The Trapped Assassin

By SarahsSupplyCloset

Author's Note: It's been a really long time. Sorry, everyone. Hope this makes up for it.

Disclaimer: I do not own CHUCK. I'm not making any money from this.

The assassin had never slept well on planes.

Tossing and turning, paranoid that after all she'd done for the CIA, the death defying shit she'd put herself through, she might die in a plane crash.

She stopped at the door in front of her and stared for a moment, and then she looked down at the small carry-on in her hand.

She hated bumpy flights, too. Turbulence. And she'd googled the weather so she'd known they'd be flying through a storm on the way to Tehran.

The assassin took a deep breath. Sarah Walker took a deep breath. She'd made her decision and she couldn't take it back now. It was done. Casey would find her answer stuck under the bench near the hill at the top of which they'd had a heart to heart yesterday.

He would relay her message to Graham.

Everything would settle again.

Or not.

She knocked on the door and a thrill sent a spark through her chest, made something in her belly itch. It was different this time. Now that she'd been through so much, been so close to not doing this. Something in her had changed overnight.

She hadn't gotten any sleep at all. But it hadn't been from regret because of the decision she'd made. Nor had it been from turbulence on the plane.

Because she hadn't gotten on that plane to Tehran after all.

The door opened.

Chuck stood there, blinking once before a grin swept over his face. "Well, well." His grin grew so that his nose wrinkled as he goofily leaned one arm against the doorframe and posed.

This was it.

This was the first face she was seeing after choosing to leave the CIA. She found herself swept up in an overwhelming sensation. What she imagined flying would feel like. She felt invincible, unstoppable… But mostly she was just so glad.

"Morning," she said.


He had no idea how close she'd come to leaving and never looking back.

That wasn't true. She knew now, without a doubt, that she would have looked back. Every single day, she would've looked back. And she would've had so many regrets.

What she didn't regret was marching up to him, dropping her bag at their feet, and hugging him. She clung for awhile, shutting her eyes.

She was tired. She'd gone to the bench in the middle of the night to leave the packet and dossier there for Casey to retrieve. They'd agreed on that yesterday. If he went to the bench and nothing was there, she'd gotten on the plane to Tehran. If he found the packet he'd given her, that meant she was done. The rest, he'd told her, he would take care of.

But she wasn't so sure she wouldn't get a phone call from her superiors. Her ex-superiors. Graham would absolutely call. It was just a matter of when.

She'd climbed into bed after getting back. And when she'd been unable to sleep for an hour or two, she'd gotten up and unpacked instead. For how long would she stay unpacked, she had no idea. It didn't matter. Not right now.

She finally pulled back and he gaped a little. He was probably confused by how tightly she held onto him, how long she kept up the embrace, the way her fingers had dug into his back like she was afraid he might disappear if she let up even a little.

"Can I come in?" she asked, trying not to sound as breathless as she felt.

"Oh! Yeah! Of course!" He stepped back and opened the door for her. He looked like he'd just gotten back from somewhere, maybe an early morning walk along the shore or something. He was in jeans and a t-shirt, with a maroon sweatshirt zipped up over it.

She'd barely cleared the threshold when she had his face framed between her hands, her lips on his. She distantly heard the door shut behind her, but she was too busy moving her hands to the front of his sweatshirt, twisting her fists in the material, pulling at the tab of the zipper.

Then the sweatshirt was gone, somewhere on the floor. Her overnight bag had ended up on the floor, too…somewhere else.

She didn't notice. She didn't care.

She wanted the feeling of him under her hands.

It was so overwhelming…the rush of utter happiness at seeing him again, yes…but also the intensity of the moment. Because it was just starting to hit her that she'd seriously and truly done this, that she wasn't going anywhere, that she had just left the CIA, the one thing that had both kept her afloat and pushed her head underwater even more.

She felt liable to burst, so she grasped at his clothes, at his arms, back, and face. Desperate. Anything to keep herself from combusting.

She'd done something insane. …She'd taken care of herself. She'd rescued herself.

Whether she'd deserved rescue or not didn't matter anymore, because it was done.

She was here.

And she couldn't breathe.

She pulled back to take a quick breath, aware of his own panting for air. She used the moment to tangle her fists in his shirt and lift it over his head, discarding it behind her.

Her arms wound around his bare torso and she hugged him tightly, pressing her open mouth to his throat, dragging her kisses down to the crook of his neck, even grazing his skin with her teeth.

He groaned into her hair and she felt his fists tighten in the silk of the white button-up blouse she wore. He gently tugged it out of her pants and then those cool fingers of his were against her bare waist, tucked underneath the silk to feel the small of her back and her belly just over the waistband of her pants.

