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"You didn't make her go to her own dorm last night?" Inner Naruto asked as he woke up from his slumber, being sealed was boring, and thusly left quite the amount of time for sleeping. He had been surprised to see the little witch in their room, asleep while Naruto himself was barely awakened.

Naruto yawned.

"Do most sealed Vampires come with asshole alarm clocks?" Naruto asked as he glanced at his sealed self.

There were a great number of Vampires that elected to put seals or "limiters" on themselves. Some couldn't properly control their powers, some had to much power for their own good, some had multiple personalities that had a tendency to cause death and destruction, and some just sealed their power so that they could live normal lives amongst humans... though that was a more rare thing to find.

Inner Naruto vanished into the rosario.

"Just clean up the mess you made."

Around Naruto and the sleeping Yukari, who had her head in Naruto's lap with her witch cap and cape off of her body, were pieces of papers with drawings for pranks on them. Naruto offered to help her with her prank against her classmates, so he had invited her to his room so that they could plan their attack. She let him drink her blood, and he gave her a nice home cooked meal (he could cook, not a big shocker).

"So cute..." Naruto stated under his breath when he saw Yukari's flipped skirt, and saw the type of panties she wore once more.

It would be a shame to wake the little pervert.

-Another Location-

'Who is she?' Hinata thought to herself when she saw Moka, the girl who was with Naruto on the first day of school, patiently waiting at the entrance of the dorms like herself. Hinata had woken up extra early to make an extra bento, one for herself and one for Naruto, and planned to meet Naruto outside of the male's dorms. '... She kind of reminds me of Sakura-san... but prettier.' Hinata thought with NO offense meant to Sakura.

Moka was just better when it came to more traditional beauty.

She had a more trim waist for her bodacious physique, not to mention wider hips, with breasts that Sakura couldn't compare to. Yet, both of the girls had the exact same color hair, and the exact same color eyes, only Moka's hair was much, much longer than Sakura's was. Moka looked like a more mature, more curvy Sakura with a more "bubbly" aura about her.

'... She seems familiar... Did I see her somewhere before?' Moka thought when she looked at the girl that was standing nearby her, and she looked a little surprised when she looked down and saw the girl's monster chest size. 'Is she a Succubus?' Moka thought to herself when she subconsciously compared her own chest size to Hinata's, and lamented at the fact that she was lacking when compared to the white eyed beauty. "... Morning... Are you waiting for somebody...?" Moka asked with a small smile on her face.

Moka smiled as she looked down at the two bentos that she had made, in celebration for getting her first friend, she wanted to make lunch for Naruto.

"Hyuga Hinata, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm waiting for a friend of mine." Hinata introduced herself with a short bow, and Moka's eyes widened and she returned the bow.

"I'm Moka Akashiya... I mean Akashiya Moka, and the pleasure is mine Hinata-san. I'm waiting for a friend of mine too." Moka tried to start a conversation with Hinata politely, hoping that she could up her friend count by another person. "Are you a Succubus?... I'm a Vampire... Oh right, it's against school rules to reveal out true forms." Moka beat herself on the side of the head for forgetting the school rules.

Hinata smiled.

If anyone asks, tell them you are a Succubus... and if they ask for you to transform, tell them your wings and tail was ripped off by a Vampire... vampires are feared enough for that to be believable.

"Yes, I'm a... Succubus." Hinata 'admitted' to her own monster nature, following Sakura's advice to a T.

She wondered why Sakura looked so annoyed at the word succubus though?

"Hello Hinata-san... Good morning."

"Oh, Tsukune-kun, I didn't see you there. Did you get a good night's sleep, you don't seem so well?" Hinata turned around and noticed that a very tired looking Tsukune was standing behind her, having come from the dorms. He had slightly bloodshot eyes, as if he didn't sleep at all during the last night, and his clothes were a little messy. Hinata straightened out the boy's tie for him with a helpful smile on her face.

Tsukune just enjoyed it.

