Title: Transference

Author: Luna Laser Captain

Rating: PG-13 for now, potentially R

Categories: X, S, A, MSR, AU

Spoilers: Starts after My Struggle II, but the whole series is definitely game. Know your stuff, people.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am just taking the characters for a test drive. If I were CC and Fox, things probably would have played out differently.

Summary: After the light seems poised to take Scully, and Mulder is on the brink of death, one event cancels it all out.

Author's Note: Several variations of this story have been bopping around in my head for a while, but I could never find the right way to make the situation "work." Then Chris Carter dropped a bomb at the end of Season 10, and I decided to take a moment of frustration (or many moments of frustration) and use it to my storytelling advantage. I also choose not to ignore the fact that Mulder and Scully actually began working together in 1992, which the series' writers constantly seem to ignore...also to my frustration.

If anyone wants to beta for a busy, working mom, let me know. Reviews, comments, and criticisms are welcome. -L


The sudden and blinding light, caught her completely off guard. Dana Scully knew she was fighting time in terms of finding Mulder and saving him from the Spartan Virus, that had him and everyone else but her in its grips, but she didn't realize she would be fighting time in terms of this either. They had come only for her, one of the chosen ones, and she knew it. Her mind was transported to another bridge, in another time, trying to help someone she cared for, while chaos reigned, and unable to do anything. She had been spared there too, and now she felt she had a better understanding of why. However, in this case, why just her, and why not Mulder? He too had been exposed to alien viruses and DNA on more than one occasion, had he not? Things had been going so well between the two of them since rejoining the X-Files. She had even considered giving their relationship another go, but now, it was looking that their time together had finally run out, for good.

She felt her eyes moisten and a tear run down her cheek. Scully was not certain if it was from the tide of emotions that were washing over her, or the light that had frozen her in place, ready to pull her up into the ship. Whatever the cause, another salty droplet escaped her wide, sea-like eyes and rolled into her open mouth.

God, she thought, good thing Mom isn't alive.

It was the first time her mother's death gave her some relief. How terrified Maggie would have been, and Scully knew she would have felt torn between helping her mother and finding Mulder. The fleeting thought of her mother's death and a cool, clammy hand grabbing her wrist, was able to break the spell of the light, for enough of a moment to look down. It was Mulder's weak grasp. He looked up at her, sweat-soaked and red-eyed, hanging on by a thread that would finally snap after years of pulling him back from the brink, one too many times. She saw him open his mouth, looking like a struggling fish out of water. A cough sputtered out, and she could hear his weak voice.

"Scully, I am so sorry," he struggled and sputtered against the words, tears in his eyes, matching her own, "I have alway lo…"

The lurch and rumble of the ground was a sudden interjection to his sentence, causing their physical connection to break momentarily before she grabbed at him again, as if he would now vanish had they not been touching. Panic set in through her body, and she thought that it was the ship, taking her away, but as the asphalt bridge continued to roll beneath her feet, another light seemed to illuminate in front of her, not only capturing her, but Mulder as well. At the same time the vibrations of the ground seemed the pulse through the air and reverberate through her body. A feeling she had recalled happening on a road in Nevada, with Mulder and litter of men and black.

The feeling was as thrilling, curious, and terrifying as it had been in that memory.

As the new light source and the rolling and electrified air around her intensified, she felt like she had become further removed from her body, watching the situation as an outsider, and not herself. Scully saw as Mulder grasped his head as if in pain, as the energy around them and through them surged, and then she felt it too. It was as if her brain was being infiltrated and someone or something was disassembling every neuron and pulling them out. Any of the remaining, cohesive thoughts she had of saving Mulder, finding William, her mother, and the vaccine, anything that had dominated her thoughts, were suddenly plucked out of sight. The only thing she could recognize now was the humming pain in her skull, the shaking world around her, and somebody shouting.

It was not her voice, or Mulder's, or any voice she recognized; however, she could no longer be certain, as her memories had seemingly scattered and ceased. What she did understand was what the voice shouted one last time before the shaking disappeared and the world went black.

I will find you on the other side.