Chapter 25 It Is Done and the Aftermath

I would like to thank my betas, alix33 and darrelldeam, for looking over this fic. All mistakes are my own. The rewrite was all me and I hope I got all the plot holes fixed.


Harry screamed in fury once Fawkes dropped him in Dumbledore's office. He tried the doors, but they were sealed shut. The windows didn't give either. He tried Jumping, but the old man must have figured out a ward for that. He cursed that they taught that self-righteous bastard anything. So he slumped in a chair and waited for either the asshole or his family and friends to show.

Gilly, in the meantime, flew at the old man and punched him in the nose, causing it to break and Dumbledore to fall. "Where the hell did you take my nephew, you prick? If you hurt one hair on his head I will level this school to exact my revenge!" she shouted at the downed man as she kicked at his legs. The wind was flying and her hair whipping around her head, making her look intimidating.

Sirius was standing by her side his wand raised. Mr. Scott was flanking Gilly. The entire SMI School had their wands out and were in a circle around the adults, to ward off others trying to get to the downed Headmaster. The Hogwarts' professors were all protesting the treatment of their headmaster. The students had all gone to the castle to celebrate second place with Cedric, who had been only a few feet away when Harry was ported out.

Claire and Isaac were the only government officials there, the rest of the agents were still at St. Mungo's waiting for word on the Death Eaters. The two agents were approaching the Headmaster, guns in hand, with the intent on cuffing him and finding out where Harry was. First they had to get passed the very pissed off aunt, who was standing in their line of fire.

"I must talk to him about what happened today. It is imperative that he understand what he must do now. It is for the Greater Good that he returns to England," Albus said as cast a shield around himself and got off the ground. He then tried to straighten his robes.

Gilly was banging on the shield, making Albus back up. With a slash of her hand the shield fell and the old man backed up further as the irate woman advanced on him with the intent to do serious damage. "That is my nephew, you senile old bastard, and he will be returning with me to the United States where he belongs. Don't think we don't know about the compulsion charms you've been trying to cast on him," she said, getting right into the old man's face, fist raised, ready to let him have it again.

Fawkes came back and flamed the Headmaster away, causing people to yell even more and Jump to the castle intent of finding Harry. Gilly turned into her bird form and sped to the windows of the office, upon finding that she couldn't get in she went back to the rest and confirmed that Harry was being held in said office.

"Let me out," was the first thing that Harry said when the bleeding man flamed in. He was stood and glared at his kidnapper.

"I am afraid I cannot do that until you hear what I have to say," Albus said as he sat in his chair and cast a healing charm on his nose. He then spelled his clothes, face and beard clean of blood and looked at the irate boy. "I have much to tell you. Please, sit and hear me out." He waved his hand to the chair in front of the desk as if Harry would just simply follow orders.

"You have nothing to say that I want to hear, old man. Let me out," the young man demanded again, the wind started rising and papers flew around the office.

"You will listen to me, young man," the Headmaster said in his most frightening voice. It was the same voice that Riddle feared.

A strong compulsion charm hit Harry and he shrugged it off. "I knew it was you putting those on me. You would have thought after the first three you would've figured out that they don't work on me," the teen accused as he glared at Albus. "Leave me the fuck alone," he snarled and turned to the door again. He started making slashing motions with his hands, bringing down the wards that were keeping him there.

Dumbledore raised his wand, pointed it at the back of the young man's head and incanted, "Imperio." You could hear him mutter under his breath, "It is for the Greater Good."

Calm came over Harry, making his hand fall to his side. He simply stood and waited. It was like his head was flying in the clouds and he felt relaxed, like nothing could ever hurt him again. Then he realized what it was as started fighting it. It didn't take but a minute and he started winning, the clouds were lifting and he started to turn towards the desk. His head tilted funny as he heard the old man speak.

"You will fulfill your destiny and rid this world of Voldemort and return the Elder Wand to me," the old man said, folding his hands on the desk, as if he was simply discussing the weather. "You will stay here in England and renounce your 'family' and take your place among your peers," he continued, and that was his mistake.

