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Cassandra tore through a slab of meat on a stick, chewing on the tough meat in contemplation. A fire burned in front of her to keep her warm. A coat of midnight black fur ran down her back, a white line going down where her spine was that reflected the moonlight above her.

She looked to the edges of her campfire and sighed as she saw pairs of glowing red eyes surround her. "You guys again?" she asked as she chewed her meat. "Shoo shoo, I'm not in the mood to play." She swallowed a large hunk. "Find someone else, like a nice hunter or huntress."

The eyes moved closer and became the heads of half a dozen beowolves, all growling at her.

She sighed as she stood up, cracking her neck. "Ah I see, she sent you guys, didn't she?" She didn't wait for a response. She grabbed a shiny black baseball bat that was sitting next to the log she had been sitting. "Well then come on. I know you don't have enough intelligence to actually resist her after all."

The beowolves took unkindly to her tone and rushed her all at once. She bashed the first one in with the bat, sending it crashing into a tree outside of his clearing. The second one faced a similar fate, its head making a sickening crack as it collapsed under the bat.

One managed to hope onto her back. It tried to bite into the white bone like structure that covered her spine, but its teeth broke instead. "That's rude," Cass growled as she slammed her back into a tree, making it tremor and a few leaves fall.

The beowolf squeaked in surprise and released her back. She didn't give the monster time to whine as she quickly swung around and bashed his head in with the bat she had. The remaining three were a bit more cautious, opting to circle around her and the fire she had.

Her eyes twinkled with glee as she saw how hesitant they were. "Aw what? Scared little puppies?" she asked as she swung the black bat around in her hand, slowly speeding it up. Sparks began flying from her bat as she did so. "C'mon now, don't be shy! There's plenty of me to go around!"

She suddenly vanished, a bolt of electricity sparking out from where she had been standing. She appeared in front of another beowolf and tapped its nose with her bat.

"Surprise," she growled as the monster's body became bright blue, electricity shot through it, killing it instantly, leaving a sizzling corpse behind.

The other two attacked her from behind. She blocked one with her bat, it's teeth wrapping around the black metal while the other landed on her back, biting into the black mass of fur that covered it. She swore as she kicked the beowolf in front of her away. She flipped over herself and smashed the other one into the ground, cracking the dirt around her. The beowolf under her let go from the hit. She popped up and looked down at the monster. It was barely alive, so she quickly slammed her bat into its head to kill the beast.

That left just the one beowolf she had blocked with the bat left. She stared at it for a few moments, both of them having a one on one staring contest. The tension in the air grew and grew before the beowolf let out a pitiful whine. It whirled around and ran, tail tucked between its legs as it escaped her bat.

Sighing as she sat down, she looked up at the broken moon. "Still coming after me even though I've told you to screw off? Damn you're a persistent woman Salem."

Ozpin sat at his desk, sipping away his coffee as he looked over the more recent reports. Increased Grimm activity on the borders, the White Fang causing more problems, it seemed like this generation was in need of some heroes.

As he swiped through news reports, Glynda opened the door to his office and came in with a fresh pot of coffee. "With all do respect sir," she began. "If you keep working so hard like this, you will end up becoming sick."

Ozpin filled his cup and nodded. "Yes I know, I will rest soon. I just need to go over the reports for the Emerald Forest one more time. Once I'm done, once everything is ready for the initiation, then I will rest."

Glynda took out her own scroll, still standing, and looked at the same reports Ozpin was now viewing. "Hasn't there been more Grimm activity in the forest as of late?"

"There has been. I was pondering whether or not to send a team in to clear out some Grimm to lower the chances of injury during the test. Your thoughts Miss Goodwitch?"

"It wouldn't be a terrible idea to do so…especially with new types of Grimm appearing all the time. Which team would you send? I'd recommend team RWBY."

"Hmm…" Ozpin took a thoughtful sip from his mug. "Perhaps…but they just recently went on their mission with Professor Oobleck…I believe team CFVY is in need of a mission though, they haven't really had a chance to prove themselves on the battle field. This could also be a good team building exercise for them."

