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Summary: (HP!Bleach xover) Eleven years ago, four year old Willow Astrid Potter was murdered by the Dursleys, and her wandering spirit was later found and adopted by Mayuri Kurotsuchi and was renamed as Nemu. Now at age sixteen, her unknown past has come looking for her to drag her back into a world and family she has no interest in being a part of. -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!FEMALE Harry) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny, and Potter bashing)-

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The Daughter
Chapter 1: The Start Of A Undead Life
Originally Created By: TheBlackSeaReaper
Adopted By: Sakura Lisel

~-Willow's POV – July 28, 1995~-

Willow Potter was thrown into her cupboard one day at the beginning of July. She had accidentally burned the bacon that she was making for her relatives to eat. Willow did not know how it had happened, because she was watching the food very carefully. It was not her fault that Uncle Vernon asked her to get the mail that just arrived. She was only gone for a minute, but by the time she returned to the kitchen after handing over the mail, the smell of burning bacon was already filling up the kitchen and her uncles beet red face was towering over her as he started yelling profanities at her as he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to her bedroom while her aunt rushed towards the stove to turn off the fire and opened up a few windows to let out the smoke.

"This will teach you to burn our food, you ungrateful little freak," Uncle Vernon snapped at her, as he glared down hatefully at the four year old as she cowered fearfully inside of her cupboard 'bedroom' as she stared back at him with wide eyes, "You will stay in there until I think that you have learned your lesson."

And with that, he slammed the door and locked it from the outside. Willow was left in the dark to think. Willow felt safe in her cupboard, even though it was small, it was home. She felt safe to smile without being punished by her uncle's belt.

Time had passed, and Willow did not know how long it had been or how many days had passed. All she knew was that she was getting weaker and weaker as time passed. Until one day, she felt too weak to do anything like move her fingers. Everything was spinning whenever she had opened her eyes. Suddenly, she felt very light like she was weightless and also there wasn't anymore feeling numbness anywhere on her body.

Willow opened her eyes and saw that she was somehow outside of her cupboard. She looked around hoping no one had seen her yet, but then her aunt came and started to dust the table right next to her. She noticed that Aunt Petunia could not see her at all and Willow flinched a bit when Petunia finished dusting the table and seemed to stare right at her, before the older woman started moving and walked right through Willow's body causing the little girl to gasp in surprise as she spun around to stare at her aunts retreating back as the older woman continued to dust other objects.

Suddenly, there was a noise coming from her chest, when she tried to move to somewhere else. Willow looked down and saw that there was a small length of chain attached to her that was attached to some kind of plug in her chest. She gave it a small tug hoping that it would come out, but it did not come out and it also hurt when she had pulled on it.

As Willow tried to figure out what was going on, she suddenly found herself nearly blinded by a bright light in the ceiling of her room that felt warm and inviting to her as she looked up at it, and she thought she could almost make out a figure standing at the other side of the light as she felt a slight pull towards it, but then Willow felt fear fill her as she jerked back and away from the light, and after a few seconds the strange light faded away into nothingness leaving Willow in darkness once more inside her room.

Confusion filled her as she wondered what was going on, Willow decided to check out her 'bedroom' for any answers, and so she walked over to the cupboard and stuck her head inside and saw her body. It now almost looked like a skeleton, as there was just barely skin wrapped around bone. It was horrible to look at. She then came to a conclusion.

"So I'm dead. I am finally free," Willow whispered while a smile grew on her face and the feelings of relief and happiness filled her completely. She did not know that she had stopped the beginning of the process of becoming a hollow by feeling positive emotions instead of negative emotions, as she settled down on the living room couch and waited for her relatives to wake up in few hours and hopefully come and discover her dead body, "I wonder what Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia going to do when they find my body…"

It wasn't until the morning of July 29, when her aunt and uncle decided that it was finally time to let her out of her bedroom, that the grisly discovery of what had happened to her since the last time they had checked on her was finally found.

Willow wanted to see the reaction of her aunt when she swings open the cupboard door already in the middle of shrieking at the top of her lungs to yell at Willow to wake up, only for the words to immediately die on Petunia's tongue once she saw what was lying unmoving inside the cupboard, as she gagged as the putrid smell of rotting meat filled her nose, as Petunia realized that her niece was dead.

Aunt Petunia slowly backed up until her back was completely against the wall. She then slowly slid down the wall and with her hand covering her mouth. She just stared into the cupboard and at the peaceful expression of her niece's face. At that moment, Dudley came downstairs and saw the state that his mother was in. So out of curiosity, he looked inside the cupboard and saw what was inside.

"DAD, THE FREAK'S DEAD!" Dudley yelled out to his father. Willow watched how the walrus came running in.

When he saw that his son was right, he smiled and said loudly, "Good, now she won't be infecting this house with her freakiness anymore. I will bury it tonight, when everyone is sleeping. That was, no one will know any better."