Now Harry was very, very angry. No one would make him abandon his family. He shook his head to clear it and his magic exploded. The whole castle trembled with his rage. "NO! You fucking asshole, haven't you learned yet, no one controls me! You stupid bastard, how fucking dare you even try to put that fucking spell on me? I will have your ass in court or see that you die in jail, you shithead!" Harry shouted and turned toward the door, resolved on getting it opened so he could get away from the crazy old coot. There was a dome around him now, and no amount of magic would get through.

Dumbledore stood when he felt the blast, his wand raised to protect himself from the fury of the now dangerous teen. He raised a shield and was thankful he had as parts of his collections started bombarding him. "Harry, you must stop this at once and listen to me! All of England is depending on you!" the old man shouted to be heard over the noise that the wind in his office was making.

Gilly, Mr. Scott, Sirius and the bodyguards were at the gargoyle trying to get it to open — not even blasting hexes would move the thing— when the wave of angry magic hit them like a tidal wave. They were more determined to get up those stairs. Mr. Scott started naming off every candy he knew, but he didn't know many magical British candies. Sirius helped.

The teen took some deep breaths, and tried to calm down. He didn't want to level the building, since there were innocent children here. After a few seconds he turned around and looked at the man, who was still holding the shield. Harry waved his hand the items stopped flying around the office.

"You just made a huge mistake, you stupid bastard," Harry said in a calm voice, contradicting the chaos that was surrounding them. Heavy items were shrew about; the desk was smoldering, causing the Headmaster to cast a water charm on it as he backed away. "I was told you were a kind and gentle man. I was told you were an innocent man that simply didn't look at the little things. I was only going to slap you around a little bit, take some of the air out of you, but you and your 'Greater Good' just tried to take my family from me. That. Will. Never. Happen. You can rot in hell before I lift a finger to help you," he spat as he jerked his Mokeskin bag open and once more brought out the Hallows, not that he needed them to call Jim, but this man didn't need to know that.

Dumbledore's eyes widened at the sight, he sagged into his chair and held his head in his hands. His lifelong dream— gone. Right there before him were the items he coveted all his life. To see his sister once again… well, perhaps Ha… Mr. Potter would let him. No, the boy was too angry. Albus Dumbledore did something he hadn't done in years. He let a tear roll down his face.

"You called for me, Master?" Death said as he appeared at Harry's side, making the old man snap back to the present. Jim waved his skeletal hand and Fawkes was frozen stiff. Harry quirked an eyebrow, but the deity simply shrugged.

"You told me he wasn't evil," the tri-colored teen accused as he poked his finger at those liquid like robes. "He just used an Unforgivable on me. I would call that evil."

"Young Harry, you know better than that. He is not evil or even Dark, merely hubristic," the deity replied as he turned his bony face to the very afraid Albus Dumbledore and stared at him with those endless eye sockets. It was like looking at the galaxy, fathomless blackness with souls dotting the horizon.

"Dude, isn't that one of the seven sins?" the teen asked with a tilt of his head. Dumbledore was flabbergasted at how this mere child was talking to a powerful deity.

"Yes," was the succinct reply.

"Can you do something about him? I mean, we can try and arrest him, but he'll more than likely get off," Harry asked, not really wanting the man dead, but he wanted him out of his life.

"Now, Harry, my boy, it was all for the Greater Good. You must realize that there will be a war, one that only you can stop. I know that Voldemort did everything he could to prevent his death. He returned this night, I am sure of it. You must listen to me, young man, I know what I am talking about," the Headmaster tried to exert his control over the conversation.

"Albus Dumbledore," Jim stated as he gave the mad his full attention, making Albus shrink back when the cold descended, "you have sinned against many people. Your time is near, you would do well to repent or forever burn in the pits of hell."

"I did it to save lives," protested the Headmaster feebly.

"'The path way to hell…'" quoted Harry, making the old man look at him funny. "Oh, I guess you've never heard it. Well, as stuck as you are on yourself, it probably wouldn't help you anyway."

"Mr. Dumbledore," Death said, bringing everyone's attention back to him, "I saw what you had planned for young Harry and I thwarted it." At that the Headmaster looked defeated. "Yes, it was I who took him from his ruined home and gave him to the Longbottoms. It was I who rescued the boys from the Death Eaters. It was I who made sure all the paperwork was nice and legal. You can to nothing to change any of that," the skeletal man stated, pointing his bony finger at the old man.