She whimpered against his shoulder and turned her face to capture his lips in a hungry kiss again, doing her best to feel every last bit of him she could. She was so desperate for him there was a thread of anxiety in her. Like if she didn't get more of him, she might go mad. Or worse, he'd disappear.

The assassin had never felt anything like this before. Ever. It was exhilarating. It was everything.

She felt for the button of his jeans under her fingers and popped it open, before sliding the zipper down. The moment she tucked her hand in the front of his pants and felt him over his boxers, she felt something in him change.

The amused, surprised glee with which he was returning her affections, the soft chuckles and awed crooked smiles, became something else entirely. She could practically feel the electricity spark, a fire mounting at their feet that stood so close together.

His fingers tightened on her waist, and then his hands were on her ass, hoisting her up in the air. She leapt with a soft giggle and wrapped her legs around him, her pumps falling off her feet with a thunk…thunk

And then he was carrying her away from the door finally, even as she kissed him again, threading her fingers in his windswept curls, tasting the coffee he must've already had this morning.

He pushed into the bedroom and stopped beside his bed, the sheets and duvet all rustled from him sleeping in them the night before. And she let herself think for a moment as she pulled her lips from his that his bed looked sinfully inviting.

But as she moved to unwrap her legs from his waist and ease herself down to stand on her own, she found his hands on her thighs, preventing her. There was a flash of something delicious in his brown eyes that seemed so much darker than the usual amber color, and his fingers moved to the buttons of her shirt, moving at an impressively fast pace.

He hunched over and attached his lips to her collarbone, making her gasp, her head falling back. And then he slowly lowered his attentions, his tongue licking along the upper crest of her breast above the white bra she wore. She could feel the pattern he drew with his silky, hot tongue…first on one breast, and then the other.

And she got so lost in the sensation, and in the way his fists bunched her shirt up and rubbed it over her back, that she didn't feel herself lowered until her back was against the mattress.

It was a complete loss of concentration, something she'd never allowed before this man. The assassin thought distantly that she would never trust anyone the way she trusted him. Even as she slid into a normal life, with a normal career, she never ever would.

She hummed happily, and barely restrained herself from reaching up and grabbing him again when he straightened and stepped away. But then he undid her pants and slid them down her legs, discarding them at the foot of the bed once he managed to get them off.

Her first inclination was to yank his pants down to his ankles, flip him onto the bed, throw her leg over, and ride him for hours on end. She was practically manic she had so many emotions battling inside of her. She was free.

She was free.

This man was a part of her freedom. And she wasn't letting this freedom go to waste.

But instead he slung an arm under her and lifted her in a feat of strength she was almost surprised by, shifting her up the bed to lay her down properly with her head on the pillows. Before she knew what was happening, he had her panties clutched in his palm. And when he tossed them away, she had no choice but to watch as he grabbed the sheets and threw them over his head so that she couldn't see him.

She felt his fingers on her thighs, spreading her legs and lifting them so that they were slung over his shoulders.

And in a moment she felt his mouth on her.

She shook and whimpered, her fingers digging into the mattress at her hips. She couldn't even say his name, she was so bowled over by how good it felt.

Chuck went to town on her without the tentativeness that was there the first time he'd done this. There was no hesitation, no starting easy or slow, no letting them both get used to the situation.

He opened and closed his mouth over and over and over, his lips and tongue dragging over her entrance and tasting her. She felt his tongue tease her, dipping in and out again…Once, twice…and then it was inside of her and she felt her whole body clench, his name at her lips.

He growled and started rubbing his mouth against her, back and forth, up and down, faster, faster, with more and more pressure. Until she finally felt his teeth graze her labia, and his lips clamped down at the rim of her entrance, sucking on it at an excruciatingly slow pace.

She was going mad.

She knew she was going mad.

And as she felt him splay his hand on her lower belly, his thumb pressing lower and lower and lower with each of his delicious licks until it was covering her clitoris and rubbing it in slow circles, she was sure she was already mad.

This must be a delusion because it was too damn good to be real.

But this was happening, and she decided to shut her mind up completely. The walls she'd kept up fell down again, as they seemed to do around this man, and she became absolute putty in his unbelievably talented hands.

She didn't care what happened to her as long as he kept doing this.

Sarah wasn't lucid enough to really pay attention to how totally insane that thought was.

"Hnngg!" she heard herself whimper, pulling her lower lip between her teeth. She was figuring out his rhythm, learning his pattern, and she began to gently thrust into his mouth, making everything that much better as she clenched her lower body again.

Something about not being able to see him as he did this and just feeling his mouth on her, knowing he was there, made it all that much better. The sensations were fierce and powerful and so damn good.

