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His room was opened when I pushed it. The room was pretty much simple for a Shane. In all the time I spent with Will Shane, never had I entered his room. It was prohibited for me, come what may. I could see why.

Eli's room was a mess – I meant that there were clothes spread over his bed and his desk was full of books writing instruments. On one of the walls a map of the 99 caverns hung. There were a lot of black scratches on it. The bed was neat enough, placed in the corner of the room. There were posters of some music bands and the photos of the Shane gang just over the head of the bed. Diagonally opposite to the bed was a wardrobe into the wall. It was slightly open. There was a washroom door beside it and the light was on. Deciding to give him his privacy, I didn't call Eli out.

The slugs were playing with the slug tube and shooting themselves across the room. I laughed and patted them. Burpy remembered me as much as I remembered him.

"Hey there, hot guy." I scratched his head and the slug chirped in a sweet way and got back to playing their games. Smirking, I got back to admiring his room but decided only thing I could like about it was it was messy.

Instead of waiting around, I began clearing his table. I put my hair in a knot and pushed a stray strand behind my ear. I swore to make him clean his room some day. There were a few sports magazine and one on Mecha upgrades. Probably Kord lent those to him. Under a pencil stand was a rather old book, a book I didn't remember from my stay with the previous Shane. I pulled the book and blew it. It was dusty and the dust went quite through my nose. I sneezed, covering my nose.

After the sneezes were done, I turned the cover and flipped through the pages of the book. The pages were yellowed with age, there were a few pictures in the book but I couldn't get anything, was unable to understand anything. And a voice startled me.

"Hey, didn't call out, did you?"

I jumped as I spun around, instinctively. Eli was standing in front of the wardrobe going through his stuff.

"No, you were inside. Didn't want to disturb you." I smiled as he put on a loose grey shirt over his blue shorts.

"Yeah, thanks. I already have things on my to-do list. Thanks for not increasing the length." he answered a little harshly which made me look up at him from the book I realised I still was holding. I put it down hastily. My brother then looked at me; I gasped. There were dark circles below his eyes and his face was dulled.

"Eli! Are you fine?" I tried to put my hand on him, but he shrugged it away.

"I am. Rose, just sit on the bed." I frowned a little and sat on the bed. The slugs hoped towards me and Burpy jumped onto me. I patted him sadly. The slug looked at me questioningly and then at Eli who was drinking from a glass I hadn't seen before. The slug flitted between me and the Shane and then frowned. The Infernus then hopped all the way to my brother while the other slugs just rolled about on the bed lazily (literally)
"Hey, Burps." Eli picked the slug and placed him on his shoulder then looked at me. "The dish was good." He gave a tired smile.

I smiled back. "Thanks." He then sat beside me on the bed. Both the Slinger and the Slug had a look before the slug hopped off the shoulder and rounded off the other Slugs out of the room. Before he left the room, the Infernus winked at me and gave a toothy grin.

"Ha-ha," Eli laughed, apparently looking at the little guys with me. I smiled too. It felt so good to be with him, in his room. After the slugs left, there was an awkward silence.

"Didn't know you were into music." I said, breaking the silence.

"What, uh, yeah. I listen to songs rather than to sing them. But it's cool, either way." He pitched in; probably glad to have something to talk about. He fidgeted with his hair, a sign I realised to be of nervousness. "Not thinking about him, are you?" He asked after a moment.

I jumped, wondering if he was talking about Twist, but then I relaxed, he was talking about his father.

"Yeah, somewhat." I shrugged still looking around his room. "You ought to clean your room Eli, it's terrible. How do you sleep here?"

"Nah, I don't." When I gave him a look, he sighed. "With Trixie, duh."


"Nothing," he stuck his tongue out sneakily.

I laughed. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." I pushed his cheek jokingly.

"You're awesome Rose." Eli took my hand. "You always watch out for me and the Shane gang. Thank you." I gave a guilty smile. Here he was, trusting me while I was stabbing him in the back. His hands made it slowly to my shoulders. "Do you remember the stories dad used to tell?"

I smiled. "The one with the Dark Face."

"Yeah. That used to be fun." He smiled as he pushed a strand behind my ear. "And the Sunshine Flow?" he stared at me in an awkward way, almost greedily and hungry, making my hair stand on its ends..

