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Summary: (HP!Bleach xover) Eleven years ago, four year old Willow Astrid Potter was murdered by the Dursleys, and her wandering spirit was later found and adopted by Mayuri Kurotsuchi and was renamed as Nemu. Now at age sixteen, her unknown past has come looking for her to drag her back into a world and family she has no interest in being a part of. -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!FEMALE Harry) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny, and Potter bashing)-

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The Daughter
Chapter 2: Unwanted 'Family' Reunion
Originally Created By: TheBlackSeaReaper
Adopted By: Sakura Lisel

~-Meanwhile Back In Soul Society - August 1, 2006~-

"So let me get this straight, Captain Kurotsuchi. A phoenix shows up and gives Vice-Captain Nemu a letter and when she opens it, she disappears to Scotland which in Avalon territory." Head Captain Genry?sai Shigekuni Yamamoto asked him. He has a feeling that he does not want to hear the reason why, as he narrowed his wizened eyes on the nervous looking mad scientist in front of him who was making an obvious effort to try and not look guilty about something when he came barging into his office half an hour ago to report Nemu's kidnapping, "Would you mind telling me exactly why would someone kidnap your daughter? The fact that it was done via phoenix makes me suspicious, Captain Kurotsuchi, since the only people I know of who can command phoenixes are wizards."

"Head Captain Yamamoto-sama, I do not know who would go to such lengths to kidnap my daughter the way they did, but I plan to find out as soon as possible so that I can get her back and bring her home where she belongs, while making the ones pay for their foolishness," Mayuri said simply as he shifted around nervously for a moment, refusing to even meet Yamamoto's eyes as he seemed to try and decide what he was going to say before letting out a resigned sigh when he saw the piercing glare Yamamoto was now as he answered, "I guess it's past time for the truth about Nemu to come out, if I have to travel through Avalon to get to her location. She may have been a living soul when I found her in England twelve years ago. And she may have followed me back to the Soul Society and gave me her complete loyalty if I become her father."

Yamamoto glared at the Head of the Research and Development Department as he felt a massive headache coming on. Though he was not surprised at this news as the Soul King had already informed him about what Mayuri had done all those years ago when Nemu had first appeared in the Soul Society nearly over twelve years ago, but Yamamoto had been given orders by the Soul King to not do anything about it or to let on that he knew the real truth about Nemu.

Soul King had even told him about the prophecy that pointed directly to her that had been misinterpreted by her former human family and the man they followed, involving a dark wizard who had been terrorizing the living world with his followers, only to be defeated by young Nemu as a baby, but a mistaken assumption had been made, and Nemu's younger twin brother who was something the wizards called a Squib had been given credit for the dark wizards defeat, while Nemu had her magic stripped from her while still a baby and given to her Squib brother and had been cast aside to go live with the people who had eventually killed her nearly four years after she was dropped off with them.

Soul King then proceeded to order Yamamoto and to leave them alone for the time being, saying that it would be best to leave young Nemu to the care of Mayuri so that she could be prepared for the day when she had to return to the living to fulfill the prophecy, and to not inform the Kurotsuchi family of the truth until the appropriate time came upon them. Apparently, the Soul King knows what is going on here even if others of the Soul Society think otherwise.

"I will get permission for you and some others to travel to Avalon and help out Nemu with the task of completing a prophecy about her," Head Captain Yamamoto dismissed Captain Kurotsuchi before sending a message to Soul King and Avalon that would allowed them to travel there and do what is necessary.

~-Hospital Wing - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland - August 1, 2006~-

"Who is this Poppy, and why should I allow her to 'check me out'?" Nemu asked as she reluctantly followed after Severus Snape as he led her through the different corridors of Hogwarts, "I don't need to be checked."

"Ms. Kurotsuchi we need to make sure that you are healthy while you are here, and get some medical records on file for you," Severus said as explanation to her as he glanced over at her for a moment as they continued to walk, "you may be here for a while, so we might as well get everything in order while we can."