Aunt Petunia finally came out of her shocked state and asked Vernon, "What will we say to the neighbors, when they ask about her?"

Uncle Vernon then answered, "Don't worry, Pet. We will just say that her parents came one night and took her away to live with them, again. And then no one would be any wiser."

Having seen enough, Willow walked into the kitchen and saw that the French door was wide opened. So she stepped out and saw the Dursleys nosy next door neighbor, Mrs. Abigail Winters, who lived at Privet Drive #6 house, and had been standing outside in her own backyard trimming her rosebushes, who was now staring straight at the Dursley household with shock and disbelief clearly painted on the older woman's face, which was soon replaced by a disgusted look as she quickly dropped her trimming shears and rushed back towards her own house as fast as she could, which caused Willow to smile as she realized that Mrs. Winters had overheard everything that her relatives had said thanks to the open French doors, so she decided to follow the woman into her house and watched her pick up the phone and dial 999, as tears started to fill the woman's eyes as she waited for someone to pick up on the other line.

'What horrid people! That poor girl died in their care and they are planning to just hide away her corpse in their backyard. What kind of people would do that? I always thought those people were no good, but this takes the cake,' Mrs. Winters thought furiously to herself, as she waited impatiently for some to pick up on the other line, completely unaware of her invisible guest watching her from behind, as Mrs. Winters starts pacing nervously in her room as she peered out her window at the Dursleys household, as she nervously twirled the phone cord between her fingers, 'But what they are doing now takes the cake. That little girl doesn't deserve this from anyone, and I bet she didn't die of natural causes either if they are trying to hide her death in such a horrible way...'


"Hello, I would like to report a murder." Mrs. Winters said as soon as an emergency operator picked up on the other phone line after a few rings.


"Yes I am definitely sure that its murder, because I just now overheard the neighbors say that their four year old niece was found dead inside of their home." Mrs. Winters exclaimed with an angry huff of irritation filling her voice at the operator's question, as it sounded like the other woman didn't believe what she had just said, as the operator started asking more questions, as she quickly interrupted the operator before the other woman could say anything else, as she peeked worriedly out her window once more at the Dursley household before letting out a loud sigh, "Look young lady, I don't care if you believe me or not, but I'll have you know that I also heard them say how they were planning to bury her in their backyard tonight when everyone else in the neighborhood is sleeping and plan to lie about why she suddenly disappeared if anyone asks them, instead of reporting her death to the proper authorities. It sure sounds like murder to me if they are trying to hide the body, doesn't it?"


"The address is located at #4 Privet Drive, Surrey, and the couple in the family's names are Petunia and Vernon Dursley, and they have a son named Dudley. Please hurry!"


"Thank you."

Mrs. Winters then hung up the phone and went outside to wait for the police to arrive. Willow was just happy that her body would not be buried in the backyard like some sort of common pet. Five minutes later, she watched how the cops came and how they searched her relatives' house. She saw how their expressions turned grim, when they found her body in the cupboard underneath the stairs. After they pronounced her dead, the cops carefully put her body in the black bag.

Willow saw when they carried the body bag bearing her corpse within out of the house, and saw that quite a few cops had tears running down their faces. The whole neighborhood was there to witness the arrests of her relatives and how they struggled against them and how they were saying that they were glad that she was dead. And how she deserved to die. Finally, after what happened to one little girl, it just took one death and a nosy neighbor, to bring justice to the neighborhood.

~-Willow's POV – September 27, 1995~-

It had been two months since she had died and all Willow could think about right now is how absolutely boring being dead was, as she sat on a swing watching as a group of children ran around playing games around her, completely unaware that she was even there.

'Its almost as bad as when I was alive… I would almost take back living with the Dursleys if I could if it could get me out of this…' Willow thought silently to herself as she let out a small sigh, as another kid ran by with a loud shriek of laughter as their friends chased after them in a game of tag, 'At least people noticed I was here when I was alive and could still see me until Dudley and his friends chase them away from me. I'd even almost take 'Willow Hunting' over this loneliness…'

Willow had even gone to her own funeral with Mrs. Winters and her family. It had made her happy to be buried properly, instead of being hidden away and buried in the backyard of her relative's home and forgotten about, if the Dursleys had been allowed to get away with her death. She saw so many people attending the event that she did not even know. Even that crazy old cat lady, Mrs. Figg had been there at the funeral with tears running down her eyes as they laid Willow's body down into the Earth.

Mrs. Figg had been Willow's babysitter. The old lady had always lived next to the Dursleys and had always volunteered to take Willow in whenever the Dursleys had something to do that they didn't want Willow around for, and the old lady had been one of the few adults Willow happened to like who had seemed to actually worry and cared about her half the time.

In the two months since her death, Willow had quickly gotten the hang of being dead, as she was always on the move at first trying to avoid being by people before she remembered that nobody could really see her so she became less evasive as she snooped around the streets of Little Whinging.