"Yes." I sighed. Then he cupped my face in his hands.

"This is why I love you Rose." He smiled. What happened next, I didn't even anticipate in my wildest dreams: Eli pressed his lips hard on mine. His hands enveloped my body. My eyes widened and I tried to push him away, but he was strong. There was something different about him, Trixie had told me. Now I knew what it was.

I couldn't do anything; it was hopeless, much like the time I had been kidnapped. And against my will, memories flashed.

She opened her eyes and found herself to be in a small dark room. The girl thought maybe she had been there for two days. She called out loudly in her squeaky voice, "Mama? Papa?"

And then began crying loudly when she got no response. At once the door creaked open and the girl looked on eagerly. But neither Mama, nor Papa came but instead a tall fair man came inside, his hand, his hand folded back neatly. He carried an aura of command and respect, flanked on both sides by two guards in grey uniform.

"This is the one?"He had a raspy voice; as he spoke, his olive green eyes hovered over her menacingly.

"Yes, doctor. The girl was found in the Shane's house. Do you think she might be his daughter?"The guard asked as he wheezed

"Let's see," the man stroked his goatee. "What is your name, child?" he asked carefully.

"Rose. I am six years old." She answered.

"Rose," He hummed. "Very nice name." He mused. "Where are Mum and Dad?"

"I don't know. They'll come, I know It." she answered.

"Oh yes they did. They're here right now." The man smiled as he clapped his hands. Three guards brought in a struggling couple. The lady had brown hair and the man black hair. Both had startling crimson eyes like the daughter.

"Rosie!" the mother tried to reach out for the girl but she couldn't. She kept on trying to reach Rose while the other man snapped at the man.

"Thaddeus, what do you want from us? Our daughter? How is she of any use to you?"

The man, Thaddeus, laughed. "Jason, Jason, dear old friend. Won't you be a little bit patient? And my," He put his hand dramatically on his heart. "Look how lovely Amelia is."

"Let go of us, Blakk. What did we ever do to you?" Amelia cried.

"You didn't do anything." Blakk sneered. "Your fate did everything." The man raised his blaster and aimed at the couple now frantic for their daughter's life.

"Rose dear, did your parents come?" the man asked. The girl didn't know what to say. She was confused; after all she was only six.

"Yes, now free them" She spoke bravely.

"As you wish." The blaster was running; Thaddeus was raising it to aim at the couple.

"Sweet heart, Mama loves you. Papa loves you." Amelia spoke, her eyes filling with tears. The girl didn't understand anything - She was far too young. Then Jason's eyes widened as Thaddeus' blaster fired and a Geoshard, Velocimorphed and fired into the parents. At such a close range, to survive was not possible.

Both the parent crumpled onto the floor Frozen in a crystal cocoon. Blakk left the room and the next moment the door shut, the lock clicking into place. Rose ran towards her parents. She hit them lightly on their face, urging them to wake up, that this was just a bad dream. But, no. Whatever she was doing, it was fruitless.

Then Jason spoke. "Baby, come here." The girl startled, looked at her father's face cringed in pain. "Come."

She scrambled to him and put a hand on his face, "Papa?"

"You need to get out of here." He spoke, coughing in between.

"Mama?" Rose asked, looking at the lifeless body of the mother.

"Don't worry," Jason consoled Rose. "Mama has gone to Grandma. She will be okay there." He coughed a last time and the girl's tears began flowing again. "Will Shane,"

That's it. His hand that he was raising, to caress his daughter, dropped. The girl began crying plopping on her father's body and crying her heart out. From behind blasters fired and the door crash-opened.

"Stop, him." Someone from outside yelled. The intruder had smooth features, his blue eyes comforting, and his hair was pulled back like as though it was gelled. He stretched his hand as he looked at the crying child.

"Come," then his gaze fell on the bodies. "Oh, no!" His eyes widened at the sight of the bodies. The girl stared at him, anger evident in her eyes

"GO AWAY!" she yelled. The man looked around and a slug which was on his shoulder, hopped down. It nodded at the Slinger who went out and began firing. There was a war going out there.

