AN: Hello Paw Patrol fans of the Internet, I'm HavocHound and welcome to the first chapter of Everest Gone Missing. The follow up story to my first and biggest Paw Patrol story, Marshall Gone Missing. Now before we start off there are a few differences that you will learn about this story. One, this isn't based on an existing episode in Paw Patrol. Second, this is a much longer story then Marshall Gone Missing and will come in about four different ACTS. And finally, third, some of the writing style will be different from when I did Marshall Gone Missing, but will mostly stay the same.

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One final thing before we begin, I'm starting this chapter off with the trailer opening that I created a while ago as a teaser. Sort of to give it that Anime opening like feel. If you guys don't want to see that every chapter, please says so and I won't.

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(Based On the Song "Run" By BTS)

The icy and snow covered mountains of the north are seen as a sun rises from the east, the cold air blowing off bits of snow from the top as the view of an alps like cold winter wonderland on the mountains can be seen as the song starts playing.

From one of these mountains, on the top of a smaller one, is Marshall, wearing his uniform with his eyes closed like in deep concentration as the wind circles around him. As the camera zooms into his face, the sun starts shining on him as he opens up his eyes as the lyrics start

You're the sun of my world, the only one in my life

I'm blooming like a flower, but you're not up in the sky

A picture of Everest and Jake, laughing and playing in the snow, is seen in a human's hand. Zooming out, we see Jake look at the picture and then up in the sky with a tear in his eyes.

Where are you, are you, I just want to see you

I reach into the sky, and my branch slowly grows dry

Marshall and the pups are all looking outside from the Lookout where it is raining, beside them is Everest's pup tag and a letter. Rocky is comforting a crying Rubble while Chase nuzzles Skye. Marshall looks like the life has left him as he gazes outside.

So why leave me, let our dreams lay down broken (broken)

I look and look, but can't find you anywhere (where)

Ryder is there watching them with a sad look on his face. Marshall turns around and gazes at Ryder before he nods and Marshall, determined, grabs the pup tag.

You think I'll just give up? I just care all too much

Call me foolish, call me crazy, I just won't give up now baby

We get scenes of the pups getting into their Pup Packs and entering their vehicle, even Ryder is preparing himself.

Don't stop running, I must keep on going

My paws are torn apart and bleeding,

But to see you my heart will keep beating

In an instant, the pups all drive out of the Lookout, led by Ryder and Marshall. As the chorus plays, they drive through town, focused on finding Everest no matter what while some citizens like Mayor Goodway, Alex, and Katie wave at them as they drive by.

I will run, run, run, to see you again someday

Run, run, run, nothing will stop in my way

Show me where I must go roam

So that I can bring you back home

Now we see Marshall fighting off what looks to be a bunch of black and brown wolves with red markings on them. He's using his water cannons to blast them while Chase, tackles a few from trying to take him out from behind. The two rush forward, jumping over a few as Skye comes in her copter and they grab a harness to escape.

Zooming behind them is Ryder on his ATV while Jake is behind him, waving a baseball bat as a weapon.

I will run, run, run, I'm fired up and pounding

Run, run, run, my soul is now igniting

Climbing up the path of disaster

I'm determined to reach you faster

We now see various wolf packs in the moon night and different areas. First are a set of light brown wolves with a little pup waving his paws with affection next to his parents while they are near a lake.

Run~ (Don't tell me bye bye)

Next is a red furred wolf group near some mountains who look ready to kill

Run~ (You make me cry cry)

Finally, on top of an ice mountain near caves are pure white Alpha wolf with his sons who reach back and howl to the moon.

Run~ (Love's not a lie lie)

Don't tell me, Don't tell me, Don't tell me bye bye

Riding on the Paw Patroler through some forests in the middle of winter, the pups are playing pup pup boogie while Ryder and Jake watch them. Chase and Skye are doing a group dance while Marshall and Zuma try but end up crashing which makes the group laugh.

We're all missing you, and we know what we must do

We gotta go on a roll, it's time for us to patrol (oh)

Marshall however stops and focuses on a picture of all seven pups with Ryder in front of the lookout and seems even more determined to bring her home.

We'll face the trials of the world, making sure we will come home

Laugh in danger we dare, cause that's how we fare

Next scene shows a black wolf pup, female, with red markings on her looking alone as she stands near a fire at a campsite the pups have made with the Paw Patroler at the distance. However, as she looks with loneliness, Rocky comes up with a smile and surprises her.