But then his arms pushed underneath her, clutching her lower half, hugging her sex against his face, and his tongue pushed into her even deeper. Her control was gone. He'd taken full control back and was eating her out with an unmatchable fury.

Sarah's voice became louder as she cried out, having to reach up and brace her palms against the headboard, moving one hand to her hair and pulling in desperation.

Until that buzzing deep behind her belly button became an explosion.


She arched herself wildly, her orgasm overtaking her, falling on her like a pile of bricks, knocking her back onto the mattress so that she was gasping for air, panting, squirming.

Until, finally, it ended. She still felt the throbbing release between her legs, even as he continued to lap at her center, thumb still applying pressure to her clit.

"Oh my God, Chuck," she gasped. What could she even say besides that?

Nothing, she realized then, because instead of crawling up her body and giving her that slow, sexy smile she knew rather well after over a week of sleeping with him, she felt him give her a bit of a tug.

And then he was underneath her, rolling onto his back and taking her with him, his mouth still pressed to her sex, arms still around her hips. She let out a breathless giggle, confused as she fisted the pillow and looked down her body, the sheet twisted around them.

He shifted so that his hands clutched her bare ass, and he gave her a tug, forcing her to thrust into his face as he gave her a long, excruciating lick.

She gasped, this time able to see the mischievous look in his eye as she propped herself up with her palms against the pillow and glanced down her front to see his face poking out from between her legs.

Sarah sat up straight, bent her legs on either side of his head, and began to thrust. His eyelids fluttered and he groaned into her, making her whimper and bite her lip.

The assassin couldn't stop the grin from exploding over her face as he groaned again, his eyes rolling in their sockets gloriously. As though he was enjoying this as much as she was, which was just…impossible.

They stayed that way for awhile, Chuck's hands doing wonderful things to her body, stroking her thighs, her ass, massaging the small of her back with his strong fingers. And then as she shrugged out of her blouse, tossing it away with a lusty giggle, he moved one hand around to her front and pushed under the wire of her bra, holding her breast in is warm, large hand.

Her hips jerked in response and she moaned his name, arching her back, moving her hips faster and harder.

She came again finally, thrusting long and hard against his lips, his tongue reaching far inside of her as she shook above him. When it was done, she rolled off of him to flop onto her back, pointedly not touching him so he didn't get the idea to turn them over again and keep going.

Breathing hard, blindly letting her hand feel around for his head so that she could push her fingers into his silky curls, Sarah was incomprehensibly glad she hadn't come to Chuck's suite the night before, even though she'd wanted to so badly.

Because if he'd done this to her then, her decision would've been made immediately. And it would've been her libido in charge instead of her head, instead of her heart. If Chuck had eaten her out like this when she'd been teetering on the fence after her meeting with Casey, it would have shoved her right over to the leaving the CIA side.

But he hadn't.

And she knew now that she'd made her decision because of so many other things—not just that this man was an unbelievable lover, one she'd be a fool to abandon so quickly.

She'd made the right decision. She knew this.

But she was still scared. She yearned for more reassurance. Or at least to get lost in his arms.

They were here, she wasn't flying off to Iran for a suicide mission. The rest of the steps she took, whether with or without Chuck Bartowski, were hers. She would decide what to do and where to go from here.

And what she wanted to do now was get this man's pants off of him.

So she moved her hand out of his hair and gave him a teasing tap on the shoulder. "Hey," she breathed, still panting a little.

"Hmmm?" The goof arched his back so that he was looking up at her upside down, a bit of a smug look on his face. She didn't tend to like smugness in anyone, but for some reason it was cute on him. He had every right to be smug. Every damn right.

"Get up here with me."

A grin stretched over his handsome features and he flipped over, onto her, crawling up her strong body and letting her grab the waistband of his jeans. She gave them a hard yank, unable to push them past his knees, but he slid out of them for her, along with his boxers, his fingers moving under her back to unclasp her bra.

Both of them were stark naked then, wrapped around one another, hips gyrating, hands grappling, lips dueling. When he pushed inside of her finally, they both whimpered, lips coming apart, and Sarah buried her face in his hair.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her fingers digging into the muscles of his upper back, and she just clung as he thrusted, so deep and slow. She bent her legs at his waist, bracing her heels on the mattress so that she could rock herself into his incredible strokes.

Sarah was so embroiled in emotion, so desperate for him, so keyed up from everything that had happened, that it didn't take long for her to climax again. Breathless, panting…she needed more of him. So when he stopped, propping himself up a little, she slapped a hand down onto his ass cheek and began to throw her hips up against him, thrusting hard as he stayed still, watching her in awe.

He must've felt her losing control of her movements after a minute or two, her thrusts becoming a little erratic as her muscles began to protest, because he dropped himself onto her again, pinning her to the mattress, and started thrusting hard and fast.

