Late lunch


The back of the station was cluttered and smelly as usual. Coffee stains embedded every spot that the vast amount of paper stacks on the tables were unable to cover, and an unmistakable stuffiness filled the air, as if the windows hadn't been open in years. It didn't help that it was a million degrees either.

Hermione continued down the row of desks until she found the one she was looking for, discovering that the person she was after was missing.

That's odd…

"Little Hermy!" called a voice behind her.

Hermione turned and was greeted by a man with grey eyes, dark hair and huge smile. "Hi there, Sirius," she said. "Have you seen Dad? We were supposed to meet for lunch today."

"So, not here for me, then?" The man sighed and gave a slight pout. "I remember when you were little you used to love visiting your uncle Sirius."

"I also played with dolls and believed unicorns to be real."

Sirius clutched his chest. "Ooff! Tough blow, kid."

Hermione smirked. "And you know, that was years ago, ages really…"

"Fine, you've made me feel old, you win this time," he said , interrupting before Hermione even had the chance to mention his wrinkles. The girl giggled but quickly snapped her mouth shut when Sirius sent her a narrowed pair of eyes. He took a sip of his coffee and then continued, "Your father is out with James on a call."

Worry made its way through her, as it always did. Despite having grown up with her father getting sent to crime scenes and the like, Hermione had never been able to get used to it. "It's not…dangerous, is it?"

"No, it didn't sound very…serious," the man in front of her said, guessing the word she'd been trying to avoid. He revealed even more teeth than before when the curly haired teenager rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, Herms, it was something about fireworks being set off."

"All right," she said, feeling relieved. A bead of sweat trailed down her forehead and she wiped it off with the back of her hand. "I'll go wait for him by the reception, it's like a bloody sauna in here."

Sirius grinned. "I know, isn't it amazing?" At her confused stare, he proceeded," McKinnon is wearing her shirt several buttons unbuttoned." Hermione made a face at this. "The cleavage-"

Suddenly, an apple soared through the air and onto Sirius's head. "I heard that, Black!"

Sirius swore under his breath and rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry, Herms, I've got to deal with something. Marlene! What was that for?!"

"You know why, and don't go talking like that to Hermione! Don't be the gross, inappropriate uncle who creeps everyone out at reunions!"

"Who are you calling gross?!"

Hermione tuned out the rest of their typical bickering and headed for the entrance. She frowned as she dialled her father's phone number; the French receptionist, Irma Pince, was giving her the stink-eye.

"If you're going to make a phone call, do it outside," said Madame Pince, her words carrying a bit of an accent.

"It won't take more than a minute," assured Hermione.

Madame Pince scowled but returned nonetheless to her paperback novel. Hermione rolled her eyes and continued waiting for the call to connect. After a few seconds, officer Granger answered.


There were a lot of background noises, suggesting her father was in his car. "Hi, Dad, it's Hermione. I hope you're not talking and driving?"

"Oh, Hermione! Hello, sweetheart. No, don't worry, still parked and waiting for James to come back. He's getting the twin."


"Well, you see, I have a seventeen year-old in the back of my car, about to drive him and his brother to the station."

"Okay…" said Hermione. A bit annoyed at him for letting her wait, she continued, "Is he cute?"

Rustling was heard on the other end and Hermione guessed he had turned in his seat. "Hey, my daughter is wondering if you're cute."


Leave it to her father to see through her scheme and embarrass her. She felt her cheeks grow hot and had to restrain herself from going all typical teenager on him. So humiliating.

"Cute?" said a voice in the background. "Yeah, I'd like to say so, sir."

Officer Granger laughed and Hermione herself couldn't help but crack a smile.

"You heard him, sweetheart. Although, I hope I don't have to repeat the 'no-dating-criminals-rule'? No offence," he added to the boy in the backseat.

"None taken," the boy replied, sounding a bit too chipper for someone currently in custody.

"No worries," Hermione said. "And even if I did date a criminal, I set my standards high; he would have to be smart enough to not get caught by the police."

"Ah, I'm glad to hear that you won't ever date then."

Hermione grinned. "Estimated time of arrival? You promised me green curry."

"I would have to say twenty minutes. I can see James now, got to go. See you soon, darling."

"You too. Bye."


A/N: Just a little Fremione cuteness (yes, that was Fred in the car) based off of a post I saw a while ago on tumblr (can't remember the username, sorry!).
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