Bellwether smirked as she raised the Night Howler gun. "I'm not going to kill you, Judy," She snarled, aiming it at Nick's gaping face.
Judy's eyes widened in horror as the tiny blue ball shot from the gun and hit Nick's furry red neck with a crack of blue that splattered around the surrounding fur. The rabbit fell beside her partner, mouth wide in horror as Nick collapsed onto the ground and shook, thrashing and convulsing. "Judy!" He managed to gasp out before pain overcame him and he literally howled in agony.

"Nick! Nick, fight it! You are stronger than this, this isn't you, Nick!" Judy said hurriedly, biting her lip as Nick recoiled in pain.
"Make it stop, please, oh god, oh god..." Nick pleaded, whimpering. Nick didn't whimper.

Dawn Bellwether rubbed her forehead in exasperation. "Just give in, already, you stupid fox. One way or another the liquid will sink in, so there's no point in trying to stay sane."

"You leave him alone, Bellwether!" Judy screamed, glaring at the petite sheep standing innocently from above. Dawn was on her phone, smirking.
"Yes, please hurry to the museum! We've got a Savage fox! Officer Hopps is down, too!" She squeaked out, feigning terror. Judy's lip curled into an ugly scowl.
"You monster."

Dawn raised an eyebrow, hanging up the call with a click. "I'm not the monster, Judy. He is."

Turning to her friend, who... well...
Nick had changed, apparently. He was baring his teeth and his claws unsheathed. Judy yelped in fear and jumped away from the sharp claws that slammed into the ground where she had previously been. This isn't Nick. It isn't. This is the Nigh Howlers and Bellwether- not Nick. Not Gideon Grey. It's the liquid. Judy repeated the sentence in her head a few times, dodging oncoming blows.

The bloodthirsty look contrasted with the usual aloof expression that graced Nick's face- the threatening one that had replaced it looked wrong. Judy cried out as Nick's claw snagged on her ear, not quite tearing it but making a nasty scratch that'd hurt like a bitch later.

He's going to kill me if I don't get out now! Judy thought frantically, pawing the fake grass for an escape.


Judy's nose twitched in anticipation as her paw hit something metal on the ground hidden by clumps of thick fake bushes. She pawed away the bushes and stared at the metal vent on the ground. It had obviously been made by a larger animal because Judy could fit through- barely.
Nick wouldn't be able to follow.

It was a split second decision, but Judy squeezed through the bars and into the tunnels, heart pounding in her chest.

Meanwhile, Bellwether frowned when neither Judy or Nick came out of the fake-diorama bushes. After a moment of tense silence, the feral Nick slunk out unhappily, snapping his jaws together and his tail trashing behind him.

It seemed that Judy Hopps was dead. What a pity.

The Assistant Mayor smiled, snapping her fingers and ordering Doug to take care of Nick Wilde. She had some things to say to that idiotic fox when he came back to himself. Things were beginning to look in her favor, too, if she could get some footage of a savage.

"It is with great sorrow that we announce our first rabbit officer has tragically died on the case of animals going Savage. She has been brutally murdered by Zootopia local Nick Wilde, a fox from the predator family who has also gone savage. Viewer discretion is advised for graphic images. If you don't want to witness the horrific Savage behavior, we advise you to look away now."

Dawn snapped her fingers and Doug began filming Nick, who was still prowling around the sunken exhibit.

On the news broadcast, Nick's live footage began playing and Bellwether stood in front of the camera to talk to the entirety of Zootopia.
"See, I just heard a noise so I walked in and officer Judy Hopps was here, too, see, and suddenly Nick Wilde comes running in and he tackles Judy into this pit and he tore her apart in those bushes there! He's Savage!" Dawn shrieked, acting traumatized.

Nick's dilated pupils focused on the stuffed deer that had been placed in the exhibit and he pounced on it, tearing it to shreds. Bellwether gave another horrified gasp. "Someone stop the predators in Zootopia! They'll kill us all!"

It was only five minutes later that the hashtags '#stopthepredators', '#foxmurdersrabit', '#prayforprey', and '#foxesarekillers' started trending.

Judy looked up from her seat in the coffee shop. The local TV station was raging about Nick Wilde 'murdering' the first historic police officer rabbit, herself. They were filming Nick, putting him on camera for the world to see. She sighed from under her black hood. Incognito was her specialty.

Another headline flashed across the screen, making all the customers look up excitedly.

Murderous Savage Fox Nick Wilde Neutralized!

Judy's eyes widened to saucers. The prey animals around the shop let out an audible gasp of relief at the news, but Judy sunk deeper into her chair, pulling the mug of coffee closer to her heart. She had to help Nick, somehow.

This wasn't him.