"NO! You do not understand! It is for the Greater Good. Harry must return here and finish the prophecy," the Headmaster yelled in a shaky voice, even as his eyes showed his undeniable defeat. There was no way he would win against Death. His heart started pumping as plan after plan flew through his mind. Each looked at and then quickly discarded.

"I have already relieved Tom Riddle of his soul. He is gone and will never return," Jim stated, folding his arms in a casual manner.

That made Dumbledore's head snap up so quick it popped. "The horcruxes?" he asked.


At that statement the Headmaster knew he was lost. All his plans, all his dreams, everything was gone. It was too much for his weary heart and his eyes rolled in the back of his head and the vaulted man fell to the floor.

Harry looked at the knocked out man and sighed. He waved his wand to check to see if he was dead or not. He wasn't, but he should get help soon. So he sent a Patronus to the school healer, Poppy Pomfrey, to make sure she came to help him. He waved his hands and cleaned up his mess, not wanting anyone to think they had battled. After five minutes of this, he then turned to Jim and asked, "Can you get the door?"

The deity sighed and waved his hand and the door opened. Harry, who was still angry, stomped down the stairs. He was taking deep breaths to regain control. He waved his hand and the statue moved. He saw his aunt and fell into her arms.

He told her what happened and Claire and Isaac ran up the stairs to check on Dumbledore. Sirius in righteous fury went with them, leaving Mr. Scott and Gilly to take Harry out of the castle. They immediately Jumped to the boat and sat Harry down, trying to calm him.

"I want to go home," the youngest champion said, from his place in his aunt's arms and passed out.

When the agents and Sirius entered the room the first thing they did was put a freezing charm on Fawkes' inert form, then they looked to where the old man was knocked out on the floor. Then Claire picked up his wand and found the last spell he cast. This would seal the Headmaster's fate.

June 27, 1995

Harry woke in his room at the Owens house. Gilly, Sirius, Neville and Luna were surrounding him. "What happened?" he asked as he sat up and looked at all the relieved faces smiling at him. The tired teen smiled back reassuringly, hoping to ease some of the tension he still felt in the room.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Gilly asked as she sat next to him, giving him a one-armed hug.

"I remember Death had a talk with Dumbledore, the old man passed out, but then it all gets kinda blurry," the tri-colored hair boy said venomously. "He tried to make me renounce my family and I got angry. No one will ever make me leave you guys," he said snuggling down into her embrace.

"His heart gave out and he's in a coma. As near as we can figure, his talk with Jim was just too much for him. According to Jim, Albus always wanted to be the Master of Death, so when he saw that you were… well, I guess it was just too much," Sirius said smugly, taking up the other side of the bed. He felt that Harry was vindicated with his actions. He never would have thought that Dumbledore would have gone to such extremes to keep his boy hero in Britain.

It never would have worked anyway. The moment the boy acted on the demands the old man tried to implant, everyone he knew would have been up in arms. There would have been another battle that day and Sirius was sure they would have won.

"Oh, serves the asshole right." the young man stated as fact. "Hey, did they ever find out who else was putting those compulsion charms on me?" he asked as he struggled to sit.

"Believe it or not, it was Malfoy Jr. and the Weasley's youngest son. Ron, I think his name is," Neville said with a bark of laughter. "They were both slapped with fines, but since they were kids, that was all."

"Why on earth would Malfoy want me to stay there?" the confused injured teen asked.

"He was ordered to by his father," Luna said in a dreamy voice.

"Oh, I guess it had something to do with Tom then," Harry stated with a chuckled. Then he asked, "How long have I been out?" He still felt tired, but if he was in his bed some time must have passed.

"Three days," his brother said, patting the younger boy's foot. "You suffered from extreme magical exhaustion. With the battle in the graveyard and the fight you had in the office you kind of drained yourself. The Healers sent you home to rest. They said you'd feel better if you wake up in your own room. We're getting worried that we might have to call them back, well, most of us," he added, looking at his girlfriend, who was sporting a smug look.

