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I lay there. Pain coursing through my body. Every inch of me had an ache. I am a marine of the U.S.M.C, I am no longer in complete condition. I have two holes that have pierced my body, sending shivers from my head to my toes, but the very last thing on my mind before I blacked out and saw nothing but total darkness, was you.


I was punching the bag over and over. Feeling my arms strengthen with every strike. Sweat dripped down my face and onto my chest.

''Aang!'' Yelled a familiar voice ''get over here!''

I turned my head to see Zuko. He was standing next to Sokka. I chose to ignore them and continue my punching drills. The bag swung back and forth, towards me and then away.

"Aang!" I heard Zuko yell again. Irritated at the sudden distraction I run over and took a towel from Zuko's hands and wiped the sweat from my face. As I remove the towel from my face I look over my shoulder to see two nurses sitting on a bench eating their lunch, but it was the tan, brunette. I saw her look my way and giggle. I twisted my head back towards Zuko and blushed.

We heard the whistle blow and ran over to the commander of our platoon. Standing at attention. My thoughts drifting to the brown haired angel I can see.

"AANG!" Commander Shanji screamed "ATTENTION!"

"YES SIR!" I yelled in response. I looked over and saw the two nurses giggling to each other. My face was beet red but I kept my eyes on the commander, completing his every instruction and training exercise. No matter how painful or physically demanding.

After several training exercises, the boys and I were all exhausted. I removed my shirt and wiped myself off with a towel. I looked back over to where the nurses were. To my disappointment they were gone. I turned my feet and headed back to the dorms.

The next day had started just like any other day. Morning inspections, training, lunch break and more training. It was a typical, exhausting Tuesday. The training here always made muscles burn, eyes tired and the men fatigued, and that's what I was today. Exhausted.

I sat myself down on a wooden bench and looked at the sky. It was blue with grey clouds.

'A storm' I silently whispered to myself. It would rain, this already exhausting day, would turn into a damp, cold and dark night. No laughter, no joy. Only fear, determination and constant concentration. I wanted to change that. We were all living our last few months here as though they were dreary ones. Sure, we all volunteered, but that's because we or 'I' want to help our country. We want to do our part to end this war.

All I want is to end the war, find a girl, fall in love and have a family. I would then spend the rest of my days in peace, in harmony. My thoughts were interrupted as I see that same brunette nurse walking past me, her scent of the ocean and sweet salt. It was drawing me in. I didn't notice I had risen to my feet until I saw her face directly in front of mine. Her eyes were gentle but fierce, calm and collected. These were the eyes that I knew I could be very happy looking at all day. I would get to know her more and maybe one day- "Um hi" I heard her angelic voice speak. The voice of an angel.

"My apologies mam, I did not realise I was staring" I mumbled as I gently bowed my head as a sign of respect "please forgive my foolishness"

"There's nothing to forgive, you are in no wrong" she smiled. Her smile was contagious. I couldn't stop a big grin forming on my face.

"Well that's a really big relief" I huffed "I'm Aang White, United States Marine Core Soldier"

"Nice to meet you, I am Katara, head nurse at the local hospital" She spoke as she extended her hand. I kindly took it into mine and shook it gently.

We talked for hours. We spoke about our hobbies, music, history on the four nations and her family. She told me she has a brother- "named Sokka and he's such an idiot" she giggled "maybe you know him, he's a marine too"

"Yea I do actually, he's my best friend" I laughed "you're right though, he is a bit of an idiot, quite the idiot actually"

We both couldn't stop laughing. She snorted and that just made us laugh even harder. I was having the time of my life. Maybe tonight wasn't going to be as dreary as I had imagined.

"I should probably get back to the hospital, it's pretty late" she spoke and she turned her head to look at the moon. Her face lit, hair blowing gently in the nights cool breeze. She was absolutely breath taking.

"I'll walk you back" I offered. She looked at me in the eyes, her smile soft, her eyes full of happiness.

"Thank you that would be very kind"

We reached the doors to the hospital. She stood at the threshold and look at me once again. "I had a great time Aang, may I see you again?"

"For sure" I said a bit too happily "I'll come by and say hi after training"

"That would be really nice" she beamed "I look forward to it. She moved closer to me and kissed my cheek, making my cheeks flush a deep red and emitting slight shock to my face. She opened the door, walked in and with one last smile in my direction, she was gone.

That was the night my life changed, one girl changed my daily routine. She made me unendingly happy.

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