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I knew something was wrong when I saw Eli come back home all alone, a bag in his hand and no Rose behind him. When I asked him about it, he just smiled and pulled me into an emotional kiss as his lips crushed over mine. I guess we kissed for quite a long time, his hand in my hair and all, because the clearing of a throat came up behind us and we broke apart hastily. Kord was staring angrily at us, a jack-hammer in his hand.

"Keep your business private, please." Kord then walked away and slammed the door. He shut it with a BAM!

"What's wrong with him?" Eli asked, apparently staring at the now-locked door.

"He was trying out new upgrades on his Mecha. Probably they didn't come out well." I shrugged. "What's in the bag?" I asked as I reached out for it but he swung it out of my reach.

"Oh no, you don't do that, Sting." He smiled in an awkward way. Burpy was in his SlugTube, snoring in sleep. Sure, we had been in tougher situations where he used my surname to imply on something, but when he did this time, I knew something was wrong.

"Where's Rose?"I asked peeping over him without straining my hand. It was healing well and I didn't want to break it anymore than it already was. Dad had called the previous night to tell how he was sorry he couldn't come that day, but I could see the toll his overtaxed job was taking on him. I had spoken to Eli about it but wanted to keep it private. I had no idea as to what he had planned. Well he had promised he would, but still...

"Have you spoken to my father?" I asked.

"Huh? No, I thought I'd do it now. Rose has gone for some business deal she had to fulfil. She won't be back until late evening." He shrugged. There was something in him that had changed. "Trix?" he asked.


"There are a few things that I need to do. Don't call me until dinner." He gave a peck on my cheek before he took the stairs and vanished into his room in a minute.

I knew something was wrong. And I also knew it had something to do with Rose.

That night when she came home, all jolly and good, I decided to ask her. "Did you two have a fight?"

She shrugged, trying to open a can of juice for dinner. "I don't know. After I told him I wanted to meet my client, he left without a thought, although there was some hesitation before." She too frowned in thought as I cut the chicken. Rose had talked me into preparing a special dinner for the Gang for having helped her in the time of trouble. She insisted in spite of my words, telling it was Shanai's Special dish, the Unbeatable Master made only on special occasions. She'd learnt, she said, when she observed and did her own experiments. After many whole-hearted unsuccessful tries, she said she'd perfected the dish and wanted us to have that little part of the Master within us.

"You must taste it. You'll just love it." she kept on praising. But I could see that there was something different in the way she spoke, something as dark as a secret and a bit guilty too. I then and there knew something had happened between the two of them, something she didn't want to share with me. I didn't press her too. It felt more intruding to barge in her thoughts and extract the incident between them. So I kept silent.

He came out for Dinner. He looked all tired and somehow sleep-deprived. I put a hand on his shoulder as he and the other men came in rubbing their hands in happiness and desperation to eat the dish. Rose said that she wanted to serve herself and I agreed. Besides I couldn't quite argue with her. Who knew, she could use the Master's technique and get it her way? So I sat down and began taking out the lids.

"What's all this?" he asked, utterly confused in a cute way. I leaned over to his side and planted a kiss on his cheek. Pronto cough-cleared his throat.

"Ahem, there are a few rooms free if you must have your moments." Kord shrugged as he pointed to Eli's room upstairs. Eli frowned at him.

"Shanai's recipe, eh?" he asked Rose who smiled and boxed his ears in a sisterly fashion and Eli grinned, that set me thinking, if they had a fight, why would Eli and Rose behave like this?

"You okay, Trix?" Eli asked as he gave a look that said, you don't look fine.

I stared at him, that being the first time he had actually done something genuine the whole afternoon and night.

"Huh, yeah." I said as he got distracted by Rose serving him a bowl of rice. On the tray she had just set on the table where they were sitting, there was a brown plate on which diced Chicken was decorated by fresh tasty leaves. There was red soup in a bowl and in a white one there was white rice along with a pair of Chopsticks.

"What is this?" Kord asked as he took the chop-sticks in his hand. They looked so small and weak in front of him; I smiled. Rose leaned over him and fixed the chopsticks to the right grasping method. She then pointed out her own as it snip-snapped at Kord as she sat down in her seat.

"Shanai's wonderful recipe. Perfected by me." She smiled and began eating. It was no longer than a minute before one of the bowls slipped and the soup spilled. Rose, angry, got up to clean it and frowned at Pronto for spilling his food and decided that he wasn't to get anything else.

Eli was eating silently deep in thought, to my dismay, staring at Rose intently. That had to mean something had happened to them that morning! I was so jubilant, but I knew they wouldn't tell me anything. Neither would I force them, I decided. He knew the trick of eating with chopsticks and I too realised it after sometime. Both the siblings were eating taking real small balls of rice with their chopsticks. I too got it when I tried it. Rose gave me a High-Chop Stick. And we laughed. It was a pleasant moment that time when Eli too smiled.

In the end he congratulated Rose, "Awesome Dish, Rosie. No one could've done it better." earning a look from me. He shrugged and rubbed his neck in an embarrassing way. And he went helping Rose put away the dishes when the two of them had a quick word with other. They smiled a little and Rose punched her brother in his arm. He gave a light groan and smiled at her.

But there was something different about that smile, something regretful and guilty and also sad. Even his sister gave a weak smile. It was as if they knew what was going on but neither took the trouble telling it to each other. Well, neither did they take the trouble to tell me. And I didn't like anyone keeping secrets.

"Eli wants me to see something that belongs to Will." Rose smiled and went to her room after telling me.

"Whatever it is, I will find it out once and for all." I promised myself and decided to eavesdrop on them that night. The secret had to come out. Once and for all.

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