Dropping Elizabeth off at school as her manufactured memories suggested was normal, Anne decided to walk around the town she was apparently Mayor of and take in as much of it as possible. Flashes of memories filing her mind whenever she approached something new, she couldn't help but smile seeing so many familiar faces in modern clothes, recognising her not as Queen Anne, nor the King's mistress or the harlot she was so often accused of being but simply the mayor of their small town. Some even wish her a good morning —- she almost slips more than once and calls them by their true names but catches herself as fake memories of their new identity rush to the forefront of her mind.

Rounding the corner she saw the large sign on top of Mary's Diner and recognised the establishment as her sisters, Anne couldn't help but break into a smile. Mary had always wanted a simple life, running a diner seemed perfect, as if she'd chosen it herself rather than the curse having decided it. Walking in, the Mayor spotted her sister immediately, walking up and hugging her from behind the the counter much to the other woman's surprise.

"Hey to you too, sis." The girl laughed, breaking the hug before she got pulled over it in the Mayor's enthusiasm. "What's up, you finally discover the miracle of prescription drugs or..?" Mary joked, to which Anne gave a slight chuckle before asking for a cup of tea and turning to look over the rest of the diner's occupants.

Hatred burning in her soul as she first spotted the once great Katherine of Aragon, her health somehow fully restored, it took the brunette a moment to get a handle on her emotions. Smiling and stopping to talk to just about everyone on her way out the door, the Mayor's blood boiled hotter with every gently accented word that left the older woman's lips. She was as loved in this world as she was in the last. Turning her back to compose herself as she noticed the raven haired woman start to walk her way, the once Queen was hit with a sudden realisation —- there was no longer any need for jealousy between them. They had nothing to compete over in this world. Without the threat of losing everything looming over their heads, there was no reason to hate the older woman. She was good and kind just as she had always been but without the pressure she had faced before and Katherine's own hatred for she as the woman who had stolen her crown, she was able to truly appreciate the other woman's beauty and heart as she had as a girl yet to be charged with the task of winning the King's heart.

"Madam Mayor." The Elementary school principle greeted playfully as she came up behind the brunette.

"Ms Aragon" Anne replied with the same mocking tone as she turned around, her eyes catching the gold cross around the other woman's neck. Of course, she thought in amusement. It was nice to know some things remained the same in every world.

"You're looking well" The older woman noted kindly, nodding her thanks as she continued, Anne couldn't get over how surreal the whole thing felt. Her false memories told her they were friends in this world, but with her true memories alive and well in her mind it seemed so hard to believe. "Are you bringing Elizabeth to the council meeting tonight? Mary had been dying to see her all week."

Stranger and stranger.

Pausing for a moment, the Boleyn girl just stared at her for a second wondering if this was all part of some elaborate dream. "I'll be sure to bring her along, I know she's missed her big sister too" She replied after a moment, shaking herself out of her musings.

Mary in this world was in her first year of middle school and having never taught or given reason to resent she or Anne, had always taken special care of her half sister. Often babysitting her when Anne had to go out, or walking her home from school if ever she had to work late, but she hadn't seen her this past week because Elizabeth had come down with a cold and had to stay home from school.

"Oh, wonderful!" Katherine gushed. "I'm sorry, I've got to get going, I'm already late but I'll see you both tonight" she added quickly, kissing her cheek and fishing her keys out of her bag and hurrying out the door.

"See you there" Anne replied in disbelief as the door swung closed.

Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, friends?

It seemed anything truly was possible in this new world.