"I don't plan to be here for longer than I have to be here, so your need for my medical information isn't needed," Nemu said with a scoff, as she met Severus gaze for a moment, as she stopped walking to glare up at him, "Plus its none of your business anyway. I don't need to have a medical exam or whatever it is this 'Poppy' is going to do to me."

Professor Snape escorted Nemu to Madam Pomfrey for a check up on the command from the Headmaster. He also had overheard that the Potter family are refusing to come to Hogwarts and get to know their long-lost daughter better and also, they are flat out denying that she was even the Chosen One despite Voldemort himself saying it was so. Both the Headmaster and Professor Snape noticed that there was something odd about Nemu or Ms. Potter in the Headmaster's case.

"Oh, dear Merlin!" Madam Pomfrey exclaimed as she had performed a spell that will let her know about Nemu's medical history, which the nurse received fifty feet of parchment of that said history, as she glanced back and forth from Nemu to the list in her hands, as her eyes scanned over everything that her scans had given her, "these readings can't be accurate at all. If they were you shouldn't even be here anymore, Ms. Potter."

"Poppy what is the matter?" Severus demanded as he stared incredulously at the extremely long sheet of parchment that had come into existence after a simple scan from the young girl before him, "May I see a copy of her medical report if you don't mind?"

Without another word, Poppy pulled out her wand and pointed it at the parchment in her hands, as she cast a spell that duplicated the parchment into two extra pieces, which were quickly snatched by both Severus and Nemu who took the time to read it, as a small smirk appeared on Nemu's face as she quickly scanned over the medical test before folding up the parchment and sticking it into her Shinigami robes pockets, as she watched the reactions of the two wizards in front of her as they read over their own copies of her medical records.

Severus felt like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. No one from even the First War, who were tortured for a month by the Dark Lord himself, had that long of parchment telling people what had been done to them.

Looking over his shoulder, he met the wide eyed gaze of Madam Pomfrey who was now standing behind him, as they both slowly and carefully read through her history, as they read, it was very clear that the girl who was sitting in front of them, was severely abused when she was very young. By the time that they were ten feet into the list, they almost had a heart attack when they came across the words that said that she had died at the age of four, along with the long list of everything else that had been done to her over the years before AND after her supposed death, before he turned his incredulous gaze onto Nemu once more, as Poppy rushed over to Nemu to try running more tests on her with her wand just to confirm if the first test had been accurate or not,

"Ms. Kurotsuchi would you mind explaining the meaning of these test results?! There is no possible way these are accurate." Severus snapped as he glared at the young woman before him as she sat placidly on the chair she had been sitting on since their arrival in the school infirmary, as he stormed up to her and slammed the parchment down onto the table next to her, "How can anything on these results be true? Especially for the date of your supposed 'death' seeing how old you are right now?"

Smiling a bit, Nemu turned her gaze on the medical report once more as she reread it again silently to herself.

Medical History Test – Performed by Madame Poppy Pomfrey

Full Name: Nemuri Kagura Kurotsuchi (deceased)

Formerly Known As: Willow Astrid Potter (magically disowned by Potter family on November 5, 1991) (deceased)

Date of Birth July 31, 1990

Date of Death July 28, 1995

Cause of Death Starvation, dehydration, multiple unhealed injuries

Blood Status: Half Blood

Heritage: Witch-Shinigami

Magical Core Strength: 79%

Family: Father(s): Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Shinigami (deceased) through adoption on September 28, 1995); James Charlus Potter (Wizard - Pureblood – disowned as of November 5, 1991) Mother(s): Lily Jade Potter nee Evans (Witch – Muggleborn - disowned as of November 5, 1991) Siblings: (Brother) Rowan Evan Potter (disowned as of November 5, 1991)

Unnamed Baby Girl (still growing inside of mother's womb)

Unnamed Baby Boy (still growing in mother's womb)

Age: 16

The list continued a few more pages, listing everything that was going on with her body, including the enhancements that Mayuri had done to her over the years, along with all injuries she had acclimated over time while serving Soul Society.