As time went by, she started to hear what sounded like loud howling sounds that sent chills through her ghostly body, shortly before HUGE monstrous black figures wearing white masks started to appear about the neighborhood that seemed to be in search of something.

It didn't take Willow long to realize exactly what the creatures were looking for, because one time she had seen one of the creatures capture and eat one of the other ghosts that resided in the area, which made Willow even more wary, as she starts running and hiding every time she hears the roaring sounds coming, and tries to warn any ghosts she sees on the way.

"My, my, now what do we have here?"

Surprised by the voice that was coming from directly behind her causing her to let out a small yelp and jump a bit in surprise, Willow turned around in her seat on the swing, and found herself looking up at a tall man with golden eyes, and short blue hair, who was dressed in black robes and a long white trench coat that went all the way down to his knees. The man also had snow white skin from head to toe, except for his face which was painted with a black diamond pattern except for his white nose, which was untouched by the black paint, and strapped to his waist was a long sword.

Blinking owlishly at the strange man for a moment, Willow didn't say anything at all, thinking that the man didn't see her like everyone else couldn't do since her death, but then she started to realize that the strange man seemed to be looking straight down at her.

Suddenly the man reached out towards her with one of his hands, causing her to instinctively flinch away from him in fear of being hit, before she remembered that since she was dead then nothing could touch or hurt her anymore, before her eyes widen as he finished reaching out and placed his hand right on top of her head without his hand going through her body, as she stared up at him in shock, and she saw the smirk on his face that sent chills through her when she saw it.

"Hello," the man said as he glanced down at Willow, with a curious look on his face, as he seemed to be trying to not to scare her off, as he leaned down in front of her so that they were now at eye level with each other and stared directly at her, "Now what is a young spirit like you doing out on your own like this, child?"

~-Mayuri's POV – A Few Hours Earlier~-

It was a wonderful, sunny day in the Soul Society. Well, most would consider it was a nice day. But in the twelfth barracks is where the Research and Development Department was one man (if you can call him a man or human) was Mayuri Kurotsuchi. He was the Captain of the Twelfth Company and the Head of the Research and Development Department. He is also known as The Freak of Freaks. Today, Mayuri was furious, because he had ordered his Vice-Captain to put some new data into the main computer. Did the vice-captain do it quickly like he was asked to? No, the vice-captain had an hour to type it and save it and it was a small amount of data, it wasn't much. It was about thirty pages long, even though normally it would be at least one hundred and fifty pages long. So now, he needs a new vice-captain.

As he was working on the computer, it started to pick up on a weird signal in Britain. After pushing a few buttons on the computer console to pinpoint the exact location of the signal, and had the computer scan the surrounding area where the signal originated form so that he could get a closer view of it, and he found something interesting.

"Interesting, the spiritual pressure is not of a Hollow or of a Soul Reaper. If I play my cards right, not only I would get it, but no one else would know about it," Mayuri muttered to himself as he continued to press buttons on the computer trying to determine what it really is.

Suddenly, an idea came to him, "I do have those vacation days left. I think that I will take that overdue vacation, right now."

After finishing the work and deleting what the computer has found and making sure no one can bring it up again. He set off towards the First Company Barracks.

"Let me get this straight, Captain Kurotsuchi. You want to take a three day vacation to the world of the living and not in Japan, but in Britain, right?" Head Captain Yamamoto asked in disbelief. He could not believe what he was hearing. Mayuri was never the one to take a pointless vacation. "May I ask why would you want to take a vacation?"

"There are unusual readings that I want to investigate. And I read reports that there is a group of people that could use this 'magic' and I want to see if it's true and if there is anything that could help us," Mayuri said as he shrugged his shoulders like he does not really care.

"Fine, you may go, Captain Kurotsuchi, but you know the rules. No bringing any of the magic users back with you for you to so call 'study', understand?" Head Captain Yamamoto asked as he glared at the Captain in front of him. He would not put it passed Mayuri to not kidnap someone for his experiments.

"Of course, Head Captain. Thank you, Head Captain." Mayuri said as he bowed to the Head Captain. He was excited that the Head Captain bought his cover story. Now he can find the source of the weird spiritual pressure. Maybe if he was lucky, he will have a new vice-captain. He made his way back to his barracks to get everything prepared for his soon vacation.

"You there, make sure that you are able to open a Senkaimon Gate to London, England, when I tell you too," Mayuri demanded before he left for his personal lab. When he got to his lab, he grabbed a special bag that had Kido put on it. The bag was a new product of the Research and Development Department, that made the inside of the bag bigger and capable of holding more stuff in it than what the bag looks like it could hold from the outside of it when people first saw it. He quickly placed empty jars inside so he could get samples, and other things that could help him. But the one thing that he carefully put in there was a container that was made to contain a soul and transport it to the Soul Society undetected.

