CH 29 The International Confederation of Witches and Wizards

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Saturday morning, Ginny woke up. Minerva was making little noises. Ginny looked at the two small mountains that her breasts had become, tight because they were full of milk. She gently poked Harry. "Time to get up and give Minerva to me, Harry."

"Oh, … Waa? What? Minerva?" sputtered Harry.

Ginny noted with love and satisfaction how Harry pulled himself out of bed, changed Minerva, and handed the baby to her. Harry promptly fell back asleep.

Ginny looked at Minerva, asleep at her breast. She had thoroughly emptied the fullest of her breasts, but the one Minerva was on had plenty of milk left. Ginny gently rubbed her hand on Harry's thigh, just touching that marvelous organ that was lying limp between his legs.

Harry opened his eyes. "I need you this morning, Harry," Ginny purred.

Harry did a well-rehearsed series of spells, shaving, cleaning his teeth and freshening his breath, and giving him the endurance he needed to satisfy his horny wife. Then he took the baby, changed her, and put her back to bed. By the time he was done he was turned on, an absolutely delightful feeling. Satisfying Ginny took some time, but Harry was not complaining.

Ginny knew that part of the reason she was so horny this morning was due to the dream yesterday morning. She was always ready for sex, but whenever she felt insecure she had, she had been told, sublimated the anxiety into her need to have Harry make love to her. From being the youngest, smallest, and she thought vastly overprotected only girl in the family, to being the fourth person in a trio when Harry, Ron and Hermione were gone before the Battle of Hogwarts, to all the things that had happened to her and her family afterwards, Ginny knew she had plenty of reasons to be anxious or worried.

"Minerva did not finish on this side," Ginny coyly whispered.

Harry gladly sucked on the too full breast, while at the same time touching her other breast in a most erotic motion. The other hand was down where he would go in and the babies came out, pleasure on top of pleasure. Ginny remembered one particularly intense session of love making, Years before, when Albus was a baby. They felt they could not wait until Albus emptied her breasts. Ginny remembered an intense orgasm, with milk squirting all over. It was absolutely delightful, very messy, and somewhat silly, all at the same time.

Then Albus woke up frantic, and she didn't have quite enough milk to satisfy him, and she spent the next day letting Albus nurse. From then on, she made sure the baby was fed before sex.

With the subtle motions that long time lovers have, Ginny indicated that it was time for Harry to go into her.

And he did.

And she wallowed in the pleasure of two bodies moving against each other, Harry not climaxing until he could tell that she was beyond satisfied.

Life was VERY good.

Harry looked at Ginny, still in awe of her sexual appetite. He had no reason to complain. "You do not have to be anywhere until the formal opening of the International Confederation tonight," Harry explained. "As delightful as this is, I do have meetings the rest of the day. We have to be at breakfast in half an hour, although I can explain if you are too tired and want to miss it."

"Think you've worn me out, Potter," Ginny kidded. "You are good, but not that good. Not this morning, anyway."

Harry laughed.

Harry and Ginny ate with Albus, Rose, Cleopatra and Scorpius again. The Magical Local was handed to Harry and Albus, and as Ginny settled Minerva in the pram Harry looked at the paper. "Brenda is at it again," he informed the others at the table. Harry duplicated the front section of the paper so everyone could read the article.

"Cleopatra Potter, our next Queen?" the headline read.

Harry and Ginny both looked at the children. Albus was obviously mortified. Rose and Scorpius seemed to be amused. Cleo was just beaming, like this was good news.

"Subtle she's not," Ginny whispered to Harry, looking at Cleo.

"Thank you, oh, Mistress of Subtly," Harry kidded back.

The article continued,

"Cleopatra Smith, the fat girlfriend of Albus Potter, has continued her self-appointed task of placing juvenile flags all over the kingdom. From the comments she has made, and her responses to the questions of others, it is obvious that she wants to be queen of this magical place. Albus goes along with this farce, despite his tender years.

Unfortunately, Cleo has no idea how to dress properly. All her dresses have these huge pockets, as if she is trying to be Mrs. Kangaroo instead of a queen. Whoever buys clothes for her obviously has no fashion sense."

"Clothes have to have pockets," Cleo declared. "Boys clothes have pockets. The dungarees that Aunt Luna sometimes wears have plenty of practical pockets, which is why she wears them. If I have to wear something other than a dress, then colorful dungarees like Aunt Luna would be ideal.

"Besides, I'm not trying to be queen or anything. I just want the place to look nice."