"What's wrong with it, Snape-san? The is a pretty accurate medical reading on myself all together, right down to the last detail," Nemu said with a slight shrug of her shoulders as the two adults turned their attention back on her with shocked looks on their faces at her words, as she shrugs her shoulders once more, after briefly glancing down at the parchment containing her medical report, "I am truly surprised magic is able to pull up that much info on a person with a simple wave of a wand. Especially seeing how old the info is."

"Miss Kurotsuchi, if these test results are correct, which I highly doubt, seeing how old you look right now, then I want you to tell us truthfully," Severus slowly looked at Nemu and asked, as he took another glance at the test results parchment, as a worried look appeared on his face as he stared back at Nemu once more, "Are you somehow dead, and have been since you were four years old?!"

"Four and three quarters to be more precise, seeing how was I was just three days shy of my fifth birthday when I died, Snape-san," Nemu said smiling a bit at the looks the two adults were giving her at her words, "As I said before your test results on me are accurate on everything. Why? Is something wrong?"

"Young lady, how can you be dead?! Especially if you died at age 4, yet you look like a teenager?!" Poppy demanded, as she stared at Nemu in shock for a few moments, as she cast a few more medical scans on the teenager only to get the same results as the first one printed out, "This is impossible…"

Before either Severus or Nemu could open their mouths to say anything else in response, a nasally voice answered instead, "Of course its not impossible, you idiot!"

Nemu got off of the bed, walked over to the speaker, bowed, and then stood by his side. The man, who had spoken, was the weirdest and the creepiest man that they ever saw. His face was mostly white with black outlining his eyes and mouth. He wore a strange looking hat and he had blue hair and no ears. Instead in their place was dome shape cones and his kind a looked like a goat with that Egyptian styled beard.

"And who are you?" Professor Snape asked as he tried not to show this man that he was freaked out by his appearance at all.

The clown like man glared at him and snapped, "Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Captain of the Twelfth Company and the Head of the Department of Research and Development. And Nemu's father."

Madam Pomfrey had enough and left the room after vanishing the fifty foot parchment. When she shut the door to her office, so she could secretly get a very strong drink, it was then that the doors opened and the Headmaster and the Potter family stepped into the Hospital Wing. It looked like that the Headmaster had somehow blackmailed or forced the Potters to come to meet Nemu.

"And here is your daughter, Willow," The Headmaster introduced them in hopes that his plan would still work out.

Rowan was the first to say something or rather sneered, "I can't believe that this slut is my sister. And I want my magic back! Mom, dad, tell her that she has to give back my magic, again!"

Mayuri snapped at the boy as he was angry at the insult, "And you look like a spoil little piglet and an idiot on top of that!"

The parents were about to say something to Mayuri, when Professor Snape sneered, "Like father, like son. Always taking what was not theirs in the first place and making people suffer because of their stupid actions."

Mayuri turned to Snape and asked, "What do you mean by that? Taking something that was not theirs in the first place? Explain!"

Then Severus gladly told this man what the Potter family had done to his daughter. Unlike the rest of the people who were in the room, he could tell exactly what the man and Nemu were. And he had the feeling that this man was someone who you should never cross at all, if you value your life. He explained about the Dark Lord and when he was defeated for the first time and how everyone believed that Rowan Potter was the one who had defeated him as he did not have any magic left and his twin sister still had magic, but when Rowan's magic did not come back, the Headmaster and the adult Potters used a ritual that stripped Nemu of her magic and gave it to Rowan instead. Then he explained about the nature of magic and that it recognized that Rowan was not the one that it belonged to, so it slowly disappeared, leaving Rowan as a squib that he was born as.

Mayuri was in deep thought when he heard about that. It explained a lot of things like how Nemu did not have a Zanpakuto; there is a very strong possibility that the spirit of the sword was destroyed during the ritual. And another thing that he had noticed and that was her spiritual pressure was getting stronger over the years. He always questioned that and ran tests, but never got a solid answer to any of his questions. Now, he got his answer and it was that when the little brat's stolen magic left him, it was returning back to Nemu, where it rightfully belonged.

The Headmaster blinked in confusion as he finally noticed the strange man in the Hospital wing. The reason for not noticing him first was that he was so deep in planning to make things go his way, that he did not notice him. So the Headmaster asked, "Who are you?"