Once he got everything that he needed to carry with him, he order his men to open Senkaimon Gate at once. When it was opened, he passed through it. And made the long journey to London, England. As he arrived, he took out a device and turned it on. It was time to find that strange spiritual pressure. He made his way to Surrey and started to look around. He sneered in open distaste at the long rows of identical cookie cutter houses that went up and down the streets as far as he could see. He hated perfection, because it was a dead end and that left no room for improvement.

Mayuri followed to where his device was directing him and came upon a park. There on the swim, was a soul of a little girl, Mayuri was excited that she was already dead, and so there won't be any dirty work to cover up later. As he walked up to her, he saw that she looked like him, before he made improvements on himself a long time ago. This gave him an idea, if he can get her into the Soul Society undetected, and after a couple of days, he can say that there was an accident while he was working on making the mod souls better and somehow created her from his DNA. So he would be able to pass her off as his daughter as he makes some improvements to her.

As he came up behind her, he saw that she was focused on a group of human children and their parents as they enjoyed their day in the park, so she didn't even notice his approach even when he was right behind her, as he tilted his head to one side and said, "My, my, what do we have here?"

When the little girl jumped in fright and let out a yelp, as she turned around to stare up at him with wide green eyes, Mayuri smirked a bit at her reaction as she stared silently at him for a moment, until he decides to make the first move and reached out to put a hand on top of her head, only to stop for a moment and frown a bit as the girl flinches away from him like she thought he was going to hit her but decided to ignore it for the moment and focus on her reaction later, before he moved again to place his hand on her head as his smirk widen even more at the comical look on her face when she realized that he was really touching her, as he tries to put on a reassuring look on his features as he starts speaking.

"Hello," Mayuri said cheerfully as he glanced down at Willow, looking her directly into her green eyes for a moment, with a curious look on his face, as he seemed to be trying to not to scare her off, as he leaned down in front of her so that they were now at eye level with each other, "Now what is a young spirit like you doing out on your own like this, child?"

~-Willow's POV~-

"Hello. Can you really see and hear me mister? That's cool! You're the first one I've seen who could since I died," Willow asked a bit shyly as she stared up at Mayuri with surprise and wonder in her voice, as a slow smile appeared on her lips as Mayuri nodded his head in confirmation, as she nervously bit her lip for a moment before she answered his last question, "I'm on my own because I don't have anywhere else to go since I died. How can you see me and touch me when nobody else can?"

"My name is a Mayuri Kurotsuchi, and the reason that I am able to see and touch you is because I am a Shinigami, or Soul Reaper for the Soul Society, though you might know it better as Heaven," Mayuri said confidentially as he smirked down at Willow who stared up at him in surprise once more with widen eyes, as he quickly continued speaking once more, as he started lying through his teeth about why he was really there, as Willow listened to him with wide green eyes that seemed to look through him, "It is my job to escort souls like yourself into the afterlife where they belong. I just happened to be in the area looking for research when I came across you all alone here in the park. You are a very hard girl to track down."

"I'm sorry if I caused any trouble for you, Mr. Kurotsuchi I didn't mean to. I'm completely new to being dead, so I didn't know anyone might be looking for me…" Willow said after a few seconds as she listened to what Mayuri had just told her, as a slight blush crept to her cheeks, as sounding a bit sullen as she adverted her eyes from his gaze, as she shifted uneasily in her seat on the swing as she refused to meet his gaze as she spoke, "My name is Willow, and I've been dead for two months, and you're the first person I've met who's been able to see and hear me. Since you've found me now, are you here to take me away to Soul Society now?"

"That was the plan when I came looking for you." Mayuri said casually, still lying through his teeth, as he tried to keep his tone neutral as he spoke as he stared down at Willow's hunched over head, as his eyes narrowed a bit at the way she was acting towards him as he remembered how she had instinctively flinched away from him when he had tried to touch her head, "Though before I do, I would like to make you an offer instead of sending you directly into Soul Society. It might be beneficial to you if you take me up on it."

"What kind of offer?" Willow asked as she hesitantly looked up at Mayuri once more, as both curiosity and confusion filled her voice at what he had just said, as her green eyes looked him over once more cautiously, "I'm nobody special, so I don't know how I will be able to help you, Mr. Kurotsuchi."

"Don't be so sure about that kid. The offer is this. How would you like to come become my lab 'assistant' in the Research and Development Department? You will be staying with me there, and working for me and helping me with my work and experiments," Mayuri said, as a wide smirk appeared on his lips as he saw the look she was now giving him, a he quickly continued speaking, as he settled down on the ground next to her swing as he stared up at her as she looked down at him, "If I send you to Soul Society my usual way, you will be on your own when you arrive, so I want to offer you the chance to come live with me instead. This is a one-time offer that I usually don't make just to every single lost spirit I meet, but I have a strange feeling that you and I shall get along very well."

