To all of my faithful readers of my stories that I adopted from theBlackSeaReaper.

I've decided to update the prologue chapters of all of my adopted chapters, making each one longer than they used to be back when I first put them up. Not a lot has changed, except for minor edits and additions to scenes and other stuff that hopefully make the prologues, and future chapters, better than the original was.

As you have noticed, I have replaced the old prologue with this announcement while the new version of the prologue is now the next chapter.

I did this for the following reasons.

1. I didn't want to completely delete this story from the website to create a new one, and lose all of the old reviews that were here for the old prologue. So this gives everyone who read the old version and left signed in reviews a chance to leave new signed in reviews.

2. I couldn't simply just post the new prologue over the old one. Main reason is, everybody who left a signed in review to the old prologue wouldn't be able to leave a NEW signed in review. The website would have automatically blocked any attempts to leave a 'second' signed review for a chapter they already left a message for.

3. The other reason for doing it this way, is that this was the only way for the update notice to actually show up on the website so that everyone would know to come read it, which wouldn't have happened if I had simply posted the new prologues over the old ones.