"I am Nemu's father, the one who raised Nemu to be the woman that she is today," Mayuri said. He did not like the old geezer that has no sense of fashion what so ever and if the women saw the geezer, he is sure that they would say that he, Mayuri, has a better sense of fashion. But right now, he was itching to get them on his table, so he could see what makes them tick and also if they have any brains at all. Because from he has seen, they have none, other than the grease ball that looked to be someone like him.

"I will have you know that I know that you are not Willow's father. James here is her real blood father." Dumbledore explained, easily dismissing Mayuri's claim of parentage to Nemu, as he was believing that the strange man would agree with him. After all, he is Albus Dumbledore, the Leader of the Light, no one in their right mind would say no to him. "For the greater good, young Willow should live with her real family from now on. Apparently, you have been corrupting the poor girl and she needs to be put on the right path…"

"No! First of all, her name is Nemu, and whoever these people are they have no claim upon my daughter no matter what you seem to think, you idiotic buffoon! We've wasted enough time here as it is, with you people talking nonsense," Mayuri snapped as he turned his full hate filled glare onto Albus, who stared back in shock at him as he started speaking, as a dark sneer appeared on Mayuri's face as he looked between Albus and the Potters and back with open contempt on his face, "If you are looking for 'blood ties' between these morons and Nemu, then you will have to look elsewhere for them because you won't find them here. There is nothing of the Potters running through my daughters veins. So you can take your plans and ideas and the Greater Good and…"

"That is enough, Captain Kurotsuchi," The people in the room suddenly felt a huge pressure pressing down on them, making it hard to breathe. Dumbledore and the Potter family noticed that Nemu, Mayuri, and Severus were having an easier time dealing with the pressure. Once the pressure lifted, they turned to the door way and saw a very ancient looking man standing there with a huge walking stick that radiates power. Sure the man was bald, but his beard, mustache, and eyebrows, which was way longer than Dumbledore's, but they were neatly combed and well taken care of. "Vice-Captain Nemu Kurotsuchi will be staying with Captain Mayuri as he is her father and he is the one who raised her."

"And who are you to be deciding this?" The Headmaster asked as he pushed out his power to show that he is not someone to mess with. Only the Potters looked awe at his show of power, but the man looked like he did not even notice it. Even though he looked to be calm, but inside he was furious that this man had more power than he did.

The Head Captain raised one of his long white eyebrows and answered anyway, "My name is Yamamoto Genryuusai, the Head Captain of the Seiretei, which you call Heaven. I am their superior that they answer to. Any decision making that is to be made is to be sanctioned by me and no one else."

"Heaven! That means you are all dead! I don't believe that nonsense. I can tell just by looking at all of you that you can't be dead, so stop lying about such things." Lily Potter exclaimed. She and her husband, James was still in denial about Rowan not being the Boy-Who-Lived, as she glared in anger at her former daughter for a moment, as she reluctantly decides to go along with Albus' plan to get Nemu to come home with them, "All of you should be arrested for the use of dark magic and you young lady should be ashamed of yourself for being with the likes of them! When we get you home…"

"I wonder if the people of this community are either hard of hearing or just idiots, father. They truly seem to think that everything they don't understand must be 'dark magic' and evil," Nemu said as she point blank ignored Lily's rants as she turns her gaze onto Mayuri, as her normally emotionless face had a slight smirk on it as she met Mayuri's eyes, "Plus we have just told them repeatedly that I'm not going anywhere with them, yet they persist on thinking otherwise. If she truly was once my mother, then I am glad that I didn't inherit the utter stupidity that seems to run rampant in this family."

"Willow Astrid Potter! That was uncalled for young lady! She is your mother and you shall show her the respect as she is due," James thundered angrily as his face flushed in anger at the disrespect his long lost daughter was showing them, as he took a menacing step towards Nemu, "Apologize to your mother this moment!"

