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We All Burn Sometimes

By Passo

Chapter 1: Search

Draco Malfoy was currently considering his options. What options? Oh, options for a lover, of course.

He was sixteen years old, incredibly handsome, and deliciously single. Personally, he found his current status preferable. The number of young women available to him was astounding and he took great pleasure in sampling whenever he felt the need. But, society expected some things from a young, rich, wizard like him. So, though he prized his independence, he decided to find some girl he could at least tolerate to spend his time with.

Being Draco Malfoy, Hogwart's most eligible and sexiest hottie, this decision had to be seriously deliberated upon. He had to think about his reputation and the serious repercussions of such a move. The girl chosen would have to embody all the qualities Draco expects from a steady girlfriend. He had, of course, prepared a list:

1. 1. beautiful (I don't want to walk around with a dog!)

2. 2. sexy (I wouldn't touch her otherwise…)

3. 3. rich (I don't fraternize with beggars like the Weasleys)

4. 4. intelligent (airheads are a no-no)

5. 5. popular (she has to be worthy of me)

6. 6. good conversationalist (someone I can show-off and talk to without boring me)

7. 7. pure-blood, preferably a Slytherin, but other Houses are an option (no tainted woman touches a Malfoy!)

He surveyed the list and smirked. The requirements were rigid. But he had the whole school to choose from. Surely, among the army of girls ready to fall on his feet, someone must qualify!

He rose from his chair and swept his eyes over the Slytherin common room. He would talk to each and every girl who might be considered a prospect and find out whether there was anyone acceptable. The hunt begins!


Harry Potter ran to the Great Hall, fastening the front of his robe hastily. He woke up late again. When he entered, they were just starting to eat breakfast. He breathed a sigh of relief and took his seat between his two best friends.

"Eew, Harry. Your hair's dripping on my arm."

He laughed. "Sorry, Herm. Didn't have time to dry it." He turned to the tables. "Hey, pancakes! My favorite!" With great gusto, he dug in.

Soon, the owls flew into the hall. Hedwig arrived and dropped a thick cream envelope on beside Harry's plate. To his surprise, identical letters came for Ron and Hermione, and a few other Gryffindors.

"Who could have sent this?" Hermione examined the letter. It was scented with the recipient's name written in gold on the back. It looked like an invitation for one of those swanky digs.

"Oh, it's probably from Percy. He's getting married this weekend in Hogsmeade." Ron calmly opened his invitation and surveyed the contents.

Harry's mouth formed an O. "Percy!? Getting married! To who?" But before anyone could answer him, he saw for himself as dark gold letters screamed the names up to him.

You are invited to the

Weasley – Wood



November 15, Saturday

At the Grand Pavilion

In Hogsmeade

At 10 o'clock am

Harry stared at the words. The information took a while to sink in. After a few minutes, a grin started forming on his face.

"Percy and Oliver.. Why, that's great! I never knew!"

Hermione was looking a little dazed but she had a pleased smile on her face.

Ron nodded, smiling. "I know. They just told the family a month ago. It was quite sudden, I tell you. But we were all pleased about it. Oliver's a swell guy."

While finishing his breakfast, Harry noticed Malfoy at the Slytherin table. The conceited git was chatting up Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Bulstrode at the same time. The two girls were looking at him with adoring expressions. Harry shuddered before looking away. He just couldn't imagine how anyone could ever find Malfoy attractive.

Before he left the Great Hall, he caught Malfoy's eye. The Slytherin was staring at him with a contemptuous expression. Harry ignored him and left.


Draco sighed and plopped into his lavish four-poster bed. So far, the day had not been a success. He tried the Slytherins first of course. Pansy was nice but she was such an airhead. He had never noticed it before and he had slept with her just last month. Oh well, he didn't remember having a long conversation with her either. Millicent was okay except for the fact that she smelled like cats. Besides, the girl talked too much about wizard wrestling for his taste. The others were not even worth mentioning due to their deficiency in looks.

Draco's eyes narrowed as he remembered the annoyed look Potter gave him at breakfast. That boy was out to ruin his day, maybe even his life. For some reason, the sight of The Boy Who Lived made him flare up like a pregnant volcano. He balled his fists at the thought of seeing the irritating pig-head again later at Potions.

He was probably mocking me in his head. That miserable sot! He doesn't even have a girlfriend. No one could possibly tolerate that ingriating good-boy personality.

This thought brought Draco back to his present quest. I mustn't think about Potter. Yes, I'll find myself a real perfect girl and flaunt her in his face. I bet he won't be able find someone as good as mine. He'll stay single and ugly forever. Ha-ha!

A little cheered up, Draco gathered his books and prepared to go to Potions. He'll try the Ravenclaws later.


-end of chapter 1