Rose looked in horror at Cleo. Style, looking good, was serious business. Cleo's dresses, for all their faults, were the heights of style compared to the strange clothing Aunt Luna frequently wore.

The article continued,

"There is no guarantee that Albus will become the next ruler, something he at least freely acknowledges.

When you consider their family history, and despite their tender years, I would expect a marriage before Albus and Cleo leave Hogwarts, with offspring less than nine months later. Albus' mother, the notorious 'we do it three times a day' Ginny Potter, was married on her seventeenth birthday. Ginny's mother Molly is only one of a large number of ancestors famous for getting pregnant young, and getting married after they were pregnant.

"You REALLY do it three times a day, Mum Potter?" a wide-eyed Cleo asked, beaming ear to ear.

Ginny thought back to the previous night, a dreamy look on her face. Her usual need for Harry was intense, after the prophesy or dream that morning, and she indicated that she wanted them to sleep coupled together, something they could do with spells. About two hours after they both fell asleep she felt Harry again, and before they finally separated he had come again, to her great satisfaction.

"DO you do it three times a day, Mum Potter?" reiterated Cleo.

"Not very often," Ginny confessed. "Even once a day can get hard with a baby, and busy schedules, although I try. I will have to admit to enjoying the benefits of married love."

"Benefits like sex," Rose quipped. "Miss Starr is not talking about love as much as she is talking about sex."

"Your husband inside you, and then a baby inside you," Cleo sighed.

"I don't want anything to do with that unless I get married, and I don't want to get married until after Hogwarts and college, and maybe graduate school," Rose firmly announced. Rose had seen animals mate. She still was not convinced she would want to let any male do that to HER.

Saturday after breakfast, the International Conference of Witches and Wizards convened. Elves were also meeting, but the two groups seldom met together.

All the students who had learned Elfish, along with their Elves, were at the International Confederation of Witches and Wizards. At first, they were mostly with their national groups, and in fact had quite a bit of free time. Albus and Rose took Scorpius and Cleopatra to church on Sunday. After church Albus announced, "We do not have anything scheduled this afternoon. Sometime tomorrow all of us raised with Elves are going to meet, but today is free.

"I would like to go over all the things you did to change the castle," Scorpius declared. "I am going to find out who I should give my report to. Maybe I can even give it to the newspapers, to tell them what you did."

Albus agreed, "It would be a good idea to give the reporters a report every day. That way they will learn to listen to you, and maybe even trust you."

During much of their free time, Cleo and Albus would lighten the colors and make other changes in various rooms and hallways of the castle. Rose would help with her great sense of color and style. Scorpius would document all that he could, and give reporters a brief list of the changes, and sometimes why they made the changes, at least once a day.

Harry was back at his and Ginny's quarters about eight Sunday evening. Ginny greeted Harry with a huge hug and kiss, and kept at it for some time. Harry enjoyed the physical closeness, but also recognized the tension that caused Ginny to want him more than she normally did so he pondered out loud, "Ginny, love, I think something is bothering you. I just know that when something disturbs you instead of crying or getting clingy you have a tendency to want lots of sex.

"I'm not complaining at all! You have always been a strong woman, able to handle anything. I just wonder what has you so disturbed."

Ginny replied, "The attack on Albus and the others bothers me. In addition, I think a prophesy just came to me, a dream that gets clearer instead of less clear. I've talked to Sibylla about it every day since it happened Friday morning.

"In the dream Albus and Cleo are coming out of a passageway in one of the Himalayan Mountains. Albus was holding a very important Chrystal Ball, and Cleo was holding her dead baby, our grandchild. They both looked worse than you did after The Battle of Hogwarts, and you looked just awful."

"You did say that I looked awful," Harry giggled, "just before you told me to take off all my clothes."

"I didn't want you to strip naked …" Ginny paused, "Well, I probably DID want you to strip naked and after you were clean get naked myself and make love the rest of the afternoon. Noble git. You made me wait until after we were married."

Harry tried to bring the subject back to the prophesy with, "We were talking about the prophesy, not getting naked."

Ginny grumbled, "They think it MIGHT be a prophecy, but they are not sure. I want to do something and they do not think I should tell anyone or do anything about it except tell the prophets so they can record it.

"It is a lot more fun doing than waiting. Bollox and boggarts and words about bodily functions I should not be saying, especially in front of the children."

Harry laughed.

Ginny scowled.

"Stripping naked at sixteen is a safer topic?" Harry asked.