Don't stop running, I must keep on going

My paws are torn apart and bleeding,

She slowly nuzzles beside him as he nuzzles back.

But to see you my heart will keep beating

The pups and Ryder are all running in the snow, heading straight towards a mountain. Marshall is in the lead, kicking up most of the snow as they keep on pressing forward no matter what.

I will run, run, run, to see you again someday

Run, run, run, nothing will stop in my way

Show me where I must go roam

So that I can bring you back home

Watching them from the mountain are black wolves with red markings on them made of blood. There is a psychotic looking female wolf, a tall black wolf with a scar over his eyes, a medium size one that looks young and handsome, and finally the leader who is rugged looking with cold eyes behind him.

I will run, run, run, I'm fired up and pounding

Run, run, run, my soul is now igniting

Marshall notices the last one and they glare at each other.

Climbing up the path of disaster

I'm determined to reach you faster

We cut to a scene where Marshall is lying on the cold floor, bleeding and broken from Marshall Gone Missing in a cold cave. It's switched to a warm bed and as he opens his eyes and looks over to his left he sees a smiling Everest but with blurry vision, holding his paw.

When night comes and the sun is gone, the moon shall guide my way

The tips of my paws, the fur on my back, I feel your warm embrace around me

There's so much to tell you, so much I feel for you, I just can't simply explain

Marshall wakes up from his dream in his pup house and takes out Everett's pup tag, a tear dripping down his eye as it hits the tag itself.

Show me the way, guide me to you, let me see your face

As the chorus plays, we see the Paw Patrol fighting off the black wolves. Ryder is kicking a few back with some martial arts moves while Zuma uses Pup Fu on a few right next to Ryder. Rubble suddenly comes in with his digger as he throws them up in the air with his shovel blade while Chase and Rocky are right behind him with their own vehicles as weapons. Skye is seen confusing a few with her wings as she zips around.

I will run, run, run, to see you again someday

Run, run, run, nothing will stop in my way

Show me where I must go roam

So that I can bring you back home

Marshall and the giant black wolf leader are now clashing over a top of a mountain, a storm brewing around them exchanging blow for blow. Marshall jumps with a pup fu kick while the black wolf howls and charges forward with his teeth the two are about to clash when lighting strikes and covers the area with a white light.

I will run, run, run, I'm fired up and pounding

Run, run, run, my soul is now igniting

Climbing up the path of disaster

I'm determined to reach you faster

Marshall, all alone, runs up a mountain path.

Run~ (Don't tell me bye bye)

He finally reaches the top where Everest is waiting for him with her back turned.

Run~ (You make me cry cry)

She slowly turns around to face him as the sunlight glows around her face

Run~(Love's not a lie lie)

Don't tell me, Don't tell me, Don't tell me bye bye

The trailer ends with another shot of the mountains.

Everest Gone Missing

By HavocHound

Act 1 Part 1: An Ordinary Day

Nathan Elliot never figured he was going to die in a fire, much less one cause by a robbery but it was looking like that. He had only just started working as a teller for the bank until three armed men with guns burst in and shot up the celling, demanding money. Adventure Bay was supposed to be one of the safest places on Sirius Island, an island known for its vast dangers areas such as frozen tundra, deserts, and even a jungle, but even this safe town had problems now and then. When the police sirens were heard, the gunmen left a package in the middle of the room before leaving. Most people had the sense to get out, but Nathan thought of staying put until police arrived.

His stupid mistake resulted in him being in this fire when the package blew up, presumably with a fire bomb inside of it. Everyone managed to escape the blast and make for the emergency exists, but Nathan went the wrong way and ended up trapped on the second floor with the fire now spreading closer and closer towards him. He thought about all the choices he made in life and all the regrets he had. He wished he had followed his dreams of becoming a rock star instead of a bank teller like his father did. He wished he asked Susie Kendall out in his final year of High School. He wished he could have finished his Shining Armor outfit for Galacon this year.

All of that was now looking to be a waste as he closed his eyes and waited for death. However, instead of death being a burning hot sensation with his skin melting and the agony of pain he felt only wetness with the cool sensation of refreshment. He opened his eyes to see that the fire in the hallway was gone and water had replaced it. What really caught his attention was the flying dalmatian in a red airsuit that looked to be fireproof and had a helmet attached to his head. He was levitating thanks to a red jetpack while also firing water from two nozzles at the wings.