'She's an angel...' Tsukune thought with the sudden urge to weep with joy.

"Is this the boy you were waiting for?" Moka asked as she looked at Tsukune, and she smiled at the boy, who remembered her as the girl who came to class late... looking like she was going to die. She seemed like she was fully recovered with a night's sleep, but her first impression on him wasn't as great as Hinata's kindness was. "Hello, Tsukune-kun, I'm Moka, I hope we can be friends." Moka smiled and waved at the boy.

Tsukune blushed, and he blushed hard, before he turned around and quickly pumped his fist, before facing Moka again.

'... I'm already friends with three girls, that is more female friends than I've had before... ever.' Tsukune thought, thankful to the fact that he was sent to this school.

What did he do to deserve this?

Tsukune paled when he saw a boy with a zombish face passing buy, with a friend who had a toadish looking body walking next to him. The two were in the middle of returning to human form completely, having slipped into their true forms in their sleep.

Oh right, deadly monster school.

"Oh, no, I'm waiting for a different boy." Hinata answered Moka's question with a quick denial and a shake of her head. "Sakura-san, good morning." Hinata waved at Sakura, who looked like she was still half asleep as she fixed her witch hat on top of her head. She waved back at Hinata lazily.

Moka's eyes narrowed.

Why was that name familiar?

"Yeah, whatever, have either of you seen the blood sucker or the walking dick? Oh, you're the vampire girl from yesterday... I'm Sakura, and I can tell you've met one of my idiots." Sakura casually introduced herself to Moka with a yawn. She scratched the side of her head, scratching the thoughts of sleep away.

Moka sweatdropped.

Was she talking about Naruto?

"... Is Naruto the blood sucker... who is the other boy?" Moka asked, and Sakura sighed, before she blinked in confusion.

Where was Sasuke? Oh well, one way for sure to call him to them. Sakura reached into her pocket and pulled out a dog whistle, before she violently blew into it.

-With Naruto-

"DAH!? Vampire hearing!" Naruto shouted as he curled up into a ball, accidently throwing Yukari across the room and onto his bed. Naruto's eyes crossed, his right eye looking to the right and left eye looking left, as his super hearing picked up the sound of Sakura's damn dog whistle.

"Oh Naruto, no need to be so rough... if you wanted to have some fun, you could have just told me." Yukari stated as she lifted up the sides of her skirt to show off her panties, and as much as she tried to be seductive.

'That is adorable.' Naruto thought with what he was pretty sure was now bleeding ears.

-With Sasuke-

"Oh! Fuck yes!" Sasuke shouted when he heard Sakura's damn fine whistle nearly destroy his ears. "Come on, that all you got?" Sasuke shouted up at the ceiling of his room, with the girl in his bed having jumped in shock at his damn sexual screaming.

He had a kink... he had a lot of kinks.

Big boobs, small boobs, big butt, small butt, thin waist, normal waist, healthy waists, submissive women, dominant women, whips, chains, general Sado and Masochistic behaviors, he could keep going on for awhile about all of his unique and special fetishes. He enjoyed the doujins with futa on female quite a bit, but none of that compared to his love for the pain that was brought to him when he heard a dog whistle.

"Well, I guess it's time for breakfast anyway." The girl stated as he mouth split open to reveal several rows of sharp teeth.

Sasuke paused, before he paled.

"... Damnit penis, stop getting me in trouble." Sasuke whispered as he grabbed his dick and pulled on it. His body transformed into his werewolf form, before he looked towards the woman with a dark grin. "... I'm not afraid to beat a woman." Sasuke warned her.

-With Sakura-

"Owie..." Moka was on the ground, holding her ears in pain from the point blank shot from the dog whistle. Sakura didn't even notice at first, before she glanced down at Moka and noticed her position.

"What happened to her?" Tsukune whispered to Hinata, who shrugged.

She didn't know anything about monsters other than Werewolfs and witches were scary, and Naruto was a sexy Vampire who drank blood.