"Yeah, I figured that's what happened." Harry nodded his head, now remembering all the magic coursing through his body. He used quite a bit of power that day, so he wasn't surprised that he suffered from such an ailment. Perhaps he shouldn't have cleaned the office, but he didn't want the people of Britain to know just how powerful he was. They would never leave him alone if they knew. "So what now?" he asked as he looked at the adults.

"Well, Dumbledore might stand trial, if the old man wakes up. If he dies then the Brits are going to try and charge you with manslaughter," Sirius said in a very serious voice. "Right now, the FBI is protecting you. They have Dumbledore's wand and it shows the last spells used were a compulsion charm, a shielding charm and the Imperius Curse. The Ministry has no claim on you. You will have bodyguards until it is over. There is no telling what that idiot Fudge would try," his godfather added.

"Are we safe here? Can they extradite me? Besides, it was self-defense. Didn't you say his heart gave out, how can that be my fault? They can check my wand all they want, they won't find any curses on it," Harry said, wiggling out of his family's embrace and slowly getting out of bed. His head spun and he felt woozy. He grabbed the footboard and shook his head to clear it.

"Whoa, you're going to feel a little weak for about a day," Gilly said, taking his arm and guiding him to the doorway of the bathroom. They waited for him to come out, quietly, so they could hear if he falls.

"I wouldn't worry, Harry," predicted Luna in a soft voice when he came out. "The way you were treated in England was truly wrong and the ICW will not let them try you there. You might have to stand trial here, but that's to get the Ministry to back off," she added with a decisive nod of her head.

"Where are the aunts?" the streak-haired boy asked as he gradually made his way across the room.

"They're in the kitchen making chocolates. They wanted to make sure you had comfort food when you woke up," his reddish-blonde hair aunt said, still making sure he didn't fall.

"What about the school? Did everyone get back okay?"

"Yeah, they're all fine. Not even the Healer wanted to stay after what happened to you," Sirius assured him, walking down the winding stairs in front of the unsteady boy. "You guys, the staff and all the other students have a few days off to recover. You'll go back on Monday."

"Yeah, dude, we get a little holiday," Neville said, holding Luna's hand as they walked behind Gilly.

"Good, I'm pretty sure I'll need it," Harry said, still feeling dizzy and glad for the support of his family.

They made their way down the stairs and soon enough were comfortably sitting in the cozy kitchen. Aunt Frances immediately came up to her youngest nephew. "Oh, my darling boy, so much hardship, you poor dear," she cooed as she petted his hair. "Well, don't you worry, nothing can get you here. We'll fight anyone who tries to take you and we can be quite challenging if we have to be." She gave him a beaming, reassuring smile as she patted his cheek.

"Yes, my poor sweet darling boy," Aunt Jet confirmed with a hardening of her features. "You didn't ask for any of that bullshit and we will stand and fight anyone who tells us different." Her face softened as she looked at Harry. "I am so very glad we gave you that rope. Never you mind that for now, let's talk of nicer things for now and let the future take care of itself." She smiled and placed a mug in front of him and wandered away to get the rest of the baking.

"I is making sure that yous is safe," exclaimed Kippy, who was beating some batter for cupcakes.

"Thanks, guys, I knew I could count on you," Harry said with a huge grin.

Everyone was dressed in night clothes and they made a homey picture, surrounding the table that was covered in chocolate treats; cakes, cookies and candies, with mugs of hot cocoa. They all partook in the sweets and drinks, and if the adults added a bit of alcohol to theirs no one said a word. Kippy flitted about the kitchen making sure everyone had what they needed.

They talked of the good times that were had that year and Harry expounded on his feats of great magic in the first task, causing the older aunts to clap and coo. They stayed up until after Midnight and the kids got to watch the adults make fools of themselves as they slowly got drunk on Margaritas. The teens learned that the older aunts had quite a mouth when they were intoxicated. It was hilarious.

A short narration

The week passed and Harry, Neville and Luna had to return to school. Agents Mumford and Stanley were still his security detail and he was never left alone, which made him feel safer, yet peeved him that he still didn't have privacy. His girlfriend just laughed at him when he complained. At least they had someone to stand guard when they were making out in empty rooms.

He had finally won her mom over, when he came back the Champion of the Triwizard Tournament. That and she found out that he was Harry Potter and not Harry Owens. Jessie was miffed that her mom was so petty, but, hey, she got to see her boyfriend without a fuss.

