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Three people sat together, the three of them were all around 15 years old, and wearing swimsuits. None of them were going into the water, for different reasons. There were two boys, and one girl. The two boys had toned, fit bodies, while the girl... had a flat as a board body.

The first male, the one in the middle.

He was a boy about 5'6" in height, he was only 15 after all, with bright sunny blond hair. He had a pale-peach skin color, still healthy. His hair was wild, and spiked up in all directions. He had an extremely well toned body, enough that he had visible abs. He had a black leather choker on around his neck, and hanging from the front of it was a single link of chain that was connected to a golden cross. That golden cross had black lines going through each prong, and in the middle of it was a red stone. His eyes were covered by sunglasses, but underneath them they were blue. Eahc of his cheeks bore three whisker shaped scars.

He was Naruto Uzumaki, a Vampire, and he couldn't swim because it would quite literally, kill him to get into the water for extended amounts of time.

The second boy was the opposite of Naruto.

He stood a little taller, only 5'7" in height, and he had deep black hair that spiked up only in the back. He had extremely pale, though not pasty, white skin and onix colored eyes. He had a toned body as well, not as toned as Naruto's, but he was more "light" looking than Naruto. Naruto had a tad more of a muscular built than Naruto did.

He was Sasuke Uchiha, a Werewolf, and he didn't swim because he would smell like wet dog when he got out of the water.

The last was the only female of the trio.

She stood well shorter than them, closer to 5'4" in height, and she had long, bubblegum pink hair. She had pale skin as well, and bright green eyes. She wore a witch hat on top of her head, mostly to cover her larger than average forehead. She was flat chested, and lacked any real figure. Of course, even she had her own small charm that attracted people to her. She did have, as the Horn-Dog Sasuke put it, a nice butt.

She was Sakura Haruno, a Witch, and she didn't swim because she never bothered to learn how to swim.

"Last week at this school before were go to Yokai Academy." Naruto commented with a dry tone to his voice. He took a can of juice, tomato juice, and he opened his mouth to show larger than average fangs. Naruto used them to put two holes in the top of the can, and he started to drink from the can that way.

It wasn't like he could bring blood to a human school.

"I like the women here, I wonder if there are any attractive girls at Yokai Academy." Sasuke said with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, and they would love your craps." Sakura noted with a slight smirk on her face. Of course, normally a witch would not be caught dead with a Werewolf and Vampire, mostly because unlike the pure-blooded, high status monsters, they were considered to be far... more unclean than other monsters.

Witches were not well liked.

"I don't have craps, I had fleas and they are gone now." Sasuke felt the need to remind Sakura, who gave him a dirty look for that.

"Yeah, and now my cat has fleas, so thank you asshole." Sakura spoke with venom, and she raised her fist to hit Sasuke. Only Naruto sitting between them prevented them from going at it. Sasuke flirted with everything with a humanoid vagina, while Sakura punched Sasuke for flirting with... well anything.

"Heheheh." Naruto laughed under his breath.

"I will push you into the water Bloodsucker." Sasuke warned Naruto, and Sakura gave Sasuke a hard look.

"The second somebody removes this pesky seal, why other me agreed to it I will never know, I will gladly hand you your ass." Naruto told Sasuke with a laid back tone. He was willing to fight right now, he trained in martial arts, and even sealed he had way more strength and speed than a human.

'I don't know, it might be because your other couldn't control himself around blood, couldn't stop being violent, and was a good deal darker than you.' Sakura and Sasuke thought at the same time. As long time friends of Naruto, they were well aware of what Naruto's other personality was like.

Naruto had been born with split personality disorder.

The seal kept the nice Naruto outside, and it kept the darker, true nature of Naruto's vampire blood in. The seal even went as far as to hide some of Naruto's more inhuman features, though the only thing that looked out of place were his eyes if they were being honest. Red eyes with slit pupils, not normal. His hair was usually a silver, and sunny blond wasn't actually that far off from the shade of silver it had been.

Blond, Silver, and Black were the most normal vampire hair colors, and it was Naruto's request to make his hair blond when he was in his sealed form.

"Hahahaha... this hurts quite a bit." Naruto said when his foot touched a small amount of water that was around the pool. It was swim day for their class, and the classes had pretty much been like this. Testing was over, and everyone was about to go to their choice high schools.

"Then take your foot out of the water." Sasuke noted as Naruto moved his sparking foot.

Vampires, known as the strongest of monsters, were also known to have the most weaknesses for their strength.

"Well ouch... I should drink some blood soon." Naruto noted, and Sakura nodded and took her hat off. She reached inside of it and rooted around for something, before she pulled out a ran that was simply red colored.

"I've been working on this, Fake Blood." Sakura told Naruto with a giant grin on her face. She was proud of her small little formulas and health recipies. Naruto and Sasuke always being her test dummies for her health foods and drinks.

"... I'm not drinking that. I do have my pride, and I won't drink fake blood... and I am not a sparkling vampire either. I am not a gay vegetarian vampire... I will drink the blood of the person who portrayed my race as that." Naruto commented under his breath. He would not allow himself to fit those images that the teens these days loved.