"Oh right... sealed vampires still have super senses... Right, forgot about that... Vampires have a super powerful hearing, but unlike others they can also sense monster energy using their ears... this whistle emits monster energy filled sounds at a super high pitched frequency..." Sakura explained her own invention, the punishment whistle. She had originally made it for Sasuke, to punish him, before she learned he enjoyed it like a pervert, and she also learned that it actually did bother Naruto.


"Sorry... You look a lot like I do, only a lot more..." Sakura stopped when Moka stood up, and she saw those breasts moving, and with the upskirt view she got, she saw just how much more well endowed Moka was compared to her. She twitched when she looked down at her own sad chest, before she glanced over at Hinata's massive mammaries. "... I'm not sorry, and go die." Sakura deadpanned at the deaf Moka.


"That was mean..." Hinata whispered with a pout as she glanced down at her own breasts, also a source of ire for the pinkette witch.

Naruto walked behind Sakura, something everyone noticed was the fact that he had a small girl literally clinging to his back.

"Found you... Tonight, I will be sucking your blood... prepare to wake up tomorrow with severe exhaustion." Naruto stated with a dark smile splitting his lips. His friend gulped with both hands on her neck.


"Go-good morning Naruto-kun... I made a lunch for you..." Hinata stuttered as she tried to give her home made lunch to Naruto.

"Morning Naruto! I made a lunch for you." Moka spoke more confidently, having recovered from her hearing loss, though that damn ringing wouldn't be gone for awhile. She blinked, and Hinata blinked, before they both looked at each other with genuine surprise.

They had both been waiting for Naruto?

*Capu Chu*

"Dah!?" Hinata let out a surprised yell when Naruto leaned forward, down to her level, and bit down on the side of her neck. He started to suck her blood freely with a pleasant look on his face.

'Real blood sucking...' Tsukune thought with a dropped jaw.

Yukari beat the back of Naruto's head, so he let go of Hinata and nodded.

"Delicious, you had a good dinner last night. Your blood is grade A as always." Naruto took Yukari's beating without flinching or reacting to it.

"My blood is younger, way more sweet!? Right!?"

Naruto ignored it and glanced towards Tsukune, stopping before the nervous boy with his eyes narrowed. Tsukune stepped back with a little fear on his face, while Naruto inspected the boy with narrowed eyes narrowing further.

"... You smell delicious too... What kind of monster are you?" Naruto asked Tsukune, having completely forgotten what kind of smell a human had.

Tsukune gulped.

'Shit.' Sakura thought to herself.

"Oh, he's right, you DO smell delicious." Moka agreed when she got closer to Tsukune and smelled just what Naruto was smelling. Sakura noticed that Tsukune had a bandage on top of his head, a bandage she put there yesterday when he got run over by the bikes. Moka leaned forward, smelled his neck, while Naruto looked onto Tsukune's eyes, before he relaxed.

*Capu Chu*

Moka bit Tsukune, while Naruto started to walk towards school.

"Don't drink too much... Oh right, Sakura, this is Yukari, she is a witch like you... she's just as smart as you were at her age, or maybe smarter." Naruto mentioned casually.

Sakura and Yukari froze.

"This girl is... smarter than me?" Yukari asked, taking offense to that comment.

"This little girl... is smarter than me?" Sakura asked with her eyes narrowing dangerously, Yukari getting off of Naruto's back to stand in front of Sakura.

"I'm not feeling up to going to school, my sickness is still bothering me. So I'm going to be taking a walk." Naruto commented with a smile on his face.

"A walk?" Hinata asked, the only person able to respond.

"I take lots of walks." Naruto continued, and he started to walk in the opposite direction from the school.

"Can I join?" Hinata questioned, and Naruto shook his head with a chuckle. She was pretty sure that he was just looking for an excuse to skip school.

"Oh trust me, my walks can be... very enthusiastic sometimes." Naruto commented with a large grin on his face. "Oh... and remove my seal why don't you?" Naruto asked as he gestured to the seal around his neck.

He had sensed something very interesting.

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