"Potter-san, as I have repeatedly stated already, I have no mother whatsoever, and you will never be my father, so I have no reason to apologize to this harpy of a woman who was rude to me and my father first. If she doesn't like being insulted to her face, then she shouldn't do so to others and not expect to be told off in return for it is a sure sign of exactly how extremely stupid she truly is," Nemu's said scathingly, with a loud scoff as she glared right back at James, not backing down as she didn't say a word to Lily, and crossed her across her arms across her chest as she stared at the shocked faces of the people in the room that stared back at her, "Despite what you and the headmaster may want to think, none of you have any authority over me and I will not be ordered by you so back off or else I will not hesitate to make my displeasure known to all of you in the worst ways possible. You gave up any right to call yourselves my parents the day you abandoned me to a life of pure hell with the Dursleys."

"For that I am in full agreement, Nemu. These idiots need to learn a lesson in respect and manners, but obviously are too stupid to realize they are in the wrong. Look you babbling buffoons, for the infinite time, her name is Nemu. Nemu has nothing to apologize for since she was stating a simple fact that even a well-trained monkey should be able to understand," Mayuri said, who had remained silent during Nemu's confrontation with her former family, as he felt a sense of pride fill him at how she was acting, as he returned his daughters smirk for a moment, before he turned to glare at Lily who was now huffing in anger at what Nemu had just said, as he started in on his rant, as he glared hatefully at both of the elder Potters, as his haughty voice cut off whatever the Potters were going to say next to Nemu, as the group all turned their attention on him once more, "so stop spouting nonsense about what you obviously have no clue about. We are dead yes, but we didn't use Dark Magic to become what we are now, but your simple pre-evolved minds obviously has no concept on the matter of what we are, so I won't bother wasting my breath explaining it to you since obviously it will just go in through one ear and out the other of that empty brainless pit that you call a skull."

"Why I never!" Lily exclaimed, her cheeks flushing in anger and embarrassment at what Nemu and Mayuri had just said, as her scowl deepened for a moment, "The two of you can't talk to me like that! Do you know who I am?!"

"That's funny, do I look like I care in the least about who you think you are or whatever imaginary importance you seem to think you have?" Mayuri said as the sneer on his face seemed to widen a bit.

"I do not believe your claims of being dead, because if you were you wouldn't be standing here as solid as you are now, so I believe that it's time to put all of these tall tales of being dead to rest and get to the business at hand." Dumbledore said, after quickly thinking up a plan to keep things in his control. Then an idea popped into his head and he quickly spoke up, interrupting whatever response Lily was going to make to what Mayuri had just said, "I'm still afraid that Ms. Willow Potter will have to live with her family as they are related by blood, which is far more stronger than any adoption claim you may have made on her, especially since they never gave their consent on the adoption."

Mayuri started laughing his ass off like a mad man that he is, as he realized that he was one step ahead of them already. That and that was one of the lamest excuses he ever did hear.

James sneered at the man, "What's so funny, you freak?"

"Because, you stupid baboon, as we have already stated, Nemu is dead, so just about everything that could possibly biologically tie her to the three of you is now rotting away in a shallow grave, for the last decade thanks to the people you simpletons left her with," Mayuri snapped back at him by saying, as a smug look appeared on his features as he looked at everyone for a moment as he crossed his arms over his chest, "Though even if she wasn't dead, I made sure that my daughter does not share your DNA anymore when I took her in. Nemu shares my DNA and mine only. Either way there is nothing genetically tying her to your family anymore that allows you to try and lay any form of parental claims upon her."

"Ah ha! What you just said confirms that you ARE a dark wizard! I refuse to believe this crap about the two of you being 'dead', there is no way." James suddenly pointed an accusing finger at Mayuri and exclaimed cheerfully, as he walked over and poked Mayuri in the chest, feeling the soul reapers solid body beneath his fingertips, "If you were dead, why can I touch you? You should be either a ghost or a ghoul. So, you do admit to the use of the dark arts!"

Rowan and Lily looked like their birthdays were coming early this year, while Dumbledore gave Mayuri a disappointed look as if that look would make Mayuri feel guilty about his actions.

Let it be noted that Mayuri does not know the meaning of feeling guilty and does not even have it in his vocabulary.

And the Head Captain Yamamoto just rolled his eyes, honesty; he is really getting too old for this type of crap.