"Why are you offering me it then? I'm nobody special, I'm just Willow," Willow said with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she stared down at Mayuri in open confusion as she bit her bottom lip nervously for a moment before speaking her next question, "I wasn't anybody special when I was alive, and I'm still nobody special now that I'm dead. Nobody ever cared about me before I died, so I don't see why anybody would now that I'm dead…"

"That's where you're wrong, Willow. I can sense a power inside of you even now that hasn't dissipated since you died. As I would love to take you back to my lab and run a series of tests on you, to find out what makes you tick." Mayuri said simply as he continued to watch her for a moment, as it looked like she was about to bolt at any moment, as he reached out with one hand towards her and offers it to her to shake, being careful to not make any aggressive moves to her yet that would scare her off, "I believe it would be beneficial to both of us if you chose to come with me. So, would you care to come with me? Believe me you would be better off with me at this point, because I'm surprised that Hallows haven't hunted you down by now."

"What are 'Hallows'?" Willow asked as confusion filled her once more.

"Hallows are huge white masked monsters who prey on the souls of both living and dead people and eats their souls," Mayuri said, as he smirked once more at the sight of the shocked look on Willows face as "Somehow you managed to survive on your own for two months without being detected by the Hallows even once."

'I might as well try and play it 'nice' with her. Young ghost children are so easy to manipulate,' Mayuri thought silently to himself as he waited for Willow to give him her answer to his offer of coming with him instead of outright forcing her against her will as he had originally planned to do, as he had seen how she reacted towards him, he didn't think it would be that hard to do, 'It shouldn't be that hard to do to get her to listen to me if I can gain her trust first. Less of a hassle as well in the end to get her to willingly do what I want…'

It took a few moments, before Willow was silently nodding her head in agreement to whatever Mayuri had just told her, as she shyly took his offered hand and helped pull him to his feet as she floated off of the swing set, with sad look on her face, "I'll go with you, Mr. Kurotsuchi. Anything should be better than staying here, and I don't want to be alone in Soul Society either."

"Good then, then we can go now, there are things to do to get you settled in life with me" Mayuri said, as a thoughtful look appeared on his features as he glanced down at Willow for a moment, as he led her over towards he had left his bag of supplies before releasing her hand and starts rummaging through the bag for what he was looking for, before turning back around to face her with his items in hand "If you are coming with me, then I'll have to sneak you into Soul Society without anyone seeing you with me until later, so you will be traveling inside of these items until we reach our destination. Plus you will need a new name as well. Willow is too common and would bring up questions from people I know."

"What name do you think I should have?" Willow asks as she moves closer to him as he waves her over to him as he turned to face her with his items.

"I believe the name Nemuri would be perfect for you. Nemuri Kagura Kurotsuchi to be more precise. Or perhaps simply Nemu for short if you prefer It's a perfect cover story, I believe, for exactly why you are suddenly living with me," Mayuri said, cackling a bit at the surprised look on Willow's face, when she hears her new name, as he reached out towards her with the item in hand, as it starts to glow the closer he gets to her with it, "I think that you look a little like how I used to look like, so you will be posing as my newly discovered daughter who I will be taking in. So, what do you say?"

"I really like the name, and would love to be called that if you want me too," the newly named Nemu said, as her bright green eyes seemed to almost glow in pleasure as she smiled brightly at Mayuri for a moment, taking the mad scientist back for a moment when he saw it, "When do we go?"

"We will be going right now," Mayuri said simply, as he pulled out one of the items he had brought with him from his laboratory, smirking inwardly for a moment as he brought the item towards Nemu's forehead and as soon as it came in contact with her forehead, her ghostly body became more transparent, before she turned into smoke and was sucked into the item in Mayuri's hands.

"I don't know about you Nemu, and I can't tell what the future will have in store for the two of us in the long run," Mayuri said while still smirking as he stared down at the item in his hands, he could see Nemu's ghost form swirling around inside of it, as he quickly repacked the object in with the rest of his things, as he looks around the area, for any signs of trouble before turning on his heel to walk away from the park, "but I somehow have the strong feeling that we will do great things together if everything goes according to my plans for you…"

~-August 1, 2006~-

It had been almost twelve years since Nemu Kurotsuchi first came to the Soul Society with her father, Lord Mayuri. Before anyone had seen her, Nemu was strapped onto a table and her father was able to fix her body and also did numerous experiments on her that helped enhance her spiritual form as she grew older as the years pass by, though around her neck she wore a special white collar that blocked off most of her powers until it was switched off and removed using a special controller that Mayuri kept on him at all times, while on the back of her neck hidden by the collar was a red and black tattoo in the shape of a firefly.

He had forced her body to age until she physically looked like she was eighteen years old as the years went by. He even add things to her body that made sure that in case anything should happen to her, she will survive it. The only thing that her father liked about her, were her green eyes.

But there was one thing that bothered him was why Nemu doesn't have a Zanpakuto of her own. Mayuri did a few tests and found out that her Zanpakuto was destroyed years ago. But it did not matter to him as mod souls don't have Zanpakuto, so her being a mod soul that he created on accident was more believable.

In his own way, Mayuri showed her that he did care about her. Nemu was happy that someone cared about her. As long as he cared for her in his own weird way, she would do everything that she was to do without any complaining and would take any type of punishment from him if she did not do what she was told to do.