He turned around and smiled at the stunned bank teller. "Hi, mister! Don't worry! I'm Marshall of Paw Patrol! I'm here to rescue you! Just one second." He then spoke into his mike that was attacked to his ear and barked. "Arf! Arf! Ladder up!"

Looking out the window, Nathan saw a fireman's ladder come straight up as the dalmatian pointed to it. "Watch your step while heading down."

Nathan could only nod. As he made for his exit, he swore to do all the things he wished he could do the moment he set his feet down. That, and also buy a pup.

Ryder sighed in relief as he saw the trapped teller and Marshall come down. Witnesses saw him going in the opposite direction when they were leaving when the bomb exploded and he had sent Marshall to find him. Now that he was safe, he and Marshall could concentrate with the other firefighters that had arrived on fighting the fire that had taken over half of the bank. He and the rest of his pups had heard the explosion from their home at the Lookout and quickly got into gear as the Mayor soon called, reporting of the robbery and fire taking place.

He had initially summoned Chase, Marshall, and Skye to help him out for this one until he learned from witnesses that the three robbers had split up in three separate vehicles, two cars and one bike. Obviously they caused the fire to delay respondents, but Ryder and his team were professionals despite their young age and he soon summoned the entire team into action.

Taking out his puppad, he called Skye who answered in a heartbeat. "Skye, got any leads on the three robbers?"

"I'm currently following one right now, he's heading towards the south exit of Adventure Bay that will lead him to the highway. The other one I spotted was heading to the north entrance towards Jake's Mountain. I don't know where the third one is."

"Right, I'll have Chase and Rubble deal with the one heading south. Rocky and Everest can handle the one going north. Find that last one and I'll get Zuma on it," ordered Ryder.

"Roger that, Ryder! Skye out!" she shouted with a smile before ending the call.

"Hey, Ryder," shouted Marshall as he landed next to his owner. "The civilian is safe and getting looked at by the EMC's. Are we going to follow the robbers or stay here to help the fire?"

"We're gonna focus on the fire, I got the rest of the team dealing with the bad guys," answered Ryder. "Let's take this fire out before it can spread to any of the other nearby buildings."

"I'm fired up!" shouted Marshall as he rushed towards his fire truck and barked three times. "Hose!" Taking the fire hose from its slot, Marshall reactivated his water jet pack and flew up as close as he could towards the fire. "Hose on!" The water sprayed out and while Marshall was pushed back at first because of the kickback, he quickly adjusted himself and continued his work.

"Nice work, Marshall! I'll call the others and get them in on the plan!" shouted Ryder as he pressed the "Call All" button for the team. "Okay, Paw Patrol! Here is the plan!"

Chase was naturally the first to respond to the plan and was already in route to one of the robbers. While he took his job seriously, Chase always liked running after the bad guys and stopping them. Even as a little pup, he always was the one who liked being the tagger when he and Marshall were always playing together growing up. It was the thrill of the hunt, the conflict between predator and prey that made his blood boiling. He supposed that was natural for a pup whose instincts were tied to the wild and days of hunting. Only instead of rabbits and deer, he was chasing after criminals.

Sirens flaring, Chase soon found his target who was in a gray sports car and speeding faster than the other cars on the road. He was already outside of Adventure Bay and only a few miles from the highway. He had hoped Rubble had done his part in Ryder's plan or else this was going to be a bit more troublesome if the chase went onto the main roads.

"Arf! Megaphone!" cried out Chase as he summoned his trusty tool. "Attention driver in the gray sports van! This is Officer Chase of Paw Patrol! In the name of the law, I am ordering you to cease and desist! Pull over now!"

The robber's response was a giant F bomb and a gun shot that echoed in Chase's ears. Ducking down, he quickly activated his collar. "Shots fired! Repeat! Shots fired! All Paw Patrolers are to exercise extreme caution! Suspects are armed and dangerous!" A few more pot shots hit the front of his car much to his frustration. It was going to take days to fix that up and he had just waxed it too. "Rubble, where is that blockade?!"

"Is he making the turn that's a mile away from the freeway?" answered Rubble on the other line.

"Yeah?" answered Chase, raising an eyebrow.

"Great! Do yourself a favor and slow down so you don't get caught."