She cried out and clung again, whimpering into his ear, breathing words of encouragement so that he went even faster.

More, a voice inside of her cried out. Need more.

She listened to that voice and threw her weight to the side, sending him sprawling on his back as she towered over him, sitting in his lap. Her fingertips dancing over his hard abdomen, she rode him fast, jerking her hips, relentless.

And when he whimpered her name, gasping as his head fell back against the pillows in ecstasy, she hunched forward to grab the headboard and she bucked on him, throwing all of her weight into his lap, the bed rocking roughly beneath them.

"Oh God, Sarah!"

She came again, this time suddenly as she'd focused all her attention on riding him as hard as she could. Her fingers spasmed and she lost her grip on the headboard, falling to the side with a gasp, but he sat up quickly and caught her in his safe embrace, rounding her torso in his arms, kissing her breathlessly as they both panted against one another's lips.

Sarah gyrated into his lap again and he found her rhythm, bouncing up against her, his hands draping over her breasts, thumbs flicking her nipples in time with their lower bodies thrusting.

She clenched herself with each stroke, squeezing him, arching, telling him how good he felt, how amazing he was, until another orgasm surged through her at the same time as she felt him ejaculate inside of her.

"Sarah!" he groaned, panting, holding onto her so tightly she wondered if her skin might bruise where his fingers were.

When he was empty, they both slumped against the bed, Sarah splayed on top of his body, barely having enough energy to lift her hips to pull him out and flop back onto him with a sigh.

"I…" He let out a rough breath into her hair. "Cannot breathe."

She merely shook her head in agreement. And then she realized belatedly that her weight on his chest probably wasn't helping, so she giggled breathlessly and rolled off of him.

"Nooooo," he whined, still panting as he blindly pawed at her. "Come back."

Sarah laughed and caught his hands, pushing them back against his body. "I'm giving you room to breathe," she answered, giggling as he attempted to wrestle.

They continued the playful wrestling for a little while, until Chuck said, "I'm seriously half-assing this, by the way. My arms aren't working."

She laughed some more and rolled over so that she was half on top of him, pinning his arms up beside his head and pursing her lips coyly. "Yeah, I can tell. It was way too easy for me to do this."

"Or…" He smoldered. "I let you do it on purpose because it feels really good."

The assassin felt herself beaming down at him, a glorious pressure in her chest making it hard to breathe as she looked into his amber eyes. "Does it?"

"Mmmhm," he hummed.

"Want me to make it feel even better?" she asked, her voice low and soft, dripping with sex as she lowered her face and kissed his neck slowly.

"Oh," he chirped. "Well, I mean…Sure. If you're offering."

She kissed his collarbone, letting go of his wrists and slowly sliding her body down his, kissing first one of his pecks, then the other. She had the sheets in her hand, then, moving it up her body, ready to throw it over her head and move down even lower, when he spoke up.

"Hey, by the way…Uh…I feel like I need to clear the air here."

Sarah stopped, furrowing her brow as she lowered the sheet and pushed up to look at him. He craned his neck to look back at her.

"I'm—I should probably apologize. I, uh, called you yesterday, and then I called again last night and even left a message. Not sure if you got it. Should I—Should I have done that, though? Was I being a little intense? I'm sorry if so. I guess I just wanted to make sure everything was okay." He winced. "I mean, not—it wasn't an us thing. I mean, you're by yourself here. Wanted to make sure—you know—everything was okay with you."

Sarah let a wide, closed-mouth smile stretch over her lips, and then she kissed his chest again, letting her fingers tuck under the sheet and very gently stroking her fingernails over his hip bone suggestively. "Because I'm a woman in a foreign land, here all by myself…? Afraid something happened to me?"

"I-I mean, I'm sure you've traveled alone for work a bunch, so no, it's not that. I was just…" He swallowed. "You can handle yourself. I know that." He let out a soft "pfft" and shrugged. It was charming. She kissed him right in the center of his chest, then kissed him a bit lower, and then again, even lower than that. "I just don't want you to think it was…I mean, I didn't want you to feel like I was being too intense. Or, like…clingy. 'Cause…Yeah, this isn't—I don't really know what this is, but I don't care 'cause it's amazing. I just don't want you to think I'm super intense."

"Mm. You said that." She kissed him lower, feeling the muscles in his abdomen tighten under her lips. She let her tongue glide over his skin, dip between the bumps of his muscle.