Luna was accepted into the student body quickly, especially when it was found out that she was a seer. The students liked her quirky ways and acknowledged the fact that there were animals that couldn't be seen with the naked eye. They listened to her explanations and remained cautious of nargles and other mind muddling creatures. Butterbeer necklaces were now the newest fad, along with radish earrings.

The SMI contingent was bombarded with questions about the tournament and the Brits in general. They gave their honest opinion and told of all the arguments and the stagnant society. They did try and take some of the harshness away by telling of the few friends that were made and that not all Brits were pure-blood assholes. They expounded on the French and Bulgarian people they met and befriended. They even got the foreigners to set up an email account so they could all keep in touch. Harry was a bit disappointed that Cedric could only communicate by owl or Floo, maybe he'd send him mirror.

It had been decided that Harry, Cathy and Scott weren't to tell of their place in the battle. Only the government was to know what really went on. They had all been debriefed and were commended for their actions. The three students even got to go to the White House to meet the President and his magical counterpart. It was fun for all of them.

The rest of the school year passed and the three foster Owens did well on their end of the year tests. Now it was summer and they stayed close to the house under the wards, since they didn't put it past the Brits to kidnap Harry. Evie and Luna would warn them when they shouldn't leave. Harry asked Luna once why she didn't predict his kidnapping. She reminded him that seers didn't see everything and some things were just meant to be. He accepted that.

July 1, 1995 New Salem

"I have a question," Harry said one day while they were sitting outside enjoying Kippy's iced tea, "Why did the phoenix kidnap me? I thought they were birds of Light," he said with a tilting of his head.

"They are, but they're not thinkers," Claire said, making everyone look at her. "What I mean is, phoenixes live in the now. While they follow the pure at heart and can't turn Dark, they simply just are. Albus probably told the bird that he merely wanted to talk to you and meant you no harm, so it followed along. Technically what he said was true; I believe that he believed that what he was doing wouldn't harm you. If he told Fawkes that it was for the 'Greater Good' it more than likely believed him."

"Oh, well, I guess that makes sense," the tri-color haired teen said, running his hands through his hair. "So how are you keeping it from rescuing the old man?"

"Now that Dumbledore is in a coma, he can't give orders and since he is not being harmed the bird just sits and watches," the Veela explained, taking a sip from her tea. "I believe it tried to cry him awake, but since the old man has so little magic, it didn't work. Too bad, because we really want him to wake up and stand trial."

"Wait, what do you mean so little magic? I thought it was his heart," Harry asked, confused.

"They don't know what happened," Gilly said, "It could be that you took the Wand, or it could be that all of his magic is trying to keep him alive. They just don't know, but he is practically a squib."

"Oh," Harry said with a shrug.

"It is one of the reasons they want to try you, something about stealing magic."

"Well, damn. Any word on what's happening in the Ministry?" the streak-haired boy asked.

"A lot of arguing and debating," Claire said in a bitter voice. "The Wizengamot tried to get a law passed that everyone born in England had to come back. That's why Sirius was gone for that week."

"Yeah, Jake told me about that one," Harry said with a shudder. It had been a close vote, but thankfully some realized what a stupid law it was.

"Yeah, if that had passed it would have been a disaster for them, because everyone who ever left their society would have fought tooth and nail if they were forced to return. Other governments would have stepped in and it could have been the start of a great war, but in their shortsightedness they figured it would make the States ship you there so they could throw you in Azkaban. They were shot down by the ICW and smacked around for trying to pass such a stupid law. That legislative body, the ICW, is making the lives of the British Ministry difficult. They are very upset about what happened last year and are set on making England conform to better laws. They feel they've let them self-govern for too long." She shrugged and took another sip of tea.

"So the ICW is really taking over the Ministry," the teen said thoughtfully. "I wonder why they didn't before." He wondered why Jake never told him, then again the man's reports were about how he was still being, well not shunned, but not brought in to the fold either. There were some who were aligning themselves with Harry's proxy, but they were few. Harry, however, was very hopeful that that would change now that the ICW was stepping in. He'd have to write Jake about that.