"Should I call them?" Glynda offered. "They are in class, but I can bring them here."

"Please see to it Miss Goodwitch." Ozpin took yet another sip from his mug. "In the mean time, I need to figure out where the best location to remove the most Grimm will be."

Glynda simply nodded and left to go send the message. Ozpin stood from his desk and looked out into the emerald forest that was spread out before him. Letting loose a weary sigh, he rubbed his eyes. "Maybe I should take a break once this is done…"

CFVY was in Port's class when they got the message. Coco was listening to some music she had in her scroll, a pair of ear buds hidden behind her hair and her hat. Fox, Velvet, and Yatsuhashi were all paying attention however. Velvet kept on trying to get Coco to listen, but she would just roll her eyes and look away. Yatsuhashi was taking avid notes, while Fox leaned back and listened attentively. Notes weren't his forte. Velvet was also taking notes, except for whenever she tried to talk to Coco, only to get rejected.

Half way through one of his "brilliant and inspiring" stories, his scroll went off in his pocket. "One moment students," the jolly man said. He opened his scroll and looked at it before looking up at team CFVY. "Team Coffee! Headmaster Ozpin needs to see you in his office."

The four of them looked at each other, well, Coco didn't because her music was too loud. As the three that heard the announcement stood up, she popped out her ear buds and looked at them.

"Is it time to go already?" Coco asked Velvet.

"What? Well yes but no," Velvet shrugged. "Headmaster Ozpin wants to see us."

"Oh okay." She got up and followed the others out of the classroom, each holding the materials they brought to class. They made a quick stop by their room to drop it off before heading to the headmaster's tower.

The elevator made a soft ding when they arrived at the top of the tower. The doors opened, allowing the four, second year students to come out. They saw Ozpin sitting at his desk with Glynda by his side.

"You called for us sir?" Coco asked, swaggering up to him.

"There's been a large amount of Grimm in the surrounding forest. In the same area you went with your team for initiation." He sipped his cup. "I'd like for you four to quickly go out there and do a quick cleaning. If you are all available, I'd like you to get ready and go right this minute."

"Yes sir," Coco said with a small bow. "We're all ready, right team?"

Everyone gave her firm nods except for Velvet who looked more nervous than anything. "Um sir?" she asked, raising her head nervously. "Is there anything that could be causing the Grimm to get more active?"

"They seem to be visiting or passing through this area," he said as a map of the forest was projected onto his desk in a 3D format. He pointed to a section that lit up as his finger neared it. "Here." He then pointed to a section about a mile away from it. "We will instruct the pilot to drop you off here. We have reason to believe that what is at the first section may be causing the increased Grimm activity. If this is the situation, you are either to obtain whatever causes the disturbances or destroy it. It's up to your judgment."

He looked up at Velvet who had been paying close attention. "Does that answer your question Miss Scarlatina?"

"Ah, yes sir," she said, bobbing her head quickly. "Thank you for explaining."

He simply gave her a small smile before becoming serious. "Any other questions?" Since nobody said anything, he nodded. "Then team CFVY, you're dismissed."

Making another stop by their dorm, they got dressed in their battle attire and grabbed their weapons. A quick flight later they were deep in the emerald forest.

"Just like old times, eh bunny buns?" Coco asked as she gently swatted Velvet on her rear. She yipped and jumped in surprise, whirling around on her leader.

"Coco, don't be like that!" she whined. She pouted as she saw her laugh before letting out a sigh. "Anyway, isn't that the direction we need to go?" she asked, pointing off to the horizon.

"That's what they said," Fox said with a small shrug.

"Well let's get this over with," Coco said, swinging her handbag around. "I have some shows that I would rather watch tonight than get recorded. And a new store opened in the mall that I want to visit…eh," she shrugged. "Let's just make this quick."

They made a straight beeline to the location Ozpin had shown them, unaware of what awaited them there.

