Author's Note: Hello, everybody! Here's a new story, yay! For those of you who read Monochrome, my Mayuzumi/OC story (thanks, by the way, you're awesome), you probably knew that this was going to be a Midorima/OC. If you're new, though, welcome! Kuroko no Basuke is amazing. Midorima is a loveable awkward dork of a character.

Anyway, this story is a lot shorter compared to Monochrome (about half its length). That being said, it's a really simple story. Like most of my OC stories, it focuses on the relationship between the OC and canon character. There's a bit of drama, but other than the two main characters, there's not much development with others characters or plotlines. The reason? I have a bunch of fanfiction I want to write, but not nearly enough time to turn them all into novels (which is really unfortunate, because I would love to).

This is turning really long, so I hope you all enjoy this first chapter. It's more a prologue, really, and it's super short. I'll try and post chapter two shortly. Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke!

Chapter 1

Fall and Stand / Game Piece

He stood against him. It seemed like an impossible battle, and in the end, they lost anyway, but he never stopped fighting. I knew he wouldn't give in, because he always told me that it was okay to fall down. The shame was in not standing up again.

Shuutoku High lost to Rakuzan High. An epic game between a king and an emperor, a war made clear between two strong teams containing Generation of Miracles.

Some might say that it's obvious now that Akashi Seijuurou of Rakuzan is stronger. He beat Shuutoku, King of the East, so that naturally means he is better, faster, more dangerous.

Maybe he is.

But one's qualities in basketball are not everything.

And part of me wants to still believe that Midorima Shintarou, the first-year ace of Shuutoku, the shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles, the boy who believes in fate and never misses, is strong, too. And that he'll stand up again.

Because, after all, the shame isn't in falling down.

He has sent his team ahead of him. He's alone.

My breath catches because I hardly see him by himself anymore. Perhaps that's strange, because when I knew him, I was his only friend. But now, he is usually with the basketball team, or with the point guard Takao Kazunari.

But now, he is alone.

He's leaning against a wall, a fist pressed against it, forehead hidden by his bangs. I step forward, shadows encasing me, wondering if I should make my presence known.

Then his chest heaves.

He gasps.

He sobs.

He cries.


He stands up so fast, whirling around so quickly, that I jolt, returning to the shadows.

"Who's there?" he asks, swiping at his face angrily, shifting his glasses to wipe the tears away.

I hesitate for a moment. Then I say, "It's just me."

His eyes narrow, trying to discern me in the darkness of the unlit hall. "I don't know who you are," he says, his voice dispassionate. "If you have business with me, please state it. Otherwise . . . please leave me alone."

My heart sinks. He doesn't recognize me. Sure, it's dark, and yes, it's been years . . . but some part of me hoped that even with all that, he'd be able to . . . because of the bond we'd shared as children.

But he doesn't.

"All right," I say. "I'm sorry for disturbing you."

I move backwards, until my back hits the wall, then I twist and, without even caring how I look, race away from him.

The tears start to spill out of my eyes as I run farther and farther from him. Because even if he doesn't remember me, I still remember him.

A/N: I admit, I didn't care that much for Midorima at first. I thought he was . . . interesting (lucky item desu . . . nanodayo). But then he really started growing on me, especially on my second viewing of the show. He's one of my favorites now. I hope you all enjoyed this! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Until next time!

~ J. Dominique