On the other hand, Severus Snape was having the time of his life as Mayuri took to insulting the Potter family, and that was something that he wished that he could do without being told off for doing so.

"Don't touch me. You simpletons clearly are incapable of understanding things that are outside your primitive little minds without making it sound like it involves dark magic, so I won't even bother repeating myself once more," Mayuri snapped as he smacked James' hand away from him, as Mayuri gave him a look that said 'I don't really care about what you bugs want and I'm bored with you' and said, "I don't remember saying that I used any sort of magic. If you are hearing things, then you should really get your hearing check or it could be a sign of old age. If everyone is like you and your family, then it is no wonder that the British and other European magical communities are the laughingstock to the rest of the worlds magical communities for how moronic you people are and behind the times while the rest of the world is moving forward."

Lily and Rowan yelled at the same time, "That's not true!"

Dumbledore calmly added, "They are right. The British magical community is one of the most advanced in the world, my dear boy."

The Head Captain saw the twitching of Mayuri's left eye and suddenly wished that he had a chair, popcorn, and a drink to go with this.

"I'm not your dear anything as I'm over the age of two hundred so I am your elder, you arrogant little boy," Mayuri said, snorting a bit in amusement, at the shocked looks on the magicals faces as they stared at him when they heard what he had said, as he sneered nastily at Albus, causing the elderly wizard to take a step back in surprise at the ferocity he saw in the 'younger' man's golden eyes as Mayuri started speaking once more, "so do not compare me to these mindless, idiotic sheep in human bodies, and you're wrong about your country being the 'greatest' when it comes to magic, dumbass! Tell them the reasons to these insects why Hogwarts and the British magical world in particular utterly fails as being the 'best' in the entire world, Nemu!"

"Hai, otousan," Nemu said simply as she stepped forward as her own smirk appeared on her lips as everyone reluctantly turned their attention on her as she started to explain everything that she knew, "In Japan, they've already created a cure for werewolves. In the Americas, they found a way to use non-magical technology around magic. In China, they have blood banks set up for vampires, so there are hardly any attacks on humans. In both Africa and America goblins and other non-humans are treated equally, and with respect, and they have the same rights as normal people. North America and Japan, puts a potion in the drinking water, so no non magical person would see magic or anything that is magical, even if it was done in front of them. The only way for them to know is to be told by someone who works in the government."

Mayuri then pick up after where Nemu left off and said, "As you can see, your society is so backwards that the entire world is all laughing at you. Come on, Nemu, its time that we left, before the stupidity virus infect us, as well."

"Wait! You can't leave as there is a prophecy about Ms. Potter and Voldemort that she needs to complete," Albus explained as he thought he had one up on them and it will get that little girl to do his bidding for him.

"Your 'prophecy' is no concern of mine. Look elsewhere for help, because it won't be coming from me. I have no wish to help you people, nor do I have a reason to do so. Deal with your problem yourself." Nemu said dismissively, as she turned on her heel to stand at Mayuri's side as the duo got ready to leave despite the protests of the wizards there, "I am under no obligation to help you with your dark lord problem, and will be taking my leave with my father and returning home now and…"

Just as they were about to leave, that was when they were suddenly stopped Yamamoto who chose that time to make his presence known to everyone there and step in and interrupt their 'talk' with the group of wizards and the Kurotsuchi.

"Hold it right there, Mayuri and Nemu. We already know about the prophecy, Headmaster. That is why Mayuri and myself are here in the first place. It is a crime against the laws of nature, death, and life to tear one's soul into pieces. As Shinigami, it is our duty to take care of this travesty before the balance is upset further." The Head Captain said impatiently as he banged his cane on the floor causing a loud bang to echo throughout the infirmary and making the group of humans jump in fright from the noise as everyone turned their attention onto him, as he started talking and firmly stated, "We've already received permission to do so by Avalon as their laws, set by Central 34, forbids them from interfering in the World of the Living. But for this type of crime, our own laws can't stop us from carrying out justice."