"Dumbledore," was the succinct answer from Claire, snapping Harry out of his musings. Then she added, "He kept them in the dark about what was happening in England, and since he was their leader they took his word. Now that there were a few international incidences they're taking a closer look. France is up in arms about the whole second task and they want answers."

"I never asked, but what happened to the Death Eaters? Did they live?" Neville asked. He had wondered about that.

"Half of them did," Sirius answered as he uncrossed his legs and leaned forward in his seat. "Their magic was draining out of them and the Healers were about to cut off arms, when suddenly it stopped."

"Any idea what happened?" Neville asked as he too leaned forward so his elbows rested on his knees.

"Nope, they were all being drained one minute and the next it just stopped. I think Jim did something to Tom's soul that made it stop, but I'm not about to ask him," the dogman stated with a shudder.

"And did the ones that live stand trial?" Harry asked. He hadn't heard anything but he was hopeful.

"Yup," his godfather answered with a huge grin. "The ICW tried them. When Fudge tried to exonerate his good friend, Lucius Malfoy, the ICW said he was too biased and all of the ones that were at the graveyard were tried and convicted. Snape was truly a spy and won't be serving time, but I hear that he's disappeared. Serves that greasy git right. Besides, the half that lived are squibs," Sirius said, and then changed the subject. "So how does it feel to be home?"

"Wonderful," three teens said, making all the adults smile. And talks turned from there, the mood was rarely heavy in the Owens house.

August 12, 1995 Salem

The summer passed and Dumbledore died from his weak heart and old age. His magic never recovered, because it was trying to keep the man alive. At the demands from the British, the United States government tried Harry Potter for involuntary manslaughter.

Harry's day in court came quickly and there were people from Britain outside the courthouse protesting that he was being tried here and not there. There were officials from the Wizengamot and the ICW in the audience. The courtroom was much like the one in Britain had been, only newer.

The teen sat at the defense table and put on an air of innocence, which he was so that was easy. His lawyer, Mr. Prickle, was putting papers on the table and then folded his hands and waited.

The judge banged his gavel and the trial began. Witnesses were called and evidence was shown. Then it was Harry's turn to speak.

"Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" the bailiff asked.

"On my magic, I thus swear," Harry stated and his wand glowed brightly.

"Tell us what happened June 24, 1995 after the tournament ended," was the request.

Harry complied and told of what went on in the Headmaster's office. He made sure to say that he was kidnapped and held there against his will. He told of how the old man was insistent that he stay and fight Voldemort. First he cast and compulsion charm and then Imperius Curse. He told of his subsequent blast of anger. He made sure to talk about his week-long recovery. "So you see, I was just protecting myself."

"Was there someone in the room with you at the time of the victim's fall?"

"There were no other humans in that room but me and the Headmaster," Harry answered truthfully.

Dumbledore's wand was brought out and it showed the last three curses, one of which was the Unforgivable. The whole thing was anti-climactic, all Harry had to do was give up his memory and it was viewed by the whole court. The part about Jim was not seen, it was cut out by Death himself. So the memory was true, but it only showed Harry turning from the door and then Dumbledore on the ground. He was found innocent and it was declared that it was self-defense.

The gallery raised hell, since there were many of the protestors there, and they were soon spending time in jail for not clearing the courtroom when told. Hermione Granger and the Weasley family were all there and the loudest protesters. They yelled and screamed at the newly exonerated teen.

"Liar! You killed Dumbledore!"


"You will burn in hell for your crimes!"

Were some of the insults thrown at him as he walked out of the courtroom. "Looks like we made Dumbledore a martyr," Harry said with a sad shake of his head.

"Yes, and knowing that society you will not ever be welcome on those shores again," Claire said as she cast the crowd for anyone raising a wand.

"Good thing I never wanted to go back. Don't know what will happen with my children, their children, and so on," he stated thoughtfully. It was a shame that they might not be able to go back to their land of birth, but then again they were titled there and held most of the gold in that backwater society. If Harry were a vindictive sort, he would pull all of his investments and gold out and leave them to flounder. He wasn't, but he was going to cut it in half.

The Wizengamot tried to boot Harry's seat off the body, but they were stopped by the ICW. The seats were hereditary and there was nothing to be done. Mr. Butcher's life was threatened and there were a few attempts at assassination, but he had bodyguards for such a purpose, and they carried guns. The teen offered to let him out of his contract, but the attempts on his life made the man more determined to succeed and with the backing of the Black and Longbottom seats they were making headway.

