Attention All Readers of Guardian Past and Present:

This is an apology from me, the author, to let you know that Guardian, along with all of my other fanfictions, will not but updated. I know that many of you have demanded updates from me, and I am really sorry that I cannot provide you with any sort of conclusion. I know that this message is long overdue, but it is better than nothing. I haven't worked on any of these fanfictions in over a year; maybe even two. I have tried -believe me- but only to end in failure. My attentions have strayed from anime of almost every sort in the past two years, having become preoccupied with matters of the 'real world'. As strange as it may sound, I am in college now; no longer the angst-y high school sophomore you remember. I have been working on my novel all through this –yes the same novel I have mentioned often- and maybe you will see it on the shelves in the upcoming years.

Thanks to all of you who have tolerated my half-baked ideas and at-the-time-mediocre writing skill through all of this. You meant the world to me. I felt such joy when I would post a new chapter, and you all replied with such kindness (and not-so kindness), letting me know when I made you cry, or made you laugh. It was those things that let me know that maybe I had a chance at this crazy writing-thing.

And so this is my official message from me to you; that I am retiring from fanfictions. Maybe you'll see me again somewhere, be it on bookshelves or walking down the streets of Jacksonville, FL. (I know that one of you ran into my friend Tammy at Wal-Mart; what a small world!)

Thanks for the good times; I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

Much Love,

Corrine S. Busch

AKA, DragonBow

P.S. For the love of all that is holy, I love getting e-mails and IMs! E-mail me anytime at or IM me at Phoenixfiayme.