He was a damn immortal vampire, and his pride demanded real, human blood, or at least monster blood!

"Why don't you use Charm to seduce a woman?" Sasuke asked, and Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

Charm was a spell used by both Vampire and Succubus by looking the target in the eyes, normally opposite gender, and hypnotizing them into doing what you wanted.

"Because he isn't like you, you damn mutt." Sakura told Sasuke, and Naruto grinned at how his friends were fighting again. He loved watching them fight, it was funny. When they were younger, before the Werewolf hormones in Sasuke started to act up, it was always him and Sakura who got into fights. Now it was Sakura and Sasuke who refused to agree on anything.

"That, and it only works like... half of the time since I'm sealed. Also, totally changes the flavor." Naruto commented dryly. He could charm girls into not remembering the fact he drank their blood, the bite didn't even leave a mark after he had drunk his fill. Vampire fangs injected into the bite wound a chemical that sealed up the bite, and accelerated healing just enough to heal the wound.

The opposite of what most other creatures who sucked blood had.

"Drink the fake blood." Sakura said as she pushed the false blood up against his cheek, and Naruto rolled his eyes and took the can.

"... This doesn't have animal blood in it, does it?" Naruto asked with narrowed eyes. Sakura looked away from him, and Sasuke took the can and started to read the list of things put into it.

"It has... rat blood." Sasuke spoke for Naruto, and Sakura whistled innocently. Naruto took the can, before he gave it back to her.

"I am never drinking anything that was once part of a rat." Naruto flat out stated to Sakura. She snapped her fingers, and the bell for class was heard across campus, showing class was over for the entire day. This was actually their last class of the day. They all stood up together, before they walked towards the seperate changing rooms.

Naruto avoided the water on the ground without drawing that much attention to himself as they did so.

"I'll see about asking the Lady for some blood for you later, if you can't get it yourself." Sakura told Naruto, before the boys and girl went their seperate ways into the changing rooms.

"Use your Charm, and after you drink blood, tell them to have sex with me." Sasuke told Naruto with a grin on his face. That was the real reason that he wanted Naruto to use the Charm, so that he might get the chance to lay with a hot girl. For one, they were rarely virgins, Sasuke disliked virgins, and two, they would never remember it. They wouldn't feel it, know it happened, or anything.

It helped that Sasuke didn't think of humans as equals, thus he didn't bother considering humans as anything but lower beings.

It was a common monster belief, that so long as you didn't reveal monsters to humans, you could do anything you wanted to them.

"... Nope, not going to do that." Naruto said as he started to get changed into his regular clothes. Sasuke did the same thing as well, and they ignored the people around them who were giving them weird looks. They, Naruto, was considered weird for his obsession with drinking "Red things and calling them blood". People thought he was just pretending to be a Vampire, not actually knowing that he was a Vampire.

"You suck." Sasuke told Naruto, eyebrow twitching.

"Only blood." Naruto responded, as if this was Sasuke's usual insult to him. It was, you suck, was without a doubt one of the more wide spread sayings. It was simply hilarious for a Vampire to have somebody say they suck. Naruto rolled his eyes when he heard the whispering of the humans around. Sasuke heard them as well, but he was simply not interested in what they had to say.

"Hey Vampire-boy, what is a Vampire doing wearinga cross eh?" One of the regular teasers came up and slapped Naruto's back. They regret it though, mostly because they slapped too hard and their hand was stand now. Naruto didn't even feel pain from it, since their "hard" back slaps were no harder than a soft one from Sasuke.

"Might want to change that attitude there, before I-" Naruto said, and he grabbed the boy's face, with his palm covering his right eye. Naruto leaned forward and opened his mouth, showing fangs, with a hungry glint in his eye, his fangs inches away from the boy's face. "-I sate my belly with your blood." Naruto told the boy, who could only stare in fear of his fangs now less than an inch away from his eye.

Naruto let the boy go.

"Aaaaaah!" He ran out of the changing room screaming, and Naruto had the most pleasant look on his face. Closed eyes, wide fox-like smile, and a low chuckle coming out of him.

"Do you Blood Suckers naturally inspire fear, or is this just a you thing." Sasuke asked, not having a clue which thing this was. He had never met a Vampire other than Naruto, since Naruto had no parents or family. Sasuke had his pack, his family, so Naruto was well aware of what Werewolves were like, but the same couldn't be said in reverse.

Was Naruto's "Happy Personality" true for all Vampires, or was this rare behavior.

Naruto pretended to be scary, because he found it funny to see people running away from him. He pranked them by acting how a Vampire would act, a blood thirsty monster.

"I was actually going to bite him if he didn't run away, I'm really thirsty." Naruto joked with Sasuke, and the other people in the changing room started to back away from Naruto. Sasuke was included in those people, since Naruto's joke had happened. It happened quite a bit actually, when Naruto got too thirsty and simply bit somebody to get a little blood. Tomato juice could only go so far, before it simply was not enough.

"Seriously, never joke about biting people... because it is impossible to tell when you are joking with that goofy expression you wear." Sasuke warned Naruto, who nodded his head.

He was still going to tell bite jokes.

Chapter End!
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