"We have children too close to sixteen, and nieces and nephews already there," Ginny pointed out. "As a parent I'm not eager for OUR children to get naked and … and … "

Ginny took a deep breath. "I don't think I will mind being grandmum to Teddy and Victoire's children, but I'm not eager to be grandmum to Albus and James's children. Not yet."

Harry's Magi Mobil vibrated, and he glanced at it. Neville Longbottom wanted to talk when Harry was free. So within the hour he made time to break away and call Neville. "Why the message, Neville, that you did not feel it could wait?"

Neville explained, "Tom Riddle Hanley is taking an eighth year, which is not a problem. He wants to live in the Slytherin dormitory, which is a problem. They have room, but our standard is that all eighth year and beyond students live in the older student housing. Besides, he has a light load of classes, and I do not trust him. Several of the other teachers do not like it either.

"We would just tell Tom no, but he and his father have appealed to the Hogwarts Board."

"Albus and I have talked about Tom, and I don't like it either. My vote is no, and you can tell any other Board members that I am firmly opposed to bending the rules for Tom," Harry confirmed. "Albus is going to have enough trouble with the other Slytherin students without having Tom to fight with as well."

"That is what I thought you would say," Neville replied. "I just needed to hear you say it. Thank you.

"Tom's still at the castle, mucking around, and we cannot always see where he is on the maps. You and Albus are going to have your hands full next year, I predict. Minerva and I would really appreciate it if you and Albus could be here before school starts."

"Albus and the other children need to stay in Switzerland for about three weeks, Neville. I will be there before the students get back, and then we will be there well before school starts."

"Thank you, Harry."

Monday, the third day of the conference, the Elf Galadriel Lothlorien approached the four Hogwarts students at breakfast. She sat down at the table, and announced, "This afternoon after lunch all of the students who have been raised with Elves will be meeting. We will have all nine Elves and eighteen students, and we want Cleopatra and Scorpius to be added to our numbers. We also intend to include Rosa, the Elf they have been raised with."

Albus inquired, "Nine? Your sister Luthien and Thorin the Goblin are always with you."

Galadriel responded, "The formula is two Magi Children with one Elf, but you are correct, Albus. Here at the center of the world of the magical beings the three of us have always been part of these meetings.

"We would like to make plans for all of us to attend Hogwarts in the fall, the Magi and the Elves."

Albus agreed, "We really want to have all the students at Hogwarts. Scorpius and I would like as many in Slytherin as possible, to help us change the character of the house. I do know that you can ask the Sorting Hat to put you in a house. I cannot guarantee that everyone will be in Slytherin."

Galadriel pondered the situation. "My sister and I are in Ravenclaw, and Thorin is in Gryffindor. We can only do so much to change the magic of the sorting.

"What if you are not eleven by the first of September?"

Albus assured Galadriel, "Even if they are not old enough, there is still a school on the Hogwarts grounds for them. Since several of the professors have children there is a primary school for them, and some of the children from Hogsmeade attend full or part time as well.

"I believe Nukka Senda Eseven will only be ten the first of September, as well as Hermann Brandt. Everybody else will be eleven or twelve."

Galadriel then cautioned, "Albus, none of the other children have met Cleopatra or Scorpius. They have been meeting you and Rose for years. Your relationship to Cleo and Scorpius has been noticed, and not always favorably, by the others. Integrating them into the group may not be easy."

Albus asserted, "It needs to be done, though. It is not like any of the girls was a girlfriend."

Galadriel responded, "More than one ambitious mother would have been delighted if their daughter ended up marrying you, and ambitious parents are already complaining that after spending all this time together you are not turning to their children when you anointed a spokesman, or have a best friend that is a girl."

Al sighed in relief. "It is just the parents, then."

Galadriel shook her head no. "It is not just the parents, Albus. Do not be that naive, or trusting. All four of you be aware that your friendship with Cleo and Scorpius is not universally viewed as a good thing.

"You may not have seen it in your interactions, but your peers in this group are very competitive. A lot of simmering conflicts may become very visible when you are at Hogwarts."

Scorpius declared, "I do not have to stay the group's spokesperson. Let me know what you want me to do, Albus."

"Thanks for offering," Albus responded. "I am not sure I will say one way or another about you being the spokesman for the large group of Magi and Elves. If asked I will just say that you have been the spokesman for the four of us, nothing more."

"That makes sense," Scorpius agreed. "If the larger group needs a spokesperson it should be someone who has been in your group from the beginning."

"It looks like we will have another eventful year," Albus announced. "I feel the school year is really starting this afternoon."

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