Despite all of the experiments he had done on Nemu, and all of the tests he had run on her, her spiritual powers were already almost on par with his own, and had been trained in everything she needed to know in order to be a Shinigami, though for some reason she was never able to manifest a Zanpakuto sword or spirit, so her only weapon that she carried around was either a kunai that Mayuri had created himself that helped her manifest her spiritual powers through it, while carrying a small arsenal other weapons that she kept hidden on her person.

As the years went by, Mayuri did even more experiments on her to make sure that she would be always there with him. And if she was taken for some reason, he would always find her as he made sure that he put a tracking device in her to make that possible.

Though in recent years in seemed that her Shinigami powers seemed to be growing stronger as time went by each time he ran his tests on her, though he could never discover the reason behind the sudden influx of power she seemed to be getting because it wasn't being caused by anything he was doing to her as far as he knew, so they decided to wait and see what would happen.

As time went by Mayuri and Nemu's every day antics became a routine as she grew older, as she was always seen at his side even at Captain meetings, sitting next to the now former Vice Captain of their squad, that everyone had become used to seeing her around, especially on the battlefield when Mayuri had to go into battle.

Mayuri was very happy that he had someone that not only follows his orders without complaining and he could use her for any experiments that he had in mind. He rarely let her out of his sight, but if he did, he would make sure that she would stay in the Twelfth Company. As he does not trust the captain of the Eighth Company to keep his hands to himself.

Mayuri now recently has to worry about that annoying Quincy boy who has taken interest in his daughter. After making sure that she was ready to become known to the Soul Society, he made sure that she would not mention anything on how she was a real soul, and not just another mod soul. So no one really knows about the secret behind Nemu except for a select few, but he did find that the idiot Aizen sticking his nose where it didn't belong, thanks to Nemu finding him in their Data Room.

Much to Mayuri's displeasure, after the Winter War with Aizen and the Arrancar, Mayuri had reluctantly given Nemu permission to spend her free time in the human world when he didn't have need of her immediate assistance, and had even gotten approval from Captain Yamamoto for her to go so that she wouldn't get in trouble. When asked by other Shinigami about why she was always in the human world, they were given the excuse that Nemu was there getting intel as well as other things that could help Mayuri in the Research and Development Department, which was mostly true but when she wasn't supposedly getting intel for the Research and Development Department, she could be seen hanging out with the substitute Shinigami known as Ichigo Kurosaki and his gang of friends in the human world, while inside of a custom built gigai body that Kisuke Urahara had made for her.

To go with her new gigai body, Nemu had a mod soul that Kisuke had also given to her, who she had named Nuriko who she kept inside of those toy candy dispenser container, who was very active and excitable though had a mean temper when she became angry, though Nuriko was completely loyal to Nemu and was always willing to do anything Nemu told her to do, when Nemu let her out of the candy dispenser in order to take over the gigai body.

Another thing that irritated Mayuri about the whole thing, was when he found out that Nemu seemed to be spending a lot of time with that annoying Quincy boy, Uryu Ishida. Uryu seemed to have gotten over most of his hatred for the Shinigami, though not completely, and didn't seem to mind hanging out with Nemu when she came to the human world.

he two teens seemed to be getting too close as far as Mayuri was concerned, and he had tried to order Nemu to stay away from Uryu, reminding her that since she was a Shinigami and Uryu was a Quincy and were supposed to be enemies it would look bad, but Nemu had brushed him off and insisted that he had nothing to worry about involving the Quincy and herself, and pointed out to him about how things seemed to have mellowed out between the Quincy's and the Shinigami after the Winter War, so she didn't think there would be any reason to worry if she got 'caught' hanging out with Uryu Ishida from time to time when she was in the living world.

Because of her ability to take orders without questioning them and of her brilliant mind, she was priceless to him even more so after the Winter Wars ended, and the two of them became as close as any true father and daughter could be as time went by though they didn't openly show it in public because they didn't want to draw attention unwanted attention towards Nemu. He even made her, his vice-captain of the Twelfth Company. Little did he or anyone knew that the secret behind the appearance of Nemu Kurotsuchi was soon to be discovered.

~-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland - August 1, 2006~-

"Are you sure that Fawkes can find her, Headmaster?" A man with greasy hair asked a very old man with a horrible sense of fashion.

"Of course, Fawkes can find anyone, anywhere. We need her as she is the one that the prophecy points to. She is the one that can save us all from Voldemort," The Headmaster said as he gave the letter/Portkey to the phoenix to deliver.

"She might not want to help us as her idiot parents took her magic, gave it to her brother who was born a squib, and gave her away because she did not have any magic in her. I will understand if she does not help us at all," Severus Snape snapped at the man, as a dark scowl appeared on his features as he saw how his old headmaster was acting as Dumbledore paced the office impatiently as the two of them waited for Fawkes hopeful return with the Potter girl, "Plus even if her stolen magic has returned to her after it fled from her worthless brothers body, the Potter girl has no reason whatsoever to willingly help us if she chooses not to, and as much as I loathe the Potters, I wouldn't blame the brat if she laughed in your face if you tried to tell her so."