"So I did," he sighed. "Sorry. I just…" His hand closed over her shoulder and she stopped, looking up at him again, expectantly this time. "I want to make sure it wasn't too much. I didn't mean for it to be too much. I don't wanna be too much. This is so good, just having fun and doing stuff like this—"

"It wasn't too much, Chuck," she interrupted, meeting his gaze as he craned his neck to look down at her again. "You weren't too intense." In fact, she'd listened to the message this morning finally as she finished unpacking and it had only reaffirmed her decision to leave the CIA. If only because it meant she could keep this phone and that message with it. She could hear how hard he was trying to sound nonchalant, but she heard the curiosity, too. She knew he was wondering why he hadn't heard from her, though he must have thought he shouldn't wonder, that he shouldn't expect anything. She imagined him this way. And maybe she was giving him a lot more credit than was realistic. He was just a human being, after all… A man. But he was also extraordinary—not just as a man, but as a person. And it wasn't hard to imagine him overthinking, being overly thoughtful and kind. Sweet.

"I should actually be the one apologizing," she said finally. "I felt like leaving my technology in the hotel and just connecting with nature. And then I kinda got lost which is super embarrassing because I'm not the type to get lost. By the time I got back, I was so beat that I just showered and fell into bed without checking my phone. I'm sorry." Again, the lie felt hollow and upsetting. She wanted to erase it. Or…give him something else. Something to make up for it.

So she tucked her hand between them and lightly ran her fingernails over his lower stomach, teasing his belly button. His eyelids fluttered. "You don't have to apologize," he breathed. "S—S'okay."

Sarah broke his gaze then and threw the covers back over her head, starting to dot kisses over his torso again, teasing him with her tongue, grazing his hard abdomen with her teeth for good measure. "I hope you didn't think I…" She kissed his skin a few inches above his belly button.

"Ditched me?" He chuckled. "Nah. You wouldn't do that." Then he checked himself a little. "I mean, I've only known you for a week so it's not like I'd know what you would and wouldn't do. I actually sort of…don't know you at all. Which is fine!" he added for good measure. "Totally fine, 'cause I—"

Sarah threw the sheet off of her head and propped herself up, looking down at him. "Chuck, you do know what I'm about to do here, don't you?" She pointed a finger down.

He blushed, gulped, and nodded wordlessly. At least he wasn't clueless.

"So this conversation is settled?" she asked, biting her cheek to keep her amusement from showing too much.

He nodded vigorously, pulling his lips between his teeth, looking very young suddenly.

Sarah let all of her amusement show then, right before she tossed the sheet back over her head and slid down his body, tucking her shoulders between Chuck's thighs and taking him between her lips.

She stayed there for a long time, tasting him, slowly working him in her hands and mouth, letting his whimpers and sighs wash over her. She let him feel her teeth against his sensitive skin as she grinned, let him feel the vibrations of her humming while he was in her mouth.

When he was hard enough to easily glide part of the way into her throat, she did so a few times, fighting her gag response, focusing on the tightness of his voice as he groaned her name—a name she was sticking with now, whether she stuck with him or not.

And as she finally eased his erection out of her mouth, climbing up his body as she continued to stroke him with her fingers, Sarah was glad again that she hadn't come here last night. When every fiber of her being was aching to see him, she was so so glad she hadn't.

Because it was important she knew she was leaving the CIA for herself, for other things. Not because of a really nice guy who made her comfortable and was also a sex genius. A sex mastermind, is how he'd probably phrase it, because he was such a damn nerd.

She knew now there were a million reasons for leaving this career that would've led to a dead-end—literally. There weren't enough good reasons to stay with the CIA.

Chuck was a really, really good reason to stay here though, instead of rushing to the Isfahan Province in a private plane where there was a good chance she'd be gunned down by extremists.

She needed to feel just how good of a reason he was.


And again and again.

In spite of her working him up again, she could see Chuck was still splayed out, his limbs loose, still recuperating from the effort. So she planted her hand on his chest to keep him from turning her onto her back, forcing him to stay where he was against the mattress.

And she smirked at the questioning and excited look he flashed up at her.

She turned to face the foot of the bed and swung her leg over to straddle him.

He groaned quietly behind her as he must have realized what she was doing, and she bit her lip, using her hand that was still closed around his shaft to guide it to her center.

Slowly, she eased herself down to sit on him, whimpering at this new sensation. He touched her in new places, and as she let her full weight down into his lap, bracing her knees against the bed, she thought he was somehow even deeper than he'd ever been before.

Sarah curled her fingers around his thighs just above his knees and hunched forward, shutting her eyes and tensing, getting used to the sensation.

And then she started moving her hips in short, slow thrusts forward. "Nng," she whimpered through her nose, letting every last emotion cross her face. He couldn't see it. She didn't have to hold anything back, though she wasn't sure she even had before.

Chuck groaned behind her, his fingers twisting in the sheets on either side of him, his knuckles white as he held on and let her do the work.