Harry also had to fight for his life a few times, but with the bodyguards, Luna, Jordan and Neville on his side, those trying to kill him failed. The wards around the house were strengthened and they all read up on defense.

August 27, 1995 New Salem

Now it was time for the much waited for wedding. The backyard was alit with many fairies. There were chairs lined up in two sections. A path was created down the middle. Everyone was there, the Hallets including the newly born Patrick, the Owens, Luna, Remus, Claire, Isaac and the Hiltons. They were keeping it small.

Gilly and Sirius decided to have a simple civil ceremony, which was recognized in the magical US. The Justice of the Peace, a Mr. Ramble, was standing at the back of a cloth gazebo. The band played the wedding march and Sirius, who was wearing his dress robes of blue and silver, looked down the aisle to see his soon to be wife.

Gilly declined wearing white and was dressed in a calf length dress of powder blue. It had a tight bodice to show her still great figure. She carried a bouquet of baby pink roses and baby's breath. Her long hair was done in a stylish bun with wisps framing her face. She strolled up the aisle to her beloved and smiled at him.

When she drew to her fiancé's side, Mr. Ramble started the ceremony. "We are gathered here today, in the presence of family and friends, to share with the Bride and Groom, the most important moment in their lives." He smiled brilliantly at the family and friends. "We gather to celebrate the bond of a cute couple, full of love and commitment for each other. One of the popular sayings about marriage is that it is the sharing of a life in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal."

He looked first at Sirius then at Gilly and continued, "Gillian and Sirius, you are now expected to bring the best individual within you, with a unification of yourself, to create a life together, to share all burdens together, with smiles and love. You must, and I'm sure you will, work hard to be the best person to one another," he continued looking between the two happy people in front of him.

"By this ceremony, you will become legally wedded husband and wife. However, marriage is an integration of two souls, and hence, you both have to ensure that the coming compromises and choices of life, are made out of promises for love, care, and concern for one another. Life, at times, will be full of obstacles and difficulties. And sometimes, it may appear to be a roller coaster ride. In either of the cases, in all successes and failures, you both have to remain united and stand for each other. Remember, a life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses. Here, you promise to cross the boundaries of initial love and excitement. To listen, understand, and grow with each other.

"Love is meant to intensify your joy, and being together, you have to ensure that you will equally divide all the burdens. If you truly love each other, you must promise here and now, to believe in each other. Remain friends with each other, and make a life that makes you feel happy."

Mr. Ramble turned to Sirius. "Will you, Sirius, have this woman to be your wedded wife, to love her, comfort her, honor, and keep her, and forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?" he asked to the nervous groom.

Sirius smiled at his lovely bride and firmly stated, "I will."

The Justice of the Peace turn to Gilly and repeated the question, "Will you, Gillian, take this man to be your wedded husband, to love him, comfort him, honor, and keep him, and forsaking all others, as long as you both shall live?"

Gilly's face glowed enough to light the dark as she answered in a gleefully voice, "I will."

"Hold hands and repeat after me: I, Sirius Orion Black, take you, Gillian Owens, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, to love and to cherish, from this day forward."

Sirius complied immediately and Mr. Ramble turned to Gilly and asked for her to do the same.

Gilly squeezed Sirius hand and said, "I, Gillian Owens, take you, Sirius Orion Black, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, to love and to cherish, from this day forward."

Mr. Ramble turned to Harry who was holding the rings. "Rings please."

Harry, dressed in a conservative dark blue suit, held out the pillow to the couple and they both took a ring.

"Place the ring on the bride's finger and say: With this ring, I thee wed."

When Sirius repeated the words, Gilly had to hold herself back from hugging and kissing her beloved.

"Place the ring on the groom's finger and say: With this ring, I thee wed."

The Bride was so excited that she jammed the ring on her nearly husband's finger, causing him to yelp and shake his hand to relieve the pain. She gave him an apologetic smile and they grasped hands again, turning to Mr. Ramble.