"She will help us as it is for the 'Greater Good' after all. The little brat has no choice in the matter if we are to be free of Voldemort once and for all. " The Headmaster said as he watched the phoenix flame away, as he casually popped a lemon drop into his mouth as he restlessly sucked on it as he awaited Fawkes return with Willow Potter, 'Fawkes has to find her. The fate of the magical world rests on that blasted girls head, now that her idiot brother is nothing more than a squib once more. How dare she disappear like this when we need her?'

His plans were going as planned after he found out that the Potter boy lost his magic and was once a squib but despite Rowan's magic slowly fading away as time passed by, Albus had still been hoping to use Rowan as a sacrificial lamb against Tom before the boys 'borrowed' magic completely extinguished, but then all of Albus' planning went downhill last year when Hogwarts hosted the Triwizard Tournament, and Rowan Potter had mysteriously been chosen as one of the Champions, only to be kidnapped during the Third Task and used in a ritual to bring Lord Voldemort back to life.

After torturing Rowan for awhile, Tom had sent the boy back to Hogwarts half alive and with a message that they had been wrong all these years about which of the Potter twins it had been who had defeated him, at Tom pointed out that it had been young Willow Potter was the one who defeated him in the first place all those years ago.

Ever since Tom's confession about which of the Potter twins had been responsible for his defeat sixteen years ago, Albus and the Order had been pulling out all stops trying to locate the long lost Willow Potter who nobody had seen since that fateful day when James and Lily Potter had sent her away after stripping her of her magic, but all attempts at locating her turned up with zero results.

The only known location for the girl was with Lily Potter's muggle sister, Petunia Dursleys family who the Albus had dropped the girl off with after the Potters had performed the ritual on her that stripped her of her magic, but when they arrived at the Dursleys household, it was to discover the house was empty and that nobody had lived in it in nearly over twelve years. After making some inquiries in the neighborhood to see if anyone knew where the Dursleys could be located, it was discovered that the Dursleys were currently in prison for some crime, with their son in some kind of Juvenile center but none of the neighbors would elaborate on what the crime was, and Albus didn't bother checking further on the matter as he hurried off to continue the search for Willow Potter.

Since then, they've been sending out owls addressed to Willow Potter containing portkeys that would instantly transport the girl to the school as soon as she opened it, but all of the owls that were sent out always returned with their letters unopened. Some owls would even circle around Hogwarts a few times as if they were uncertain of which way they would go in search of their target, before either finally flying off in one direction before returning hours later defeated with the letter still undelivered.

Albus was also currently having trouble convincing James and Lily Potter that it would be in their best interest that they welcome back young Willow into their home once she was brought back, and show a united front in their attempts to bring the girl to heel in getting her to do what was needed, but young Rowan and his parents were still in constant denial about what Tom had revealed, insisting that it was all lies and that Rowan was the one and only savior who beat Voldemort, and that they refused to 'welcome back' the squib daughter who they had tossed out sixteen years ago, especially if she was going to steal Rowan's glory as the savior of the magical world.

'Bloody hell! Just how hard is it to track down one simple little girl?! She needs to come here and do her duty to our society and beat Tom before it's too late. If it turns out that even Fawkes is unable to locate her, I don't know what we'll do next. Once she gets here hopefully,' Albus thought furiously to himself as he popped another lemon drop into his mouth as irritation filled him, as just for a brief moment the kind grandfather appearance he had faded to show his anger before it quickly returned as he seethed a bit inside in his anger at the inconvenience that Willow Potter was causing him by not allowing herself to be easily found by those that needed her, 'it shouldn't be too hard to 'convince' her that it's in her best interest to fight for us whether she wants to or not. It's for the Greater Good of everyone that she does so, even if it means risking her own life. One life sacrificed for the sake of the thousands who will continue to live a result is a noble sacrifice. I'm sure that she will understand and be willing to do what is best for everyone… If not, then I'm sure that a few well-placed spells on the chit will do wonders to get her compliance…'

~-Soul Society - August 1, 2006~-

Nemu Kurotsuchi and her father, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, were currently in Soul Society and were in the Research and Development Department experimenting on one of the weaker hollows that they were able to capture earlier that day, when a fire bird appeared in a ball of red and gold flames.

As he looked at it for a moment, Mayuri immediately saw that it was carrying a letter and ordered Nemu, "Nemu, get that letter and see what it's about and capture the phoenix as well, as I am interested in finding out what it is. It's not every day that such a test subject comes to me on its own."

"Of course, Father," Nemu said as she took the letter and was about to grabbed the bird when it flamed away.

"Hmm, I guess that the bird was not that important, we can see if we can find it again later. Now, hurry up and open the letter and see what's about," Mayuri snapped at her.