Sarah held onto his legs tighter and began to arch her back with each thrust, making her strokes harder, clenching everything below her waist.

"Ahhh, Chuck," she breathed out, squeezing her eyes shut so tightly she saw spots.

She rode him even harder after a few minutes, feeling the weight of her lies start to invade her headspace. She'd made her decision, she was done with the lies.

She didn't want the distraction. She just wanted him. This.

So she focused on the pressure between her legs, the sound of his pleasure behind her. And she swung her hips faster, harder.

Chuck finally grabbed onto her hips tightly, his fingers digging into her muscles, and then she felt him sit up behind her, wrapping his arms around her torso, tugging her against his chest.

His lips pressed into her back, up to her shoulder, and he gently eased her hair to the side so that he could kiss her neck. And then she felt him start to arch himself up to meet her thrusts.

She needed to feel more.

So she reached down and braced her hands on his hips, curling her fingers around to hold onto him just as tightly as he was holding onto her. And she began to bounce in his lap.

"Ohhh, Sarah!" he growled, his breath hot against her shoulder.

She bounced on him for awhile, and then he began to pick up on the rhythm she established, thrusting up to meet her. She cried out and let her head fall back, blinking at the ceiling and clenching her teeth in an attempt not to bite down on her tongue by accident.

It just felt too good.

And then she yelped in surprise, because Chuck tilted backwards, his arm he had slung around her lower stomach taking her with him. Her thigh muscles protested, so she unfolded her legs and braced her heels against the mattress beside his feet.

Blindly, she reached out to find some part of him to grab onto, the adrenaline from falling making the sensations of him still bouncing up into her that much more potent. "Oh my God," she panted. "Oh! Mmm Chuuuck!"

As he held them both at an angle from the bed, Sarah held onto Chuck's arms as best she could and let her head fall back onto his shoulder, turning her face to tuck it under his chin, and breathing raggedly as she started to gyrate.

Their rhythm didn't entirely match up as he gently thrusted upwards while she ground her hips down into him, but that somehow made it better. It meant the head of his cock met her g-spot at the most unexpected times, and her whimpers of surprise ecstasy filled the room.

Sarah's eyes slipped shut and she lost herself in all of it, focusing on what she was doing with her lower half, letting the pleasure overtake her, not caring if her whimpers, sighs, and moans sounded desperate or needy. Let him hear how good he made her feel. Let him know he was driving her mad in this position.

And then she felt his hand drape over her breast and squeeze. She cried out. "Unngg! Chuck, yes!" she whispered into the underside of his chin. "Touch me!" she whimpered then.

And she felt his fingers start to roll her nipple between them, pinching her, kneading her breast, then going back to focusing on her nipple again. Sarah arched her back with a ragged moan and pumped her hips a few times, fast and hard, squeezing her ass to make him feel more.

"Oh, baby," he gasped. "Oohhhh!"

And then his fingers closed around her hip. And just like that, he snuck his fingers down her front, between her legs, and trapped her clitoris under two of his fingers.

Sarah yelped and her whole body tensed over his. Her voice shook as she whined his name, over and over and over, as he began to churn his fingers in circles, still holding her breast in his other hand, gyrating his cock up into her g-spot.

In no time at all, the throbbing ecstasy between her legs exploded into something so much better and she cried out loudly, breathlessly, panting wantonly as she came above him, her grinding hips erratic against his.

Even as she sucked breath in through parted lips as though she'd just swam an Olympic race in swimming, Sarah willed herself to start thrusting again.

Chuck groaned beneath her, his lips pressed to her ear. She watched his arm come up to wrap around her belly, then he lifted his left leg to tuck through hers. And with one hard thrust, Chuck rolled them both over onto their sides. Sarah yelped and giggled, turning her face into the pillow and moaning as Chuck hugged her back to his chest and began long, slow thrusts inside of her.

Sarah whimpered, grabbing his arms around her and squeezing, letting him dictate everything. She didn't have much choice in the matter, he held her so tightly.

They stayed there for awhile, Sarah able to relax and just enjoy as he thrusted into her. His pace was nice and easy, his hands gentle as he stroked her body, his lips pressed to the skin just under her ear.

Her eyelids fluttered and shut as she reached up to twist her fist in the pillow, her pretty face pinched in pleasure. "Chuck," she gasped, then, as he dipped his finger into her belly button teasingly, before letting it glide down her goosebump-covered lower belly. He slid his fingers between her legs and massaged her clit again, making her whimper and bite her lip.

And then his hand moved from her clit to her thigh, his fingers digging into her muscle there as he lifted it, spreading her legs. He slung his arm under her thigh and held it up and away, starting to gyrate faster into her from behind.