Cassandra smiled wide at the fish she had skewered. They were cooking nice and well over her small, hidden fire. Next to the clearing with her fire was a cave that had a few shirts in it, a few pairs of pants and underwear.

The area on her back where the Grimm had bit had already healed over but was extremely itchy. The hyper healing she got from being what she was was great for healing but…

Damn my back is itchy! She swore as she tried to scratch the scabbing area. Ugh!

She stared at her fish and smiled softly. The first one became a nice golden brown so she tore through the fishy flesh. Cleaning the spit she made she set it to the side. She had used the same spits multiple times to prevent a waste of wood. Not to mention whittling those spits took a lot of time.

She was cleaning her second spit when she heard a branch crack from the forest. An animal? She asked herself as she turned her crimson eyes to the woods. Odd…seeing how I don't hear any animals…wait no animals. She stood up with her bat and stared at the forest, on guard. Shit…are there more Grimm? I thought I cleared out the others last night! She couldn't have sent more, could she?

She stood on guard for a solid 15 minutes before she smelled burning. She whirled around and stared down at the black fish she had. "Aw c'mon!" she screamed. "And that was good fish too!" She chucked the two bad ones into the woods across the river. She had purposefully aimed for where she had heard a sound.

She got what she wanted. She heard a surprised squeak come from the forest when she launched them. Grabbing her bat again she glared into the forest.

"Who's there!" she called out, eyes darting around. "Show yourselves!" Nobody came out of the forest. "Seriously, you better come out here right now!" When nothing else came from the forest she snarled at the forest. "Get your punk asses out here right now! You made we waste precious fish! I was gonna eat that stuff you know!"

She had only a black, worn out t-shirt on and a pair of shorts. It was spring after all, so such clothing wasn't abnormal, but it would be distracting for some as the clothes were also a bit small for her. They clearly weren't meant for someone of her size. It also left little to the imagination when it came to her curves.

She heard nothing come out of the forest and slowly began to lower her bat. Maybe I'm just imagining things…

In the forest, team CFVY talked amongst themselves in confusion in hushed whispers.

"What the hell is that?" Coco asked. Velvet opened her mouth to respond but Coco cut her off. "Look, Velvet, I know you're gonna say she's a Faunus and we should talk to her," Velvet closed her mouth. "But look at her, it, that thing," she hissed, gesturing towards Cass. "She's not human."

"She looks human," Yatsuhashi said with a shrug. "Therefore we should try communicating with her."

"But you can see her!" She jabbed a finger at Cass who has turned away from them to attend to her fire." That pale white skin, that black…thing on her back, that Grimm bone that's running down her spine, how can you call that human?"

Nobody responded for a few moments, all thinking about what she had said. Fox was the first to speak. "I think revealing ourselves before attacking would be a liability. We owe no loyalty to her. We should simply take her, no it, out and return back to Ozpin."

"Thank you. Yatsuhashi?"

"Hmm…" He was sitting there, deep in contemplation. "I don't like it…but you and Fox have a point…this could be quite a dangerous situation." He looked up. "I agree. We should attack."

"Bunny buns?"

"I still think we should try talking to her." Coco rolled her eyes. "Why do you act like that? She spoke like a human didn't she? And she was cooking food, she could just be a normal human that's just…different."

"Still, majority rules. If you really don't like it, you can sit here and wiat for us to return bunny buns." Coco stood up straight. "Fox, move around and get behind her camp. Prepare to attack when I give you my symbol. Yatsuhashi, you're staying with me, got it?"

The two nodded, Fox running off, leaving barely a trace of his movement as he traveled through the forest.

"Coco, I really think you shouldn't do this," Velvet warned.

"Don't worry Velvet," Coco said, patting her head. "If we do somehow lose, you can have a nice long conversation with that chick," she said, pointing a finger at Cass.

She shook her handbag, turning it into its Gatling gun form. "Ready Yatsuhashi?"

"Yes," he said with his sword out. "Whenever you are."

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