When Nemu opened the letter, they noticed a strange energy coming off of it as Nemu disappeared from Mayuri's view. Dropping what he had in his hands, he raced to the computer to track down his daughter, just in time to see her tracking signal reappear in Scotland in Avalon territory. Cursing up a storm, he raced out of his Barracks and made his way to the First Company to tell the Head Captain what had just happen.

~-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland - August 1, 2006~-

Nemu watched as her father disappeared from view as the letter took her away from him and dumped in the middle of some sort of office. Looking around she noticed that there was a very old man with a long beard which was not taken care of like the Head Captain's and also there was a younger man with greasy hair and a sneer on his face.

"Ah, Miss Potter, I am glad that we were able to finally find you. Lemon Drop?" The last question caused the younger man to snort. Nemu figured out that they were speaking English.

So she asked the old man, "Where am I? And why did you take me away from my father?"

The two men stiffen when she said the word 'father'. The older man answered, "You are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, my dear girl. I'm the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore and this is one of my professors, Severus Snape. Your father lives in England as does your mother. They will be so happy to know that you are safe will soon return to them..."

Nemu looked at the Headmaster and stated in a voice that held no emotions in it, "I'm not Miss Potter, my name is Nemu Kurotsuchi and my father will be very displeased that I was kidnapped from him. May I return to my father?"

Severus Snape was surprised that this girl had no emotions on her face and in her voice. From what she is wearing he figured that she must be living somewhere in Asia like Japan or China. And also she looks so different from her father, but she still has her mother's eyes.

Albus frowned at her denial and said more forcibly, "You are Willow Potter and you are soon going to go and join your mother and father at your home."

Nemu shook her head, "I don't have a mother as my father, Lord Mayuri was the one who created me by accident in his labs."

'This is troublesome. I can't have the blasted girl be wanting to return to where ever she was before to whoever this man she calls her 'father' is. A simple memory spell should handle the problem quickly in getting her under control, and I can reunite her with the Potters and let them deal with her,' Albus thought frustrated to himself as sighed as he took out his wand and pointed it at her and said as a small smirk appeared on his wizened features as he spoke, "I'm truly sorry my dear girl, but it's for the Greater Good of the wizarding world that I do this, and you will have to forget about this 'father' you are talking about so that you can get settled back with your proper family. Oblivate!"

Blinding white light struck Nemu in the head, but that was about all that it did. As she looked at the old man who had a smug look on his face and said to him as her eyes seemed to narrow dangerously at the older man in thought for a moment before she finally spoke up.

"Nice try, Dumbledore-san. But if you are going to try and erase my memories, then you failed. I can most definitely assure you that you are wasting your time," Nemu said as she crossed her arms across her chest and smirked a bit when she saw the shocked look on the two wizards faces when they realized that the spell Dumbledore had just used on her had appeared to have failed on her, "with such attempts at manipulating my mind, as it is going to be impossible as my father made sure that could not ever happen to me. Any attempts to tampering with my mind shall always fail."

Snape was shock that the Headmaster would try and ease her memories, deciding that was far as he let this continue, he stepped in and said, "I think it would be best for everyone if I take Miss Kurotsuchi and make sure that she has somewhere to stay for the time being."

"Very well, Severus. You should also take her to see Poppy so that we can get a full medical check done while we are at it as well. Albus said as he watched the duo before him for a moment, though his eyes narrowed in anger at the blatant disrespect he was being shown by the girl he knew for sure was the missing Potter girl, "I will be contacting Lily and James and informing them that young Willow has been found and is waiting for them to come pick her up, and will meet up with the two of you in the hospital wing."

'I wonder who this 'father' of hers is, and what did he do to her that makes her immune to a simple obliviate spells effects? There is no record of something like this ever happening before that I have heard of… Whoever this mystery man is, I'm going to have to pull some strings to get young Willow,' Albus though silently to himself as he watched them leave as he tried to figure out new plans as his old ones are now ruined, as he stood up from his seat to go to his fireplace to make a quick floo call to the Potters to let them know that their daughter had been found, 'out of this man's clutches and return her to James and Lily. Just from the way she is acting, the man is obvious a bad influence on her and is teaching her dark ways and she must be set back on the right path of the Light if she is to defeat Voldemort for us once and for all.'

To be continued...

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2. Harry becomes suicidal and depressed and tries to change himself much to the displeasure of Dumbledore and his 'friends'. After an argument with Ron and Hermione, he befriends Draco Malfoy just to spite all of them and they become close, until Dumbledore calls Harry in for a meeting, and basically tells him how he can and can't act, and casts a spell on him that hurts him if he goes against Dumbledores rules, but he ignores it and endures the pain. Last chapter I saw, Harry had reached the point where he was going to jump off the astronomy tower just as Draco shows up just as he jumps and Draco manages to reach him in time to grab him and try and pull them both back up before they fall to their doom.

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