"Hah—Ohhh!" Sarah clung to the edge of the mattress, opening her mouth wide, letting him hear how good it felt.

She grunted as he turned them even more so that she was pinned on her stomach, one of her shoulders hanging off of the mattress as she reached up to grab the edge of the nightstand in one hand, bracing her other hand against the headboard of the bed.

Chuck let go of her leg then and she felt his weight leave her, his chest tilting away at an angle as he towered over her.

And the assassin cried out loudly as he hardened his thrusts. She buried her face in the pillow and let out another ragged moan, feeling the bed start to rock beneath them.

This was stunning.

This was earth-shattering.

She couldn't breathe, though.

So she turned her face, letting it hang over the floor as she cried out his name, bracing herself to keep from being pushed off of the bed.

"Sarah," he groaned, his voice tight. "You feel so good…" His weight was against her again, his chest grinding against her back, and he slung his arm under her, around her shoulder. Chuck's strength left her breathless, each hard, slow thrust so deep it made her hips lift off of the mattress.

The bed frame creaked underneath them.

Sarah reached up behind her in a moment of supreme intimacy and tangled her fingers in his hair at the back of his head. "Wait," she gasped out. "Wait, Chuck…"

He stopped. "R'you okay?" he panted, reaching out to hold himself up with the same nightstand she was clinging to.

"I wanna see your face," she breathed, blushing wildly as she realized what she'd just said, and how incredibly…sappy it was. But it was true. As good as this was, as much as she liked it, as much as she wanted more of this shamelessly kinky lust they were exploring at the moment, she felt the need to be face to face with this man.

She could feel the beginnings of another climax ramping up and when it happened, she wanted him to see her face. She wanted him to know what this was for her. Every last nuance of pleasure broadcasted on her features for him enjoy. She wanted to stroke his ego, too. Make his head so big he couldn't walk through the door.

And, admittedly, she was a little obsessed with his eyes. There was something inexplicably sexy about coming while looking into those eyes that were the same color as the best damn rum she'd ever had in her life years ago in St. Croix. The taste of that rum had stayed with her, just like she thought the taste of Chuck Bartowski would stay with her for the rest of her life.

Now she had at least a few more weeks to effectively make sure the taste of him was cemented into her memory.

She felt him gently pull out and move away from her, climbing up to his knees and letting her grab his hand so that she could climb up as well without completely falling off of the bed.

Sarah swiveled around to face him, both of them kneeling on the mattress, chest to chest, holding hands. She kissed him softly, bringing her free hand up to cup his face, smiling a little at the way he hummed in satisfaction.

But then the hum became a gasp, for Sarah untangled her fingers from his and tucked her hand between them, curling her digits around his shaft and beginning to slide her fist up and down its length.

Chuck groaned and pulled back, dropping his forehead to her shoulder. She turned her face to press her lips to his temple, then to his ear. "There's also the fact that while I assume you have a good amount of money, I don't think you're going to want to pay for the damages to this bed."

When he lifted his head to look at her, he was blushing vibrantly. And she entertained the thought that they made quite the pair, the way they both blushed for the silliest reasons in spite of the fact that they were rutting each other senseless with no shyness whatsoever. "Oh…right, uh…That."

She giggled and beamed at him, hoping he knew she was teasing. She didn't give a damn about the bed. She'd even pitch in. After all, they'd beautifully share the blame 50/50. They might as well share the fine 50/50 as well.

Slipping her hand into his, Sarah let herself flop back into the pillows with another giggle, looking up at him as he shook his head in amusement and fell forward on top of her. He caught himself on his elbows and grumbled, kissing her neck and down to her collarbone.

Then she felt him pause, and he reached down to grab the bedsheets that had tangled near their feet, tugging them up over them and burying himself in her embrace again. "M'what?" she asked as she felt him pause again.

He pulled back and looked down at her, chuckling softly and shaking his head. "I'm not saying it. It's awful."

Then he started kissing her neck again.

"What?" she asked, nudging him with her hips.

Chuck ignored her, scooting between her thighs and pulling her legs up to bend them on either side of his hips. He kissed her on the lips, catching her moan of bliss as he slid his hardness inside of her again, letting her feel the full weight of him pressing her down.

"Mmmmmm," she hummed, breaking the kiss. Even as he slowly began to thrust into her, she asked, "What were you going to say?"

She felt him shake his head, his hair tickling her jawline as he moved a little faster.

"You have to tell—mmm!—You have to tell me now that you put it out there. I'm—oh yes—curious." She gasped at how good it all felt, digging her fingers into the muscles of his lower back and slowly rocking up to meet his thrusts.