Although he was confused, Chase trusted Rubble and did as he was told. The turn to the highway was covered on all sides by thick trees so it was hard to see what it was that Rubble had done. When the robber's car made the turn, he heard a loud crashing noise that made the police pup wince. Turning around himself, his eyes were wide in amazement at the blockade of boulders and dirt piles that had been stacked so high and thick it could stop the Paw Patroler in its tracks. That was what happened to the robber's car as it not only crashed into the boulders, but a pile of sand was knocked over from the impact and was now on top of the car, preventing it from moving.

Chase couldn't help but laugh. Rubble, you really know how to build them.

The robber, seeing his car stopped completely, got out of his car with a pistol in one hand and a bag of what had to be the stolen money over his shoulder. Chase reacted with a quick bark before shouting, "Net!"

From the back of his police cruiser, a net launcher came out from a hidden panel and fired into the air. The robber looked up only to gasp before getting caught in the next and brought down hard. He struggled for a bit until he lifted his gun to take a shot at Chase.

He didn't get a chance as Chase shouted, "Taser Net Activate!"

The pained sounds of the robber echoed in the area as the net's electrical charges turned on and shocked the criminal into dropping his gun and falling unconscious. It had been one of Rocky's ideas for the net gadget after one criminal managed to escape using a pocket knife to cut lose and it had saved Chase's life more than once.

"That had to hurt," said Rubble as he drove his bulldozer over to Chase. "At least it didn't cause his clothes to catch on fire like that other guy that one time."

"Yeah, I had to bring that thief to the police station naked. Not something a young pup should see in his life," shivered Chase at the memory. "Nice work on the blockade by the way. You really are getting faster at this."

"Like Apollo fast?" asked Rubble with excitement much to Chase's amusement. Even though the show had ended a year ago and all the pups moved on, Rubble was still as big a fan as the day Marshall introduced the super pup to him all those years ago.

Activating his pup tag, Chase spoke, "Ryder. We managed to subdue one of the robbers. We're bringing him to the police station now."

"Good work, Chase. Skye already found the other one and is in pursuit of him," responded Chase.

"She got my message about them carrying guns, right?" asked Chase with a worried tone. He didn't want to imagine bullets being fired at his girlfriend. One good shot could send the helicopter crashing.

"Don't worry, Chase. Skye knows. I'll keep you posted," Ryder said before ending the call.

"She'll be fine, Chase," assured Rubble as he saw the worried look on his friend. "Just think about happy thoughts. Like the fact that in a month you'll be celebrating your third year anniversary."

Now Chase was really looking panicked. "Oh no! I totally forgot about that! I need to think of something romantic to do! The park?! No, did that last year. Movie and a dinner?! No, we do that every week. Maybe I can propose her paw for marriage?!"

Rubble rolled his eyes at Chase's antics and drove off while the police pup was debating about either taking a cruise down to Hawaii with Skye or a rocket ship to mars.

Skye made sure to keep her distance from the robber on the bike she was trailing near the beaches of Adventure Bay. While she was confident her helicopter could take a few bullets, she knew better then to tempt fate. She made sure to keep herself in a zig zag formation just to confuse the robber who glanced at her with worry on his face. He increased his speed as he kept his focus on the street ahead of him which made Skye smirk. "Just as planned."

A police blockade was already set up with five cars and a SWAT team already in place, aiming their guns at the oncoming biker. With them in the front, Skye in the back, and police coming in on all sides from the other streets, it looked like the end of the line.

That is until the robber made a quick turn onto the beach and headed towards the pier. Skye called it in. "Ryder, he's heading for the pier."

"I thought as much. Not many other options for him. Keep on him, Skye. I'll get Zuma ready."

Skye nearly berated herself for not thinking Ryder had a plan just in case. He always had a plan for everything. That's why she admired him so much, even under the worst situations he was always calm, collected, and kept his cool. The only time he ever lost it was… when Marshall ran away three years ago. Skye shivered at the memory of his expression when he demanded what happened with Marshall that made him run away. She had never seen him so angry before, even years later. She still had nightmares sometimes of that face, blaming her for letting Marshall get hurt, or even killed depending on the dream, and leaving her alone in the woods before that scary bear came after her. It was nights like that she was glad she had Chase as a boyfriend to turn to for comfort.