Dumbledore was floored and was furious that he did not have any more information that he could use as blackmail, while the others were sick to their stomachs when they heard that the Dark Lord did that to his soul. Suddenly, the Potters realized that their son, Rowan could not do what the prophecy had stated. He was not ready for that even if he still had Nemu's magic inside of his own body.

Snape, on the other hand, could believe that the Dark Lord did that as Voldemort had always been very afraid of death even though the dark lord always hid it well among his followers. And Snape knew that death was coming his way and he could not wait for this nightmare to over. Once, it's all done with, Snape is moving to Japan so he could be close to Nemu and teach her all about potions as she expressed that she wanted to learn about them.

To be continued...

Author's Notes:
So what do you guys think? This chapter is completed at 32 pages. This is my first Harry Potter crossover, involving Bleach. Credit for the first three chapters goes to TheBlackSeaReaper, while everything that comes afterwards belongs to me. Please tell me what you think of it in reviews. Do you guys love it? Hate it? What? Though extremely rude flamers won't be tolerated.

For those of you who don't know anything about the 'Nemuri Project' that's mentioned at the top of the page, look it up before you flame the story because that's what I did when I looked up every bit of info I could on Nemu's original version of the character. It's mentioned on her character biography page on wikia. Though it's a very short mentioning on the webpage. lol

I want to give a shout out memoriam to Alan Rickman (Born: 1946, Died: 2016) who played the best Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies, who died on January 14, 2016 at the age of 69 from cancer. He'll be missed by everyone who knew him from both the movies and in real life. I'll always remember him best in his roles as Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the evil Judge Turpin from Sweeney Todd.

I have a new poll up on my profile page for my 'A Shinobi, a Mother, and then a Witch' story, to help me decide on who Kai will be paired up with in the future. The poll also shows what the ages of the male characters are going to be when she meets them.

So what do you guys think of my choice in picture for this story? I don't take any credit for the pictures creation, but after I adopted this story I went looking online for a Nemu and Mayuri picture that I wanted to put up with the story, and I came across this one by coincidence. It's perfect for the story wouldn't you guys say? lol It called out to me to be the picture I selected for this story.

I know in the part where I wrote in the scene that extended Mayuri's first meeting with Nemu when she was still Willow Potter he seems a bit out of character, but even he's not that mean to try and scare a child ghost. If Nemu had been older when they first met would have been a different matter. lol Plus he was trying to see if he could get her to willingly come with him without any trouble by not completely acting like his usual self, before he resorted to taking her with him unwillingly like he had originally planned. lol A willing test subject would have been better than an unwilling one as far as he was concerned, and you see how that turned out in later years between them.

Hey I have a few requests. I'm looking for a couple of stories that I remember reading before but it's been so long that I can't remember their titles, since the page links will automatically be erased if you post them, or even know if their still on this website. If you know the names, could you please send the titles to either my PM or leave it in a review? Here are the stories I'm looking for.
1. Years ago, Sirius Black took some steps to protect his newly orphaned godson, by casting an ancient and powerful spell that caused the real Harry Potter to be switched with another baby boy named Alexander Harris. The spell switched the two boys' looks and DNA and gave Xander all of Harry's magic and cursed scar and vice versa so no one is the wiser. But Sirius dies a decade and a half later without telling anyone about what he did all those years ago and takes his secret with him to the grave. Now, years later after the final battles with Lord Voldemort and The First, 'Harry Potter' is now happily married to Ginny Weasley and expecting their first child, and 'Xander Harris' is together with Dawn Summers, when the spell suddenly breaks, no thanks to Willow, giving the two men back their original looks and identities and powers.
2. Harry becomes suicidal and depressed and tries to change himself much to the displeasure of Dumbledore and his 'friends'. After an argument with Ron and Hermione, he befriends Draco Malfoy just to spite all of them and they become close, until Dumbledore calls Harry in for a meeting, and basically tells him how he can and can't act, and casts a spell on him that hurts him if he goes against Dumbledores rules, but he ignores it and endures the pain. Last chapter I saw, Harry had reached the point where he was going to jump off the astronomy tower just as Draco shows up just as he jumps and Draco manages to reach him in time to grab him and try and pull them both back up before they fall to their doom.

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