"It's cheesy," he breathed. She felt his teeth graze her ear and she realized he was grinning.

"Tell me!" she gasped, sliding her hand around to grab onto his ass cheek and squeeze.

He whimpered and pushed up onto his elbows to look down at her. He was biting his lip, still thrusting but moving oh so slowly so that she felt every inch of him until he was buried to the hilt. "I was going to say we might have a contest…"

"A contest?" she asked, whining his name at the end as he started moving a little faster.

"Mmm…To see who can make the bed rock…"

For a guy who'd just blushed at the suggestion, he seemed to have gotten over that rather quickly. She inwardly beamed, too caught up in the sensations to do anything outwardly except whimper, thrusting her hips to meet him.

And then, without even thinking about it, she spoke. Or…rather…she heard herself speak.

"Think we'd both make pretty good geologists."

Chuck stopped. They both stopped. Then he peered down at her, his brow furrowed as he tried to decipher the meaning of what she just said.

"You said bedrock," she breathed, panting a little. "Geologists…"

A look came over his face, understanding tinged with something else. It wasn't exactly amusement, but something else…awe, perhaps?

"Sorry…Bad nerd joke," she said, almost embarrassed. "But still a nerd a joke."

And when she squeezed his ass again, she suddenly felt the heat of him ejaculating. She gaped up at him with a whimper as he groaned her name, his face twisting in pleasure, and then he dove down to bury his face in her hair, thrusting gently into her until he was empty.

Sarah continued to gape as he groaned again—only this groan had a different tone to it.

"I'm so sorry," he said, rolling off of her and covering his face. "That was…I mean…crap. Sorry."

Sarah just laughed. "Was it my truly terrible joke that did that?" she asked. "About geology?"

He groaned, but chuckled at himself at least, pushing his hands into his hair. "It was so hot, though."

She guffawed, turning onto her side to face him, his mortification not doing much to get her to stop laughing. It was just so funny. "It wasn't hot at all. It was an awful joke. I don't even know where it came from," she said through her laughter. "The things that turn you on, Chuck Bartowski…"

"I told you I'm a nerd."

She felt bad, at least a bit, because he did look truly embarrassed and ashamed that he'd climaxed early.

"You are quite possibly the biggest nerd I've ever met," she said, giggling softly. "And way too easy. You've just revealed to me your Achilles heel."

"Geology jokes?"

She laughed, glad he was laughing with her now, even though she could see he was still embarrassed. "No. All I have to say is something even remotely nerdy and you…" She pointedly bit her lip, dropping a hand on his lower stomach and stroking him with her fingernails.

Chuck groaned, shaking his head. "Damn it. I need to find yours, now."

"I don't have one." She lifted an eyebrow.

"Lies. Everyone does. I'm gonna find yours."

"Fine. Tall, lanky brunette nerds. There's my Achilles heel."

His smile was a lot softer now. "Even if they…erm…finish a little too soon?"

"I don't know what you consider too soon, Chuck, but were you here for the last…however many minutes or…hours…?" He shrugged. And to her glee, he seemed a little proud at that.

"Now…" Sarah rolled closer to him, her breasts smashed against his arm and chest. "How do we get this working again?" she asked, lowering her voice seductively as she took his cock and began to stroke it again.

Chuck shook his head. "You're incorrigible."

"So are you. Do I have to say something about Star Wars? Han shot first."

His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he groaned, making her laugh. "I am too easy," he breathed, and she laughed harder. "But in my defense, Han shot first is the single hottest thing you could've said right then."

"Really?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow. "Even hotter than this?" She leaned in closer, rubbing her body against his purposefully, pressing her lips to his ear. Then she proceeded to say a string of the naughtiest things she could think of, things she wanted to do to him, and for how long.

When she pulled back, biting her lip, she saw something flash in his brown eyes. He didn't seem to know what to say…

But as always…this man knew exactly what to do.

He grabbed her by her hips and pulled her onto him so that she straddled his stomach. Then, instead of letting her continue stroking his manhood, he guided her even further up his body until she straddled his face.

She looked into his eyes one last time, completely gobsmacked, before she felt his mouth between her legs for the second time that morning.

Her hands slapped against the headboard and she held on, throwing her head back as he went to town, driving her half mad.

And not for the first time in the last 12 hours, Sarah Walker the not-so-much-an-assassin-anymore was intensely certain she'd made the right choice.

I was going to put a warning about the amount of raw, delicious sex there is in this chapter, but I didn't want people to guess Sarah's decision based off of it. So if you aren't a fan of sexual situations, I hope you saw what was coming and pressed exit instead of reading on, secretly enjoying, and then messaging me in anger about what I wrote. :-)

I'm hoping to get the next one out sooner than this one. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.