Her attention was brought back to the robber who had ditched his bike for an unused jet-ski. Apparently, it still had its keys inside and he turned it on before riding it into the ocean much to a nearby owner who was screaming and waving his hands in frustration.

Keeping up the pace, Skye activated her pup tag and called for their Water Rescue Pup. "Zuma? The robber is getting away on a jet-ski. Where are you?"

"Wight below ya, Dudette!"

Skye looked down and saw that Zuma was indeed right below her on his hovercraft. Howling, Zuma darted forward with his vehicle at top speed, kicking up waves before he was soon just a few feet away from the robber who didn't even notice the Chocolate Lab right behind him.

"Buoy!" shouted Zuma, unleashing the launcher for his floater. With perfect aim, the buoy managed to land on the robber and trap him, locking his arms to his sides and dragging him off the jet-ski along with the bag of money.

The robber spat water out of his mouth as he resurfaced and glared at Zuma who smugly said, "Well, looks like I got the catch of the day."

"Nice work, Zuma, but where is the money?" asked Skye as she flew low enough to talk without their radios.

A second latter, a familiar walrus with a black bag balanced over his head arfed a few times before pointing to the bag. Zuma drove over, dragging the annoyed robber with him, and took the bag. "Thanks, Wally. Say hi to the family for us!"

"Arf! Arf!" said Wally with a wave before he dived back into the water.

"Wyder, we got the second cwiminal and his loot. We're heading back to shore to give him to the police," reported Zuma.

"Good work you two. Rocky and Everest are handling the last one as we speak. Return to the bank when you're done."

"Hey, Zuma! Race ya to the beach!" shouted Skye as she took off.

"Hey! Wait for me!" shouted Zuma, taking off.

"Wait! I'm still-WAAAAAA!" shouted the criminal as he was comically dragged at top speeds from his buoy trap.

Meanwhile, on the dirt roads to Jake's Mountain, Rocky was already setting up his trap. Using a metal flat speed ladder, some springs, bolts, glue, and multiple half broken knives people had thrown away, he was able to quickly construct his own police tire spike trap. He had it all set up and ready as he soon heard the sounds of a fast moving vehicle coming his way.

Hiding behind a tree where his vehicle was parked, Rocky pressed his back against the tree and waited. He didn't have to wait long as the sound of popped tires and screeching soon became music to his ears as did the sound of a car crashing.

Hoping the human was okay, Rocky jumped into his truck and activated his sirens before driving forward. The car's front was completely totaled as the human, bleeding from his head, slowly got out of the car and moaned. Rocky stopped a few feet in front of him and shouted, "Paw Patrol! Hands up where I can see them."

The robber cursed and aimed his gun at Rocky who didn't even flinch, because he knew what was going to happen next. A split second latter, a blue and white blur jumped on the gunman and bit his hand, forcing him to drop his weapon. He was then tackled by the same blur who growled in his face and made him freeze up at the sight of the sharp teeth so close to his jugular.

"Move and I'll be forced to have you for dinner," growled Everest, narrowing her predator like eyes. The gunmen whimpered and nodded.

Rocky shivered at the sight. Everest had only gotten scarier and deadlier as a fighter as she got older and she didn't even practice Pup-Fu. He chalked it up most likely thanks to her up bring of being raised in the wild for most of her life. He recalled one time when Zuma told him of a time when a bully pup was picking on him, Rubble, Everest, and Marshall one time while they were acting out their favorite parts from the last Apollo The Super Pup film. He called Zuma "retarded" because of his speech and before he knew it, Everest had her jaws around his throat, flipped him and hled him in a death lock. After forcing him to apologize, he ran away with his tail between legs.

Zuma said it was the most awesome and scariest thing he ever saw.

"Hey, Rocky? Aren't you going to report to Ryder?"

"Oh, right," said Rocky, snapping out of his thoughts. "Ryder? We got our bad guy. Think you can send police cars to pick him up?"

"Already on their way. Good work you two. We're almost done with the fire here so once the criminal has been put away you can ahead back to the Lookout. Over and out!"

"Looks like another successful rescue for Paw Patrol," said Rocky with a smirk on his face.

"Marshall is okay, right?" asked Everest, with concern in her tone.

"He's fine. He's been doing this since he was little, remember?" reassured Rocky with a knowing smirk. "You don't have to play guardian angel to him all the time, you know? Chase does that enough as it is."