The slug hopped and settled itself on her lap. Rose tried to shoo the Slug, but it didn't budge. Forgetting all about her parents, the girl concentrated on hitting the slug, the small child that she was. The slug took away all her concentration and when she managed to catch it something clicked in her head.

"Will!" she yelled.

The slug chirped and clapped its Slug-like hands. There was thundering outside and the Slinger came back.

"Burpy," the slug nodded.

"Will!" Rose shouted and hugged him around the waist.

"Hush, we'll be okay." Will had one look at the dead couple and his heart doubled, pumping blood and Adrenalin. "I will avenge you Jason, Amelia." Then he turned around.

They ran through labyrinthine corridors and they emerged out into bright light. They hadn't encountered any guards. Will took off in one direction and Rose followed him, Burpy still in her hand. At the junction there was a man waiting with two Mechas.

"Did you find her?" the man asked as he straightened up on seeing Will running.

"Yeah," he put his hands on the knees at he took breaths, to ease his pumped up heart.

"Jason and Amelia?" The dark man asked, again as he looked behind Will. The girl was standing there, the Infernus chirping in her hand.

"No, Tom. They're gone." There was a long silence in which both the men looked at each other and then looked down. Silent tears ran down Tom's face.

"They're not gone." The girl piped up, smiling. The men looked at her. "They've just gone to live with grandma. That's what Papa told Me." the girl smiled as she held out the Infernus. The men looked at each other, Will got down on his knee, stretching out his hand, and the slug hopped onto his shoulder.

"Yes, they've gone to be with your Grandma. Now they expect you to be a good girl. You will, wont you?"

"When can I meet them?" the girl asked eagerness on her face.

"We'll see." Will shrugged. "First you'll have to grow up. Will you?"

"Yeah, I will."

The man smiled. "Hi, I'm Will Shane. This is Tom Por." Will gestured to the tall dark man who waved at her.

"Want to go home?" he asked her and Rose nodded. Will Shane lifted her and placed her on the Mecha. Let's get going then."

"I am Rose." She said as they were racing across the caverns.

Will Shane smiled. "I know, Rose. Jason was my cousin."

Fresh from the Flashback, I gasped when I saw that Eli was kissing me, his mouth moving against mine as his hands slid over my waist. I tried pushing him away but he didn't move. His mouth tasted like... alcohol?

Eli! Eli had drunk. But why?

He slid his hands below my shirt, which was the last straw. I put my arms over his shoulders and traced his back to a pressure point that would hurt him terribly, the small of his back. Only one thought ran in my mind as I searched was: Eli I'm sorry, so sorry.

When I found it, I needed to position myself. So I sat on him and he happened to feel happy. Getting my chance, my thumb stabbed into his back and we broke apart, him yelling in pain. I kicked him in his gut and had a look at myself in the mirror. I was in complete chaos: my hair was dishevelled and my eyes were blood-shot with my mascara smudged everywhere, my face was flushed and my shirt, oh, my god, torn to pieces. I rummaged through his wardrobe and found an old black shirt that said, FIRE POWER 101! In a bag, there were a few Drinks which I smashed; the dark liquid flowed through the room.

I scrambled away to the door and before I turned the knob I just had a look at him, he was on the bed, and his eyes squeezed shut, tears rolling down the side as he reached out for his back. I gave a sad look before opening the door and running out. I crashed into Trixie.

"Hey, watch where -" she stopped on seeing me, her eyes widening. "Rose! What happened?" but she didn't get a reply as I rushed past her. The others were apparently playing Video games in the living room and stood up on seeing me.

"Rose?" Kord scratched his head.

"Who did this to you?" Trixie asked, putting her hand on me, but I shrugged it off harshly. Looking at their faces, it was clear that they had no idea of Eli and me –

"Get Lost! ALL OF YOU!" I screamed. "I should never have come here! I hate you all!" I screamed once again before collapsing on the ground, crying loudly. Trixie bent down beside me.

"Rose -"

"Get Out! ALL OF YOU!" I yelled. As I pushed the injured girl away and ran into the night, sobbing loudly, leaving confused minds and a destroyed mind.

What had happened? Eli had drunk. Why? No idea.

I had failed everyone. As I collapsed on the ground, my eyes brimming up, I made a decision. It was enough. I couldn't bear her anymore and the only way to do that was to do as she said...

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