"In as much as Gillian and Sirius have consented together in wedlock, have witnessed the same before this company, and pledged their vows to each other; by the authority vested in me by the State of Massachusetts, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Sirius grabbed his new wife and spun her around then dipped her over his arm and gave her a long deep kiss, making the viewers explode with happiness, clapping and yelling their congratulations. The party that followed was one that would be remembered for a very long time.

The aftermath

Time passed and soon enough all the threats to Harry faded. He never went back to England and let them suffer the fate of the ICW, who tried to clean up the Ministry and get good people into office, but it was a battle, since the seats were inherited. The now plain dark-haired young man didn't let his education go to waste, he simply went into politics in the United States and when he graduated from SMI, with a Masters in Potions, he went to the University Of Massachusetts School Of Law and became a lawyer. He became a senator at the age of 45 and never looked back.

Neville stayed in the States as well and married Luna. He graduated SMI with a Masters in Herbology, and went on to be a professor in that field. His experimental plants worked well, he crossbred so many and Aunt Sally's and Evie's business took off with the new and improved potions. He was awarded an agricultural award for his creations. He and Luna had three kids and they all went to SMI. He named his gran his proxy until she passed away, then he let Mr. Roberts choose another. He did visit his grandmother on many occasions and was saddened when she died.

The older aunts passed away in their sleep on the same night. They had lived a good life and thanked magic every day for their nieces and nephews. When Death greeted them in the afterlife, they both gave him hug, which if he were human would have bruised, and kissed him on his bony cheeks. They thanked him for bringing the boys to them when they needed it the most and were happy to finally go and meet the Potters and the Longbottoms.

Gillian and Sirius remained a happy couple and were ecstatic that Harry and Neville were doing well. They never had any children, but they did dote on all of the grandkids. The Black couple stayed in the family home with Kippy. They were content that they would stay there the rest of their lives.

Sally and her family visited as often as she could, since Evie was still running one of her stores, she used it as an excuse to get away from the heat of Arizona. With hers and Gilly's happy marriage, and no death beetle, they were positive that the curse was broken. Her daughters also married and lived happily ever after with their husbands.

Remus also married a nice non-magical that loved his werewolf persona. He still went to the safe house on the full moon. He continued his work with Sally and the government for a cure for werewolves.

Jordan went on to play professional soccer, which was close enough to his favorite sport. He married and had three children.

Maisie started a Wiccan Coven and taught them what she had learned from the aunts. Not the secret spells but a few of the rituals and potions.

Evie and Finley stayed happily married and lived a full life just as they started.

Mr. Butcher remained his proxy until Harry's oldest son claimed it. Harry Jr. went to England to take his seat on the Wizengamot and that body never knew what hit it. At first he wasn't well received, since he was accused of being the son of a murderer. But money talked in Magical Britain and soon enough he had his father's name cleared. Reforms and laws passed and after years of debates and 'donations' the British Ministry of Magic was now a fully functional government with voted in seats for Muggle-born and half-bloods.

Potter the elder also had three other boys who took the names of Gryffindor, Peverell and Black. Jessie stated after the sixth child that she wasn't having any more, which Harry was perfectly fine with. He loved his family, but six children were a handful. Those three sons also grew and went back to England, or had proxies for their seats. They took the Magical World of Britain by storm and never backed down. With their brother, Harry Jr., they were an arduous group.

Harry's two wonderful daughters grew up to be just as powerful as the Owens. They grew up in New Salem and inherited the house from Gilly and Sirius. They took the Owens name and went on to become renowned witches in the magical government, but never let that little town forget that Owens women were formidable.

Harry Sr. saw Death a few more times, when the deity was bored and wanted to talk to his Master. He asked Jim if he would go to Britain's Gringotts branch and free the dragons. The deity complied and now all of the tortured beasts were in Romania recovering. Harry visited them a few times to make sure they were okay and they practically worshiped him as a god.

Senator Potter never found out what the Master of Death meant until the day he died and was told that he would be reborn in another dimension as a hero or to help the hero of that place. He was given the opportunity to say good-bye to his loved ones and then sent on to be reincarnated. But that is another story.


Thanks for reading the rewrite; I'm pretty sure I covered all the plot holes that were driving me crazy. I wasn't going to extend the aftermath, for some reason all my stories end this way.

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