"S-sorry," muttered Everest, blushing. "I just want him to be okay, you know. It's… It's almost that anniversary…"

Rocky frowned. He knew what anniversary she was talking about. The day we almost lost Marshall…

***Three Years Ago***


Marshall was dead. One of his best friends in the world was dead and he was partly responsible; all the pups were.

Only a few hours ago did Ryder report the grim fate of his friend and Rocky felt like he had a part of him died alongside the Dalmatian. Rubble had continued to lock himself in his puphouse to mourn. Zuma had refused to leave Rocky's embrace until he fell asleep with tears in his eyes. Even Skye and Chase, who had returned only a short time ago, just headed inside and hugged each other until they fell asleep with Chase continuing to mutter Marshall's name.

The mixed breed couldn't even begin to comprehend what Chase was going through. He and Marshall were always the closest, and they were the ones who started Paw Patrol with Ryder. To lose his best friend, to fail his brother…

Rocky never felt more useless then he did right now. He always believed he could fix anything, but he couldn't fix this. He couldn't bring Marshall back. We don't even have a body to bury him…

He stared at the empty spot where Marshall's truck once was as the rain continued to damper his coat. Normally, he would freak out by the thought of water touching him, but a tsunami could come by and he could not care. He would drown a thousand times if it meant bringing Marshall back.

"Marshall… why… why you? Why couldn't it have been me?" whispered Rocky, closing his eyes in shame. "I broke your heart… we all did. After everything you've done for me… I just… I just threw you away like trash… I'm so so so sorry!"

He wasn't worthy of being a friend. He wasn't even worthy of being a rescue pup.

He wasn't even worthy of being adopted by Ryder now.

He failed him. He failed his family. He… he failed Marshall.

***President Day***

But he didn't die. We got him back, thought Rocky with a heavy sigh. And I will not fail him or any of my friends again.

The police officers soon came and took custody of the robber. With him and Everest free after giving their statements, they got into their vehicles and made their way back to the Lookout. However, along the way, Everest suddenly stopped and looked into the direction of the woods.

Rocky, stopping his truck, asked, "Something wrong?"

"… N-nothing, I thought we were being watched for a second," said Everest before pushing on the gas.

As the two vehicles drove off, a white four legged figure dashed away from its hiding place in the thick trees.

With such as successful operation, the team was rewarded with what they loved most: belly rubs and treats. Despite growing older, they were still young enough to be considered pups and they wanted to be them for as long as possible. They knew as they got older they could no longer do the things they loved doing most and it would be more work and less play, but one thing that they were determined to keep no matter what was their friendship.

"So what do you dudes want to do now?" asked Zuma as Ryder went off to talk to his dad who wanted to heard how his son was doing.

"I'm in the mood for some Pup Pup Boogie! Anybody wanna take me on?" asked Rubble as he started dancing in place.

"Sure, I'm game!" said Rocky.

"Me two!" shouted Zuma before turning to the other four. "You gonna play with us?"

"As much as we would like too, me and Skye have a few things to do," said Chase with a small blush as he nuzzled his girlfriend.

Everyone smirked knowing that "things to do" meant making out and snuggling in Chase's pup house for an hour or two. "If you two are like this now, I hate to see when mating season comes around when your older," teased Everest which made the two blush like mad much to the laughter of the others. "Anyway, I'd love to stay and play but Jake wants me home early. We gotta clean a few cabins tomorrow for the upcoming winter."

"I'll come with you," said Marshall, immediately. "You know, just to make sure you get home okay."

"That's sweet of you, Marshall. But I've been to and from Jake's place a lot of times before," said Everest, smiling. "It's not like I'm going to get lost."

"I know, I just…" Marshall bit his lip as he shuffled his paw a bit. "I just wanna be a good friend is all."

"Well, if you really want to that's fine by me."

Marshall smiled but Chase then walked over and whispered, "Are you sure you wanna go there? I mean… you'll be alone coming back."

Marshall bit his lip as he realized this. He slowly stared at the mountain in the distance from the Lookout's location. The mountain that he almost died on. He could still feel the dirt on his paw. The scar where the bear's claw was on his back that would never fully heal. And the icy cold feeling of death slowly sucking his life away.

"… I'll be fine. I think," whispered Marshall although his heart was sort of sinking at the thought.

