain, I rant, I procrastinate and I-"

"You know what, forget I said that. I give up, you win."

"Good to see that you finally understand."

Iroha then just sighed as a sign that it's pointless to continue to petty conversation any longer. I then continued to wallow in my victory until she suddenly grasped my hand as she brought her face closer to mine.

Seeing her eyes sparkle right in front me along with her glistening lips, I couldn't resist anymore and ended up succumbing to my desire. I then caught her off guard by initiating the kiss, something that rarely rarely ever happens. She was a bit taken back at first, but enjoyed it nonetheless. This continued on for a couple of minutes before we finally separated from each other.

"I really do love you Hachi."

"I love you too Iroha."

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