The trip up the mountain had been quiet. Marshall didn't say much and neither did Everest, the two of them were busy focusing on the road. Even though it had been three years, the mountain held bad memories for Marshall when he tried to run away. He was sure that he was going to die that day until Everest and Jake found him. Everest, Marshall thought as he gazed upon the husky. He felt forever indebted to her for what she did. If it wasn't for her…

It was why he always did everything, since that day, to make her happy. She quickly became his second best friend (first being Chase who was and always would be his brother) and held a special place in his heart. Whenever he was scared or had bad memories of that day, he always turned back to Everest's smile when he woke up in Jake's cabin, and his entire body would warm up in an instant.

He and Everest would spend a lot of time together since that day and was one of the key pups in helping him recover from that trauma. During his first few months of recovery, he had nightmares all the time and it required Ryder, Chase, and sometimes Everest to be there to help sleep through the night. He eventually managed to overcome going on the mountain and only had the occasional nightmare. The one thing he couldn't stand was being alone on the mountain, but he kept that to himself and Chase who he trusted with this secret.

Soon enough, the two arrived at Jake's cabin which didn't show any sign of the mountain owner. Everest parked her snow mobile and turned it back into her pup house before she turned to Marshall who got out of his truck. "Thanks for escorting me, Marshall. You're a real friend," she said with a bright smile.

"It's the least I can do," said Marshall, with a light blush. "You're one of my best friends, Everest. And I owe you my life."

"Marshall, you don't need to do so much for me. Your friendship is all I need," said Everest as she walked over and nuzzled him, which made him freeze up. A lick across the cheek woke him up and made Everest giggle at the expression he held. "I'm serious though. You, Jake, Ryder, and the rest of the pups have been my family for four years now. If it wasn't for you guys, I'd be stuck back in the frozen tundra all alone.

"W-well, I'm glad fate made us meet each other," said Marshall as he slowly made his way to his firetruck. "A-A-A-anyway, I gotta get going. My parents want to talk to me despite me heading home in two weeks." Ever since they almost lost him, Marshall's parents had insisted he come home on the anniversary they almost lost him. Marshall didn't mind, it gave him a chance to see his parents and the fire team that raised him. Not to mention his new two-year-old baby sister, Grace, who he adored. It was another reason he was glad he was alive, to meet his little sister who wanted to be just like her old brother. "See ya later!" shouted Marshall as he quickly drove off.

Marshall managed to get a few miles in before he started feeling a bit lonely in his drive back home. It was getting close to night and he couldn't help but keep an extra close eye on the road. Last time, he had destroyed his previous fire truck and ended up meeting a deadly bear that nearly killed him. Doing his best to push off the memories so he didn't have a panic attack, Marshall began to feel fear crept into his heart as the sounds of the forest from the wind against the trees to the birds tweeting made him jump.

Come on, Marshall. You can handle burning buildings, you can handle driving down a mountain, he thought in his head.

A honk ahead made him snap out of his thoughts as he soon saw a familiar police cruiser drive up to him. Chase, with a small smile, saluted and said, "Need an escort?"

"Chase? What are you doing here?" asked Marshall.

"I figured you might be a bit nervous coming home on your own, so I decided to accompany you," said Chase as he turned his police cruiser around. "I know how nervous you get when you're up here alone."

"Thanks, Chase. I'm glad I got a brother like you," said Marshall with a joyful smile, instantly feeling a thousand times better now that his best friend was here. He then frowned. "But wait, what about Skye?"

"Skye understands," answered Chase with a shrug. "Besides, she was all for it. She didn't want to risk you getting lost again."

"You get lost one time in the woods," joked Marshall, rolling his eyes.

"It's not funny, Marshall," muttered Chase, looking downward in shame. "It's because of me that-"

"Stop, Chase," warned Marshall, shaking his head. "I forgave you and everybody else all those years ago. Stop blaming yourself for what happened. We both did things we regretted. Me for running away all those years ago and you for what you said to me when I messed up that TV." His smile soon returned. "But we got passed that. We became stronger because of what happened, at least I want to think that. I know your sorry, Chase, but like I said I forgive you."

Chase sniffed and did his best to hid a tear coming out of his eye. "T-thanks, Marshall. I love you, bro."

"Same here, bro. Now how about a race back home! Woohoo!" shouted Marshall as he put his petal to the metal.

"Hey! We have speed limits for a reason!" shouted Chase as he drove right behind his laughing friend.

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